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RESHOOT? You think so?

Really? But with what? How am I going to illustrate the lingerie trend? And where am I supposed to find lacey stuff on December 31st in Ajaccio?

Luckily, my mom is there. My bedroom door flies open and she’s holding some awesome embroidered lingerie pieces. So in the end, it’s good to have a mother who listens through doors.

I immediately thought about my Acne sweater-dress. We can use that over the lingerie. And that’ll be great with my Chloé shoes, yeah? What do you think Scott? CHOOSE YOUR NEXT WORDS WISELY.

“Uhhh, well…. I think… I mean, do what you think is best (And here we have someone who remembers the hysteria that pursued after he told me that my photos were too “couture.”) that with the heels and everything, it’s just a little too much. The thing you gotta do is explain how to adapt the lingerie trend to the everyday, so, you see,but you do what you feel, you’re the artist after all, but if someone were to ask me, I’d think I could do without the heels. But really, do what you feel, anything you do’ll be great.

He’s so nice.


“Oh c’mon, stop it with the Carrie Bradshaw. You always have at least some flats.”

Oh but yes, actually, that’s right! I have my white Minnetonkas. The ones I wear when traveling. That’ll be so street!

Aside. The girl who brings 10 pairs of heels and just ONE pair of flats to go to Corse… That girl. Wait… Is that me?

Okay so quick. Rewind, we end up at the same café, we get the lonzo again, the cheese, the Patrimonio, and we reshoot. We’re on the same rue Bonaparte, if I remember right… But hey, everything in Ajaccio is called Bonaparte… that or Napoleon, so I’m almost sure.

Aaaaaah. Relief. Vive le Patrimonio! Oh crap! I’m tipsy! Oh but of course : it is new Years Eve !!! It’s the 31st!!! Wahoooo! Pace e salute!

I get up January 1st, happy with life and the new year, but not really. There are still two shots for me to get. And when I take a look at the weather and it’s gonna rain and the ocean will be going crazy. So I’ll just face the facts and come to terms with the fact that I’ll have to shoot in Paris.

I send an e-mail to Meredith saying  Happy New Year and to apologize for the lateness (A super nice e-mail like you know!?), and then I head back under the covers, overwhelmed with guilt.

When I get back January 2nd, all the press offices are still closed. Can’t borrow any clothes. And on Monday, I’m leaving for Rio. I’ve gotta make do with what I’ve got. Street angle ? For sure.

Luckily, for once, the stars were aligned for me. Sunday the 3rd, the sky was blue, the light was golden and Chris was there with an awesome girl, Magdalena. Within a few hours, the photos were set.

Smile! You’re in Vogue!


PS : And since a whole bunch of you asked me (and since these are actually all my clothes, ahahaha :-)

In Friday’s photo, Paula was wearing an Acne sweater-dress (one of my favorite pieces in life, I wear it with EVERYTHING), some traveling Minnetonkas (a whole new concept), and my mother’s vintage lingerie.

In today’s photo, Magdalena is wearing a pair of Gap khakis, a J. Crew shirt, a bodysuit by American Apparel, a Stella McCartney babydoll and an awesome belt but I totally don’t remember what brand it is and a Farmer’s Market basket from Ajaccio (the Napoléon Bonaparte market)(Okay, I’m kidding) that is going to replace my current bag as soon as the sun stays put, that’s how much I love it. Voilà!!! Big hugs! Bonne journée!

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