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I never thought I would ever hire a decorator for my house. I know my tastes (more or less!!!), I love thrifting, and I like to do things on my own, not like all these Americans who hire a consultant for every little thing, pffff…

But here we are in the photo – me and Sarah, my decorator, in her studio in Venice.

So, what happened? I bought a house, and then I started to realize what a big task I had taken on, and that I’d never, ever manage all alone, so I put away my ego right away. Way too many things to do for one person alone…

1/ Time. I realized very, very quickly that decorating is a whole job. Especially when you’re starting from scratch like I was. After moving so many times, I didn’t have much left. I like leaving things behind, too.

So last May (yes, it’s already been a year, don’t ask me why it took so long, that would be a whole post) when we started unpacking in our new house, we barely had anything to put in it.

2/ Thrifting. It can be nice from time to time. But thrifting to fill a whole house is way too much pressure!

3/ The scope. Not only is the house big and new, but on top of it all, I want to have some work done, because of course, nothing is exactly like I want it to be and I have very specific (probably impossible) ideas about everything. Can we put a window there? Can we move the kitchen somewhere else? What about the garage?

4/ But I’m lazy I don’t have time to do it all.

5/ Plus, and I’ll tell you more about this in another post (yes, we’re going to do a series of posts about this house – I have to tell you a little bit about my troubles, after all!) the house is great, but it’s new and lacks personality. We need to give it some charm.

6/ VERY IMPORTANT FOR UNDERSTANDING WHY I CHOSE A DECORATOR: When you’re doing renovations a) you need to know how to talk about CONSTRUCTION (I have no idea – I’ve always rented apartments) and b) know where to source everything – bathroom faucets and, uh… I don’t know, all the things I never thought about.

7/ Chris couldn’t care less about décor. Which is very liberating, but I feel a little bit alone when it comes to brainstorming.

8/ Sarah!

9/ I was a little bit afraid of meeting decorators because I was afraid the budget would get wayyyy out of hand. Before I met Sarah, I had coffee with a potential (well known) decorator (who does very beautiful work) (but à) she told me we needed to change all the windows in the house right away and completely redo the exterior. Ummmm, excuse me? How much is that going to cost?

10/ Sarah!

11/ I was already following Sarah on Instagram, and I decided to call her just to see. I really like her work, but I already had lots of ideas in mind and I was worried it would be annoying for her to adapt to them. It was also super important for me for me the style to still be mine in the end: I’ve always been afraid of decorators who just duplicate the same style from one project to another.

12/ I was also afraid she wouldn’t have time for me. I know she’s very sought after, and pregnant, and working on lots of amazing projects, one of which was Mandy Moore’s sublime mid-century house. So I was worried my much simpler project wouldn’t interest her very much.

13/ We met, and I liked her right away because a) she’s funny (so important!!!) b) she knows how to be budget conscious and c) she listens, and she adapts. In the meantime, I also met the team from Domino magazine, which I love.

So we agreed we could all work on this project together…

14/ A little while later, she pitched some ideas to me, and I loved them.

I’ll tell you the rest in the next post… I can’t wait to show it to you!!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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  • Oh, how I love seeing you both working together. The perfect match! Can’t wait to see more! Greetings from Germany :)

  • Sarah’s Instagram looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what she does for you :) I’m moving part time to France this August and for the first time in my life I’m going to have my very own apartment (we’ve always rented in London). I’m already collecting inspiration but to be honest, I’m a total minimalist so I’ll probably just end up with similar items i e sofa and a table and not much else ;) My mother in law when she saw our flat was shocked to ut it mildly “you have no sings, I will buys you sings!” (with her lovely French accent :)) It took a while to convince her it was by choice :)

  • Great! I am learning from your experience! You are right when hiring constructor you have to talk their language.

  • I love this post! Already got some great inspiration and things I want to purchase for my new studio too!!!! LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Helena June, 18 2018, 1:22 / Reply

    I’m so excited about this story! Could you let us follow along on Instagram? Show us the work in progress? I love the in between work. Show us a corner here and a nook there in your house…nothing has to be perfect, it’s all so interesting.

  • kate butler June, 18 2018, 8:28 / Reply

    Love love love the pink sofa. Can you please tell me where it’s from.
    Thank you!!!
    xoxo k

  • C’est mon canapé, enfin, je l’ai chez moi depuis trois ans. Je l’aime.
    c’est Muuto, une marque scandinave.

  • I spot Block Shop scarves on the wall :):)
    Love it!

  • Yes, I can’t wait to see more !!!
    I loooove the pink sofa and the irregular design on the wallpaper. Thank you for sharing your experience with a decorator. It is so important to feel good at home.
    Greetings from Morocco.

  • Marina June, 25 2018, 3:04 / Reply

    c’est super , très bien écrit comme toujours:))

  • J’adore les tissus muraux! D’où viennent-ils?

  • Lovely Post. Can’t wait to see your newly renovated home!

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