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I love walking in the city.

I use Google Maps like crazy (“I’ll be there in 23 minutes!!!”) I break out my Common Projects (at that price, I got enough for the whole summer!!!) I put Pandora on my iPhone and I’m off.
And yes, I sing at the top of my lungs sometimes, who cares, this is New York.

The problem is when it’s time to put my heels on.

No, I can’t go to all of my meetings wearing sneakers. So I do what all women who feel they have to wear heels to impress people for meetings do: I change my shoes like a loser on some hidden street corner.

Oh, how I hate doing that. First you have to find a discreet place to do it, then you have to take your heels out of your bag (which always takes three hours, people think you’re dealing drugs, your heels get caught in the straps of your purse, your purse falls all over the place, forty-five things fall out onto the ground, and there’s no Mister Big (yeah, leave me alone, the other day, I needed comfort, so I curled up in a blanket and watched the entire first season of Sex & The City all over again) (I’M NOT PROUD) (but I’d finished all the episodes of Game of Thrones!) to pick up any of it for you.

If the heels have straps, add a good two minutes of misery into the mix, and you wonder why mules are back in style this summer.

Plus, there’s always that great moment when you lose your balance and end up barefoot on the asphalt. Very pleasant.

The trick is to make sure not to change into your heels too close to the meeting where you’re about to go impress people. You wouldn’t want to find yourself nose to nose with the person you were about to try to shock with your amazing sense of style.

Which, of course, has happened to me, or else I wouldn’t even think about telling you.

So now I do it three blocks away from the meeting place, I try to do it as quickly as possible, and then I go on my way. It takes me a good ten steps or so to get my mojo back.

But every time it happens to me, I think of you guys.

“I should really do a post about all these dumb little embarrassing moments that happen to me about twelve times a week, actually.”

Like when my bathing suit decides to take its own little vacation when I’m at the beach. Ok, that doesn’t happen to me twelve times a week. But it happens, especially since I get really bored lying on the sand, so I spend all my time in the water playing around in the waves. Or at the pool, playing ball with the neighborhood kids.

And in the little time I’m in a two piece, at some point, things go south. One day, just like that, I ended up having to feel around in the murky bottom of the Montauk seas with my feet for half an hour. Gross.

But at the same time, I can’t really complain: it’s not like I have a very developed sense of personal space.

That’s what happens when you work in fashion.

All it takes are a couple of private sales and a few trips backstage to completely forget that dressing rooms exist. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a sample sale (tired of having to fight my way through them just to end up buying a bunch of random things I’ll never wear)(ok, I say that, but just last week I was rummaging through the stock at Acne’s sample sale like my life depended on it – I managed to leave without buying a pair of concept shoes, though. Yay for me, right? But anyway, that sample sale doesn’t count, Acne is in my building!!!)

So anyway, when the dressing rooms are all occupied in a store, I don’t wait for three hours for them to become available like a normal and well educated person. Like any fashion girl, I put the skirt on over my pants next to the dressing rooms to see if it fits me. Then, in my excitement, I take my pants off to make absolutely sure the skirt lays well. Then I pass the skirt to my friend (she’s also next to the dressing rooms – birds of a feather) who thinks it’s a great skirt and wants to try it on too.

Let me remind you, we’re not at a private sale, it’s just a normal shop.

Then she asks me to go find her a tee-shirt to go with it, which I hurry to do, finding myself right in the middle of the store, if you’ve been following (hehehe in case any of you ladies have gotten distracted by now)(or guys)(yeah, no, I’ve given up on the idea of a guy reading this far in) without the skirt (that my friend is trying on) and without my pants (which are on the floor), so — IN MY UNDERWEAR.

I slink back to find my friend, totally beet red.

Embarrassing moments of the woman in a hurry.

Speaking of embarrassing moments, I’ve always wondered how girls who wear push up bras, I don’t know… on a “date” (ok not me)(no dates OR push up bras)(I wish! I’d be able to wear many more cropped tops) manage the transition between “Hey, check out these C cups” and “oh, look, they stayed in your hand when you took off the bra”.

Is it like changing into heels? You find a little moment to yourself to switch bras during the evening?

Come on, I don’t know! Just wondering!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • i love to walk in tokyo. it’s so huge i will never see the end of it! :)


  • Ahhhhh! Morte de rire!
    Ca m’est arrivé tellement souvent! Moi, c’est surtout pour les entretiens! Comme je mesure 1,52m, les talons sont de rigueur!!! Pour avoir un peu de crédibilité (car je parais très jeune! J’en ai 27, je vais avoir 28 ans mais la semaine dernière, on m’a prise pour une “ado” de 18 ans!!!) et puis comme je prends le métro, les talons, c’est pas ce qu’il y a de plus pratique!!!!
    Mais pareil, j’essaie de trouver un coin de rue discret, ou un banc (tant pis si c’est en pleine rue!!!) pour pouvoir mettre mes talons tranquillement, et bien sûr, pas trop proche du point de RDV!

    Des bisous

    Le monde des petites

  • I love to walk listening to music too. I’ve been wearing heels since I’m 15. (That makes almost 10 years of wearing heels, wow) I find it pretty easy to walk on heels. But of course I won’t hike mountains in heels. Actually if you choose the right type heels it’s not difficult walk on it at all. Also boots are really easy to walk on and still gives some height.
    When I visited Seoul, I was quite impressed of all the girls wearing heels and walking miles. When I visited Paris, it’s different story. They have more casual look normally wearing flat shoes.
    I think it’s matter of getting used to it.
    Btw, lovely illustration :)
    Visit my blog when you have time too: http://erdene.openart.ca/en/

  • Barbara May, 15 2014, 9:25 / Reply

    C’est quoi le problème avec le fait de revoir la saison 1 de SATC? J’ai fait ça hier soir, avec des DVD vintage (il y a encore les Twin towers au générique), et qu’est-ce qu’on rigole!

  • Word!!! I relate to everything happening in this post. When my colleagues and I travel to the Client, they know we have to leave an extra 5 – 10 minutes for shoe changing time. I think that’s officially blocked off on my calendar :)

  • Ce sont souvent les moments dont on se souvient le plus, et qui dans certain cas font les meilleurs souvenirs !
    Et puis c’est vrai, moi aussi je me demande comment ça marche pour le push-up ?!


  • MissPimpin May, 15 2014, 9:37 / Reply

    MDR !!!
    Moi, je triche, je ne mets plus jamais de talons vraiment hauts avec lesquels je peux pas marcher (mais pour de vrai hein? pas tituber genre j’ai trop bu et je me retiens de vomir)
    J’en avais marre justement des petites combines, sans parler des problèmes de dos, de pieds, de tendons, de chevilles causés par des talons trop hauts …
    On en parle souvent, soyons belles comme on est !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laughed non stop from the first sentence to the last!

  • Pamela May, 15 2014, 9:39 / Reply

    Oh great, Garance! You’re back here in the real world with the rest of us. I mean, Dior is great, Celine is great but the things that are keeping me up at night or red in the face during the day have more to do with your story about changing shoes at the right moment before the meeting, or dealing with a fluttery skirt on the bike (hint: coordinated panties help) then about a handbag selling for the same amount as my monthly rent. Great post!

  • Tellement droles et vrais sont ces articles by Garance. Je me delecte a les lire, si possible le matin, pour me mettre de bonne humeur toute la journee.

  • Tant que tu ne te retrouves pas nue dans le métro comme Sarah Forestier dans le Nom des Gens ;)

  • So true, thank God I’m always in my car so I have a little privacy to do the switch.


  • Haha, mais j’avoue, moi aussi je ne suis absolument pas pudique et quand je vois les files d’attente chez Zara ou H&M un samedi aprèm, j’ai encore moins de pudeur!! L’idée étant de ne pas se faire “gauler” par un conseiller de vente en enfilant les 10 articles cash sur soi! (au moins meme si on se fait gauler, on a une petite idée de ce que ça donne!”
    D’ailleurs, de moins en moins de glaces ds ce genre de magasins pour éviter ça il me semble!!!
    Je comprends pas le principe, pour moi les cabines, c’est juste optionnel, pour celles qui n’ont pas envie de partager leur nouvelle tenue ou celles qui ont du tps à perdre!! Pourquoi serait-on obligés de passer par la case cabine, si on s’en fout de se balader en soutif (rembourré) culotte devant 100 personnes???!!


  • From the first time I see your Pardon my french video about 24 hours on heels I’m wondering how’s it possible???
    love, Gap.

  • Je n’ai jamais eu à faire ça avec les chaussures, je n’ai pas ce genre de meeting :) Le milieu universitaire français (du côté enseignant) n’est pas du tout pointu en matière de mode!! Maintenant que j’y pense, c’est quand même dommage, après tout nous aussi on a une image à renvoyer (pas celle d’étudiant attardé looser de préférence). Bref, pour les push up, à vrai dire ils en font qui ne sont pas si menteurs que cela même si ça met en valeur la poitrine, donc personnellement celui à qui ça pose problème peut toujours aller se rhabiller… Si j’ai envie de mettre un push up – Je mets un push up!!!

  • Great post Garance!!! Always funny but true what you say!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Ha! The dressing room story really made me laugh. This whole post was very entertaining, and I’m sure tons of people relate.

  • Garance, another completely relatable and amusing post! I was just thinking if the switching from flats out to heels dilemma yesterday. What a hassle! Re: the push up bra issue… for me it was those inserts or cutlets in the bra cup to push things together & up. It is (was) possible to stealthy remove said secret weapons during making out… his eyes are closed & your purse is near, no? That’s why too it pays to be an excellent kisser… he will always be too distracted to notice these ninja-like moves!!!

  • Just had to comment that guys do read these posts, and all the way to the end. How do you think we manage to keep the woman in our life happy? Research!! Sometimes to figure out what to buy them, and sometimes just to understand them a bit better. It all helps. Love the blog, check it every day.


    I don’t have a job that has anything to do with fashion. I just love it from a distance.

  • Catherine May, 15 2014, 10:26 / Reply

    Back in the day (20 years ago?), Century 21 had no dressing rooms. That was no big deal for me–I worked nearby and would just buy everything I wanted to try on, take it home, decide what to keep and then return the rest the next day. But the poor tourists, who needed to decide on the spot whether to buy the half-price designer outfit, would check the fit right there in the middle of the racks of clothes, stripping down to underwear, trying on, then stripping down again to get their own clothes back on. The sales staff would run around telling them they weren’t allowed to do that. It was quite a scene.

  • I love this post, sigh we do all know these moments!!

  • Je porte pas des push up! Mais pour les chaussures c’est pareil!

  • Garance, this sounds a little different to how you usually sound. .. but on the bra point. Trust me, if you are taking off you bra (push up, not padded), no straight man is stopping proceedings to ask what happened. they just go with it.

  • hahaha this is soo funny! A friend of mine from Paris was on tour last week in New York with her team as they were performing “Baron Samedi” such a great piece. Anyway, her first question after a few hours in NYC (she’s been to NYC several times by the way) was “why are all the women wearing sports shoes?”. I said, cause the streets of NYC will ruin any shoe but sports shoes. So we rounded the corner and we came upon someone that was changing into heels :) I told her, “and that’s how it’s done!”. She found it very bizarre but amusing as well.
    As far as bras go, I think it all depends on the weather. Wear one when it cold and forget about it when it’s above 75 degrees but americans are funny about nipples (eventhough everyone has them!) so I guess you might want to wear a lighter bra :).

  • hahaha this is soo funny! A friend of mine from Paris was on tour last week in New York with her team as they were performing “Baron Samedi” such a great piece. Anyway, her first question after a few hours in NYC (she’s been to NYC several times by the way) was “why are all the women wearing sports shoes?”. I said, cause the streets of NYC will ruin any shoe but sports shoes. So we rounded the corner and we came upon someone that was changing into heels :) I told her, “and that’s how it’s done!”. She found it very bizarre but amusing as well.

  • You’re so funny Garance, I love how you tell us of these moments! I’ve had a similar experience. I was at school and had left to buy a new sweater. When I got back, of course I had to show all my friends, so I was just in the classroom when I pulled the sweater on. But pulling it off? Big mistake. My top came off with the sweater too… so everyone just saw my bra. Embarrassing? Very. Funny story to tell? Yes.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  • How do you wear heels?

    After watching many many Youtube videos (including yours), reading many many blog posts and practicing for many many hours I still do not know how to walk in heels.

    Any tips? I haven’t given up yet.

    P.S. Hope your book is going well!

  • Aleksandra May, 15 2014, 11:20 / Reply

    Shoes changing – I do it all the time. I love walking in the cities, music on and I’m in my little world of thoughts (I also gesticulate while conducting conversations in my head). I love big bags, with lots of compartments as I can carry everything with me, another pair of shoes always included. My colleagues got used to it that before and after the meetings I change my shoes (my fave way is at a cafeteria, just under the table. TBH I don’t care if other people are watching me). I’m a European living in Brazil and weird thing is, I’m the only woman in my office doing the shoes change. But then, I’m the only one enjoying walking which seems to amuse people here a lot.

  • I wear heels every day at work, but I commute in flats – always. I have 3-4 pairs of shoes in my office little wardrobe. Then I have a couple of heels in the car. I stopped caring whether someone thought I was doing something inappropriate by changing into my heels, as many women do. The only thing is when wearing pantyhose, you have to check your feet not sliding, because once after the meeting I wanted to casually leave the room and my foot slid out of the shoe and I almost fell … :)

  • Sandrine May, 15 2014, 11:41 / Reply

    Oh Gosh I laughed so much reading this post! thank you Garance!
    Yes I do the same acrobatics than you with flats and high heels, here in Amsterdam people look at me in a ‘she’s completely deranged’ kind of way, but I do not care one bit.
    I started doing this in London, it’s so convenient, and at the time I was working to work walking through Green Park and St James’ Park, best commute ever thanks to flats or trainers.
    And I don’t even carry my shoes with me, I’ve got a drawer in my office with my heels at the ready as well as the cleaning products and a carrier bag for the journey to meetings.

  • Roshan May, 15 2014, 11:44 / Reply

    Mais Garance il faut assumer le changement! Pourquoi ne pas arriver à la réception de l’immeuble et tranquillement avec un sourir bien relax enlever ses belles baskets et mettre ses talons. Pour moi ça communique trop bien du style piéton éco warrior mais qui aime les talons et puis cela crée des moments de complicité,d’humanité et un chouette moyen de briser la glace et de rire! Mieux que la honte et la précipitation en pleine rue!

  • GhislaineM AI May, 15 2014, 12:05 / Reply

    You cracked me up! Genial ce post! Ca me manquait ce genre de posts. Tu en ecrivais plus avant.
    I can relate to many of those situations.
    Et oui je trouve que changer de soutif avant le moment de verite serait mieux. Ceci dit j nai jamais eut besoin de push ups avec Mon D.

  • Great post ! so funny and so true !

    I live half of the year just outside San Francisco and take the Bart train to go into town during the week if I am meeting friends or going out for dinner so I go in my sneakers and put some nice shoes in my tote bag which also means warm clothes and layers because I am in 30 degrees weather when I leave the East Bay area and 35 minutes later in San Francisco it can be 15 degrees….not great for calculating your attire for the day to include walking around , cold, heat, driving back from Bart , make up , hair brush etc etc….it sure takes planning

    I do change my shoes anywhere secluded, I have no problem with that but it always feels gross to sit down or put your toes on the floor so I do this dangerous balancing act with my shoulder tote bag as well because i do not want to put it on the sidewalk

    I then go into any shop and use their changing rooms to put on the rest of my layers for my evening attire , and do my make up in a coffee shop restroom

    and if the changing rooms are taken…I will at least in the changing room area…..change my bra ? are you kidding ? sport bras all the way ……..I will choose my clothes around my bra if I am out and about all day….practicality will rule here

    and when trying on clothes in a shop and the changing rooms are taken I have no problem trying on in the middle of the shop…I am sure that I am a favorite of Uniqlo’s CCTV guys because I strip there and then very often ….who an wait for 30 mins for a changing room at Uniqlo Paris shop ?


  • I am still figuring out how to do this in a competent way! I am always back and forth to London from where I live, either during the week or at the weekend, and I find it such a struggle to decide if I wear nice (heels) shoes during the day and deal with sore feet, or do I just wear flats, which I really do not like, and then not feel as great in the evenings because I would rather be wearing heels? Then there’s carrying make up and all the other things I need for the day – camera, notebook, bottle of water, etc.. I have never taken a pair of shoes with me to change into because I think, well now I have to carry it with me all day and I have enough to carry! Do you have any tips or have you just learnt to manage it??

  • Hi Amy ….
    you just learn how to manage it, compromise and some things have to go !……..
    You cannot have everything I decided , so a handbag ? niet , nada ….it is a tote bag for me with : heels ( my heels are not heavy ) a ziplock with an eye pencil, a Touche Eclat, some Mac blush in Harmony , some raw almonds, water, my camera , a note book , a book or New Yorker for the commute, a warm scarf for the evening , an extra lawyer like a skinny black t shirt I can put under everything at night , a comb , and that is all…..I swear it is not heavy ! ……
    London ? then of course add a small umbrella as well.

    The important thing is not to have a handbag AND a tote because that screams of commute and feels like it too . So I only use a nice big tote , Zara makes gorgeous big ones in leather like this one http://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/handbags/large-handbags/leather-shopper-with-laminated-interior-c358022p1694079.html and I can fit everything in it and still look like I am not lugging around 4 pieces of luggage for my day in the city.
    good luck !


  • Thank you so much for your reply! xxx

  • Kathy May, 20 2014, 4:33

    Yikes, yes — I’m on the Peninsula so also always training into San Francisco for meetings, dinners, shopping, etc. It is not an easy city to walk in anything but a flat — the changing pavement, the construction, things a bit spread out, and then the hills — the San Francisco hills! so I too am always taking a change of shoes and half a wardrobe to deal with the “winter in the City, summer in Palo Alto” phenomenon.

    You’ve got it down — I do the exact same thing, always with a tote, always looking for the discreet way to change shoes and, yes, always struggling to keep bags off the sidewalks and floors.

  • kathy Hi ! Funny that you also commute in San Francisco ! I am in the East Bay and I go to Palo Alto often

    it has to be the WORST or MOST difficult commute survival kit in the world !

    My suburb : 90 degrees, San Francisco : 60 degrees….all this in the space of 20 mins

    and San francisco Streets for walking in heels ? forget it !
    and no taxis
    no metro
    and very chilly at night
    and the wind !
    and most women here think that a fleece and sneakers is a good look for day AND evening !

    good luck !
    takes time and practice to master it
    I try coming in my car when I have a dinner in town , so I can use my car as a changing room and fill it with warm clothes but I am always scared of getting a DUI for drinking 2 glasses of wine

    LA , Paris, London…… piece of cake !


  • Hahahahaha!! This was an amazingly funny post! I LOVE the honesty + I try on stuff in the middle of the store like a non-behaved homeless person as well. And lose my bikini jumping from things or in waves or simply just rolling over on a towel. I am slowly getting very careless with the accidental nudity, because come on… I missed so many ‘moonings’ in my wellbehaved youth, that I think I saved up for it!

    Thank you again


  • Bah pour les push up c’est comme pour le maquillage… Tu ne l’enlèves pas avant juste pour éviter d’en mettre plein la vue au mec… Si le mec est bien, le lendemain en se levant il accepte que tu aies la poitrine légèrement défaillante et que tu aies le teint un peu palichon ;-)

  • Pour les talons, j’ai décidé d’investir dans des chaussures belles mais classiques, confortables au possible, j’ai nommé les Repetto! Mais au fil de la journée, mes pieds gonflent et ça commence à être un peu douloureux tout de même… J’ai déjà dû me résoudre à changer pour des ballerines alors que je tentais de rester digne à côté d’un charmant collègue (qui a été attendri par ma désespérance). C’était embarrassant pour moi mais comme quoi … :)

  • je marche souvent en talons toute la journee mais en cas de mauvais temps il m’est arrive de devoir changer de paire de chaussures soit dans le metro soit a quelques rues du rendez-vous ! Sinon pourles cabines : j’aimerais bien ne pas avoir a les utiliser mais il y a de moins en moins de miroirs dans les boutiaues parisiennes type ZARA, HetM et surtout on se fait engueuler par les vendeurs ou vigiles si on essaie hors de la cabine. Cest bien dommage car j’ai deja renonce a un achat a cause cela, faute d’avoir le temps de faire la queue en cqbine::: (desolee pas d’accents sur ce calvier)

  • Aucun problème à changer de chaussures dans la rue, en revanche ce qui me met un peu la honte c’est de devoir faire des photos pour le blog….j’ai l’air un peu con, surtout à 40 ans passé !! Bon à Paris, ça peut passer pour des photos de touriste de base mais bon, je ne m’y habitue pas trop :-)

  • Ce post est génial, merci d’avoir encore cet humour et cette spontanéité, c’est ce que j’ai aimé aux débuts du blog, et que j’aime toujours.

    Une petite confidence ? Je mettais des push-up lorsque j’étais plus jeune… Mais je ne me suis jamais posée la question de savoir si le mec allait penser qu’il y avait arnaque lors de l’enlèvement… Je n’ai jamais fait de changement de soutif en cours de rencard (en même temps, vlà l’organisation qu’il doit falloir prévoir… ) et personne ne s’est jamais plaint..
    Ce qui me fait dire qu’il doit y avoir 2 catégories de mecs :
    – Ceux qui sont pas très observateurs (surement certains n’avaient pas fait attention ! Je veux dire, j’avais beau avoir un push-up j’ai un minimum de seins… )
    – Ceux qui sont super galants / gentils (ptet même qu’il y en a qui avaient remarqué… mais qui n’ont rien dit ! )


  • Andrea May, 15 2014, 1:55 / Reply

    Les filles, il n’y a qu’une seule parade à ce problème: être riche et avoir un chauffeur… A vos bulletins de lotto….

  • Kristin Fine May, 15 2014, 3:31 / Reply

    Download and watch the FX show The Americans with Keri Russell….the best best most addictive show! 80’s preppy and spy clothes with constant changes into secret identities. So sexy too…. Perfect guilty pleasure.

  • Dominique May, 15 2014, 3:36 / Reply

    i know exactly what you are talking about!


  • MAHE Véronique May, 15 2014, 4:06 / Reply

    Trop drôle et tellement vrai ! La vie quoi ! Avec tous ses aléas ! Enfin ceux qui ne tuent pas !

  • Garance, you’re the best. No other blogger talks about these things, and with such a fresh style! Love this kind of posts!

  • A fond la cabine d’essayage sans cabine c’est mon truc a 2 ou 3 copines et on se refile nos trouvailles! Mes meilleurs fou-rires!
    Quant au push up ca fait longtemps que j’ai abandonne je ne veux plus mentir sur la marchandise…
    Tres fun ton post

  • Laurence May, 15 2014, 4:33 / Reply

    Je trouve ca plus classe de s’asseoir sur un banc et d’assumer totalement le “Non, aujourd’hui j’ai pas envie d’avoir mal au pieds !”

  • Garance, Amazing!! You make me smile every single time!


  • This was MAJOR funny! The pants situation was the best, for sure!
    About push up bras, I have this issue and I still don’t know how to handle it! I use bras with push up and pads! I don’t really say anything… just pretend there is nothing wrong with it! hahaha maybe this isn’t a good thing, but, what can I do? I know I’m fooling the guy but I feel better wearing my push ups what can I do? And a boob job is a nono for me, wouldn’t do it, even if I wanted more boobs.
    I can stop wearing the push ups and embrace my lack of boobs?? Aaaah don’t know!
    If you can talk about that, it will be amazing! About boobless people I mean, how can they still be and feel sexy.

  • love the comment from PANOS. i think my fiancé does the same thing; he’s a cyclist and very not into pomp, circumstance, nor fashion…but he sure will make a valiant effort in his research for his woman. kudos to all men like you both. cheers! :)

  • Bon G, essaye plutôt Suits et Sherlock et après tu diras merci beaucoup Madame, je ne pense plus à me refaire des vieux SATC en solo. Quant aux chaussures direct dans le sac, c’est pas à un peu dég ?… Dans un petit sac prévu à cet effet, puis dans le grand sac et hop ! plus de problème de talon dans la anse non ?

  • La semaine passée, je me suis maté des sex and the city moi aussi! bienfaisant comme tu dis
    sinon le push-up n’est pas pour moi – j’assume ma poitrine telle qu’elle est -, j’ai rangé les talons au placard pour cause de trop mal aux pieds (je recommencerai bientôt, mais plus modérément qu’auparavant) et je savoure ma nouvelle trouvaille pour choquer les gens à choquer : un eye-liner avec une couleur assortie à celle de mes yeux au ras des cils du bas (comme dans ton explication du maquillage idéal des yeux en amande : MERCI!!!).
    autre idée chic pour choquer : ressortir son vieux sweat délavé avec l’inscription passée au lavage et repassée au rang de ringard depuis au moins 3 ans (voire 5) : le je-m’en-foutisme est ma plus chocking-bling-bling-signature!

  • Sinivali May, 15 2014, 5:44 / Reply

    C’est très new yorkais, ça, de marcher en baskets ou en ballerines et de changer de chaussures avant un RV. Moi, provinciale française, quand je porte des talons c’est pour la journée, et tant pis si je souffre à partir du début de l’après midi. Bon, il faut dire qu’on se déplace plus en voiture aussi (lieu où il est également plus pratique de changer de pompes).
    Il n’y a que le premier jour des soldes ou je pars à plat et ou je prévois une paire de talons dans mon sac pour les essayages….

  • Albertine May, 15 2014, 5:46 / Reply

    Many years ago when my friends and I were in graduate school we didn’t have a lot of money for clothes but still wanted to look (or think we looked) fairly cool. So we wore the same outfits we liked several times a week (even several days at a stretch). We would just take off our pants before bed time–and reach for them again the next morning. Icky, I know. One day I was on the steps of the the art and architecture library (home of the super chic) with my friend and she asked me: what is that coming out of your jeans? Well I pulled and pulled and pulled–and it was an entire pair of stockings that I had worn under my jeans the day before! A week later another friend (with similar habits and in the same department) was waiting to buy a coffee when she looked down to find pair of purple lacy underwear on the floor of the cafe–HERS! Maybe no one else will find this funny…but it keeps me in stitches to this day! Clearly we failed cool. ;)

  • Curieuse va ! On éteint la lumière et c’est tout !
    Moi ça me fait marrer de te voir raconter ses trucs de changements de chaussures avant un rendez vous d’enfer ! Oui moi je le fais entre 2 métros pour ne pas avoir l’air con dans la rue. J’attend que le quai se vide et hop avant que le nouveau train arrive. Et ni vu ni connu me voila qui défile comme une star sur 12 cm de haut. Pas pour un après midi entier hein ? Car au retour bah on rechange !
    C’est ça être une fille stylée.

    ps : raconte nous les autres moments à la con de la semaine. Oui je suis curieuse aussi :-)

  • Pour le bonnet taille C du soutien-gorge, mon copain vous dirait qu’il s’agit de “fausse représentation”…

  • LadaLao May, 15 2014, 10:45 / Reply

    I have a pushup bra/date mishap story!! Hehe. One halloween (ok, during my Freshman year of college) I was dressed as a Catholic school girl with a white button up shirt knotted around my waist and unbuttoned to my navel. So of course I needed a good push up bra, or as it were 3, to complete the look. Yes, I was a 32 B so I had to compensate in this look and what better way then to layer on three padded push up bras? (I know I’m not the only one who’s done this!) So the end result was pretty good and convincing and I even had some cleavage (And it stayed in place all night!). The look must of been pretty hot because by the end of the night I ended up making out with some D bag (I was young) who felt me up (can you call it that if you can’t feel it?) and complimented my, and I quote, “breast-eses.” I had a good internal laugh and an eye roll at this. The moment he left the room I took off two of the bras. When he came back he removed the last one upon which there was a palpable sense of confusion and disappointment emanating from his side of the mattress. Lol. It was more funny to me than anything. And don’t worry. We only went to second base.

  • Viva la Fashion!

    //So Cheap So Sexy

  • C’est tellement amusant, moi je change mes chaussures exactement comme toi!

  • Ahhhh ouiii !
    Passe encore à New York car cela fait longtemps qu’elles ont adopté là-bas les baskets dans la rue et les talons pour le job…
    mais à Paris, c’est encore une autre histoire… j’essaie de m’assoir sur un banc dans un coin un peu isolé, et là y’a toujours quelqu’un qui vient s’installer à côté de moi ou derrière en cas de double banc !
    C’est pas cool, je me sens mal à l’aise, coupable de je ne sais quoi !
    Pour les push up, moi c’était plutôt le contraire : quand je dois sortir au resto puis en boîte après le travail j’aime bien assumer le sans soutien gorge et alors je ne te raconte pas la galère pour enlever l’intrus…
    le mieux c’est aller prendre un café et se changer dans les toilettes ;)
    Merci pour ton post si drôle et qui sent le vécu ???

  • faraway May, 16 2014, 3:17 / Reply

    A vrai dire, je pense que le pire n’est pas le changement de chaussures ( du moment qu’il est à peu près effectué avec aisance ), mais le cassage de talon public ! tu te traines ta chaussure guillotinée comme une jambe de bois, et en plus ce jour là il n’y aucun magasin à la ronde.. La dignité est prend un sacré coup. Donc impératif de glisser une paire de ballerines c’est sûr …

  • Ahah, tellement vrai! Et quand ça nous arrive on a tellement l’impression que les autres sont parfaites, y a qu’a nous qu’appartiennent ces moments de “cruchitudes finies”…
    Quant au push-up, je sais pas / plus… pas que je sois pas concernée (par le push up, bien au contraire), mais juste que je suis avec mon mari depuis longtemps et qu’il me soutient mordicus m’aimer quelque soit les changements de mon corps…ce qui d’une certaine manière, sans avoir confiance en soi, on fait confiance à l’autre!

  • changing shoes reminded me of my grandma who used to work as an accountant. I remember that one time i went to see her in the office and under the table there were two pairs of high heel mules or pumps. So funny that she would switch to another high heel shoe when at work! but i guess when you sit most of the day, it’s ok. and you secretly take them off when you sit :) (just make sure your feet don’t smell:))

    in terms of push-up bras…i used to wear those a lot when i was in high school but then i thought about exactly the same situation – you’re boyfriend seing your nice full perfectly rounded boobs under the t-shirt and then seeing or trying really hard to see them when the bra is gone :DD So now i just buy a thinner bra and i noticed that lots of small-breasted girls do too and they are okay with it.

    and i remember an interview with some famous actor that said that he went on a date with a girl and then when they got the point of taking off their underwear, he just looked at the girl and said: You little liar!
    :D And I was laughing really hard because I know what he was talking about :D

    Thanks for the fantastic article! Made my day!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Ben c’est marrant ta pudeur ‘sélective’, non ? Ca t’embarrasse à peine de te retrouver le pet au vent dans les magasins ou un nipplegate sur la plage mais t’as la trouille qu’on te choppe en train de switcher tes shoes au grand jour ?? Haha je t’avoue que perso, c’est tout le contraire qui me contrarierait ^^

  • Great work…. check some of my artwok drawing


  • Judith May, 16 2014, 6:11 / Reply

    aaah finally a real Garance post again! I have been missing these! <3

  • María May, 16 2014, 6:20 / Reply

    Regarding the bra item, here in Europe any man won’t probably notice you are wearing push ups (my male friens say so)… and regarding boobless women, when you are young you miss them, when you are in your mid 50’s, your friends still call you lucky bitch cause your boobs still are up there!!! Well of course no surgery in any case…..

  • Haha, What a wonderful story!

  • Ingrid May, 16 2014, 8:05 / Reply

    Merci pour cet article !!! excellent !!

  • Une solution? Se promener en vélo. Exemple; on va au concert. Et bien, on ancre le vélo tout à côté de la salle de concert et hop là, on a ses talons et puis c’est parfait.
    Pour les souliers de rechange? Des ballerines classiques qui se marient avec tout et en cas de «je ne trouve pas de coin obscure et je viens de croiser quelqu’un que je connait», ça fera l’affaire.
    Il y a toujours une solution à tout!

  • I don’t know how you’ve done it, but once again you’ve got the global female (and possibly male) community cracking up!
    Great post and illustration, as per.

  • hahaha Garance, I had a good laugh with this post… This little changing shoes moment is always awful for me, I hate it, there is ALWAYS people walking by at the worst possible moment of the ritual and looking at you like you are some sort of shallow crazy girl haha !
    As for the walking in a store in my undewear; well, this one hasn’t happened to me… yet ;)

    xo CarolineJ

  • LOL–

    You forgot “leaning against a building” to get those heels on — also Niiiiice…

    What do women do in Paris?

  • Great visuals! Thanks for a laugh on a Friday. Oh the things we women endure! :)

  • Ha oui, contente de lire un post “vie quotidienne de Garance”, plein d’humour légendaire !
    Mais tu ne parles pas de l’embarras d’aller ensuite au rendez-vous avec un sac rempli d’une paire de baskets, qui risquent aussi de se faire la malle dès que tu chercheras un stylo. Ca, ça me stresse comme situation…
    Bon sinon pour le push up, le tout selon moi est de ne pas trop tricher. Si on ne pushe que légèrement up, monsieur ne sera pas rancunier, il appréciera peut-être même l’effort. Si on lui a mis un bonnet F dans la vue, qui s’avère être du A en fin de soirée, il sera déçu : tromperie sur la marchandise !

    Ps. Satc quand on a besoin de réconfort : of course ! Ca devrait même être remboursé par la sécu.

  • Pimastreet May, 17 2014, 2:15 / Reply

    On se sens moins seule d’un seul coup, merci Garance ????

  • rachel May, 17 2014, 11:34 / Reply

    Last week I was running from my hotel to the court of appeal for oral argument in LA, in running shoes and a suit and I kept getting glares on the street! Have none of these people seen working girl? Slid into my heels on the courthouse steps, however, and it was absolutely worth it. No pain, no blisters, no $10 cab ride, and I walked in co for table and confident.

    Also saw Mad Men filming on the way, which was just s total bonus.

  • Tes posts sont ici définitivement les meilleurs.
    Je fais tout récemment la même expérience car je suis ne suis plus aussi souvent en voiture, et le challenge courir (soyons lucides on est rarement très en avance) avec les enfants jusqu’à l’école, aller prendre le bus, marcher jusqu’au bureau : chemin, gravillons, rues pavées… sont autant d’obstacles pas faciles avec toutes les chaussures. Tout ça avec l’œil sur les enfants et la montre : chacune ses contraintes :-)
    Heureusement que les runnings sont à la mode ! Ce sont mes vraies chaussures de sport, j’ai bien fait de les choisir un peu jolies ! C’est la seule parade que j’ai trouvé. Pour le moment j’adapte ma tenue des jours sans voiture de façon à ce qu’elle soit compatible avec mes runnings, il y a quand même l’étape école sur mon trajet ! Mais je sens que je vais devoir changer de stratégie à la longue.
    Je n’ai pas à me changer dans la rue au quotidien, mais je l’ai déja fait, et c’était un peu gênant. C’est un peu d’intimité dévoilée.

  • Hate change heels for flat

    Surtout Détester d’avoir des chaussures dans le sac à main.

    SO Just wear HEELS!. Il faut décider en avance!!

  • Give me five ! (is it what Americans say for the occassion)

    I love my heels but I live in the middle of old cobbled Dutch city and can enjoy the luxury of working to my office.
    So I do this all the time. Well, actually, at work I have about 7 or 8 pairs of heels, but if I go out I always either wear my flats up to a certain point of have them with me in my handbag (that’s why I tend to choose somewhat bigger handbags).

    I believe that is nothing to be ashamed of and that it a reasonable compromise between sexy and healthy.

  • Blaise May, 27 2014, 6:13 / Reply

    I used to (ok, I still do, at times) change from flats to heels like you, but I grew tired of it and just reserve such moment in very formal occasions, so I’m just always in leather flats! I really don’t care anymore, I was just thinking that my fashion mojo flew away. I think it will come back some other time.

  • So true, thank God I’m always in my car so I have a little privacy to do the switch.

  • I see something genuinely special in this site.

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