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Ok, it’s only been a week, but I love, loooove not working at home.
Yep, the thing I was so worried about for so long – the subway-work-sleep lifestyle – I actually love it.

I get up early, poke around for a few minutes on Pinterest while I have my coffee and toast, then I tell myself I should go for a jog, then “I forget,” and finally I hop in the shower, and then comes the part, on the other hand, that…


I hate when it’s time to “choose an outfit for the day.”

Because the cool thing about working at home is that you can change as many times as you want during the day. An important meeting? Throw on a pair of heels. A photo shoot? Throw on some jeans and flats. Lunch uptown? Time to do my hair (nah, just kidding, they’re not THAT into hair uptown)(Ok, maybe a little). Anyway, you see what I mean.

But now I have to plan for the whole day in the morning.

Just imagine me half awake, still dripping wet, getting out of the shower to go over and get my phone so I can check my schedule. It’s very chic, very organized, very me.

Yesterday, for example, I had to take all of these factors into consideration:

#1 = Tons of sticky, horrible snow. I had to go out in the nasty snow with my laptop and my entire “traveling office”, something I totally used to brag about (yeah, I don’t need an office, you know, I’m a free spirit), but I’m starting to get really sick of it now, and it’s definitely time for my desktop computer to get here.
#2 = Photo shoot outside (coooooold) and inside (hoooooot)
#3 = Appointments for a few interviews
#4 = Yoga
#5 = A professional meeting over drinks


Since I was desperate, I put on:

A white blouse and gray skinny jeans (goes with everything)
A pair of kind of crappy tennis shoes (snow day = snow + salt on the ground = guaranteed to destroy any pair of shoes) that weren’t too thick or too thin so I could go from one thing to the next without looking like a fur trapper with my duck boots
A huge scarf, aka, a blanket
A peacoat
A hat to brave the snow

I brought a pair of simple, black heels along with me in my big traveling-office bag, plus a little purse with the essentials: money, keys, phone, lipstick.
And, of course, I totally forgot my yoga clothes (so weird!)

For about three seconds, while I was waiting for the elevator, I actually felt super clever and organized, like the girl who’s got it all together.

Three minutes later, I was carrying way too many bags under a deluge of slush, cursing myself for not wearing my duck boots and for listening to Scott, who said I “probably wouldn’t need an umbrella,” and with my tennis shoes in a big puddle of melted snow that I hadn’t seen – it was the worst – everything was totally drenched, even my computer, my F*#@ing traveling office, even the gorgeous purse that I’d just bought, and I had to run all the way to the subway.

I finally arrived at the Studio, where I put on my heels because my tennis shoes needed to dry, and after about an hour, I ended up in my socks, of course, because wearing heels in the Studio, well, it’s just way too formal.

A little later, I ended up going to all my appointments with two bags like a bag lady (one for my heels, the other for my soaking wet snow shoes) because even jumping into an Uber in this weather was way too much to do in heels.

Obviously, I didn’t go to yoga, hahahahha lol lol lol heh heh.

When I got to my pro apéritif, I was pretty decrepit; my make up had already started melting in the snow at 8AM. Please don’t even try to imagine what I looked like by 7PM. I tried to pull myself together by putting lipstick on my cheeks and lips, “French style” *

*But this won’t be a problem anymore once we’ve installed our beauty closet, hehe. There are a few advantages to working in fashion!!!


And next week is Fashion Week. It’s going to be total outfit schizophrenia.
Don’t worry if you see me in a skirt with no tights, a summer jacket and moon boots on a super windy day.


I’m slowly learning all the things I’d missed out on over the years.


Ok, so anyway…EVEN if I realize that not every day is a huge snowstorm, you could just as easily replace the snow with a really hot day, or a rainy day, or a freezing cold day, since New York is always under attack by some kind of crazy weather.

So, my question for you is:

#1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio (I think so)
#2 Do you get more organized over time? (I hope so)
#3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed? (Which app?)
#4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? (Never)
#5 What do you do when you have an unexpected outing after work?
(You just go in normal clothes and put on a little lipstick, and that’s enough, right? Reassure me. You don’t need three bags, do you?)(Nobody makes a big deal about it, do they?)


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  • Ha ha, quelles questions existentielles (et au passage, ton illustration est superbe). Je travaille chez moi, et comme c’est le matin que je suis la plus efficace, je reste en pyjama jusqu’à 11h, ce qui fait que mon facteur et les livreurs pensent que je passe ma vie en pyjama.
    Je pense qu’avec le temps, ça s’arrangera Garance, no worries!

  • in times like this, i really love the fact that i work from home! :)


  • Bienvenue dans notre quotidien à Montréal pendant 5 mois ……

  • Je pense que le fait de travailler dans la mode va drôlement arranger tes affaires ! Le coup de la deuxième garde robe au studio, j’adore ! Pour le reste : bienvenue dans le monde cruel…. Quand j’ai une sortie après le boulot, mon “accessoire” fétiche à ajouter : le parfum, un pschiiiiit et puis c’est tout ! En même temps, ici, il y a rarement quelque chose à faire le soir…

  • Ca s’arrange avec le temps, puisque tu finis toujours par laisser des affaires sur ton lieu de travail: une paire de talons ( ou deux), des ballerines, quelques accessoires, une vodka. Et oui avoir une trousse de maquillage de secours s’avère utile!
    Regarder la météo avant de sortir of course ( bienvenue dans le monde chiant!). Et admirer les gens qui préparent leurs affaires LA VEILLE!
    Rester bordélique malgré tout. ON se dit que c’est une façon de garder son “ancien moi” une fois qu’on est passé de l’autre côté ;)

  • I enjoyed a lot reading your article! It’s super fun and the illustration is beautiful! I have a locker at work where I accumulate my wardrobe essentials. Flats, black pants, heels, a party outfit… the truth is that at the end the mini locker is plenty of garments, but I need them. My problem is not the snow, it’s heavy rain with wind. I live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and it is demostrated that here, in winter, could rain more than in London. I need to change my Hunter for flats every time I get to work. So, yes….I think you need a second wardrobe at the Studio, haha! I check the weather on the yr.no app, it’s a norwegian app that nails the predictions!

  • Francesca February, 4 2014, 9:22 / Reply

    I compulsively check the weather the night before and the morning so that I get a general understanding of what the day looks like and then in the morning I can make last minute changes. In terms of unexpected outings, I just enhance my makeup because the thought of changing after a long day is not appealing. And, don’t be surprised to find that you have ten pairs of shoes at your desk over time. Don’t worry those three bags will disappear soon!

  • Comment je fais? J’habite dans le Sud de la France et il fait toujours beau ;-) Héhé courage courage.

  • Just get used to wearing the duck boots for like three months straight. Or at least: Wear the duck boots, and have a pair of heels at the office – and a pair of cheap Chinese slippers from Pearl River! (They’re under my desk right now.)

  • Looking for slippers for the office ! I’m gonna check on these !

  • Hey! So: #2 you do get more organized, but in the process of organization you think, in your now-organized mind that, “hey, I could be even more organized” and then you change your whole system and have to start all over again. Constant self-improvement. But c’est la vie, non?

    #5 No, you don’t need three bags. Everyone else can just deal with it (and I’m sure they’re all in the same situation) (except for those always perfectly put together girls. Argh!)

    Will there be more Pardon My French videos this NYFW? I hope so!


  • Thank you !
    We will try to but the Studio and me are crazy busy, as I’m also writing a book… But we’re not forgetting about them – I just want them to feel special so it means having enough time to do them well :)

  • Oh, ce livre! C’est pour quand enfin que je réserve une journée à la plage à le dévorer?

  • Haha! On a hâte de voir tes tenues improbables de la FW alors!!
    Moi c’est plutot l’inverse que je vis, avant j’etais ds la vraie vie et maintenant, c’est Home party!!


  • I think you should have a small closet and a shower at the studio! Going to the gym after work is quite difficult to me. I sometimes try but I’m not really smart doing my exercises!



  • I know. I hate to shower at the gym SO MUCH !!!

  • Florence February, 4 2014, 9:36 / Reply

    Comme Mafalda je bosse à la maison. Par contre je ne reste pas en pyjama – mais ma tenue est confortable et je fais même un léger effort sur le maquilage! (Réunion Skype oblige. Le maquillage c’est pour avoir l’air de s’être réveillé 2 heures auparavant quand ça fait que 10mn qu’on a sauté du lit). Quand je voyage à l’étranger – en Inde – je sors ma panoplie de Kurta et de vêtements locaux (ou presque).
    Quand c’est pour des rendez-vous en France, je me mets sur mon 31.

    Et je ne suis pas désorganisée, je suis FLEXIBLE (= j’improvise)

  • ça c’était ma vie d’avant … ça fait du bien de changer quand même ;)

  • Dear Garance,
    I absolutely loved this post! From my experience the key is to have some backups in the Office:
    – black pumps, black flats and thick socks
    – umbrella
    – concealer, powder, few lipsticks, a neutral nail polish (sometimes I just can’t be bothered to do it at home and then I have an important meeting where I feel everybody will be looking at my not-done nails, so unprofessional…;))
    I always check the weather before I get dressed, use a waterproof eyeliner and if I know I will be going out to dinner after work I usually wear a soft dress and just put on an statement necklace before I go. If it’s unexpected then lipstick is your best friend. ;)
    And no, u will never go to yoga from the Studio. But if u do, bravo!!

    kisskiss, Maja

  • Zaza of Geneva February, 4 2014, 10:30

    Peut-être songer à faire venir un(e) prof de yoga au Studio ???

  • #1 You don’t need your travelling office anymore, you need your travelling wardrobe.
    #2 I assume normal people do get better at it with time. I don’t.
    #3 When in doubt, fuck it. Stay home.
    #4 No. Exercising sucks, even without bad weather.
    #5 Be late, the others will be drunk enough not to notice your outfit.


  • loooooooool can we be best friends ?

  • i do the same as FRANCESCA!! To check every night the weather in my App ..At morning i listen to the radio to have more information. WELCOME TO THE REAL AND HARD WORLD GARANCE.
    i love your sense of humour !! Thanks a lot. big kiss

  • I think you’ll figure it out. There’s a girl in my office (in chicago) who is super glam and she wears minnetonkas in to work, and keeps whatever crazy hot heels she has planned under her desk (there’s so much salt on the ground here, you cannot wear non-rugged expensive shoes outside, they will be ruined immediately). But yeah, you have to wear waterproof boots in the snow, no choice.

    As to carrying your day in a bag, that can get annoying, but if you get a cute backpack (I got one by Hershel when they did a collaboration with madewell), you can fit your laptop, camera (in my case, math books), yoga pants, heels/flats and a sports bra. Then wear a tank under whatever you are wearing for the day and you’re good for yoga. Sometimes I don’t even carry a purse if there’s room for my essentials, plus I pack that awesome clutch you did with Kate Spade a while back (which fits easily into the backpack) and I’m off to lunch or meetings with that (instead of a backback, ha ha).

  • Caroline February, 4 2014, 9:42 / Reply

    I’m lucky to have a big private office where I keep quite a few things : make-up, deodorant, shoes, a nice black jacket, a scarf and a cardigan.
    I used to be terrible at dressing up in the morning and often got it completely wrong, now thanks to Apple and its weather forecast app, I’m always ok.
    Also, as I’m a real Parisian, I wear heels all the time. Not crazy heels, but elegant heels so that I can easily go from being in front of my computer to an important meeting. Or an evening at the opera.

    Welcome to the real world! Not that easy, but you’ll manage fine (the most terrifying is when you need to do food shopping and have the bags with you in the metro… Then you really feel like a bag lady…).

  • Haha, it will get better, I promise!
    You have to beware though, to not fall into the “ah, this works for me”-pit and look the same (with slight variations) on a daily base. You will hate the boring person you become then.
    At the same time, don’t worry too much about it! And take what you wanna take to feel comfortable!

    The new studio sounds so exciting and been loving the photos you posted so far of it!

  • You poor thing! Just wanted to reassure you that it will all be simpler in time)
    I a’m working from home the last 3 or 4 years, but earlier I always had some flats, clothes and make-up at my work place.
    In Ukraine it’s really cold and snowy now, so I put on really heavy coat and sweater and toss all what I need for working from some fancy cafe in the huge backpack :).

  • You’ll get the hang of it, but I would just love to work from home. This getting dress every morning is exhausting.


  • C’est très politiquement incorrect mais j’ai souvent rêvé d’avoir un sherpa… ou une voiture avec chauffeur dans laquelle il y aurait tout ce dont j’ai besoin ! Dur dur d’être une femme :p
    Sinon en effet, peut-être laisser 1 ou 2 tenues de secours au studio (+ les affaires de yoga ? Comment ça non ?)
    En tout cas ce post m’a fait mourir de rire ! Merci ! :)

  • Géraldine February, 4 2014, 9:54 / Reply

    #1 Evidemment… à quoi ça sert de travailler dans la mode ? (Perso j’ai toujours une paire de talons et une veste dans mon casier de consultante)
    #2 Non, juste moins glam
    #3 Bien sûr… Meteo.fr, la référence internationale. Euh non.
    #4 Mets toi au yoga bikram, tu pourras le faire en maillot de bain
    #5 Le conseil de Mamzette étant mythique, je ne me risquerais pas à en prodiguer un autre

  • J’adore !!!
    Bikram bonne idée ahahahah :))

  • Create a second wardobe at the studio, it’s yours so why not. Make sure you have a pouch with some basic make-up to do a little touch-up in your drawer. And I always check the weather the night before, I make sure my outfit is ready for the following day. I used to be the kind of girl who dresses following her mood but I don’t want to take the time for that anymore, I reather stay in bed as long as possible :) . Now I only decide what to wear in the moring on weekends and when I have plenty of time, like on a day off. Keep an extra set of sportswear at the studio, in case you decide to take that yoga class. Or like when you got wet from the snow. Changing snowboots once you are inside an bar/restarant is not a crime, only make sure your snowboots don’t get stolen, hide them onder your table. And a umbrella can be a lifesaver in many occasions, I always carry one.
    I’m pretty sure you will manage and yes, you will learn from your mistakes. That’s the best way anyway. Good luck! xo Hanneke

    Check out my style on http://www.hannekeverstegen.com

  • Ciao Garance! Bienvenue dans la vie de romano avec multi sacs au bras. Moi perso j ai 3 sacs sur le vélo (sac à main, bento healthy et yoga) et je te confirme que c est bien la galère ! Seul tips : mon deuxième placard de chaussures au bureau (boss pas content de mon utilisation de l’espace) et des pochettes à dispo pour éventuelles soirées plus stylées improvisées. Coraggio !!

  • Ha, welcome to real life Garance! It’s a pain in the ass. Commuting in Manhattan from work-home-activities turns you into a bag lady. Always have extra shoes at your desk along with essentials- perfume, floss, toothpaste, deodorant, umbrella, (and a spare straightener for those extra humid/horrid temperature days). Carry or store extra make-up for after-work activities.
    Get used to wearing duck boots in this weather, it’s really the only way to survive. I started carrying a small “trio” bag in my larger bag. Thus, if I go out unplanned after work I can just leave my bigger bag lady at my desk and look chic with my small trio bag. For weather apps- always check the weather before you leave your apt! I rely on “Dark Sky”- pretty much genius as well as “The Weather Channel” and “Accuweather”. Yes, I check all three.
    Good luck!

  • So the answer is, bag lady : yes
    muuuuuuuhuhuhuh (me crying)

  • Oui ça s’arrange avec le temps et l’habitude. Et non tu n’auras pas besoin d’une seconde garde-robe (au secours, double prise de tête).
    Oui je regarde, ou plus exactement j’écoute, la météo le matin. À la radio. Dans la salle de bain. Je sais pile à quelle heure tendre l’oreille, donc je dois avoir fini de me doucher pour entendre. (Outre la tenue, je dois prévoir l’équipement puisque je pars à vélo, cape de pluie au cas où, petite serviette en microfibre dans mon totebag pour éponger les dégâts s’il y a lieu, casquette de survie, gants, etc.)
    Tu stockes tes affaires de yoga au studio, évidemment.
    Non je ne prévois pas de tenue ‘de sortie’ même si je sors après le boulot, les gens n’ont qu’à m’aimer pour ma belle âme ! Petit nécessaire de survie make-up dans une trousse, que j’ai tous les jours avec moi et dont je me sers genre jamais.

  • Hello Garance, bienvenue dans un monde de filles qui travaillent dans un bureau toute la journée mais qui ont pour autant une vraie vie après! (si si c’est possible!).
    Après des années de pratique, mon conseil: toujours 1 paire d’escarpins et une veste au bureau pour les dej, sorties ou rdv imprévus. Un sac au bureau avec les affaires de yoga, plein de t shirts et de leggings et un mini sac en toile qui tient dans le sac à main, comme ça je peux y aller dès que j’ai un moment en fin de journée; Des que je peux, je ramène le sac pour le ravitaillement.
    Enfin bien-sur le double beauty set (version light) est obligatoire au bureau pour les mini retouches avant de sortir. Et définitivement pour les soirées c’est “come as you are”… Simple, non?

  • Mmarie et Carine : very French of you, je suis tout à fait d’accord ;)

  • First of all, congrats for the article! So clever and well put. Checking the next day weather is essential if you want to be at least prepared (even if just in your mind) for what’s coming. That tip might just trigger the best outfit combos from stuff shoved under the regular options.
    When it comes to bag choices, that’s when it gets tricky. It wouldn’t be the first time (and certainly not the last) that bag’ception happens to me! A small clutch, or pouch with the essentials, as you said, inside a larger (and heavier, snifs) tote. For the extras – like your pair of black heels, or yoga clothing – a “Keep Calm & Carry On” shopper tote is quintessential, at least for me.
    #2 – Rest assure, organization grows on you!
    #1 & 5 – An entire wardrobe is not needed if you have the classics at arms lenght. Think black mid-heel pumps, a goes-with-everything scarf, make-up sos kit, a blouse/top in a richer material preferably in neutral colours and you’re good to go!
    I hope I was of help and good luck! We almost-perfectly-organized girls need to stick together :)
    xoxo from Lisbon, Portugal

  • I’ve become more organized over time–it does happen! And then you reach a point when being organized is actually the easiest way and the only way to stay sane. I think what’s helped is a constant paring down of my possessions–keeping only those most dear and essential objects in my life. That being said, I think it’s helpful to have doubles of the essentials at work–especially with a commuter lifestyle.

  • Haha!
    Second wardrobe for sure… and it will be certainly useful for studio photos, won’t it be?
    And the result… more studio photos for us ;) Yeah!

    A fashion & DIY blog…

  • Pretty much every woman I know keeps a pair of heels under their desk and a selection of make-up essentials in their desk drawer. Prepared, but not carrying loads on your commute. Tada!

  • I hate being a bag lady but I can’t figure out another way. Commuting in Washington DC I have some things loaded in my car (yoga supplies). But then I am still carrying three bags (lunch? don’t want to eat out every day, too expensive.) Second wardrobe at the office sounds ideal to me (though will not work in my case). I hope your studio creates a focus group on this topic. More solutions needed!!!

  • you def need a couple pairs of shoes at the office,(black, tan) a white shirt, a pencil skirt and a blazer… now your ready for most things….. you will arrive in jeans so the blazer will go nice if needed…. the shirt is for any spillage on the one you will be wearing and the pencil skirt is for when jeans are not allowed… a mac air would lighten the load and a nice sack bag.. also keep a yoga kit at work… just in case the mood takes you in the middle of the day and time permits.. your done!.. oh and a multi stick for make-up! Wallah!


  • I love the way you write! It’s like reading my own thoughts sometimes… You make me smile!

    Yes, I do check the weather since where I live is always much hotter to where I work.
    Yes, I always have an umbrella with me, sunglasses, a scarf… and I always carry a couple of bags (including yoga clothes, lunch, laptop etc).
    Yes, I prepare my bags before going to sleep in order to focus only on what to actually wear in the morning.
    Yes, most of the times you just go out after work just as you are…. and it’s fine!

    Good luck!

  • Unfortunately you have to choose – you prepare for everything = hobo bag (maybe you need a new, better one?) OR you don’t prepare and fool yourself with a little lipstick :) But seriously, there ARE girls who manage without a hobo bag, I’ve seen them with my own eyes (they also let their hair dry on their own and look like I do after an hour of styling and eat everything and don’t have to exercise…)

  • I have never got the hang of work-to-evening make-up. Adding more on to what you already always makes me feel like pantomime dame and actually a little bit dirty. So I have to take the whole lot off, or even better have minimal make-up for daytime and then apply it properly for the evening.

  • Great idea to have makeup, heels and other essentials on hand at the office! I love your writing,

  • Also, the illustration totally reminds me of the Cos spring summer collection palette: Lots of blue and red with a little white and green.

  • Et encore Garance tu prends pas tes tupperwares pour le déjeuner, ça aussi ça demande une sacrée organisation !

  • Yes, welcome to an even-more-organized-than-you-shoud-even-thought-about-life-and-that-s-real-life-though-sigh. Un moment donné je faisais la grève des apéros cocktails glamour parce que franchement qui a une super belle robe noir avec des talons immaculés et cheveux parfaits à 19h en sortant du bureau?!!! Finalement je me suis ressaisie car la vie sociale me manquait. Sans autant aller à un vernissage mais pour faire vraiment la différence entre jour=boulot/soir=glam mais pas trop (on est à Paris quoi), voilà mes secret weapons que j’ai appris à manier (mais y a encore du boulot): dans un coin de mon bureau qu’on va appeler fourre-tout/bordel, il y a ma panoplie du soir pour le : au cas où du soir :
    – 1 paire de jolis escarpins à (très) talons haut noir
    – un rouge à lèvres très rouge ou très rose, enfin très “statement” comme on dit dans la fashion : c’est le soir, je suis glam. Avec des habits plus casual du jour, le décalage est top
    – quelques vernis à ongle pour des retouches ou pour du rouge éclatant qui fait vachement apprêtée en fait et c’est top
    – un petit miroir
    – de l’anti cerne pour des retouches par ci par là le soir
    – du blush (bref, mon 2ème beauty closet…) pour la retouche (un petit bourgeois : c’est petit et pratique)
    – une veste noire bien coupée (Armani pour moi) et très cache misère/je relooke mon sweet – jean et j’ai l’air d’un top model incognito
    – une pochette ou un petit sac ou baguette du soir car le grand cabas qui transporte le ipad, l’ordi, le tel, le dernier livre, les magazines, le sweat qui dépasse, les médocs… bof bof en soirée
    – un chapeau : quand on a les cheveux filasses ou qui ressemblent à rien, c’est mon sauveur pour “tenir” mes cheveux (ma tignasse) et beaucoup plus glamour que mon bonnet rouge à pompon
    – pour le sport, j’ai carrément un 2è sac finalement reste au boulot

    Mais franchement, rien que des raccords make-up assez vifs (vernis sombre, très rouge, etc.) effacent la casualité du look jour/mode boulot

    Sinon, je suis aussi friande des conseils des autres. Bonne journée à toutes/tous !

  • I love love love the idea of a “fourre-tout/bordel” at the office. I’m in agreement that good lipstick/blush/hat are indispensable for any after-work transformation and that it somewhat decreases the symptoms of the bag-lady-syndrome that is all-too-common amongst working girls.

  • Hello Garance,

    J’habite aux Pays-Bas. Tout ce fait a vélo. J’ai mis du temps a comprendre comment faisaient mes collègues pour ne pas arriver tremper alors que je venais de me faire saucer ou tranquille pas transpirant alors que pensant qu’il allait pleuvoir j’avais sorti tout mon attirail waterproof et ne pas recevoir une goutte. Malin, ils regardent tous la carte satellite. Tu suis en direct les nuages, ca predit a 2 heures la pluie au dessus de ta maison et tu te debrouilles pour passer entre les gouttes. J’avoue ca m’arrive encore de me faire avoir mais un peu moins souvent:) Et j’ai des habits de rechange tout le temps au bureau…
    Courage courage!

  • I share your angoisse Garance….it is a pain to commute and it usually takes me an extra 20 to 30 mins in the morning or at night just to prepare

    I usually work from home now , and when I am on set it means commuting for weeks or months at a time either to a studio or to a provisory office , which I have to set up

    I leave with a computer bag AND a dog Tumi tote bag full of extras

    I do leave clothes , shoes etc at the office. I have two yoga mats, one at home an one at the office.

    In the office i leave some heels, stockings,a clean shirt and a nice blazer….all extras…oh and an extra coat, umbrella, and hats

    I also carry my food , teas and fruit to set and to the office

    and my files and hard drives, adaptors etc…in separate ziplock bags

    I need a big tumi briefcase with wheels to go anywere to work……up and down the metro stairs and through the slush….actually I NEED A SHERPA

    it gets easier with time
    you will learn to prepare at night no matter how late it is
    but it does not get lighter….just heavier

    and then one day you will need a U HAUL to move the stuff you accumulated in the office… “just in case ”

  • This is too funny! I also work from home most of the time (3 days a week) and in an office 2 days a week so I totally get your confusiong.

    #1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio (I think so) : I always have a second outfit with me. Also, I’m clumsy so something almost always gets spilled!
    #2 Do you get more organized over time? (I hope so) : Yes, but I still forget super important things all the time. Like my cell phone charger.
    #3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed? (Which app?) : Always, because the one time I didn’t I had bare legs on a day in the office when it was like zero degrees and everyone kept commenting on how cold I must be. ANNOYING.
    #4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? (Never) Um, I hate to say it but I almost never make it to a workout on the days im in the office. I just signed up for a super expensive yoga series to force myself to go one of the days, because its only held on one of the days im in the office.
    #5 What do you do when you have an unexpected outing after work?
    (You just go in normal clothes and put on a little lipstick, and that’s enough, right? Reassure me. You don’t need three bags, do you?)(Nobody makes a big deal about it, do they?) Pretty much. Unless I know I need something different to wear in advance, and then yes I bring that outfit too!

  • I have to pack a bag the night before (checking my WeatherBug app), otherwise I end up forgetting something crucial (like my underwear and bra one time…). You have time to go over your schedule for the next day, and plan out your outfit and anything extra you may need. I go to the gym before work and have my bag with clothing, makeup and toiletries to put myself together afterwards (I keep my toothbrush, toothpaste, daily makeup, etc in a makeup bag all together and work out of that while at home, and throw it into my bag every morning before I go). Then I already have my makeup with me if I have unexpected events after work, but I don’t plan for any costume changes for these events. And PS- my bag is an ugly gym backpack, but it works!

  • #1 I keep basic black pumps to change into if I have to and something comfy and dry (converse)

    #2 Kind of, I think… but some days it does backfire. You know, you get splashed on with coffee, or the raspberry jam just did not end up in your mouth but on your shirt and white jeans too… (at least that happens to me all the time – perhaps, I should just learn to eat better? )

    #3 I just look out the window, read the thermometer and hope for the best.

    #4 Can you maybe keep one mat at the yoga studio? Then get a compact towel and tiny yoga clothes that’ll fit in the work bag. (And have one set waiting for you at the office, just in case you get a sudden urge to go unplanned!)

    #5 you said it, just go in normal clothes and put on a little lipstick, put on the pumps (from #1).
    I also keep a black/grey jacket in the office, in case I need to look a bit more cleaned up for a meeting… (or in case it was really cold in the morning and I didn’t wear enough). Or in the summer when the AC is way cold for summer clothing…

    Another small thing, always, always keep a small makeup bag at the office with not just a little makeup but all essentials. Some cool accessories that goes with almost any outfit for that sudden night out is great too…

  • #1 une armoire au bureau avec les basiques qui sauvent la vie (pour les jours où les collants filent, où la sauce vinaigrette tache le chemisier…)
    #2 à force de perdre un temps fou à faire des A/R maison/bureau on s’améliore
    #3 évidemment ;) et je repasse systématiquement tout pour avoir le choix le matin
    #4 je transporte mon tapis 2 fois par semaine dans le métro ! Ca m’a valu des échanges sympas avec des inconnu(e)s !
    #5 sortir très apprêtée à Paris c’est bcp trop show off.. en donnant l’air d’avoir une vie pro bcp trop intense pour penser à se changer c’est gagné.. sinon, il te reste à convaincre tes amis de sortir tout près de toi ;)

  • Shoes and clothing at the office, yes. But as soon as you can, wear a pair of Hunters instead of the duck boots. Because at least they have become somewhat stylish, so if you have to go somewhere after and don’t have the shoes… (And this way you don’t have to carry a million bags. Because that’s just exactly what we need whilst trying to navigate waist-deep puddles and trying to avoid slipping and breaking our behinds/laptops/purses.)

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Déjà: superbe illu, le blog ressemble vraiment à un super magazine (en ligne) dans lequel il y aurait un condensé de tout ce qu’on peut généralement y trouver de mieux! L’impression de proximité en plus! C’est génial, donc merci a toute l’équipe!
    Après avoir arrêté mes études j’ai travailler dans le sud, on bossait parfois jusqu’à 48/52 heures par semaine, c’était un rythme hyper soutenu mais j’étais dans une boutique d’enfer, juste au bord de mer! Au bout d’un moment on s’était toutes calées sur les horaires les unes des autres: quand le bus de l’une arrivait avant 9h30 (ouverture boutique) on prenait le café ensemble et faisait le point, on avait même un portant (on se changeait souvent en arrivant) et des matelas de plage dans un coin de la réserve! On a très vite appris à travailler en équipe et à la fin du premier mois une cliente, qui était prof de yoga à domicile, venait carrément une fois par semaine pour une séance relax’! J’ai adoré l’esprit, même dans les moments de grande, très grande fatigue.

  • Why don’t you just bring a yoga teacher to your studio? Voila! Problem solved!!

  • Or maybe, move to California ;)

  • The Yahoo Weather app is great. I have about 6 pairs of shoes under my desk at the office and a complete makeup kit in my drawer. I never, ever have been able to go to the gym after work. I wake up at 6 AM twice a week to get to a 7 AM soul cycle class (i always keep an extra hair brush, undies and socks in my gym bag; I once forgot my bra and panties at home and didn’t realize this until after my post-class shower at the gym – fortunately the Gap store near times square opens at 9 AM and they sell the best underwear). On the days I go to the gym, I carry only a GIANT nylon Jack Spade bag with everything in it and my small clutch with all my essentials. Planning is KEY (especially, planning in the evening; planning in the morning never works for me because I end up hitting the snooze button, like, 20 times before I manage to get up, by which time I’m already late). When all else fails, I go out for some lunchtime shopping ;)

  • Ahahah !!! Je me reconnais tellement dans la sous organisation (et pourtant j’ai eu de l’expérience). Dans mon métier, on peut avoir besoin de passer une nuit blanche au boulot, avec réunion à 8h30 le matin sans préavis (ou alors à 20h30 la veille). Ca + les grilles d’aération parisiennes qui flingues les talons, et le mal d’épaules chronique à force de porter mon poids en dossier, j’ai développé mes 2-3 techniques de survie:
    – une “box survie” avec en vrac : collants (chair et noir opaque), déo, dissolvant, vernis “neutre”, lotion pour le visage, lingettes pour bébé
    – une box “make up” avec le minimum syndical : BB cream, anticernes, blush, mascara, crayon khol
    – un placard à chaussures (oui le bureau me sert à dissimuler à mon mec l’ampleur réelle de ma collection) avec 2/3 paires d’escarpins et/ou sandales à talons. J’arrive le matin généralement en chaussures plates ou boots à petit talons, et je switch pour les stilettos avant d’aller chercher mon café.
    – une “tenue de survie” : robe noire, veste noire, j’adorerais faire plus original, mais si j’ai besoin que de la veste, ou que je ne me renverse du café que sur la robe bah ce sera plus simple… surtout s’il est 5h du mat et que les clients arrivent à 8h
    – avoir 2 sacs de sports au lieu d’un : ça demande un peu d’investissement au départ (tout reste relatif, on peut survivre sans Stella McCartney au Pilates, la nouvelle collec de sport H&M est terrible), mais comme ça j’en laisse toujours un au bureau. Si je vais au sport le soir même tant mieux, sinon tant pis, il est la, l’autre dans ma chambre (pour éviter de se poser la question”mais est ce que j’ai amené mon sac de sport au bureau? Ah non, ooooh dommage, bon je vais aller me faire du rosé en terrasse à la place”). Je peux aller à la salle sur un coup de tête, je suis tjs prête !

    Etant assez “habillée” au bureau (genre no jeans allowed, mais pas dans le sens “triste” de certains bankers new yorkais), je me contente d’un ravalement de façade et d’un peu de rouge à lèvre. Mon plus bel accessoire sera mon sourire (la fille qui s’y croit). Cela dit, quand j’ai un “event” un peu précis de prévu, je me contente de rassembler mes indispensables CB/clefs/clopes dans une pochette (genre la pochette Madame Gérard http://www.shop.mimilamour.com/14-accessoires) qui sera dans mon sac toute la journée. Je laisse le sac soit au bureau, soit au vestiaire, comme ça après j’ai les mains libres !

  • Je vis 10h par jour au boulot, avant de quitter je regarde la météo (je suis au Canada faut être prêt à tout!) sur l’app meteomedia et ai je dois sortir après j’apporte des accessoires à ajouter à ma tenue que je choisis passe partout quand même
    Ha! Et j’ai un autre kit de maquillage au boulot histoire de pas devoir tout traîner à chaque fois
    Bon courage!

  • I live in Norway, where there’s lots of weather all year round, so I always check the weather before I leave the house. I do the same as most of the others who have commented – keep an extra pair of shoes at work (winter boots are essential when it’s snowing, give up on being fashionable straigh away), have a small make-up bag in my handbag (the key is to keep it small, just the bare essentials), keep a work out bag and a yoga mat at work etc. I don’t lug a computer back and forth to work, so that’s less to carry.

    I also have an emergency pouch with: hair pins, a nail file, panty liners and tampons, a statement necklace and/or bracelet (that doesn’t brake easily), a clothes brush that folds up, band aid, even a bottle opener, a sewing kit (from a hotel), aspirins, tweezers and a usb stick! With that I am ready for anything! If I have to go to something unexpected straight after work, I go in my regular clothes, but touch up on my deodorant and make-up, throw on a necklace/bracelet, do something with my hair or open more button of my shirt or maybe roll up the sleeves. And hey, why not make a point of it – you arrived straight from work because you are super busy in your fantastic job, but also impulsive and popular!

    Instead of carrying two bags, why not just wear a bigger bag? My Givenchy Antigona can easily fit an extra pair of shoes and everything else I need for a long day. At the end of the week, I go through my bag and find the most amazing amount of stuff that has accumulated during the week. You do get more organized with time, beause you will know what you absolutely can’t manage without (after forgetting it a few times) and what you really don’t need (the stuff you get so sick of carrying around that you can’t be bothered any more).

  • MissLola_ February, 4 2014, 11:27 / Reply

    This is my first comment ever on your website. For these awfully cold winter days there is 1 SUPREME piece of advice: DRESS SENSIBLY!

    Shoes: buy a pair of leather boots. Every evening, clean them religiously, polish, and apply shoe wax. your boots will live a few winters. Nice leather boots mean extra CHIC points.

    Do not go out in tennis shoes/converse/trainers etc. This will mean wet feet, and an unhappy Garance ( or myself) for the rest of the day.

    Evening business drinks/meetings: pair of skinny black/dark gray jeans, covered with (over-the-knee?) boots, pretty blouse underneath a wool cardigan/pullover. Arrive at dinner place you have 2 options: keep cardigan on, or take it off.

    Weather app: I check it every morning. I use Yahoo weather.

    Yoga stuff: if you have an oversized bag (but not too oversized), you can fit in there your stuff, plus a small top, and leggings. Rent the mat at the studio.

    Cheer up: it gets better over time!

  • Je pense que ça va vite devenir nécessaire que tu gardes toujours au studio quelques essentiels pour la journée – aka une chemise ou un petit haut propre et des talons par exemple ! Sinon mon truc pour éviter le stress du matin c’est de checker la meteo la veille (j’ai découvert que yahoo se trompe rarement) et de mettre au pied de mon lit une idée de tenue ! Comme ça le lendemain matin, hop tu t’habilles après la douche, et tu peux même faire quelques ajustements selon ton humeur. Avec le temps ton cerveau se rode et tu choisis une tenue pratique le soir en moins de deux !
    Comme dirait l’autre, l’organisation est la clé du succès :)

  • Ah ça c’est du post à la Garance, comme je les aime (qui nous fait marrer !) !!!
    Ah c’est chiant toutes ces contraintes…(moi je bosse chez moi alors…). Mais j’ai quand même résolu la question du “j’me prends la tête tout les matins dans mon dressing, pendant 3 plombes…”. J’ai scotché sur mon armoire une feuille, sur laquelle je note les tenues que je veux porter dans la semaine, en équilibrant : du plat, des talons, du chaud, du plus léger, robes, pantalons etc, comme ça le matin, il ne me reste qu’à piocher dans cette liste suivant mon emploi du temps de la journée et la météo. Je t’assure, ça me fait gagner un temps fou !

  • Don’t worry, Garance, you are fabulous and you will be fine! As the most girls indicated, the most important is to have some essential stuff in the office. As I live in Russia, where during the winter you can’t wear any other shoes, then UGGs or heavy boots, I have a wide range of them in the office. I have two pairs of high-heeled Manolos in different colors, classic Jimmy Choos in medium heels and two variants of flats – ballerinas and slippers. I also have a white shirt and a dark blue pants for the days, when I end up in the office in bikinis (pyjamas, yoga pant), then some important meeting pops up. I also have a clear nail polish for the days, when I don’t have time to make my nails at home (to make a normal mani at the salon), a multi-purpose moisturizer and a wide range of different wipes (facial, deodorant, for general hygiene). I never go to yoga after work, as I never know, when I will finish my work. And if I have an important dinner in the evening, I usually put on some of my favourite perfume, and if I have time, go to make my hair at the nearest hair bar. And now I’m considering buying and leaving in the office a simple black clutch and a simple black tote, as in my work were are sometimes meetings, when you just can’t show up with a statement bag. Hope my experience can help you a bit. Good luck!!

  • Tu me fais rire Garance ! Mais c’est pas moi qui vais te donner quelques idées, je bosse chez moi. Et j’ai l’art de passer de mon jogging à mon bureau en quelques minutes. Et quand je pars en rdv j’ai tout sous la main. Tu connais… et c’est un luxe inimaginable (en tout cas pour moi !). Bon courage, je te suggère d’investir dans des sacs ultra tendance que tu adores, au moins tu pourras faire parler de tes sacs si ton make up fout le camp !

  • oh, lady! one of so many reasons i’m glad i don’t work in fashion! i work at a non-profit. most of the time i try to look somewhat fashionable or at least put together, but if i show up in converse and jeans, no one bats an eye. this winter i’ve grown used to wearing my over-the-top furry sorel boots and carrying a change of shoes in my bag (i carry this one, it’s HUGE, plenty of room for shoes (in a plastic bag because, ew), snacks, a tiny makeup bag with those just-in-case-i-go-out-after-work essentials, etc, etc: http://www.cuyana.com/leather-tote-short-caramel.html). i can’t wait until the sludge/snow/grossness goes away and i can wear just ONE pair of shoes all day – what luxury! sometimes i take a dance class after work and luckily that only requires tiny clothes and shoes (which fit in above mentioned giant bag), no sneakers or mat.

  • Garance,
    I have a solution for the gym. Just get a set of washer-dryer to deal with workout clothes and hire a personal trainer to do yoga with all the GD Studio folks after work. Your studio looks spacious enough for that.


  • #1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio – maybe just some key pieces
    #2 Do you get more organized over time? – depending on your organizational skills ;)
    #3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed?? – depends on the season
    #4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? – haha you could manage
    #5 What do you do when you have an unexpected outing after work? – I will usually dress up a little more and bring a change of shoes and some makeup to freshen up.

  • Le truc top dans tout ça c’est qu’on va enfin déculpabiliser de pas être aussi chic que toi à toute heure du jour.

    Et surtout : une nouvelle rubrique toute trouvée pour tes interviews de filles qui prennent les transports en commun pour aller bosser + doivent être super bien habillées + multiplient les rdv pro dans la journée et le soir.

    Par exemple, moi, pour allier rdv pros avec DG + temps hyper froid réveil à 5h du mat’, froid intense sur un quai de gare = la veste Iona de Isabel Marant qui fait gilet-pull chaud fermée et veste working girl ouverte.

  • 1.) Sure. Why not?
    2) Yes – you also find ways to carry less around with you.
    3) Yes – use the Swackett app. Tells you exactly what the weather requires that day.
    4) Yes – keep your yoga stuff at the studio.
    5) Yes – keep a few things at the studio like go-to lipstick, a toothbrush/toothpaste… stuff like that.

  • Weather Line est un super bon…je l’adore parce qu’il donne une idée du temps de toute la journée. Mais, oui, en fait, j’ai exactement le même problème. Souvent dans l’hiver je porte des bottes tout le temps et je ne m’inquiète pas trop de ma apparence. Mais j’habite à Minnesota, donc les gens ne sont pas si à la mode1 :)

  • Garance,
    C’est le moment où il faut réactiver ta parisienne intérieure ;-)
    Laisse des paires de souliers (à talons, ballerines, plusieurs options) pour être parée en cas de RDV imprévu. Cela permet de justifier l’achat d’une seconde paire de ces souliers sublimes et intemporels que tu adores ;-)
    Garde un kit beauté de survie à ton bureau pour pouvoir sortir à l’improviste juste après, parce que oui ça arrive tout le temps..
    Et dans ton cas tu dois même pouvoir laisser un beau pull, une jolie veste, bref des trucs pour transformer facilement ta tenue du jour. C’est cool d’être maître de son bureau, profites-en!!!

    Et oui on s’améliore avec le temps. Un peu. Et ça prend du temps.
    Oublie le sport en sortant du bureau, c’est juste la mort (et puis c’est nul le sport de toute façon)

    des bisous

  • Tu m’as fait rire! C’est a peu pres le meme tableau pour moi!
    Au final j’ai plusieurs paires de talons et des rouges a levres dans mon tiroir au bureau. Je regarde mon agenda et la meteo la veille et la maudis quand il y a un changement de prevision!
    Au debut j’emportais mon sac de gym et puis avec le temps…
    Malheureusement je ne suis pas du tout devenue plus organisee avec le temps, je crois que c’est meme le contraire, il y a une vraie faille spatio temporelle chez moi le matin!
    Pour celles qui sont atteintes du meme phenomene:

  • 1. slippers for office
    2. red lipstick
    3. small bag for going out (in case of emergency!)

  • #1 No, but you can have some make up and a pair of nice shoes, just in case.
    #2 NO! Hahahahahaha 3 years in the same office and I still forget things
    #3 Yes, in the iPhone, but sometimes I end up dresssing the wrong clothes
    #4 Yes. I leave my mat and yoga clothes in my desk. I only take them home to wash.
    #5 I usually dress a little better in the morning hehehehe and then put on a lipstick!

  • Mon Dieu ! Je croyais que j’étais tout seule dans cet enfer quotidien.

    Je suis en fin d’études, à la fois élève-avocate et étudiante dans une grande école. Je vais donc à deux écoles en même temps quasiment chaque jour (kikoo l’A/R schizophrène Issy-les-Moulineaux – St Germain des Près). Donc, en plus de mes affaires de sport, de ma mini-trousse de maquillage que j’ai tout le temps sur moi, je transporte aussi un ordinateur (MacBook Air le sauveur), des livres, des stylos, des cahiers et même parfois mon déjeuner.

    Solutions ? Un énorme sac style cabas. Des chaussures qui me permettent à la fois de marcher dans tout Paris ET de sortir le soir (style bottines chics mais pas trop hautes). Veiller à avoir des boucles d’oreilles un peu chic, les ongles faits si possibles et une touche de rouge à lèvres pour y concentrer l’attention (eh oui).

    Mais franchement, commencer à travailler et ne plus avoir à trimballer des affaires scolaires, ce serait déjà énorme :)

  • MissPimpin February, 4 2014, 12:34 / Reply

    Bienvenue dans le monde réel :-)
    Tu vas toi aussi rejoindre le club très ouvert de celles qui maudissent les mauvaises prévisions météo !!!
    Le plus drôle, ça va être ces soirs où tu rentres complètement claquée et où tu découvres toute la pile de vêtements que tu as essayés mais que tu n’as finalement pas mis et sauvagement jetés sur le lit…non seulement il faut tout ranger, amis souvent aussi, donner un coup de fer à repasser, parce que les boules de vêtements, ça fait des plis !!!
    Sinon, il te faut à ton bureau:
    – de quoi te retoucher le maquillage et un déodorant (+ parfum si tu en mets)
    – une petite robe noire
    – un jean
    – une paire de ballerines, une d’escarpins, une de baskets, et une de bottes de pluie
    Incontournable …

  • Someone else has probably said it but you should keep an outfit at work. And definitely a pair of heels with a clutch or something. Then change that outfit when you need to. I wear a lot of flats at work but I usually keep a pair of metallic heels in my car JUST IN CASE. Gold goes with everything I wear so that one’s easy.

  • Hi Garance, I love hearing about your real life problems because I feel like I can relate! For me, I keep extra shoes at my desk: my work out shoes, my gym shower flip flops, some sneakers for everyday work when I have to wear my fur trapper shoes to work, and a pair of nicer ones in case I need to go out (also a pair of ice skates! sometimes I go during lunch). Luckily my gym is across the street from me so I keep a set of gym clothes/toilettries under my desk. So I guess the bottom line is that you will end up building a second wardrobe at work whether you mean to or not! haha Oh and yes, I definitely check the weather before getting dressed. I use the Weather Bug app, it is OK I guess. Good luck!

  • Fais toi une garde de robe d’appoint dans ton studio!!! En tout cas moi c’est ce que je ferai ;)

  • Katherine February, 4 2014, 12:50 / Reply

    You’ve just described the story of my life, except that I’ve been doing it forever so you think I’d be better at it, but I’m still that girl who looks like a bag lady arriving at work. I do have a drawer full of shoes here at the office (files shmiles), along with a makeup kit, and hair stuff like elastics and pins and a brush. Things get easier in the spring/summer, but the daily commute/stuff plan is never not a total headache for me. Keep us posted!

  • That ilustration is perfect and I like a funnz story like that. xa


  • #1 ça me paraît inévitable, et je vois bien les filles du studio aménager spontanément avec le temps un espace boudoir avec les fringues de Garance, les produits d’Alex, les accessoires de Brie…

    #2 je crois que c’est malheureusement le contraire qui se produit !!

    #3 la météo se trompant quasi tout le temps (du moins en France) je ne la regarde jamais. Je me contente de regarder le ciel au lever du soleil…

    #4 ça me semble compromis. Plus de séances de yoga à la maison serait une solution.

    #5 si c’est une sortie improvisée importante – c’est à dire en très charmante compagnie ;) – : je file à la maison, quitte à arriver en retard, ce qui fera aussi terriblement “femme fatale”. Sinon, je suis d’avis qu’il faut toujours sortir “munie”, j’entends : ma trousse de maquillage glamour (un rouge à lèvres sensuel, donc MAT et velours, un Caviar Stick de Laura Mercier pour un smokey eye sexy en 2 minutes, un blush Orgasm de Nars pour avoir le joli rose qui monte aux joues), à quoi j’ajoute mon parfum spécial soir, quelques accessoires pour égayer la tenue du jour (sautoirs, ceintures ou foulards…), et si possible j’essaie de changer de coiffure (si j’avais les cheveux lâchés, un chignon express ou l’inverse).
    => pas forcément de 3ème sac, mais un gros sac fourre-tout pour moi, la petite pochette ou le petit cartable qui va bien : à oublier au quotidien ! :)

  • Garance. Everlane. Backpack from Everlane. Wear a silk shirt, pack a cashmere crew. Also tote bags that go inside the backpack: 1 for a pair of heels, 1 for yoga clothes/towel. So simple. Stylish. Done.

  • #1 You can just have a couple of things to cheat with–I have this big grey poncho sweater bat wing thing from H&M that is either too short of a dress (who cares, I’m wearing tights), too long of a shirt (comfy chic yes?) or I’ll wear it like a scarf if I think my top is too boring and I’m going someplace
    #2 A little? I have gotten better at saying “no, that doesn’t fit into my day, let’s do it tomorrow”
    #3 Oh yes, Weather Channel, but they can be a little alarmist
    #4 Hahaha no (at least I don’t)
    #5 Big lipstick, refresh my eye makeup, and more exciting shoes. Plus my poncho sweater thing as a scarf sometimes, I think it’s cute over a silk cami that has been hiding under my work shirt all day

  • Some ideas for you my dear G:

    If possible, plan your outfits the night before. Not just one, but several options. Starting from underwear to shoes. You can check the weather the night before, too.

    Leave some yoga clothes at the Studio.

    Prepare your purse/bag the night before.

    I do this and have it most of the days pretty smooth.

  • I you get more organized with time, please let me know how you do it. And if you manage to squeeze yoga into that equation… you’ll be my hero.



  • Une petite salle de bains amenagee (placards et tiroirs pour les produits de beaute) est indispensable ainsi qu’un petit closet (vetements et chaussures) pour tout avoir sous la main en cas de rendez-vous multiples et differents. On ne peut pas travailler 10 heures par jour puis sortir pour aller prendre un drink et diner sans s’etre rafraichie, retouche son maquillage et changer au moins sa chemise et ses chaussures !

  • You need Hunter boots with a liner for snow, without for rain. Ballet flats at the office. And you need to join a women’s club /gym that offers spin and yoga classes and a Locker for you

    Start your day with a workout…amazing and energizing and you burn the clerics all day.

  • Ma vie ce sont les montagnes russes: des hôtels les plus chics aux quartiers les plus hardcores, des lieux les plus conventionnels aux plus créatifs, des endroits les plus prudes aux vestiaires les moins pudiques…. BREF, faute de temps, d’argent, d’envie, j’ai abandonné l’idée de m’habiller juste à chaque fois, j’ai opté pour un style tout terrain mais étudié avec mon amour de la mode;-): par exemple, mini short en cuir mais toujours chaussée de façon à pouvoir un coup de pied au cas où. Au final, ça doit rendre qqch puisque je me suis déjà faite street stylée et complimentée!! Enfin, j’espère….XXXXXXXXXXXXXOXO

  • I just carry a ton of bags and look like a bag lady. But, I also keep heels at work and do all my running around in boots (winter) or flip flops/ballet slippers (summer). Leave a change of yoga clothes at work

    For evenings, just some lipstick and in extreme situations I bring a change of clothes

  • HAHAHA this is too funny!
    Its hard to plan for the entire day with different events… mmm a little adivise, pack and plan outfit night before :)

  • i go with the bag within a bag concept, so i can pull our my clutch to run an errand, or grab lunch, without hauling the darn thing. For winter I have just given up and wear boots with ski socks under (no one can tell) so i stay warm and dry while running around. As always a scarf can transform my whole outfit in a flash, combined with an emergency jewelry bag, I can generally handle anything that might pop up!

  • I love it! I feel like it’s so healthy to have a new way to live without actually moving, you’re on a whole new NYC adventure – all the good and bad with it. But you’re going to see the city in so many new ways now.
    #1 Yes – or at least a couple of options. In LA everyone keeps at least one option in their cars – a shirt, or shoes – because any day, at any time, a five minute drive can suddenly turn into a 45min drive (ugh, traffic!) so you need to be able to change the plan, and change your shoes on the go.
    #2 I was working in NYC for a few months back when it was SO hot over the summer and learned very quickly that I had to get organized. I was walking around like a bag lady and was a sweaty disgusting mess each day when I arrived at the studio. But with a little help from Tumi, Sephora and Adidas I got it together very quickly. One bag that held everything, including my laptop and one small purse.
    #3 Ugh, checking the weather obsessively gives me an ulcer. If you’re from the midwest, as I am, you know this – somehow the moment one foot crosses into the midwest you realize that everyone is watching the Weather Channel, even in the summer! I feel like East and West coasters have to be immune to this! Is that possible?
    #4 Only if you keep 2 yoga outfits at the studio. That way you know you MIGHT go twice that week. (Again, LA strategy – two gym outfits in the car gives you no excuses…although, somehow there’s always an excuse. ha.)
    #5 One shoe option / one go-out shirt/outfit option at the studio – along with a minor makeup bag. But that might even be too much thought to put into it because who really cares? People are just happy to see you! Come as you are!

    We’re all waiting to see pics of the studio! So exciting!


  • À garder au bureau :
    – trousse de maquillage light avec poudre, blush, illuminateur, rouge à lèvre, mascara et fard foncé crème
    – chaussures/bottes (dans un tiroir profond) et autres nécessaires, soit lingettes pour nettoyer dégât, Tide to Go, brosse, brosse collantes pour les mousses, cire à chaussures, vernis/dissolvant, etc.
    – tapis de yoga (le reste, ça s’écrase bien dans le sac et c’est mieux que le gym, car pas de chaussures à traîner)
    – parapluie de rechange
    – clutch si on doit sortir
    – jolis sacs réutilisables en cas où on doit transporter un extra

    Pour la soirée–> traîner un top plus “glam” non-froissable dans le fond du sac. On se sent plus fraîche et moins “bureau”.

    Mais le plus important –> SETTING SPRAY en quittant le matin !!

    P.S. Si quelqu’un a réglé la question du lunch, faites-moi signe ! Refus total de me promener avec ces énormes boîtes à lunch, même celles supposément “chic”. Pourquoi personne n’a pensé en faire des plus petites et avec un VRAI look sac à main mode !

  • Garance,

    #1 Yes, a second, condensed wardrobe in the office. But the key is downsizing everything. That is why I wore a lot of simple statement peices at work.
    #2 Completely get more organized over time…and also get used to the changes in season when you’re traveling for work. In the winter, you carry less, require less.
    #3 I check the weather for the morning and the evening, depending on where I will be after work. Usually just my iphone weather app. I keep extra warm accessories in my car or at work for when I need to make the transition.
    #4 I can’t get myself to work out, only on weekends, so I won’t comment on that.
    #5 Yes, lipstick is enough when you have an unexpected outing. But, I also started carring some lighter jewlery with me in my bag, in case I ever need to jazz something up. Or I would change my hairdo…You don’t need a million bags, don’t do that to yourself! start creating double sets of things you may need to have just in your studio so you don’t shlep around concealor and lotions!

  • Hey, carying 3 bags is very “Chanel” ;-) xxx

  • Promis, demain je repasse pour lire tous les commentaires de bons conseils car… je n’ai trouvé qu’une solution : la voiture, chut, je sais, c’est pas bien et franchement pour porter cartable (très lourd) + ordi (parfois) + sac à main (avec tout ce qu’il faut pour tenir une journée…) + sac pour la thalasso (chance d’être en bord de mer…) et bien… à pieds : trop lourd tout ça et en vélo, il y a des côtes et franchement, l’hiver, avec le vent, la pluie, la fl…..
    Donc, demain, je lis tous les conseils !!!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier February, 4 2014, 2:24 / Reply

    Ah, I really don’t miss office life that much when I think about these things! Okay –plan your outfit right down to your undies and jewelry the night before. Then –here’s the hard part — stick to it the next day. Buy duplicates of your favorite mascara, powder, concealer, lipstick and eyeliner to keep in the office for last minute touch ups, along with a pair of black heels, a black blazer, evening bag/clutch and some fabulous piece of jewelry ( earrings, necklace, big cuff) that you can throw on to take most any outfit from casual to meeting/ evening appropriate.) Keep a gym bag packed in the office on the off-chance you can go to yoga (I can also give you the name of my cool friend Willie who can lead yoga classes in your office). Once I had all of these things in place, I realized I didn’t need to carry so much stuff with me every day. And since you’re the boss go ahead and block off an hour each day that’s just your time. No meetings, no phone calls. You’ll be amazed how much will be able to accomplish. I also worked with a company that had the policy to hold no meetings on Fridays –every other day of the week, fine, but Fridays were meeting free. It actually allowed people to get a whole lot more work done. And when the weather really sucks? Work from home!

  • I wear a uniform so you can’t imagine how much I envy people with such an issue ^^ because, ok, it’s easier but it’s so boring…especially when you work in the big world of fashion :D

  • Pour ce genre de journée et emploi du temps, il faut savoir adapter son coté rusé mais stylé français, au pragmatisme américain, ce qui donne:
    – Toujours regarder la météo le matin en se levant. Moi j’utilise l’app The Weather Channel, assez précise et donnant l’évolution du temps heure par heure.
    – Toujours avoir une paire de talons au bureau. Alors oui parfois, ça implique que l’on doive la ramener le lendemain matin, d’ou la nécessité d’un deuxième sac, MAIS:
    – Avoir un sac assez gros mais chic dans lequel on puisse mettre: trousse a maquillage, clefs, porte-feuille ET seconde paire de chaussures.
    – Pour éviter que le sac ne soit trop lourd et donc intransportable, miser sur des formats voyages pour tout ce qui se trouve dans la trousse a maquillage et choisir un petit porte-feuille, voire même se cantonner a un porte-carte.
    – Toujours avoir un petit parapluie sur soi que l’on peut laisser au bureau si besoin.
    – Avoir des affaires de sport au bureau “au cas ou”.
    – Par grand froid, grande chaleur, grande pluie, porter les chaussures adéquates pour le trajet et en changer une fois au bureau, quitte a laisser l’autre paire enneigée et trempée sécher la journée pour les renfiler sur le chemin du retour.

  • Prepare clothes, shoes and accessories from the evening! That’s the key! Bon courage! ;)

  • As an Angeleno, I am very aware of the benefits to having a car closet (wrinkle-free outerwear, scarves, jewelry and two pairs of shoes that accumulate overtime in your trunk.) Since NYC is so car-free I would assume you’re studio closet will likely happen before you know it! Maybe purchase a rack and hangers?

    When it comes to weather planning, LA makes it seemingly easy, but this is desert weather (cold mornings and nights, with sandal weather all afternoon.) I am almost ritualistic in checking the iPhone weather app before I get out of bed. It helps me plan my outfit in the shower (which I like to think saves me time …)

  • LOL! bag lady, loved the post, brought a smile to my day. Besos from South Texas!

  • #1 No, you don’t. It all about the balance in the outfit, you can make it work for both casual and dressy. And of course, as long as you have to go from work to a bar, eventually you’ll won’t be as picky as before with your outfits. Look for functional. Effortless look is trending, cause there’s no other way we could succeed. I mean… think about it.
    #2 Of course. I’m a makeup junkie, so all my confidence is inside my little makeup bag (in my purse)
    #3 Always, just Google app (where you can see how will evolve the weather during the day)
    #4 I take a bigger bag with me when I go to the gym, these clothes can fit in any Celine Cabas :)
    But if you are traveling with your office all the time also, it gets complicated (and heavy, poor back!)
    #5 If you can choose the place, go for candle-lighted places, haha. But I always retouch my makeup (and I might go for a bit stronger one) and then, of course, you can had some statement accessories that will not require a lot of space in your bag. And you can book a stay at your office for a pair of heels. And last but not least, I will always have an umbrella at my office.

    We’re not as perfect and as organized as we would like to be… but we always keep on trying for the impossible!

  • bag lady February, 4 2014, 3:22 / Reply

    Garance, you’ve bagged it once again!! (haha!). I’ve been dealing with this dilemma for years now and it just seems to be getting worse! I recently had a baby and now at work I need to pump breastmilk so that’s a whole other bag (a very ugly nylon one for that matter) that’s been added to the array of bags I was carrying before. I’ve tried every possible way to deal with this and none of the solutions end up very elegant. I’ve tried using one very large bag that I stuff everything into (it ends up looking like I’m a child carrying my father’s suitcase to work) to many smaller bags: one for a change of shoes and my work papers and another one for my snacks and sometimes a hard hat (I’m an architect and occasionally I need to go on a site visit) and then my purse (this combination makes me look like a walking coat hanger). I leave some shoes at work but it seems like they’re always the wrong pair. I also leave snacks at work but it seems like I need to replenish daily!! I’m hoping that after reading these comments, I’ll be able to lighten up a bit : ) I envy the men who show up at work with nothing but their wallet and keys in their pockets.

  • As a former New Yorker who was very dedicated to the gym (at the time), here’s what I have for you:
    1. Probably! I used to keep a second wardrobe of only workout clothes at my office. Once a week (usually Monday) I would take them all home and wash and drag them back the next day.
    2. Good days and bad days…
    3. Always check the weather before you go! I check two weather apps because sometimes they are wrong and I like to know the hour by hour forecast because sometimes it says it’s going to be warm but not until, like, 5pm. Tricky. You have to do the layering a lot.
    4. Maybe?
    5. Totally normal clothes plus extra lipstick. Dry shampoo in the bathroom to perk up the hair.

    Good luck becoming a real person!!

  • #1 Totally.
    #2 I’ve become better at/more accepting of my (not really a) “system,” which feels like being more organized – so yes. Sort of.
    #3 Usually, yes, check the weather (using Perfect Weather – pretty, yet functional) and calendar. Then while still lying in bed, “visualize” possible options that will take me from A to B to C.
    #4 No, but whatever.
    #5 Top knot (depending on my hair’s cooperativeness) and bright-ish lipstick. (So, yes, you’re cool.)(If someone makes a big deal, they’re not.)

  • Dear Garance, how can you even say that you don’t love choosing an “outfit of the day”? You have a closet full of beautiful things! A problems comes when you don’t have this opportunity ;) When it comes to weather: yes I check it before I go outside. Usually I arrange my outfit when I fall asleep (a day before) ;) and I analyse where I had to go etc. Funny thing is I’m totally crazy about matching my sweater to coat. So I have a lot of coats! ;) Here in Poland we have a really heavy winter so also I must dress very warmly.

  • Superbe post, j’adore!
    Alors moi, la gym, j’ai renoncé!
    Les jours où je suis Méga organisée je zieute la météo la veille et prépare mes affaires shoes et sous vêtements compris!
    Et si sortie, en bonne pollueuse qui se déplace avec son cercueil à 4 roues motorisé, petit haut et veste de rechange voire shoes dans la malle de la voiture!
    Le maquillage…Ben au feu rouge tiens!
    Bref suis à la ramasse comme toute une chacune ayant un job….

  • Always remember! You’ll be back at the office tomorrow, you can leave things behind. So you have drinks/an even after work one night? Leave a bag of absolutely non-essentials behind. Yes you’re more of a bag lady the next day, but you didn’t have to feel like a schlub because you took your laptop, cleaned out lunch tupperware and office shoes to drinks. You’re a working woman, not a traveling apartment.

  • I had a similar issue when I lived in Edinburgh, four seasons in one day in that city! You just end up with lots of layers, and learn that chic boots can be waterproofed and look good with everything… never any floaty skirts or dresses due to the wind, always have a hat (beanie as fedoras fly off), scarf and gloves and bring heels in a bag if you need to! Then wherever you are you can delayer… Also a cute warm and waterproof coat is key, then you look good outside (and warm) and can quickly strip it off to be cool inside.

  • KOLOKILI February, 4 2014, 3:39 / Reply

    1-Partir le matin comme on part en trek…Tout déconditionner en mini flacon et/ou acheter des produits uni-dose et avoir plusieurs sets, pour l’utile tout acheter ultra light, respirant, qui sèche rapidement, se pack en trois mouvements… ds des magasins de voyages ou sport spécialisé (parapluie, pochette, veste de pluie, puff jacket, sous vêtement technique qui sauvent du chaud/froid, legging de sport etc… no panic ils font tjs des basics noirs) tout ça coute naturellement un bras et devra apparaitre et disparaitre très rapidement de ton sac, pas non plus question d’arriver avec une allure de suisse allemand. 2-Apprendre à se changer ds un ascenseur, des toilettes, un porche d’immeuble, une cabine du Monoprix sans que rien ne touche le sol, améliorera rapidement ton niveau au yoga.
    3- Avoir les mains, l’haleine et les dessous de bras et de pieds irréprochablement frais du soir au matin augmenteront ta confiance en toi et en ton prochain qui a souvent les mains moites et les pieds, on préfère pas savoir, donc budget lingette, mini brosse à dent jetable, chewing-gum illimité.
    4-Après pour le soir, à Paris, tu cherches plutôt à virer ton rouge qui aura été ta cartouche au dej ou rdv client, te décoiffer léger, montrer un bout de peau, tes chevilles (sexy de 17 à 77 ans et jamais vulgaire ) OU tes poignets (relève tes manches) OU un début de décolleté (surtout si tu fait du bonnet A+ ou B- sinon oubli) OU ta nuque, plus un gros bijoux ou une ceinture muche si vraiment c’est un raout pince fesse… et surtout trouver une drôlerie à raconter sa donne l’œil brillant.
    SINON tu doubles ton budget dentiste car plus tu te sens boulet plus il va falloir sourire !

  • Philline February, 4 2014, 3:43 / Reply

    oh Garance. What a hectic morning. I keep a couple of pairs of ballet flats and loafers + a couple of pairs of heels at my office. I also keep a few nice blazers for official meetings. When there’s 10 in of snow half of the year, commuting in a nice pair of shoes is never an option. But having a few stocks already waiting for me at the office helps me from carrying 3 bags every day. xx

  • Jamila Tavares February, 4 2014, 3:43 / Reply

    Boots, my dear Garance, are girl’s best friends – not diamonds.
    Specially in cold crazy weather.

  • 1. Penser a sa tenue la veille avant de se coucher car ne pas avoir les yeux en face des trous + etre en retard = mauvais choix et donc une journee foutue car tu as envie de te cacher a chaque personne que tu rencontres tellement tu n assume pas ton look .
    2. Avoir des vetement de sport tellement beau et confortable que tu vas a ta sceance rien que pour les porter = meilleure motivation au monde .
    3. Adopter l attitude “oignon”ie supperposer les couches quand il fait trop chaud on enleve une couche et trop froid on en rajoute une, cela permet de s adapter tout au long de la journee au differents environnement hostile .
    4. Toujours avoir une paire de ballerines de secours pour les jours ou suite a un elan d optimisme tu as décidé de mettre des talons des le matin et qu a peine arriver au bureau tu as deja mal au pied et une paire de collant de secours parce que on vit dans un monde hostile aux microfibres .

  • Ha ha ha! Having to dress only yourself is fun and an experience I have forgotten – what happens if u have to prepare 3 guys for school and yourself at the same time – happily it’s not snowing here in GREECE just crising (a new word for u to conteplate on) who really cares how do I look like? Love your blog girl!

  • SUNSHINE February, 4 2014, 4:56 / Reply

    I’ve got 15 pair of shoes at the Office. Bring your closet at the Studio,nothing wrong with that.
    Actually… yes, something wrong, when you need The shoes during the week-end. Ooh wait..Nothing wrong with that either…buy a new pair !

  • Wear the hulking snow boots outside, but have a pair of flats or sneakers or heels in your bag for when you arrive at your destination. Yes, definitely check the weather before you leave your apartment! There are websites, apps, and the good ol’ standby- looking out the window. And if you have an outing after work, you can be dressed down for the outing or dress up for work. Those are my “real life” suggestions, bonne chance avec votre nouvelle situation de travaille, Garance!

  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Trop sympa ton post.
    Je me suis reconnue dans mon ancienne vie de cadre salariée mega stress devant la météo de 20h00 de Catherine L’aborde qui me dictait chaque soir ma tenue du lendemain, sans oublier les changements de métro qui imposaient la ballerine au détriment de l’escarpin, la grosse besace plutôt que le petit sac bandoulière…
    Désormais je travaille dans ma propre boutique Rose Market Vintage, alors le matin, c’est habituellement a la coule (basket et slim), parce que pour chiner, faut être vraiment en mode confort. Et des que j’arrive a la boutique, je troque mes baskets et grosse parka pour un petit look preppy chic mais of course Vintage…
    Le sport, je le pratique quand je chine, un vrai marathon, et aux beaux jours par un running au champ de Mars. Enfin, rien de mieux l.hiver que des tricots en fils d’Ecosse sur lesquels je superpose une blouse assortie en soie, sans oublier une bonne étole en laine imprimée a l’imprimé bonne mine…
    Rose Market Vintage

  • Je check la météo tous les matins sur mon tel, je ne m’habilles qu’en robe ou jupe/skinny jeans avec talons et jolie petit top, bref des tenues qui sont toujours ok pour l’afterwork ;) (en tout vas à Bxl ça passe totalement). Je ne me maquille que le matin avant de partir, j’utilise des marques (MAC, BB, etc) qui tiennent relativement bien toute la journée (pas le tps de me refaire une beauté plusieurs fois par jours, éventuellement je rajoute juste un peu de rouge à lèvre ;) Et pour le sport, soit je repasse chez moi soit je me trimballe un sac supplémentaire, ms bon qd on veut garder un corps de sirène…lol

  • Conseil d’homme pressé : prépare tes vêtements la veille au soir après avoir checké la météo ! ;)

  • Loopinfinite February, 4 2014, 5:38 / Reply

    #3 : la meilleure appli c’est YR.NO
    C’est norvégien, visuellement très clair et météorologiquement fiable. Lorsqu’on pivote l’iPhone on obtient un graphique sur 24h des pluies et température. Très pratique pour visualiser les conflits intempéries/déplacements.

  • I totally battle this situation everyday! I am a biology graduate student, so I spend most of my day doing experiments in a lab, where I want to be comfortable, but not like yoga-pants-comfortable. I am also a teaching assistant, so I have to dress up for teaching. I also like to go straight to the gym after my day in the lab, but too often I forgo working out because I just don’t want to bring another set of clothes with me that day! And FORGET about going anywhere in the evening! Seriously, what are us girls supposed to do? Can’t we just be dudes and look cool and appropriate in anything?!

  • Someone has probably already asked this, but: What would Emmanuel Alt do (wwead)? I think you should take care of your feet at all costs. That’s why I love the idea of a pair of black pumps in the bag, lipstick, a cool blouse or cashmere sweater under a jacket and skinny jeans. Maybe a great piece of jewelry to pull it all together for later? I also like an interesting scarf to jazz things up.

    What do I know, I’m a stay-at-home writer living in a small town. But I definitely get a lot of vicarious pleasure from reading these posts.

  • I work 1 hour commute from home. I have a small closet with a towel and cosmetics/hairdryer at work with gym clothes, going out clothes, ugg boots, coat etc. Once a week I send out a bag to a local laundry and they wash dry and iron my clothes and then I have them for the next week – no hassle with lugging smelly clothes everywhere or crinkling the clean ones. Every couple of months I mix it up.

    I also have a yoga mat in case I need to de-stress and a variety of teas to sip on. I have a themos on my desk with green tea and I find I drink more doing this.

    I also get a small fruit box delivered weekly for snacking on. I love my job and it is a home away from home when I need it.

    Is there any chance of featuring ‘middle aged’ gorgeous women as well as the gorgeous younger woman? I know you have featured some older women, but anyone about Anna del Russos or Carine Roitfelds ages would be my demographic perfectly.

    Love your website

  • I am not a morning person. This makes it harder to make any good decisions in the morning. Actually, it makes it very easy to make mistakes. I have an old radio in the bathroom that helps with this in two ways: firstly, music just turns my mood around (singing and dancing in shower=endorphins=happy!) and secondly, they always discuss two very important factors; weather and traffic! So while singing and dancing (and washing) I can start to plan an outfit. As for having plans in the evening I usually wear something that can be dressed up with heels, some earrings/necklace and a bit more makeup (eyeliner, mascara and lipstick).

    Btw, I love your blog!

  • 5) When facing an unexpected after work outing, Google the nearest Sephora and go do yourself up. (There is always a Sephora somewhere near by)

  • Stephanie February, 4 2014, 8:01 / Reply

    #1 Yes! Or atleast some extra shoes..
    #2 What if you planned and packed your necessities at night? Not necessarily your outfit per se because you won’t know what you’ll feel like wearing the next day. But you can pre-pack your yoga outfit and your dinner meeting heels the night before!
    #3 The iPhone weather app has a pretty good hourly update!
    #4 Probably not..I don’t know about you but I sweat a lot when I do yoga!
    #5 I think lipstick and a spritz of perfume will do the trick!!


  • C’est très sympa et très drôle, et ;comme d’hab, ça génère un max de commentaires…
    Moi ce que j’en dis (rien à voir avec le post)- c’est que j’aime beaucoup cette façon de relever toujours très haut les manches , même en manteau, pour laisser les avant-bras nus, comme tu le fais. J’adopte ça de plus en plus , car je trouve que ça rende n’importe quelle tenue cool.
    Mais il y a “plus” – c’est que nos “capteurs énergétiques” se trouvent , en grande majorité , dans nos … avant-bras. C’est d’ailleurs pour ça que , si on a besoin de se “rafraichir” ou si on a assisté à un truc qui nous prend la tête – il faut se laver les mains jusqu”aux coudes – ça renouvelle notre énergie et on se sent mieux et beaucoup plus frais après. Testé et vérifié.
    Bonne nuit!( et oui il est 2 heures du mat là)

  • I completely know where you are coming from!!

    Maybe it is a good idea to ensure there is some discrete storage (shelves or small cupboards etc) for yourself and each of your employees so you can manage all your things without cluttering up the studio?

    I walk to work and have a gym class or run twice a week before work. I can control what time I arrive but have no control over finishing times (anywhere from 7pm to way past midnight). How I do it is to have a complete second set of toiletries at work, always some extra flats and all of my work heels (and extra umbrellas etc). I bring in two outfits on a Monday morning in a suit bag for post work out (we have showers at work thus the work out and going straight to work is ok). I have a narrow cupboard in my office and it means I can store all this stuff away from my actual work materials.

    Anyway, your perfect routine for work will develop over time!

  • This app for weather is probably perfect for you: http://wevther.com/

    Their big idea is to provide the weather and an assortment of suitable clothing to wear that day. I think it is very smart.

  • Suhmy Chang February, 4 2014, 8:26 / Reply

    Great Questions, Garance but my question to you is: Which one is your “office-traveling”bag? (I live in NY) and I have been looking, dreaming, touching, thinking about buying a GREAT, THE BEST office traveling bag, simple, matches with everything, and will fit (aside from the usual) a pair of shoes or a scarf when i get really hot suddenly, a snack maybe..so obviously I am down to either a black shopper tote or a tan shopper tote. Ok maybe a black shopper tote is the way to go of course I mean you can never go wrong with the Black Shopper Tote It’s like the LBD. I currently love the Givenchy Antigona Tote, the Valentino Rockstud ShopperTote, The Saint Laurent Shopper Tote, a Prada shopper Tote but hmm these are open top, I am paranoid about someone reaching for something but then again if it’s stuffed with crap inside, nothing will be reachable unless the person needs a granola bar or a lipstick or a pair of socks..but what about those summer days when I am wearing all light colors, will that black shopper tote match? ok so maybe Ill get a tan leather one, but what if I am out and about and it starts raining even if the weather channel said 30% chance of rain, will my bag get wet and then you see all the dark wet spots on the bag which overtime will probably ruin it faster? Hmm… so now I am thinking I should go for a Prada nylon tote, should I do with the option of the cross body bag or not? …This is a brief summary of what has been going through my head for a few minutes a day for the last couple of months!…

  • Ahhh i love this post so much, relates to my hectic work life.. and its so nice to read this on a mid week morning :)

    #1 Not literally a whole wardrobe but parts of it, but i leave classic pieces around my desk, black sneakers, thick black coat when it gets cold, classic black blazer, chic document bag for short meetings & a classic black pump for fancy meetings.

    #2 Yes definitely more organized, cause everything is left in your office and you are no longer carrying bags of stuff around >.<

    #3 I live in Singapore so our weather is constantly sunny, sometimes there's rain so i totally get you about the crazy weather. Somedays i appear in a thick sweater and there is a blazing sun :( these days i wear pieces i can add on or remove, or just add on the blazer i have in the office.

    #4 I get super lazy about gym days, but i figured if i bring the sports attire to work, it stares at me, it will eventually force me to go cause it makes me think of all the trouble i took to bring this bag of clothes here.

    #5 Thats why we are always in a fashionable outfit aren't we? So that whatever comes our way, we can just add a bolder lip, style up your hair and we are ready!

  • Poncho is the best NYC weather service. No app, just sign up and a cat will send you a text or email about the weather. A cute little CAT. You can set the time when you want to be alerted and it can also inform you about your commute, i.e. if your train has delays that morning. I don’t work for them or anything, I just love this service and feel your pain about commuting to work on these nasty winter days!

    Love your blog. Thanks!

  • This post was just hilarious hahah I’m afraid you’ll end up moving your flat to the studio instead!

  • I can completely relate to this, and often feel like I’m living out of my car from always being on the go! While it would be incredible to have a whole second wardrobe in the studio, let’s face it..that’s probably not a reality! I would stick to leaving your absolute fail-proof pieces in the studio for quick outfit updates. Things like your everyday makeup, a perfect red lipstick, classic heel, little black dress, a casual outfit, and yoga clothes. Then add a few things that will help you feel great even if you are in a hurry, like dry shampoo (just in case that hair doesn’t get done!), a good perfume, and a piece of statement jewelry.
    It’s so easy to feel frumpy if you’re in a hurry, so having a few trusted stylish pieces on hand will do the trick!
    And yes…it gets easier! Just remember you’re human, you’re talented, and you’re allowed to be seen looking that busy in public!

  • For me, actually, it’s the other way round .. I work from home and I love it.
    And it’s true, you can change if you have a meeting, or have to go outside your house. You’ve got everything a girl needs to look decent.
    Now, for the not-at-home-working girl, here’s what I used to do :

    #1 I did have a small rack with clothes, mainly white shirts and blouses. If you don’t know what to wear in the morning, wear a white blouse. I used to have a pair of heels and flip-flops, scarves and some basic make up and a bottle of perfume at my workspace.

    #2 You can decide what to wear the night before and keep it ready so you don’t have to worry about that in the morning. Specially in Winter, I found it hard to decide what to wear for the entire day.

    #3 I usually listen to weather reports the night before on the radio.

    #4 no comment :)
    #5 red lipstick and heels. I used to go to the hairdresser’s for a brushing if there was an unexpected outing, it does not take that long and I felt better with my hair done by a hairdresser that knows how to work the hairblower and brush.

    (You just go in normal clothes and put on a little lipstick, and that’s enough, right? Reassure me. You don’t need three bags, do you?)(Nobody makes a big deal about it, do they?) —> no, you don’t

  • Ben moi, si je sais que j’ai un rendez-vous après le job, soit je prends une tenue pour me changer ainsi que maquillage pour me refaire une beauté! En général je mets un bas passe-partout et je prends un haut plus habillé pour l’évènement du soir….et je laisse mon surplus d’affaire au job et je le récupère le lendemain…
    Tu vas t’ habituer…c’ est sûre!

  • hahaha I adore this post! Sound so funny and confused! Oh, just take a look at all of those tips, you can make it!!! Just do what you love and don’t think too much about smudged make up and messy hair! Everybody has it ;-) oh, and trainers are not chic enough for the meeting? uhm, said who?
    good luck! xoxo


  • Haha loved this post! Welcome to real life! I recommend you to leave your yoga clothes in the studio, with an extra toilet bag with the essentials – emergency beauty kit! – I like to refresh myself around lunch time, as if i was getting ready for the day again in that way by 5 pm I don’t look like i’ve been through a rough day. Also I would recommend backpacks vs. handbags. I know its shocking and I’m a fashion girl aswell, but a beautiful backpack where you can fit your laptop, camera and the essentials of the day may reduce the number of bags, and your purse won’t look like its about to explode. You can always leave the backpack in the Studio for your formal drinks, carry a small handbag and no one will know your secret!

  • P***** que j’aime ce post!!
    C’est exactement ma journée d’hier. Juste le bordel quoi!
    Un déplacement avec des RDV pros toute la journée, mais gérer train + métro + marche à pieds + journée interminable… le casse-tête. J’ai opté pour les hauts talons. Je me suis adulée pendant mes RDV pros… et détestée le soir en rentrant de la gare jusque chez moi. Je cherche encore et toujours la bonne solution…
    Pffff, ça me rassure de voir toutes ces réactions, je me sens moins seule!

  • I feel you, Garance. I don’t have an office at the moment. Sometimes, I work in business centers, library, coffee shops etc… I haul around my laptop, heels, makeup and “traveling office” in the city like a crazy woman. My only solution is a massive leather tote so that I can fit everything in one bag. Unexpected outing after dark is tricky, I always need to ask around if I can drop my bag at their place or office for a few hours and pick it up later… I only enhance my eye makeup, throw on some heels and big earrings if I have to go anywhere after work. =)

  • Ai-Ch'ng February, 5 2014, 5:01 / Reply

    Garance, you have done the opposite of what I used to do. And you will get better.

    I used to work away from home, and for the cold, wet months (thank God we do not have snow here in Perth) I’d always:
    #1 check the weather the night before (use the app that tells you what the chance of wind/snow rain is, and what the apparent temperature is: it’s accurate!)
    #2 wear comfortable footwear – no heels – no matter what, since my job involved walking a lot to meet clients
    #3 wear layers in thin but warm fabric that can be worn to yoga, work, clients or an unexpected after-work “thing” (the last almost never happens, since I fetch my son home after school and will only go out again after that if it’s an urgent meeting or work dinner – four times a year at most)
    #4 have two huge, very lightweight, wildly-patterned warm silk scarves, one for tossing around my neck for day and a more elaborate one for that “just-in-case-we-must-go-out-straight-after-work” event
    # bring my long leather or shearling jacket
    # bring my beanie
    # carry all the small things in various thin leather pouches, so it’s easy to locate them and super-efficient to transfer things from one bag to the next*.

    Unless it’s a black-tie event afterwork, most of we women tend to overthink what we should wear morning or night. Conversely, men are so easy! They are usually so confident in themselves, that they go from morning to night in whatever they left the house in that morning, thus saving so much time and energy in their lives, and I really like that approach.

    So, I wear the same makeup from morning to night (even to formal events) – the products I use have incredible staying-power – to minimise, retouching makeup. And, I wear the same clothes and shoes from morning to night – and simply pull out my long necklaces that I always wear, from under whatever T or top I left the house in that morning. I wear so many, that people are usually so mesmerised by the clanking and clinging my pendants and necklaces make, so they don’t usually see anything else about what I’m wearing.

    Into my medium-sized handbag goes a small leather pouch containing: an intense lipstick colour and dark olive eyeliner if I want to add more makeup for night time (almost never happens because I forget in the excitement/chaos of getting to my destination/appointment); Panadol; a tiny bottle of frankincense essential oil (a tiny dab just under the nostrils is unbelievably grounding – those Wise Men were really on to something) and peppermint essential oil (a dab on each part of your head/shoulders that are tense and causing headaches works wonders in minutes); and a few of the usual girl-emergency items.

    Another small leather pouch contains my diary (I still use a handwritten diary and not my phone, to record appointments and important dates), pen, small camera and a small clipboard with paper for patient notes.

    I love my vintage, Colombian tan leather back-pack that simply folds up like a leather clutch at night if I only carry my wallet inside it. Otherwise, it goes on my back, and I may carry another medium-sized handbag if need be (rarely do I need to carry more than one bag), which is my Deadly Ponies black deerskin Mr Leopard bag or my new Gorman black leather mini-duffle bag in vachetta… their both so low key and simple, and capacious if required or compact when I empty them out.

    When working away from home, I gave up doing yoga classes away from home. I only did it from home, as I loathe showering at the gym. If I want to walk or run, doing so in the evenings, after I get home, or early in the morning eliminates the need to take my sports stuff out with me to work.

    Now, even though I work from home, I still do my yoga from home: like lots of us here, I prefer the comfort of my own shower.

    Eventually, you’ll use less and less bags, Garance – because – as you get older, your shoulders will inevitably start begging you to do so!

    *I am a hand bag nut: so I’ll often have different bags for different schedules. However, as I’ve grown older, I tend to use the same bag over and over for months at a time, due to lack of time/patience for transferring the contents around.

  • Garance, you need a Lo & Sons bag! I don’t work for them I promise, I just recently got one and here’s the great thing: it has an interior zippered compartment for shoes. Plus an inner compartment for the laptop. I walk/metro/bike to work and all I need even on snow days is this one tidy bag. It’s fantastic.

  • #1 office sweater, SHOES SHOES SHOES…options!
    #2 yes and no…more aware, i’d say…add about extra 20 minutes in the morning routine!
    #3 check the weather.com and walking my dog before leaving usually leads to outfit change!
    #4 leave a yoga mat/outfit at work
    #5 see #1 and perks of us working in fashion – borrow something from the ‘closet’!

    but yea, i have a pouch (actually, the more i think about it, the subject of your post has tormented me for so long [in ny, paris..] that i have a wondeful collection of pouches) that holds lipstick, mascara, eye liner and make up remover wipes in case of #5 impromptus!

    bonne courage!

  • Règles d’or :
    – avoir un vestiaire sur son lieu de travail

    – avoir une paire de chaussures pour conduire/trotter/prendre le métro + une paire sur son lieu de travail, pour TRAVAILLER !

    – regarder la météo

    – pratiquer la politique de l’oignon : avoir différentes couches à peler en cas de froid, de pluie, et de sortie after-work

    – avoir une tenue “de travail” basique : moi c’est smoking pantalon noir ou tailleur pantalon, avec top uni. Le top uni permet foulards, colliers etc…

    – j’ai la chance de pouvoir mettre une blouse blanche par dessus mon costume de travail. La blouse blanche est in, t’auras l’impression d’appartenir à la MMM, bobo attitude à donf assurée ;)

    ça fait 30 ans que ça fonctionne pour moi :-) J’étais MMM avant MMM ! Youpi !

  • I am impressed with your ability to combine art with passion – Big congratulations!
    Greetings from Marseille

  • Every day I’m confortable in my pyjamas till 1-2 pm but I would love to wear something else. Beeing a full time mother right now is hard to keep the stright, right line in make up and dresing all the time.
    I’m allways meteo dependent when is about clothes and make up…but sometimes I put something simple and nice and go out and don’t care about the others..I use to think: if I am ok with me it’s ok..Isn’t it?!
    Finally, latelly I redescovered the wonder of the highschool back bag;you can find in it everything; and it’s hard to wear it with heels, but like I’ve already said: IT’S OK IF IS OK FOR ME..

  • Des années que je galère à tenter de trouver LA solution!

  • I feel the pain of this. To me I add heavy law books and also food, I like to eat almost entirely my own handmade food…(which requires more preparation on weekends and having groceries delivered to my house…)

    For the commute, to repeat a bit what others have said but hopefully add something, too

    –keep it all at work. Others have mentioned toiletries, too; I would do a whole couple of kits. I like to keep things in bags. So evening makeup + jewellery + clutch, and then one bag for an unexpected day work event. This is also good for when things break.
    –loads of shoes. I always have commuter shoes then other shoes live at the office
    –something that can help you get more organised is to make a list, and then assemble the kits, and then put them in their rightful places–by your door (umbrella!), at your Studio, etc. I have umbrellas everywhere plus always a spare b/c they break
    –day to evening dressing. This often means a neckline and sleeveless that would be inappropriate in business, covered by a blazer or cardigan; then take it off, add higher heels/strip off the hose, add sparkly jewellery and a clutch, add more makeup, et voila. Sexy dresses under blazers really work.
    –towards that end, keep it all slim. A slimmer more classic silhouette transitions more easily between events
    –yoga is my go to exercise of choice in part b/c you don’t have to carry shoes; yoga outfits are skimpy taking up v little space; and you can usually leave your mat at the studio/rent one. This makes it the perfect commuting exercise b/c it’s the most minimal gear! And unless I do hot yoga, I don’t shower. Even in flow I won’t sweat enough that a wipe won’t do the trick

  • Garance,
    Welcome to the world of the working woman! Slushy feet are the WORST. I highly recommend La Canadienne boots. Or a driver :)

    #1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio (I think so).
    -YES, keep a few stand by items at the office, like a black blazer, heels and a pink scarf. Over time it will morph into a small wardrobe…

    #2 Do you get more organized over time? (I hope so)
    -No, you just get a large bag collection, each partially filled with random items ( yoga clothes…)

    #3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed? (Which app?) Yes, the weather will be running your life from now on. Weather channel app is pretty good. Enjoy!

    #4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? Just keep some random yoga clothes at the studio for when the moment strikes…

  • Hahaha. The eternal questions of wardrobe. I hate this and always envied the girls, who have the luxury of working from home (especially on a snow or even worse heavy rainfall day)

    #1 If you have the option, yeeees! It’s easier to get out of the house in jeans and snickers on a rainy day. You can call it an investment – if you don’t get one, you’ll ruin more shoes and clothes and spend more.
    #2 You get organized, however getting organized does not mean never carrying a big bag with you.
    #3 I try to check the weather, however my heart and my eyes do not always agree with the weather forecast, hahaha.
    #4 This one is hard. You actually need a special bag for this, so unless you keep one at the office, this can be preety tricky and always a good excuse to leave the extra yoga bag at home ;-)
    #5 You can go in normal clothes and just put on some lipstick. However, if (after a super busy workday) you’re meeting someone who came straight from home, looking all fresh, you’ll want to bite their head off (at least that’s what happens to me). Even more so, if you’re travelling with two extra bags.

    If you find good solutions to your questions, please share them with me :-)

  • Ici au Texas il peut faire 3° et le lendemain 23°. Allez comprendre… Mais du coup, le passage par la case “check météo sur iPhone” est O-BLI-GA-TOIRE. Une seule app est vraiment fiable : The weather Channel… !

  • For those inevitable meeting and errands outside the office, i keep a neat shoe shelf under my desk, stocked with the pairs that might work on most situations ( rotated per season), usually a lanvin flat pair, a high heel pair, a “tough terrain” condition shoe aka can-visit-building site. I never carry shoes, it is just so heavy and difficult to be neat. Aim to not have too many choices here, it can get disorganized.

    Even though makeup touch up is possible in any decent powder room, is a hassle to redo the base, so i rely on a good primer (shu uemura mousses when in humid asia/ hourglass when in the drier east coast) to be removed only when i am back at home, the color/lipstick can come at go, but the base should be neat and easy all day, it will make you feel polished at all times and keep the color makeup from melting and smearing all over.

    for outerwear, a couple of smart choices in the closet drawer. again, rotate with the season or with the outer that you arrive with at the office. the goal being to have as little baggage as possible.

    For the large bag collection problem: have an “inner” pouch in which essentials are stored and easily transferred from bag to bag. Doing this, you will always have your basics no matter what bag you grab, and avoid the “where is my metrocard-key-camera?” moment.

    But even after all of this, I still forget my umbrella when I need it the most. Just hate carrying stuff.

  • Bienvenue dans mon monde, Garance!
    Je suis la fille aux 3 000 sacs. J’exagère, mais je suis toujours hyper chargée. Le sac avec l’ordi et les dossiers (pour aller aux réunions tôt le matin sans avoir à repasser au bureau), le sac à main avec dedans le lunch de midi, la trousse de toilette (pour me laver les dents après le repas, la crème hydratante, le gloss…) et tous les autres trucs de filles que tu trouves dans un sac de fille. Et parfois j’ai le sac de la nuit (pour quand j’ai dormi chez mon mec). Heureusement je n’ai pas à porter de talons pour bosser, ça c’est cool. Quand à la tenue, j’ai fait plein d’efforts de robes au début, et puis le froid s’installant je suis maintenant en uniforme skinny foncé – pull. Mes copines arrêtent pas de m’engueuler et de me dire que je m’habile comme une ado, je m’en fous, j’ai froid et j’ai besoin d’être confortable sinon je deviens irritable.
    Compliqué d’être à la fois féminine, confortable, avoir chaud, toujours fraîche comme la rose malgré le froid et le nez qui coule et les yeux rouges…mais comment font les vraies filles???

  • Why don’t you do Yoga at the studio? Just play some music and go through the poses yourself.

  • I think the worst part of working outside home is the shoe situation and “portable office” situation. I hated having to always carry an extra bag for my shoes on one arm and my laptop bag on the other. The shoes are just annoying and the laptop is heavy! I warn you too that I even got my laptop stolen from me (mugged right out of my hand) in broad daylight on E. 62nd st (not even a shady area), which has left me with bitter feelings toward the portable office. Invest in the desktop, lose the laptop! As for the shoes, I just pray for warmer weather so that you can wear those flimsy, stretch flats that are easy to squish into any purse.

  • catherine February, 6 2014, 4:51 / Reply

    How is it possible you don’t have a shoe drawer at your office? In my office, every woman has a couple of pairs of shoes either in a drawer or under the desk. We do the commute in comfortable shoes and change on arrival.

  • #1 Bah ouiiiii Garance c’est la BASE! Il faut toujours avec fringues, chaussures, make up ET parfum au bureu!
    #2 Pas sûr… J’ai commencé il y a pas longtemps aussi.
    #3 Oui (IPhone app?)
    #4 Hmmm ça c’est une question piège. Perso, ma gym est en bas de chez moi, donc je rentre a la maison, me change en trente secondes et repars direct (SURTOUT, ne pas s’asseoir, c’est le piège!)
    #5 Le plus important c’est un bon make up (voir point 1)


  • Oh, thank goodness for this post! It’s so nice to have someone from Paris notice how it’s hard to be a chic 9-5 lady in New England! I work in Boston, and we tend to wear a plain gray sheath to the office, then change shoes/pull out small clutch/upgrade jewelry/add silk scarf for after work drinks. We don’t wear a lot of makeup, but that gets a touch up. No one makes a big deal about anything, but I see a lot of 2 bagged ladies in the morning on the subway (yoga gear, gym, whatever). Don’t be ashamed about duck boots and puffy coats – they are a necessity some days!

  • probablement que tout le monde n’a pas un emploi du temps de ce type, alors pas ce genre de problème!
    Une seule tenue et c’est parfait! Pour le pb des sacs, je n’ai rien trouvé de mieux qu’un sac à dos, joli, en cuir, je mets TOUT dedans! et j’ai les mains libres!

  • Accuweather.com. I check it every morning religiously. I check how warm/cold/rainy it’s going to get later and what it’s like right now. My boyfriend makes fun of my obsession with the weather all the time but you have to be prepared in this city! Also, have you heard of Swackett? It’s a cute app that tells you whether you need a sweater, coat or jacket. I personally need the intense detail of accuweather but it’s pretty awesome!

  • Reading all these comments makes me realize why I find it HILARIOUS when reading an article about any woman who claims ” I just get dressed depending on my mood for the day ” Anyone saying this CLEARLY has nothing which resembles a real work commute !!

  • Hahahahahahahaha! Slowly but surely you are becoming a REAL new yorker!

    You are right about everything — however — you will need yoga clothes for the office!

    Good to get a cheap ZARA tote for wet weather (always look for a zip or better yet a flap)

    Get use to having some dirty clothes at the office that you’ll bring home on the rare day that you are heading home.

    Also important? Comfy cheap flats — I say cheap so that you can do a lunch and if you ruin them c’est la vie. Most of the time — by lunch the path is cleared to go out for a bit. Flats take less space than most heels.

    New York woman are always on the look for a boot you can wear on a crappy day. Cleanable/rubber souls probably black for the worst days….and you learn to love your shoemaker who can get the salt off.

    Very funny post!

  • It’s a tricky one and I still hate the planning ahead but I’ve learned to live with it.
    The trick is to never overdress, just do the jeans and blouse or even jeans and tee and a smart black blazer.
    Then always, always, always keep at least one pair of good heels in the office. Always!
    Some basic make up you could either keep in your office, or always keep the essentials in a SMALL make up bag and bring it, wherever you go.
    If for whatever reason you have to go somewhere where the jeans, tee and blazer won’t work (very few occasions!!) then you simply have to head home first to change.

    In other words, dress like Emmanuelle Alt seven days a week and you’ve got it all covered.

  • Maryworld February, 6 2014, 4:04 / Reply

    Forget Hunters, invest in a pair of Aquatalia boots- beautifully waterproofed leather, your feet will be dry and stylish at the same time.

  • I find after having lived in NYC for my entire life, I still don’t know how to dress for some days so don’t feel so bad! It’s a crazy city :)

    If you want to find out if you should wear pants on a certain day, you should check out my pants forecast website :D jenrefat.com/projects/pantstoday

  • What gets to me is that while we girls are getting on the bus with… a handbag, bag with a book in it, gym bag, shoe bag… the boys are getting on the bus with… nothing! just their wallet and maybe a book they tuck into a pocket. How do THEY do it?

  • I love this. I feel like I’ve spent my life trying to answer these questions. Here’s where I am so far.

    #1 I keep a pair of nice flats at work and wear my ugly boots on shitty days like this in New York
    #2 It gets easier in the Spring!
    #3 I check the weather religiously every day on the Yahoo weather app. (It has pretty pictures of NYC in the background)
    #4 No. That used to be my fantasy too.
    #5 Yes! Just add lipstick and cut down on a few of the bulkier winter layers if you’re not going far.

    Re: bag lady. I do tend to be a bag lady. But it got better when I started leaving shoes at work, and traveling with my external hard drive instead of my laptop, so I could have every digital thing I needed with me wherever I went!

    Good luck! It will get easier!

  • Ah Garance, I feel your pain! But it can get better, with time.
    I used to drive to work for about 6 years and I returned taking public transportation…it has it’s plusses and minuses!

    #1 It wouldn’t hurt to keep an extra couple of favorite, versatile outfits at the Studio! It’s your second mini-home, take advantage ;)
    #2 Yes but you have to minimize everything…I like to keep mini-makeup samples in my purse (mini mascara, mini lip gloss, mini perfume, mini highlighter, mini moisturizer!)
    #3 As I live in Montreal, I religiously check the weather before getting dressed…I can’t imagine not doing it. And I layer up alot because I tend to get hot easily hehe, so I go for outfits with good ventilation. I just use the weather network app, or the iphone weather app.
    #4 The key to exercising after work is having the place near work or home…otherwise you’ll never go…
    #5 Come as you are :) try not to show up with more than 1-2 bags hehe…bon courage x Dina


  • I love that we are discussing this!

    #1 Second wardrobe at work- I keep an extra blazer at work and sometimes extra shoes, but picked up a good idea here to keep an extra shirt. I say whatever you have room for, keep extras! The challenge for me is I travel somewhat often so I think about what are the extras that I won’t to carry on me all the time (like travel toothbrush and toothpaste, a floss pick, concealer and eyeliner, advil, stain wipe, sanitary wipe, cell phone charger and probably other things I am forgetting). I also second always choosing your workday outfit the night before if you’re not a morning person.
    #3 Checking the weather- I always forget to and then it definitely shows! Good idea here to sign up for Poncho service.
    #4 Gym after work- in the city I love belonging to a gym where you can rent a locker and have laundry service. In the car world I keep a gym bag in the car at all times. In my weekend Manhattan world I can almost always been seen at a brunch or errands with a large black leather tote (a Neverfull or Goyard would work as well but I prefer blk leather) that has a nylon duffel inside with my gym shoes and clothing. I also use a favorite wristlet as a wallet so that I can check the big bag at a restaurant and have everything I really need close at hand. Passes for an evening clutch for all occasions except the most dressy.
    #5 Unexpected outing after work – Depends on your look. I only wear lipstick a handful of times per year and heels select weekend nights only, so I usually skip that and just go as I am with my wristlet and after freshening up a bit. Keeping some statement jewelry around is a good idea, but I’ll probably be too lazy to get around to that.

    Would love to discuss what actual boots people wear during the commute when you’re working in settings that require a step up from jeans (either pants or skirts/dresses).

  • Yahoo Weather App. It is so good.

  • #1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio (I think so) – definitely! Some Heels (black goes with everything), a white blouse (you will need it, if you eat and drink during the day and are as handy as me), a blazer (black goes with everything), yoga clothes (and a mat so you can do yoga in the office, very effective), makeup essentials.

    #2 Do you get more organized over time? (I hope so) – Yes! There is hope.

    #3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed? (Which app?) – The app called: Look outside the window ;)

    #4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? (Never) – I am a parttime yogateacher who comes into offices ;) In my other job I am a writer. And look above: Get a yoga mat in your studio!

    #5 What do you do when you have an unexpected outing after work? – Look above: Take the white blouse, heels and makeup and ready you are!

  • you could try these pants to go from work–>yoga?

    they’re a little boring looking…but you know, sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the name of health! :P

  • Je suis TELLEMENT contente de lire cet article, je me sens beaucoup moins seule !!!

    Depuis que j’ai vécue non loin des montagnes et me suis pris quelques saucées à l’improviste, je regarde TOUJOURS la météo avant de sortir de chez moi et mon petit parapluie ne quitte jamais mon sac.

    Simplement à Paris (comme dans toutes les grandes villes je pense), regarder la météo ça ne suffit pas.
    (c’est là qu’on comprends pourquoi celles qui prennent des taxis ont souvent moins de “stress vestimentaire”)

    Exemple : La météo annonce -5°C. On enclenche donc le mode “Frisquet de la nouille” (leggings sous le pantalon, sous-pull, petit gilet ou écharpe ou les deux et bien sûr, le manteau avec l’intérieur fourré en poils) pour combattre le froid.

    Oui mais. Premier problème, une fois dans le métro, trop chaud. Donc obligée d’enlever le manteau, ou l’écharpe. Pour sortir du métro, même problème mais dans le sens inverse : il faut se rhabiller. Seulement pour pouvoir se contorsionner en pleine heures de pointes, il faut être gymnaste ou ninja.

    Résultat j’ai toujours trop froid ou trop chaud.
    Je me félicite juste d’avoir planqué une paire de bottines au boulot pour les sorties improvisées.

    En ce qui concerne le (les) sac(s), Comme j’en ai eu marre d’être la seule fille de Paris à avoir deux ou trois sacs (et mes épaules aussi), l’année dernière j’ai décidé de faire “la dure” et de ne porter qu’UN sac à main.

    Seulement voilà, Peu importe celui que je choisis, il n’y a jamais assez de place dedans (je ne peux pas y mettre TOUTE ma vie, Mary Poppins étant la seule à avoir ce privilège), et il faut toujours faire des compromis (“Bouteille de Sanpé ? ou bouquin ? Si je prends la Sanpé je peux prendre mon pavé du moment, mais je n’aurais pas de place pour mon agenda et je ne PEUX PAS me déplacer sans. Mais si j’ai soif ? et/ou que je m’ennuie dans le métro ? Je ne peux pas juste écouter de la musique, il faut bien que je lise quelque chose, et puis Direct Matin, bonsoir….”). Des fois je me fais violence, et je fourre tout dedans. Généralement, il réplique, comme ce matin où la lanière c’est juste….coupée.

    Et quand je vais à un vernissage ou autre et que je dois prendre mon appareil photo, il me faut quand même un sac en plus !

    Je rêverais d’un petit gnôme qui porterait mes sacs trop lourds, et que je pourrais mettre dans ma poche (une sorte de fashion maid). J’en ai demandé un à noël, mais personne ne m’en à offert…

    Alors si tu as une solution ou une marque de sacs magiques (dans lesquels on peut mettre presque toute sa vie), je dis oui !

    Et merci aussi :)

  • This sounds like the story of my life!
    University-> Yoga-> University-> Gym class -> Walk home (in the rain because I live in England)
    In fact I now go to Uni in my gym gear, thank goodness for the sportswear trend!

  • La plus efficace est de mettre du scotch à l’intérieur du jeans.

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