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I wanted to ask writer Loulou Robert to tell us about her book, Bianca, and how and why she came to write it…

Loulou Robert | Writer & Model

I never really pursued writing. It just happened. Naturally. After two years in New York, I felt the need to go back to France. I sensed that something was about to happen. I started writing in the plane on my way back, short texts, a sort of travel journal based on a 20-year-old girl splitting her time between Paris and New York. The texts were picked up by Elle France. Then, one morning in May, at 9am, at a café on rue du Temple called Café Strada, I got the urge to write this story. Bianca’s story. About a 16-year-old girl living in a psychiatric unit for teens. It’s the story of her journey, her encounters. A life story.

Through my characters, I speak about the suffering teenagers experience, a suffering misunderstood by parents and doctors. Bianca isn’t doing well, but she doesn’t know why, like a lot of young people today. At the beginning of the novel, it’s like Bianca is behind a glass wall. She doesn’t feel anything. She is anesthetized. She wants to quit everything. She refuses to speak, eat, or live. After a suicide attempt, she’s committed to the psychiatric hospital.

Slowly over time, through love and friendship, and thanks to the characters Jeff and Simon, the glass wall begins to crack. Bianca begins to feel again. Life begins to make a comeback. Life wins.

I wrote Bianca in two months, in the same cafe (I never write at home, I like the ambiance in cafes, the noises, the stories going on around me). The words came out on their own. It was amazing. As the chapters went on, the story made me laugh and cry. I felt for my characters. Thanks to Bianca, I found myself. I filled a void. And ever since, I can’t stop writing. My characters live with me in a part of my mind. They never leave me.

My dreams? I started writing again after Bianca came out. It’s hard to find the time when you’re promoting a book. I’m also taking acting classes every night. Acting is another way I express myself.

I’d like to write a second novel, create a role for film and make a film adaptation based on Bianca. I’d like to see her on the big screen. I’d also like to co-write the script so I can continue on the journey with her and my characters.

With Bianca, I’m addressing an entire generation of teenagers. I’ve just come out of adolescence myself. I think I am understood by a lot of young people who identify with Bianca and with the other characters. Young people today, including me, are put under way too much pressure. We are expected to know who we are by the time we are 18. To make choices. To know what we want. To pursue certain fields that will lead to certain careers. At 18, you don’t know yourself. It takes time. Sometimes years. Bianca reveals the violence of being a teenager. That time when your body is changing, your parents are annoying, school is stressful, you have trouble sleeping, and you’re starting to develop your own awareness. It’s a difficult time. Sometimes unbearable, and extremely painful. And people often minimize that pain. When I was 16, I felt the weight of the world and all that was wrong with it. I struggled. I needed time, years actually, and now Bianca is here. With me every day.

A year ago, when I was coming back from New York, I broke up with modeling. It was taking up too much space. I didn’t feel fulfilled. I set that life aside. And at that moment, I began to write, and I remember saying to myself: “Oh yeah, of course, that’s it” the thing I was missing. The thing that filled the void.

I’ve since gone back to modeling, but not like before. I like photography. I like meeting people. And to write, you need to be able to find inspiration in your experiences. But writing is in its own category. Writing is what I think about every day. My characters, my words. And I’m also doing some comedy now…In a year’s time, my life has completely changed.

Today, I feel like I’ve found myself, even though deep down, I think you never truly find yourself. You change, you grow, you evolve. But for the moment, that’s where I am.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Shot at Hotel Grand Amour


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  • So much more interesting to create something to put energy in things you believe in..when you create a book a story music images..part of you is flying…when people take pictures of you ,you are a part in their story..you help them tell their story..but in order to exist you need to do somethings with your feelings…you create stories you create life…
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta


  • michelle April, 27 2016, 9:59 / Reply

    Bianca’s story sounds interesting. Will the book be published in English one day?

  • Ça me donne bien envie de lire ce livre ! Pour l’écriture je comprends tout à fait. J’adore écrire dehors, parfois même en marchant sur mon téléphone. Et quand je suis chez moi je mets systématiquement la radio, en général France culture pour être sûre de n’avoir que de la parole. C’est un bruit de fond qui m’inspire vraiment.

  • Very interesting and inspiring. And she looks beautiful!
    I want to read that book now!


  • Maria Rosa April, 27 2016, 11:46 / Reply

    Cela me fait penser à Valérie Valère, écrivain au talent reconnu, qui a écrit le Pavillon des enfants fous, magnifique livre où elle raconte son séjour en hôpital psychiatrique. Autre temps…
    Merci Garance pour ton très beau blog. Je suis bien plus âgée que toi mais j’apprécie…

  • Fascinating interview. Makes me think of Françoise Sagan.

  • Jessica April, 27 2016, 1:14 / Reply

    Definitely intrigued by her work now! Her writing style seems very poetic and moving because of its thoughtfulness. It’s great to see so much introspection in one so young; I think we should all aspire to have more of this quality.

  • Je connais bien la Strada, j’y traine souvent avec les copain, c’est drôle d’imagine qu’elle était peut-être dérrière moi entrain d’écrire ou de chercher l’inspiration…




  • What an interesting story. I believe it is true what Loulou says about the pressure but I also think that is has been that way not only for her generation but several generations before. I believe young people in the past and today we and are put under way too much pressure with regards to career choices at 18. That is so young and so early to know what you want. Of course, some people find their path early but others don’t, and what is a path anyway?… Well, don’t get me started with ah philosophical discussion :)

  • Passionnant !
    Beaucoup de maturité chez cette jeune femme.


  • wow she’s an amazing girl


  • You have a beautiful writing style :)


  • Ah mais oui, je me rappelle de Loulou et de son article dans Elle !
    Et en plus elle vient du même coin perdu de France que moi !
    Je vais regarder ce livre . J aime bien cette fille qui reste elle même et qui a fait un bon bout de chemin déjà pour son âge .

  • Clotilde April, 28 2016, 1:59

    Elle vient d’un coin perdu ? En tout cas pas d’une famille perdue, son père est un héros français, un des premiers “lanceurs d’alerte”.
    Très bonne idée de laisser tomber le mannequinat pour écrire des livres.

  • tchewan April, 29 2016, 4:27

    Elle vient de Metz, en Lorraine. Elle habitait la même rue que moi. Je l’ai vue passer tous les jours sur le chemin de l’école, accompagnée de sa mère ou de son père (Denis Robert, ce n’est pas un secret, je crois…).
    Ça m’a fait tout drôle de découvrir son portrait ici.
    J’ai beaucoup d’admiration et de respect pour elle.

  • Clotilde April, 30 2016, 1:50

    Hé, Metz c’est pas un coin perdu, vous avez un musée Centre Pompidou quand même !
    Et puis un autre de mes héros, Bernard-Marie Koltès, vient de Metz, alors bon. ;)

  • Nice post dear ;)


  • such a great story ? love these thoughts and how Loulou presents them. I’m always so happy for people who find yourself and live in harmony with yourself

  • Wow ce livre a l’air super! Et la photo est suuuuubliiiiiime!!!

  • Interesting history, the young people in this times have a lot of pressure for what they can achieve and what the people like friends, parners, parents and more hope they achieve, but whatever you do make it with passion and determination then you have a path in this life. We need dreams and goals to work hard and be best every day.

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