A Beauty Minute with Laney Crowell

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Everyone we know keeps talking about the brand Saie so we of course had to investigate further for ourselves! We’d love to introduce you all to the founder of Saie, Laney Crowell. Read on for Laney’s beauty routine and what Saie products she swears by.

What is your morning beauty routine?

Where to begin! In some ways I’m a minimalist, I like things that are effective and quick, but I’m also a beauty lover. I recently gave up coffee, so after getting my youngest daughter up around 5:45am I go downstairs with her and make a big cup of Earl Grey Tea with steamed nut milk and a spoonful of local honey. We play for 30 minutes while I stretch and do a little Pilates to wake up my body.

Around 6:45am I start making the family breakfast, usually eggs and avocado or banana pancakes. I get about 10 minutes to myself before running out the door to take my 3 yr old to school. That’s when I wash my face with cold water and a clean washcloth. Then I apply Sunvisor, it’s an all-in-one radiant sunscreen I love because it’s so hydrating and saves me time. Then I’ll layer on Slip Tint, curl my lashes and apply Mascara 101, groom my brows with Brow Butter in medium brown, and apply a couple dots of Dew Blush in Rosy. To finish I either swipe on Liquid Lip Balm or Really Great Gloss, just depends on what’s most readily available. All of that takes about 2 minutes. Then I’ll brush my hair with Mason Pearson brush and throw it up in a top knot.

I also always drink 32 ounces of water while I’m doing my makeup. Usually with a big squeeze of lemon. I find if I start the day out with a ton of water, I’m able to get my full water intake in. My motto is always the more water the better. Your skin, digestion, mood…everything is better with more water.

What products do you use throughout the day and why?

I re-apply lip all day! I love Really Great Gloss because it’s so satisfying and plumping, and Liquid Lip Balm is a daily lip mask that provides deep hydration. Both look super cute.

Lately I’ve been really focused on my hands, which I’ve never thought much about. I started using Verso’s hand cream and have really noticed a difference. I like to drip a cuticle oil around my nail beds and rub that in daily as well.

What is your evening beauty routine?

At night time I take a bath while my husband puts Isabella to bed. I dump a bunch of epsom salts in and shake some essential oils into the water. It’s relaxing and saves me time in the mornings.

While we unwind and watch TV I’ll apply a face oil like Vintner’s Daughter or Mara face oil, and massage my face with my Wildling Beauty Gua Sha. When I wake up my face looks a lot less puffy. I’ll also massage my feet with some Nature of Things CBD cream which is such a nice treat.

I take magnesium and Seed probiotics right before I go to sleep along with a big glass of water. Then I apply a thick layer of lip balm, right now it’s the Summer Fridays lip balm, to keep my lips from getting dry throughout the night.

What is your definition of beauty?

Anything that makes you feel good – being with your family, thinking peaceful thoughts, surrounding yourself in nature. When you feel good, you glow from within and radiate kindness and light. To me that is beauty.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I am with my daughters playing. The whole outside world fades away and we’re just 100% in the moment.

Why was creating a clean makeup brand so important to you?

I believe beauty should be good for us, fundamentally. When we are bathing, combing, and applying we are connecting with ourselves and taking care of our bodies. In that same moment we are practicing self-care, it doesn’t make any sense to be applying products that aren’t good for us. I also believe in the magic of beauty, I love how fun it is. Saie is all about not having to compromise when it comes to taking care of ourselves, loving the products we’re using and having fun while doing it.

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