Beauty Minute with Julia Sherman

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You might remember our friend Julia from this post. We brought her back to chat all things beauty :)

What is your morning beauty routine?

Wake up and make a matcha in the blender (sacrilege, I know), with some oat milk, collagen powder, honey and hot water.

Take 4 Nutrafol since postpartum and losing alarming amounts of hair on the daily. I also take a zinc for immunity, and a prenatal vitamin.
Clean my skin with BestSkinEver Sea Buckthorn cleanser on a cotton pad.

Follow with a shake of the Nue Co Vitamin C powder and Pai rosehip bioregenerate oil.

Finish off with some Protocol Daily Molecular Hydration and a squirt of mineral based sunscreen that I buy from the bulk store.

If I am up for wearing make up, I use Bare Minerals complexion rescue hydrating gel and use my Kjaer Weis blush and highlighter on my cheeks. I use some basic brow gel from Sephora and Ilia mascara.

I really just give my hair a good brushing with my Mason Pearson brush.

I use Weleda skin food on my hands, and Fat and The Moon All Salve on my lips. My deodorant is Weleda Sage 12H.

What products do you use throughout the day and why?

I live in California and probably have way more sun exposure than I should since I am always in the garden. I try to re-apply mineral sunscreen (again from the bulk store) often, especially to my hands. If my skin feels dry I use a pump or two of Pai Back to Life serum on my face.

What is your evening beauty routine?

Wash with either Marie Veronique daily exfoliant or EO cleanser. I use The Ordinary .5% retinol in squalene most nights, and the Drunk Elephant 1% Retinol A-Passioni Retinol Cream a few times a week (working my way up).

I use the Pai Regenerate Rosehip oil over that, and then Acure Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Cream.

What is your definition of beauty?

Balance. I spent my twenties careening from one extreme to another, never feeling grounded and I think that was visible — in a literal sense, but also in my energy. My 30s have been about settling into myself, knowing what works for me and what doesn’t. I feel so much more beautiful since figuring these things out.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when I feel healthy, when I am consuming everything in moderation, feeling active and happy. The effects are always visible on my face. For me, beauty is 100% about how my skin looks.

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