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We tried them all!!!

The other day, we asked you to give us your favorite foundations and promised to test them all out. Oh wooooo, look at these crazy challenges we take on at the Studio…

It’s kind of funny to test a new foundation everyday, but at the end of the day, it’s the best way to understand the differences between each product.

Each day of the week, Alex prescribed us a different foundation based on our skin type and then she had to make lines with the foundation (and also with the powder foundation, which cracked us all up at the Studio “Oh, looook, Alex is making tracks here! Total Scarface style! Hohoho! How funny are we!?”)(Okay, maybe it was just me making the terrible jokes) so that we could take this photo.

Here’s the verdict!!! And all of our favorite foundations…

PS: What’s very very clear here is that the next time we do a test like this, we’ll have to get a wider range of skin-types… Asian, black, super blonde, all of ’em.

We’re all brunettes with pale skin here at the Studio!
Ok, so for the next foundation debate, who’s coming to spend a week at the Studio?


First, here are our skin-types:

Garance: My skin is combination and sensitive, it needs a lot of very light moisturizer but it really tends to shine. 
Oh, and I am not against blurring some of my pores away. Pores, booo!

BUT I like my freckles and I don’t want to hide them. Freckles, yeaaah!

My everyday routine is light foundation on my T Zone (no, it’s not the tee-shirt zone, that would be a looooot of make up, it means the nose and forehead, those zones that tend to shine), concealer, free powder and blush.

Alex: My skin is combination, 100%. It tends to be more dry in the winter and oily in the summer…everyday is an adventure, really. My daily routine is a combination of a primer or BB cream, concealer (under the eyes and to cover any spots) and a powder mineral foundation. I attempt to apply blush, but I’m convinced I’m not doing it right.

Christiana: I have pretty normal skin (lucky me!). I don’t really put anything on my face, but sometimes use concealer under my eyes and bronzer.

Emily: My skin is normal to dry and I moisturize like crazy! My normal routine consists of concealer, bronzer and some blush.


And now…the products:


Chantecaille Future Skin: At first, it felt very thick on my fingers (that’s what she said), which I don’t love, but actually as soon as I massaged it into my skin (that’s what she said), it’s like it instantly was absorbed into my skin (that’s what… Ew !), which is a pretty amazing sensation – kind of like putting on a second skin. 

The result is a very beautiful and smooth skin, but I’ve found my skin to be pretty shiny a few hours later. It may be too moisturizing for me.

The packaging is a pot which looks good in my bathroom, but I always prefer make up that’s more protected from the direct air, it feels cleaner (also I always forget to close pots, bad karma for the foundation… And in the end, for my skin).
Still, amazing texture.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Cream Compact: Happiness: The box is just beautiful and I may or may not be seen wearing it as a necklace in public soon, and I love that it’s a compact foundation – you apply it with a sponge that has it’s own little room in the pot – you don’t dirty your hands yeaah! (Man, I am so lazy I even want my foundation to put itself on by itself)(is someone working on that?)(Pleaaaaase?)

Applying it is a little difficult because of the thickness (that’s what…OK, I’ll stop), and it might be a little too much coverage for me. 
I’d use it though, just because it’s extra convenient!

Clinique Even Better Makeup: The packaging is very Clinique, very tech and simple. At first the foundation feels pretty thick on the fingers (Again! Oh Garance!!! Was Alex trying to send me a message in making me try thicker foundations?) and it takes some work to put on.

But once it’s on, it’s like Law & Order SVU: It sticks ! 

I was wearing it yesterday and it didn’t move all day. I didn’t find myself shining like an octopus (???)(I know, it’s the only comparison I’ve found)(look, I am tired and jet lagged AND watching a French show called “Pekin Express” which literally means brain damage.) 

With it, you kind of feel “made up”, but it does look really good.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: I’ve spent my makeup wearing years with an irrational fear of the classic liquid foundation. I don’t know why but I never let it touch my skin. So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this liquid foundation from NARS first during our little test and I haven’t stopped wearing it (except of course, to try some others). My skin has seriously never looked this good.

It’s moisturizing (on oily days I add a swipe of loose powder on top) and lightweight– if you have dry skin, I recommend it!

Also, make sure you buy the pump–makes application much easier!

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder: I’ve been using powder foundation since the beginning of time, so I knew my skin would feel at home with this. The coverage is light, but build-able. It’s a good option for my skin during the summer when I tend to be a little shinier. If you have dry skin, try applying it wet!


Dior Diorskin Nude BB CremeFirst, the Dior BB cream smells amazing, which is awesome, and has SPF 10 which is good for my skin (just enough so I can protect my skin but still get some color). It’s a full coverage, so something I’m reserving for going out and special events when I need to step it up a notch.

Laura Mercier Illumination Tinted Moisturizer: This tinted moisturizer is a great middle ground for me, a good base that evens my skin, but not as intense as foundation. It’s lightweight, provides nice coverage and hydrates my skin perfectly! My only complaint is the added illuminating shimmer, it’s a little too sparkly for my skin tone (Emily really liked this feature though, so don’t let it discourage you!).


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: This is the perfect every day foundation. I applied with my hands (unfortunately my make up kit doesn’t include a foundation brush or sponge) but it wasn’t a problem. It blends in really evenly, you don’t need too much product to get good coverage, and it really has a silky finish. Best part, you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything–I just look like my best self!   

L’Oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: This was the first time I’ve tried a BB cream and I really like this! It’s super moisturizing, which is great for my dry skin, and even though it goes on white, the color beads blend really well. It gives a nice even coverage that can stand alone or it can serve as a good base when you want to get fancy and add bronzer and some blush.

All right guys, I hope this helps !!! Your advice helped us a lot !
Big kisses on your beautiful, smooth and rosy cheeks. 
That’s what she said. 

PS: In the photo you see the Laura Mercier, Make Up For Ever, L’Oréal BB Cream and Chantecaille Future Skin!


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  • asianfreak April, 25 2013, 9:13 / Reply

    je me porte volontaire illico pour les prochains tests!
    Vous élargirez le pannel la prochaine fois.

  • i agree. i’d offer to be ur guinea pig, as i’m currently not using make up :)

  • i love liquid foundation so much…that i won’t leave the house without it (even if it looks natural!) since i was like…well…16.

    my fav of all time after road testing many, many, many:

    Guerlain Lingerie De Peau. Great coverage, light, not greasy, beautiful texture. No one ever thinks i am wearing makeup :) And a bottle lasts quite a long time.

  • Very informative and useful post. Sometimes it is such a long process to find the right foundation. I think finding the right texture, coverage and colour for your skin are the most important factors and there is too much choice – so many brands around!

  • Chanel foundations… There just so pretty on the bathroom counter ! :)
    The classical Vitalumière Aqua is great also.

  • I wear foundation at work a lot because I’m a model, so in my day to day life. I kind of hate it. I always find them super thick at work. Confession: I’ve never personally bought foundation. Recently however I’ve started using Dr. Jart BB Cream and I love it, it has really helped my skin tone even out when I need it.
    This post is making me think that I should try out one of these foundations. Maybe I hate them because at work they pile it on. Maybe at home I can use a lot less and it will go a long way.

    Loved reading this post.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  • Supeeeer!

    C’est une vrai galère de se trouver un fond de tein qui correspond parfaitement!!!


  • sandrine April, 25 2013, 9:28 / Reply

    si vous avez besoin d’une peau noire, moi aussi je veux bien contribuer.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 25 2013, 9:41 / Reply

    First off, I’ll volunteer to be your “anti-aging, medium-skin toned” representative in the Studio. I’ll even introduce you to my favorite primers and makeup brushes. Speaking of which, go online (Ulta or Amazon) and order a Real Techniques buffing brush or expert face brush. This will make a HUGE difference in how your foundation looks on your skin and you’ll use a fraction as much foundation. Throw away that sponge that came with the Chanel Aqua Lumiere compact, Garance! It just attracts dirt and germs. Use a brush instead. Squirt a bit on the back of your hand (that’s what he said!) then dot it lightly over your face. Now use that buffing brush to literally work the foundation into your skin, using circular motions. Pores–gone! Streaks–gone! You will look photoshopped! These brushes are dense, super soft, cruelty free and cheap as chips! Give it a try!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 25 2013, 9:44 / Reply

    Oh, and while you’re in Paris, hightail it to Monoprix and bring back some Bourjois foundations for the studio. Bourjois owns Chanel cosmetics and their products are good dupes for Chanel. 10-hour Sleep and Healthy Mix Serum are two good foundations to snap up!

  • Garance, I think your mind is on a whole different plane of the gutter from mine…I can’t even really understand your dirty implications.

  • Also, I will come to the studio! I’m neither pale nor a brunette!

    The offer is on the table.

  • HAAAAA j’y crois paaaaas vous l’avez fait !!
    Purée c’est de plus en plus n’importe quoi ce blog, c’est trop bien !!
    Chère Garance, moi qui frissonnais à l’idée de voir d’autres personnes écrire sur ton blog, j’avoue c’était une idée de génie, c’est encore plus drôle ! Toutes mes excuses de Française frileuse (purée ct’allitération en “fr”…) pour les commentaires que j’ai pu te laisser au moment de ce “virage” (j’en ai mis? non? oui? me rappelle plus), en fait le côté travail d’équipe sur ce blog, ça déchire sa race.


  • Je trouve ça super moi aussi ce travail d’équipe du Studio.
    Et le tournant que prend le blog me plait beaucoup !


  • Eh bé! Moi qui ne suis pas, mais pas du tout, beauté, j’ai lu le post jusqu’au bout parce que c’est une galère pour moi de trouver THE fond de teint (si vous voyez ce que je veux dire…hahahahaha ;)

    Merci pour les infos.

  • how long did it take you all to get the purfect swipe for the pic?????~! geshh!

  • So fun! I love good beauty reviews. I used to be an Armani LSF gal myself, loved the stuff. Until I tried the Burberry that is, which, in my opinion, blow it out of the water. It also happens to match my skin tone much better. But did you guys not try the Armani maestro? I tried a sample and flipped out cause it feels like liquid magic (seriously), but I know it has quite a bit of alcohol in it so I’m hesitant to put it on my sensitive skin daily. Curious about that L’Oreal magic BB cream now too.

  • I am going to try out the foundation and BB cream! Thanks Emily!!

  • Kahena Ben Achour April, 25 2013, 10:30 / Reply

    Je tente la séance de rattrapage pour vous faire part de mes propres tests.

    J’ai la peau mixte mais surtout un tient impossible fruit d’une série de mariages mixtes dans mon ascendance : maghrébine, latino-américaine et européenne ; le tout vivant sous le soleil “éclatant” de Paris. Bref, un teint indéfinissable plutôt beigeasse.

    Derniers produits testés :

    – Erborian BB cream au ginseng. Out ! La couleur est trop abricot.
    – La crème abricot d’Agnès B. (une sorte de BB cream avant l’heure ?). Out ! L’odeur de la crème est difficilement supportable.
    – Finalement, j’ai décidé que je m’en tenais aux produits suivants :

    1. Pour l’hiver :
    – YSL – Touche Eclat – No 2 (en anti-cernes et autres camouflages)
    – Nars – Soin hydratant teinté SPF 30 – Alaska (Top pour tous les jours)
    – Chanel – Vitalumière acqua – Beige #30 (pas mal pour repasser sur les tâches)
    – Guerlain – Météorites – Beige #2
    – Nars – Blush – Orgasm (super, en dehors du nom complètement con)

    2. Pour l’été :
    – Touche Eclat
    – Guerlain – Terracota – 4 seasons (être bronzé l’hiver, c’est assez moyen).

  • Nice inspiration, because I have like you Garance. Combination and sensitive and to find a good foundation isnt easy.. Have a nice day,

  • I recently tried the L’Oreal and Garnier BB creams – because neither set you back too much $ to try. I too am on the fair side with combo skin and brown hair. I found both products left me feeling too orangey…I used the light garnier and the second lightest L’Oreal. I like the texture of L’Oreal better, but not happy with either colour. What to try next…..And I have never found ANYTHING that I don’t feel oily within a couple hours, or less, of applying, even with a loose translucent powder applied when i do my makeup.

  • Thanks for the info! great post! almu

  • I’ll spend a week in the studio as a guinea pig! I have medium brown combination skin that is overall pretty clear and pore-less. I moisturize with a good hydrating moisturizer at night after washing my face, and in the mornings, I just wash my face with water only and use a tinted moisturizer (mark. Get a Tint in the spring/summer, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial tinted moisturizer in the winter) . It gives a good amount of coverage and moisture without looking crazy. Plus my face is set in 2 minutes.

    If I know I’m being videoed or photographed then I put on a primer, then powder foundation on top of it with a big kabuki brush (Avon Smooth Minerals – I have a set that comes with a darker colour for summer skin, a lighter colour for winter skin, a translucent powder for hydration and setting, and a blush that complements your skin tone.)

    I’ve used loads of foundations in the past (Clinique, Lancome, Avon, MAC, Clarins, etc.) and I love tinted moisturizer the best. However, if you do use a foundation, I highly recommend a foundation brush. Makes all the difference!

  • I’ll go with Clinique, they always have the best products
    Paris-NYC Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • c=Charlotte April, 25 2013, 10:51 / Reply

    ‘But once it’s on, it’s like Law & Order SVU: It sticks !’ Boy, did I laugh hard while reading this sentence!

  • Bonjour Garance !!! Depuis des tas d années … CLINIQUE Superbalanced makeup … Même avec de la couperose c est super. c est confortable … Merci Clinique

  • Great reviews, my go-tos are Make up Forever and MAC.


  • I’m sooo in love with this picture!!!
    Fashion & DIYs

  • Je porte souvent le Teint Touche éclat de YSL. Parfait. J’en suis ravie.
    En ce moment, dès qu’il fait plus chaud, je zappe l’étape fond de teint et j’utilise les Beiges de Chanel. Sublime. Juste sublime. La semaine prochaine, je ne pars pas en vacances sans ! ;)
    Ah oui, j’oubliais : et toujours, quoiqu’il arrive, de l’hydratation… beaucoup, pour ma peau qui adore boire !


  • J’ai très envie d’essayer le Nars et l’Armani. J’ai tendance à ne rien mettre du tout sur ma peau, à part un voile de poudre le matin. On voit mes pores, mes petites imperfections, mais en fait je trouve cela plus frais.
    Garance ne soit pas gênée par tes pores, je trouve que c’est magnifique de voir la peau nue, pores apparents ou pas. Même cette obsession à cacher les pores finalement, j’aime les rares fois ou on les voit dans une publicité cosmétique. Ils font partie de la beauté de peau pour moi.

    Bellle journée.


  • I wanna come to the studiooooooo!!! Ahh, that would be so much fun!!!! ;-)

    Thank you guys for that post, awesome! I think I will try Armani luminous skin foundation, I’ve heard so much about that product and now I will definitely try it. xxx

  • Merci beaucoup pour cet article et pour ces différents tests je trouve ça génial car on peut voir quel fond de teint pourrait nous correspondre au mieux! J’utilise aussi la BB Crème de chez Dior et je la trouve extra elle est légère, hydratante et comme l’a dit Christiana elle sent super bon!
    Bonne journée,

  • Thanks girls. I’m going to try both Nars & Georgio Armani. There’s so much on the market. We want it all – full but natural coverage where we need it but our skin to shine through. I find that the Mica Beauty mineral foundation in Lady Godiva (which I’ve never really liked powder before this) is perfect for me as it’s yellow based so hides any redness, it’s also non-drying (surprise) and covers little imperfections (without settling into lines) and any shine perfectly. As far as I’m aware it’s only sold privately so not on everyone’s radar. You can check it out on my website:

    blog: Today – The BEST Mineral Eye Shadows at:

  • ON voit parfaitement ce que tu veux dire et la différence de couleurs sur la photo est impressionnante

  • Anastasia April, 25 2013, 1:35 / Reply

    First of all, I am impressed you could make up a ‘that’s what she said’ joke while reviewing foundation! And I will totally be your guinea pig for a foundation review. I have black skin and at 29 just started to wear make-up. I am looking for something that feels and looks like I am wearing nothing and matches my skin tone. #sigh

  • Such a great idea!! I never know which one is the best! Every magazine says that they are all ‘the best’ so I’m confused!

    I will try to get make up testers to figure out which one is the perfect one!


    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Team G – thank you for a super-fun and super-informative post! I volunteer to be a foundation tester — am in NYC too! How can I sign up? lol

  • I forgot to say that I have combination skin, and am on the lighter complexion-side for an Asian American. My motto is now: have Metrocard, will travel for foundation sampling!

  • Moi je veux venir au studio!! cool j’aimerai bien en choisir un ( je suis pas trop fond de teint, juste de la poudre ) le nars me tente bien mais je sais pas trop comment acheter sur internet en fonction de ma peau, obligé d’aller en boutique la flemmarde haha

  • I would love to know which foundation (and application) to use for Oriental hot humidity! Nothing worse than your face melting (on someone).

  • Camille M April, 25 2013, 2:06 / Reply

    Oh vous auriez du mettre des photos, on s’imagine mieux ! Parce que c’est vrai que les descriptions de types de peau c’est toujours un peu compliqué, j’ai du mal à me situer moi du coup ! (Mais oh par contre je suis petite blonde avec peau claire sensible et taches de rousseurs donc si vous avez un placard ou me ranger, je débouleeee héhé)

  • Elizaveta April, 25 2013, 2:06 / Reply

    Great review, thanks!) Did anyone of you tried Kiehl’s BB cream by any chance and what’s your feedback?

  • Garance : j’ai exactement la même peau.
    Bah j’aime pas mal le fond de teint Bobby Brown hyper hydratant et lumineux. Ca pourrait te plaire mais ça brille un peu, j’admets.

  • I have normal skin (I think) and most mornings (if I don’t forget) I use a drugstore moisturizer, but I do have somewhat blotchy skin that is not always even. I’m very pale and brunette (like you guys!) and I’m just wondering what a really simple inexpensive product would be that would moisturize and even my skin tone without adding any color or extra stuff. Also, what is a BB cream? I have absolutely no idea. And what is the difference between foundation and makeup and all those other creams you talk about?

  • Thanks for experimenting on yourselves for our sake! Next time show pictures, even if its not your whole face, so we can see texture/coverage/howwellitlastsallday :))

  • Isabelle April, 25 2013, 3:38 / Reply

    Merci pour toutes ses informations ! Personnellement j’ai opté pour le fond de teint terracota de Guerlain … en plus il y a l’option blonde et brunette ! Et l’essayer c’est l’adopter !

  • I love Chanel Vitalumière Aqua but my favorite is Caudalie Teint Divine….it’s fantastic!!

  • I’m brunette with medium/olive skin. Also acne prone/rosacea/sensitive skin.
    Definitely in for the next foundation debate. The thing is… I’m in Argentina ^ ^
    Willing to do it long-distance though… anything about CC creams? I want to try Smashbox’s.

  • Interesting post. I would caution against counting on foundation to provide much of a sun protective effect though. You would need to apply 7 times the normal amount of foundation to achieve the full SPF rating! Better to apply sunscreen first (SPF 30 or higher as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology) and then foundation. Skin cancer isn’t pretty…

  • Emma Louise April, 25 2013, 7:55 / Reply

    Hi would love if you could extend this experiment too because back in the 90s I walked into the Body Shop wanting to buy my next base 001 and it was GONE!!! Oh, they only stocked 01 onwards now!!!! Ahhhhhhh! I have pale pink based skin which is pretty much a nightmare to find a match for…as EVERYTHING seems to be for olive or other based skins. I ran over the my nearest department store and went to a few counters without any success. I approached the Estee Lauder counter and told the lady of my problem and she made it her sworn duty to find something for me (after I declined her offer of mixing two shades of her own formulation). She grabbed me by the hand and took me to every. single. counter. in the ENTIRE cosmetics department and finally I found Mac. So now I use a pale Mac Studio Fix just lightly with a brush to apply it (using the foam applicator makes it go on too thick). With a brush you can put it on light or build it up – you just have to make sure you are moisturised well in advance as I have dry skin and putting it on too soon after moisturising tends to create an uneven application. I would LOVE to find out what other products are out there for pink based skins! And I too have always been scared of foundations!

  • moushka26 February, 21 2014, 10:00

    I’m very fair and very pink-based also. MUFE’s Pro Finish pressed powder foundation in #115 works for me and there is a shade that is even lighter (#107?). Soft, even coverage, lasts most of the day with minor touch-ups around the nose. Their HD liquid foundation in the same shade number is also good, set with their HD loose powder, but you may need a concealer for any red areas. I pretty much love everything I’ve tried from MUFE.

  • Thanks for the post girls!
    What do you think about foundation or tined moisturizer for guys?
    I just started using the tinted moisturizer from Amore Pacific and it literally changed my life. It’s super matte and it creates a smooth, more refined complexion.
    I struggled for so many years with my acne-prone visible skin (I cannot get rid of it! Frustrating!) and I’ve finally found something that’s subtly covering it.

    I’d love to hear your opinions, and maybe open a fun discussion!

  • Camélia April, 25 2013, 8:34 / Reply

    J ai testé beaucoup de fond de teint avant de trouver “mon graal ” “my best ever ” j ai la peau noire mixte à tendance très brillllllante …je travaille dans les avions pas bon pas bon pour la peau et depuis que j’utilise luxury radiance liquide make up d ‘IMAN je suis une nouvelle moi j ai 45 ans et avec ce produit j ai l’impression de rajeunir ( convaincante !!!!!:)) en fait sans c´est plutôt oh tu as l’air fatigué!!! Et une pirouette opération fond de teint et c est oh t es enervante tu as toujours bonne mine ..merci IMAN

  • Thanks! —>”PS: What’s very very clear here is that the next time we do a test like this, we’ll have to get a wider range of skin-types… Asian, black, super blonde, all of ‘em.”

    am waiting…

  • i have the same skintype as Garance, now I want to try out Clinique Even Better Makeup!

    @Garance have you tried these (my fave foundations)
    MUFE HD foundation – flawless, stays on, doesn’t make you look oily, suprisingly sheer and buildable
    Shu Uemura Smooth Fit foundation – dewy, stays on, suprisingly sheer and buildable
    Chanel Pro Lumiere – on the fence with this, sometimes feels too thick and sometimes look flawless and beautiful – I do this on a normal day when I don’t have too many spots to cover.


    Laura Mercier Secret camouflage – the best concealer kit ever!

  • Super post, Merci les filles!
    J’ai la peau mixte et j’ai vraiment galéré a trouver “le” fond de teint parfait… J’utilise Dior Nude, un fond de teint liquide avec une protection SPF 10 – depuis que je l’ai trouvé, je ne le lâche plus! Il hydrate, couvre parfaitement mes imperfections et me donne l’impression de ne rien avoir sur le visage. Il est super léger et donne un effet velouté, top pour la peau grasse. Je recommande à 100%. Très envie d’essayer leur BB crème!
    Petite question pour Alex: tu peux nous recommander une poudre libre pour les jours ou la peau brille? Jsuis curieuse…
    À quand le prochain post sur les crèmes hydratantes?


  • Clinique-fan! For quite some time now.

  • I’m very curious how did you make this picture?! With a shadows and perfect boundary, i like it! Fome the best foundation is Lancome Teint Miracle.

  • Merci pour ces posts beauté!
    J’ai un peau mixte très sensible au soleil (taches qui apparaissent très vite) et je suis une grande fan de beauty product reviews, j’adore tester des produits. Je me retiens pour pas en acheter plus et finir tout ce que j’ai dans ma salle de bain (8 crèmes hydratantes, 3 crèmes contour des yeux, 6 fonds de teint, 3 primers…).
    Pour ce qui est des fonds de teint:
    – Erborian bb cream, la teinte original (pas la dorée), j’aime bien, assez light, ne se remarque pas trop, à mixer avec un peu de fdt avec un peu de lumière, peut faire un teint un peu triste!
    – MAC Mineralize Satin Finish: pas mal, texture très light et lumineuse, flacon en pompe hygiénique
    – MAC Select spf 15: beaucoup trop épais à mon goût, il faut en mettre très peu
    – SENSAI Fluid Finish spf 15: Super!! j’ avait lu plusieurs reviews sur ce produit et je l’ai tout de suite adopté. Il fond sur la peau, est composé en grande partie d’eau, il est doux avec ma peau et pas du tout épais. J’aime de plus en plus les produits Japonais (Sensai, Shiseido…).
    – Bare Minerals: j’ai succombé à acheter leur StarterKit avec plusieurs produits en poudre. J’aime l’idée d’appliquer un fond de teint en poudre mais même en poudre il est trop épais, difficile à appliquer pour moi.
    – KIEHL’S bb cream spf 50: Je dois avouer que j’ai acheté cette bb cream pour son spf élevé. Je suis sensible au soleil donc c’est pratique d’avoir un fdt qui protège sans devoir mettre une crème solaire toute grasse (L’Oréal svp allégez vos crèmes solaires!). Un peu trop épais encore une fois à mon goût, mais bon la seule avec un spf aussi élevé donc pas mal!

    Voilà touts les fond de teint que j’ai dans ma salle de bain (je crois…), mon préféré reste le SENSAI.

    By the way Garance… je t’ai croisé hier en fin d’après midi à Concorde, je portais des jeans écru et un haut avec des fleurs. Tu m’as regardé, je t’ai regardé, j’étais au téléphone et je ne me suis pas arrêté! I was like, was it her? tu portais un jean blanc, une caméra et un chignon… yes, ça devait être que toi! tu refais ton chignon!! naaan! mais bon… il faisait super chaud donc c’est permis! :p
    Profite bien de Paris!



  • What a great post, thanks for sharing :).
    I love the Clinique ones and I gotta try out that Laura Mercier stuff – I hear only good things about it :).
    Have a lovely weekend, Garance :)!


  • This was such an interesting read, especially since there was more than one person (equals different skin types yay) trying out these different kinds of foundations. :)

  • Bobbi Brown skin..Bobbi Brown range of color and undertones..surpass all…

  • I have extremely dry and sensitive olive skin. I am a huge fan of Naturabisse, an amazing spanish skin care line. They make a tinted beauty cream that is moisturizing, and light reflecting, just smooths over the imperfections. Perfect if you want to look natural. Not a ton of coverage. Also love Chantecaille’s Just Skin, a tinted zinc based moisturizer with SPF, great coverage and never irritates my skin.

  • awakeningmywardrobe April, 26 2013, 8:51 / Reply

    I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for awhile but this is the first time I am commenting. Great post! I am very fair skinned with freckles and love Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25. Natural looking, perfect color match, and moisturing for sensitive, dry skin like mine. I’d love to see you review it if you do another foundation post.

  • thanks garance… nice info..
    I’m waiting your further experience with asian skin types, since im an asian ^^

  • Pour les pores dilatés des peaux mixtes (comme la mienne) il y a un produit génnial: Pore no more de Dr Brandt
    Il m’a tellement sauvée du cauchemar des pores version cratères que je me suis promis d’en parler à toutes celles qui ont le même problème que moi. Il a une texture super fine et agréable. Je n’en mets que sur les pores dilatés, sous le maquillage.
    Il coûte une quarantaine d’euros mais dure super longtemps parce qu’il n’y a pas besoin d’en mettre beaucoup (une noisette pour les deux joues et le menton)

  • eastvillagesiren April, 26 2013, 1:58 / Reply

    Yes and Oui to the Nars Sheer Glow. I hadn’t worn foundation in over a decade but decided I wanted a little more “finish” at times. The Sheer Glow goes on lightly, evens out my skin but is sheer enough that my freckles show (I also love my freckles). I like the look so much I end up wearing it nearly every day and not just for “finish.” Overall, I think Nars (and Armani) make some of the highest quality cosmetics in the market today.

  • Super Garance!
    Ce n’est pas souvent qu’on trouve des articles aussi détaillés sur les fonds de teint… C’est bien dommage parce qu’un mauvais fond de teint suffit parfois à la peau pour ressembler à une espèce de couche de plâtre qui nous met très peu en valeur. Je voulais savoir si le fond de teint de Clinique que tu as essayé camoufle bien les pores? C’est un peu une plaie pour moi, et j’ai essayé pas mal de crème et produits censés les réduire, mais aucun résultat…
    N’hésite pas à refaire ce genre de post pour d’autres cosmétiques, on n’a jamais trop de conseils !!!

  • Christiana,
    Laura Mercier fait une crème teintée non «illuminante» si le côté scintillant te déplait. C’est ce que j’utilise et c’est parfait !

  • What is BB cream?

  • margaret April, 26 2013, 5:51 / Reply

    love the graphic foundation smears!! what a fun product study.
    i would loveee love love to help out for the next round! korean/asian combination skin with a medium complexion… medium meaning i’m not one of those super pale girls!!

  • I alternate a few according to the weather and the season:
    Bobby Brown Extra Repair Foundation spf 25, for when I want a dewy finish (the smell is divine…)
    YSL Touche Eclat
    Lancome Teint Miracle.
    But the Bobby Brown one is my absolute favourite, it makes my skin look flawless! I recently purchased the tinted moisturizer as well, I will test it through the Mediterranean summer!
    I have heard such good things about Armani Maestro, I will probably buy it in september.
    Thnaks for the post, Garance! How about one on concealer?

  • anonymous April, 27 2013, 11:12 / Reply


  • I’ve never worn a real foundation… I think I need Alex’s help!

    But I love tinted moisturizer, and I really love all the newer ones with higher SPF. I actually just started wearing BB Cream because of an earlier post about it; I had thought “pfffttt (a Garance-ism) it’s just a fad,” but between Alex and my Korean room mate (she swears by it, and everyone wears it there, sometimes even the boys!) I was convinced to try it out. And I love it, it feels like a step above tinted moisturizer. So, maybe…. someday, I’ll be brave enough for foundation ;)

  • Merci pour ce post, Garance!
    Je suis accro au vitalumiere acqua compact de chez Chanel depuis 2-3 ans.
    Le secret c’est d’acheter le pinceau qui va avec, comme ca l’application est beaucoup plus facile et on peut controler la quantite de produit qu’on met.
    Ca dure toute la journe et c’est assez naturel.

  • Teint idole ultra de lancôme est aussi excelent, très bien pour les peaux sèches mais à tendance grasse sur la zone T, Fluide mat aussi n’est pas mal
    et de manière générale les fond de teint lancôme sont trés quali.

  • Merci à nos testeuses de fond de teint préférées ! On a toutes dejà voulu le faire, et puis non. Je vais de suis tester les BB creams de Dior ou L’Oreal !! Car oui j ai la peau claire, sensible, et le fond de teint façon masque trop épais, je ne suis pas fan. Etant blonde à peau claire, je vais complèter efficacement le panel !;-) Merci !
    Carawelle Marketing.

  • Anastasia April, 28 2013, 11:53 / Reply


  • Very important info about SPF: Just because the bottle says SPF 10 it doesn’t mean that you’re protected from the sun all day! SPF only means that you can spend 10 times longer in the sun before your skin is damaged by the sun. You’d have to re-apply the product several times a day for it to be protective enough! Always use a sunscreen cream when you’re in the sun, and make sure to re-apply during the day. Or you’ll find your face wrinkled and damaged at an earlier age (not to mention skin cancer risk etctera). Please be kind to your skin, and don’t be fooled to believe that SPF means all day long protection. <3

  • What a broad array of foundations you guys tried out! I have skin very close to how Garance described, so I hoped that she would approve of one of the foundations, but they all seemed a little too thick, which is just okay in a foundation in my opinion. Otherwise, I do like how many you tried out and I’ll look into the Armani foundation!

  • parfait post pour mon problème du moment, merci ! moi j’étais une inconditionnelle du Teint Parfait d’YSL assorti de son Touche Eclat, mais voilà qu’on ne trouve plus le Teint Parfait !

  • I wish I was part of this Studio test! Or just part of The Studio period!

  • Isabelle May, 3 2013, 1:16 / Reply

    I have the same situation as Alex and I found it funny that I also prefer NARS Sheer Glow, I bought it last year when a bride whose makeup I was doing wanted something lighter since it was a Summer wedding and we both fell in love with the texture and durability, I also dust a bit of powder in the Summer to set it, it’ll last all day and into the evening. Brilliant stuff.

  • I use YSL Touch e` clat it’s AMAZING for dry skin. If you have oily skin I recommend Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation. If you’re looking to cover the pores, I recommend POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics. links!!!!

  • It is not my first time to visit this site, i am browsing
    this web site dailly and take fastidious data from here daily.

  • Deborah May, 15 2016, 3:54 / Reply

    If you want to look lightly tanned in the summer, I highly recommend YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau B50 Honey or Giorgio Armani Maestro 90 Liquid Summer Bronzer – also YSL’s Le Teint Encre is perfect for winter/spring days in a lighter color…. its probably the most perfect face makeup ever made.

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