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One of the funniest quirks about my profession is probably my tendency to think of each episode of my life as a fashion story.
And I think of myself as the heroine of the fashion story, of course, haha, obviously.

Ok, I’m going to guess I’m not the only one, right?

Like now, for example, I’ve just gotten back from a long vacation. The first part was at a farm in Virginia, and the second, if you followed, was surfing in Costa Rica.

Fortunately I made a stop in New York between the two to unpack and repack my suitcase, otherwise I think I might have ended up with a meltdown and a split personality.

The farm in Virginia? No need to go into detail, you’re gonna get it right away.
The contents of my suitcase were as cliché as a Pinterest board.

Big wool socks for hanging out around the fire (with a mug of hot chocolate of course—they call it a prop, like when you give a model a newspaper to make her look interesting sitting in a cafe), wool pants (think Chloé A/W 2008) Duck Boots for walking in the mud while staying chic—rugged, but elegant—big sweaters, plaid shirts, and yes, of course!!! I almost forgot!!! Cozy beanies—you want ‘em, we got ‘em—for going to say hi to the horses.


Then after that, time to head to Costa Rica.
The surfing! The sun! The beach! The hang out! The dirt roads! The quads!

I’d done a little investigating, and my friend Lauren, who I went with and who knows the area, told me. “Don’t bring anything, everyone down there wears the same thing every day.”

I listened to her because I always listen to my friends’ advice, and it’s a good thing I did, because even after reducing as much as possible, I still had a giant suitcase.

So to keep it simple, my professional quirk and I chose a “white” theme. Title of the imaginary fashion series: “Blanche in the sun” or even better “White sun” — you always end up picking stupid titles like that.

So anyway, I said to myself: white’s easy to wash by hand, it goes with everything, and also, it’s one of my favorite colors, and hey, everybody cover your eyes once I start getting a tan I’m gonna be so hot*.
Add to that some pretty rash guards (a kind of t-shirt you wear to protect your stomach from the board and your back from the sun) from J. Crew, a sublime Lisa Marie Fernandez wetsuit, and a few neoprene wetsuits from Patagonia in case the water gets cold**, and off I went to Costa Rica with the “bare minimum” according to a fashion girl***.

I was reassured right away when I arrived and saw that Lauren’s “Don’t bring anything, everyone down there wears the same thing every day” suitcase was even bigger than mine. And she’d even brought A DRESS FOR NEW YEARS. Lolo, how could you not tell me about New Years!?
What do you mean you don’t need to remind someone about New Years?

But the one area I definitely succeeded in was shoes. I only brought one pair of (white) Havaïanas and one pair of (white) Vans.

Ok ok, I also brought my Rondinis, in case of a style emergency.

As for beauty products, I brought my normal kit plus a truck full of sunscreen, to make sure my skin matched my white theme, of course. 
Honestly, you could really say I did a pretty good packing job.

But even so, as I was about to realize after two days of trying to keep the “Vogue Paris N°916” (the one with Gisèle on the rocky terrain in Greece) sexy-serene look, reality always catches up to you when you least expect it.

So here is my day-by-day report on my Costa Rican style meltdown. Pure Fashion Detox like I’d never experienced before.

Day #1
Cool. Classy. White shorts, white t-shirt, Havaïanas.

I brought a beautiful blue suede beach bag****, but apparently, it didn’t fit the scene. A suede bag is heavy, it can get stolen, etc. All my friends have cloth tote bags with funny inscriptions on them.

Since I left my personality in New York, I empty out a Fendi shoe bag that had my bathing suits in it, and I use that as my beach bag.
I like the irony of it, it fits in with the local style of my friends. And fashion is safe and sound. For now.

Day #2
First surfing lesson, at 7 AM.

I get out of bed and throw on yesterday’s outfit. Too early to think.
Underneath, I put on a little Zimmermann bathing suit that I paid an arm and a leg for right before leaving because “my body hasn’t seen the light of day or even the light of a gym since August” and I bring my rash guard with me.

Problem n°1? I can’t find my instructor so I walk up and down the main street trying to find her. I’m still in New York mode, and I’m fifteen minutes late, so I’m super stressed out, and walking super fast.
Yeah, yeah, the kind of walk that would make even Chris Hemsworth look stupid. 

Problem N°2? The streets are partly covered in dirt and partly covered with the fresh molasses they apply to the roadways to keep dust from covering everything. Basically, it’s like walking around in an enormous pot of organic mountain honey.
I’m forced to come and go in the fresh molasses and thanks to my Havaïanas flapping around and splashing me, my legs (and my shorts, and my t-shirt) are covered in mollasses and dust.

I finally find my instructor, who is totally chill (being half an hour late is nothing here) and she gives me an incredible lesson in surf style. She’s got a little rash guard and a micro-bikini on her bronzed bottom, so I change right away to look just like her and we get right in the water.

But the cowl does not make the monk, as they say.

When I was choosing my bathing suit, I hesitated between a size 38 and a 40, and I chose 40 to make absolutely sure, oh the horror!!! that it wouldn’t look too tight. #Ihatetightclothes. BIG, HUGE MISTAKE.


With every wave, I lose my swimsuit bottoms.

Not easy learning to surf with your bare ass in the air, I tell you. I make a few surfers happy, but I’m not feeling so great myself.

Day 2, and style’s already lost. And it’s only 8:17 in the morning.

Day #3
I take a shower, or something like that.

The thing about going surfing three times a day is that you don’t really know when to take a shower anymore. Should you take one before surfing? After surfing? During surfing? In the evening after you’re all done?

Yes and no. It doesn’t work like that here — “evening” is at 5:30, right when the sun is setting. People bring beers to the beach for the after-surf party*****, and then everyone goes straight to dinner, then they hang out at the skate park****** and at 9PM, you’re so tired you go to sleep with your clothes on, still salty from the day. Then you get up at 6AM to go surfing.
Nobody takes a shower before surfing, as far as I know.

By Day 3, I understood that the idea was just to “rinse off when I could.”

As for my “white” theme, it was continuing on its highway to success.

Every time I put on a clean t-shirt, someone on a motorcycle rides by, waving at me (people are so nice here), and covering me with a thick layer of dust. I’m not giving up yet, but let’s just say my stock of clean outfits is disappearing right before my eyes.

Day #4
Let’s talk about my hair, shall we?

Hair isn’t easy at the beach.
Short hair isn’t very easy at all at the beach.
Short, curly hair is horrible at the beach. 

A sort of compact nest forms on my head and I try to ignore it by pinning whatever I can behind my ears. Sometimes I wear a turban, but #too_hot.

I make a few more attempts at washing my hair to keep it looking somewhat human, but the more I wash it, the curlier it gets. Shoot, pfff. Oooooh but who cares.
I decide to forget shampoo exists. Salt will do the job just fine.

Day #5
We’re going on a boat ride, the perfect time to bring out my white blouse.

Perfect for protecting me from the sun and staying fresh, the girl’s totally in control, I love it. 
People compliment me. We get on the four-wheeler to go to the boat and that’s when a cloud of dust rises up and never leaves for half an hour, oh, except for when we get sprayed by a gardener passing by who waves at us (people are so nice here) and sprays us with his hose. At the time, it feels so fresh and alive.
When we get off the four-wheeler, we’re totally red with dust from head to toe. 
And thanks to the gardener, the dust is perfectly soaked into our clothes, and my white “I totally know what I’m doing” blouse is lost forever.

Oh, by the way. That blouse was my last clean item of clothing. Everything else is covered in dirt and molasses. But the good thing is, it’s Day 5, which is also the day when you stop caring, especially about your appearance.

Day #6 
What’s day cream, again?

You may not care about your appearance, but don’t forget you’re near the equator and it’s kind of like surfing on the surface of the sun during a heat wave.

You have to protect yourself, otherwise you’ll end up with a Valentino tan (they should totally come out with a beauty line) right away.
So you smear on SPF 50 every two hours, and not only is it exhausting, it’s also not super great for your skin, so between the sun and the shock treatment you’re putting it through, my skin starts breaking out big time. Yuck.

Fortunately, my hair starts to come back to life, and it looks beautiful. I’ve got some blonde highlights and my locks now have the consistency of clay—super practical for creating nice hairstyles and impressing friends with “look, I can write your name with strands of my hair!” 

Day #7
Nothing’s going right anymore. The damage is done.

By Day 7, you basically just pick up the first thing you find on the ground and put it on. 
You take a shower wherever and whenever you feel like it. At the surf shop when you’re returning your board in the evening, for example.
I try to trick the enemy******* and wash my clothes by bathing in them, but nothing will make the dust go away, so I happily give up the idea of being clean. And when all else fails, I rediscover the art of the pareo I learned in Bali.

Day #8
Sometimes I go crazy and put on mascara.

Ahahahahah, lol. I love it.
These are the moments when I try to get back some semblance of my human form.

I maybe forgot to mention, but to add to the joyfully alarming state of my appearance, my eyes are swollen. My eyes are suffering from all the salt and sunscreen that’s been running into them every time I get in the water. Chronic conjunctivitis? Yeah, baby. So sexy.

But even so, sometimes I get the urge to grab my tube of mascara and put some on.
The result is cute for about two seconds.

Until the next random shower, in fact. That’s when the mascara runs everywhere and since I forgot I put it on in the first place, I look like a panda until I run into a kind soul who lets me know something’s going on with my eyes.

Day #9
 I don’t really know who I am anymore, and I don’t even mind—not one bit.

I abandoned my clothes, my mascara, my shampoo, and I didn’t even tell you about the state my nails were in, but I think you can probably imagine—and well, obviously, I haven’t looked at myself in a mirror in ten days.

Well maybe that’s what a vacation is for a fashion girl.

Day #10
I take a big trash bag and put all my clothes in it. They’re all the same color – reddish brown. It’s pretty, actually.

When it’s time to leave, it hits me.

I think to myself that actually, my Lolo was right. Next time I won’t take anything. I’ll do a mega fashion detox from day one. A pair of flip flops, a tunic, a pareo, and that’s it.

That doesn’t stop me from thinking about the luxurious bath with perfumed body scrubs that I’m going to take when I get back, though. And the appointment I’ll be making with my hair stylist the very next day.

What happens in Costa Rica stays in Costa Rica.


* Which is never, thanks to my SPF 587564
** Which is never in Costa Rica at Christmas.
*** I don’t even want to think about the suitcases of the blogger girls who post their outfits every day on their blogs. 
**** Ok, fine, now that I think about it, totally stupid idea.
***** I mean, it sounds cool when you put it like that, but refer to my post last week for a more precise definition of the “after-surf” party
****** Yoohoo, it’s me GaGa!!! I’m a teenager again!
******* Actually, there is no enemy: no one even cares about style and everyone is pretty much as dusty as the next person.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Beautiful illustration!!
    It really shows a vacation mood!!

  • Great illustration..makes me feel going on vacation ..Tahiti….
    i think we all need from time to time to change our habits leave all (i mean also our clothes ..) behind.. and feel something new so we can come back to life with new energy…and there is nothing better than a new far away place…(per sonly i choose a sunny place..)
    Yael Guetta

  • Hello Garance, t’es au top!

    Ben j’adore c’est juste top! Vive le Costa Rica et la fille qui redécouvre la vraie vie! Ben oui parce qu’à NYC t’es peut être un peu dans une bulle?? J’adore ta cool attitude vis a vis de tes “malheurs” et puis merde ça vaut le coup pour surfer au Costa Rica!

    Tres sympa ce post de la nana qui se prend pas au sérieux! C’est ça que j’aime chez toi Garance…



  • I think this is exactly the meaning of vacation (and of detox): to escape all routines. not only it is practical, but also refreshing and self-discovering. you appreciate the change itself and even the return to your city life and habits….

  • I can’t wait til your book comes out because you write so beautifully funny, I was laughing at all the funny moments you had! I’ve had similar experiences and could picture it so vividly. I love starting my day reading your blog, cuppa coffee, you bring me smiles, thank you Garance!

  • Moi aussi je veux aller surfer au Costa Rica!! ;-) On attend les photos de ta board et toi avec impatience!! ;-)

  • A beautiful illustration coupled with engaging and authentic writing. I was so captured by how you think of your life as a fashion story, with yourself as heroine. Fashion is such a part of my life performance and your narrative shows that it, or even the taking a break from it, is part of the story we are telling and life we are inventing.

    Accidental Icon

  • MissPimpin January, 14 2015, 10:02 / Reply

    ha ha ha ! j’adore ce post !
    je vois trop bien ce que tu veux dire
    mon mec se fout souvent de moi et adore une photo de moi à la fin d’un trekking, rouge écarlate, dégoulinante de sueur, le chapeau (soleil oblige) ayant définitivement massacré mes cheveux, l’air suppliant (à boire !!) mais ! attention, super stylée dans un short en jean et petite chemise chambray que plus personne ne voit tellement le trekking m’a massacrée !
    Mais en fait, quel kif c’était ce volcan en Indonésie …

  • Exactly me on vacation. I’m not a fashion girl, but I do TRY, and I plan for weeks ahead of time what to pack (half the fun of the trip). But then I go, carefully packed, and it all goes to hell. It’s too warm, too cold, too dirty, too many toddlers (mine) spilling on me, something. So yes, I think super simple is the way to go. Maybe super simple with accessories??

    And oh, traveling with curly hair. It’s just not fair, really. My life in a bun.

  • Merci pour ce journal de bord du Costa Rica…j’ai eu l’impression d’y etre!! (ou plutot j’ai très envie d’y aller maintenant)
    Ca c’est des vraies vacances, le lacher prise total….y compris stylistique… on a toutes besoin d’un break du quotidien, de la pression qu’on se met pour etre au top – et de sa propre image…!!

  • This sounds like the perfect vacation all around! And I think you’re right — all you really need is a bathing suit, a rash guard, a pareo, a tunic, and maybe even a pair of shorts and an old T-shirt or two. And if you really need to wash your clothes (when there isn’t a washing machine in sight), one of these:

  • love everything you write

    international giveaway on my blog!

  • Beautiful illustration!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Haha trop drôle “me rincer quand je pouvais”
    Reste comme tu es :)

  • Short curly hair = style nightmare on the beach! Just came back from beach holidays, where I tried EVERYTHING, including a baseball cap (yuck), a turban (you’re right – it’s too hot for a turban, but it was the only thing that made me feel remotely stylish while taming my unruly hair), at least 3 hair pins. A hat was out of a question (too windy) and any attempt to style my hair with whatever I brought with me, always ended in the same result – a nest styled by wind and salt. Oh, and SPF 50 creams – thank you very much for all the lovely shine on my face + pimples. Something I have not had for some years now. My feet? Cracked heels and chipped nail polish – soooo sexy. Don’t ask about my fingernails! The one thing in the beauty compartment which really worked was the skin on my body – water in the shower was so soft and I used so much creams and balms and moinsturizers, that I ended up being all silky AND a little tanned. Oh, and bread was so horrible (I am used to home made or artisanal stuff), that I didn’t eat it, so my stomach got beautifully flat. Something that I cannot achieve at home, despite all the sports and exercises that I’ve been doin for years :)

  • Ah Ah, trop drôle ! Exactement le genre de situation dans laquelle je vendrais père et mère pour un rapatriement sanitaire, et pourtant je ne suis pas une fille de la mode . Bravo !

  • Thanks Garance, I just love reading your stories! J’adore te lire (c’est “soublaime” ou “sublime” ou “sublime” pour la combi ? peut-être une typo)

    Keep going, woohoo!

  • I totally felt like I was in Costa Rica! When is your book coming out?! I dif wardrobe detox when I went to Guadeloupe-I had 4 pairs of bikini, 4 tees, shorts and a skirt (for 2 wedks) . On the way back I had a lot of space in my suitcase to bring back boxes of Carribean rum :))

  • hahahah j’ai tellement ri :) merci !

  • Tu m’as vraiment fait rire, j’avais l’impression d’y être.
    Et au fait, niveau surf, comment ça s’est terminé??? Toujours aussi motivée?


  • Lisa Walker January, 14 2015, 11:40 / Reply

    No lie– cried laughing… F-bomb hilarious! Sounds super fun, too!

  • All in all, I guess you had a blast! I love those vacations when you don’t care about your appearance and you forget to Instagram everything because it’s an indication that you are having a great time!

  • This is so true about Costa Rica! I also packed a big bag and then the airline lost it for the first couple days. There was no need for it because I (along with everyone else) just wore the same thing everyday. If you have time I put a post up on my lesson learned from costa rica and I’ve love you to read it. xo, Amanda

  • Loved hearing about your surfing lessons!

  • Haha Garance, merci pour cette bonne tranche de rigolade.
    C’est à peu près comme ça pour moi dans TOUS les pays chauds où je vais, même si le style y a son importance. Je hais faire (et défaire!!!!!) ma valise, du coup j’emporte des tonnes de choses, et au final je n’en porte même pas le quart! Et de toute façon il fait tellement chaud que bof la flemme, je vais me faire belle pour rien et suer dans 5 minutes ou alors piquer une tête dans la piscine/la mer ou alors autre chose d’insoupçonné. Et puis je m’en fiche si les gens regardent, je ne les connais pas après tout!

  • Victoria January, 14 2015, 1:02 / Reply

    C’est exactement ça!! je viens de rentrer de 3.5m de vacances par l’Amérique latine, du sud-sud au centre, prenant fin par les plages caribéennes du Nicaragua, et je peux faire une description exhaustive de ce dont on a besoin ou PAS!!! et le “je-m’en-foutisme” quotidien de ce dernier mois, quand les fringues n’ont plus leur couleur d’origine, les cheveux, la peau, les pieds, les mains et tu ne sais plus quoi faire (car la fameuse terre rouge semble être assez répandue sur au le continent il faut dire…) est une bonne décision! je me disais aussi que c’est typiquement dans ces états qu’on trouve l’homme de sa vie (j’étais avec mon chéri mais c’est dans un de ces états que je l’ai trouvé) ;-)

  • bavarian_blue January, 14 2015, 1:34 / Reply

    can see you right in front of me transforming more and more from white to red-brown, super funny post!

  • Sara Elizabeth January, 14 2015, 1:36 / Reply

    You have such a knack for being a friend to us (your audience.)

  • Très jolie et inspirante propension Garance!

  • This might be the best thing I’ve read on this blog. And from one curly-haired lady to another, I hear you — those sexy beach waves do not apply!! All I get is a big head of frizz.

  • Ahhaha, Garance what a delightful post!

    At first I was like “Huh? Fashion story? I don’t think I do that”. But reading on I realized I do that too! You create a persona, even if it’s just the idea of it, to try and make a coherent (and small!) travel wardrobe.
    I love the self reflection in this story!
    And I find you a brave woman to create your holiday fashion story around white. I don’t even dare to wear it in Summer just for a day in the city.

  • Super post, trop rigolo comme d’hab et long comme je les aime, bref un pur moment de détente. Seul petit bémol, les astérisques (vraiment drôles au demeurant) sont hyper loin des notes de bas de pages auxquels ils renvoient. Est-ce qu’il serait possible de créer des renvois automatiques? Ou de les mettre plus près (en dessous du paragraphe par exemple)? En tout cas, continuez sur votre lancée, vous faites du super boulot, et vivement le livre de Garance!

  • Katerina January, 14 2015, 3:42 / Reply

    So funny! Can´t wait to read your book!

  • Jennifer January, 14 2015, 3:50 / Reply

    Thank you for sharing this, I totally get it and it made me smile. I have been through most of those, not in costa rica, but the beach as lovely as it is loves to mess up my style and skin as well! Thanks for the smiles. Hope you had a great adventure!

  • Cet article crado est approuvé par les renardeaux (qui eux sont dans cet état naturel tous les jours de l’année et se reconnaissent dans la description!)

  • Ça me donne des envies de Costa Rica!

  • Merci Garance merci pour ce fou rire (premier depuis une semaine)que tu m’as offert avec le jour 2….et les jours suivants !! J’espère que tu as pu réaliser ton rêve de surfer totalement et que ton bas de maillot ne t’as pas empêché d’y parvenir ! Alors les impressions une fois sur la planche ?? :)

  • Moi aussi, je suis l’héroine des films que je me fais ;-)) Ca me rend la vie bien plus belle!!

  • sanmiguelense January, 14 2015, 5:17 / Reply

    The solution for short curly hair at the beach is coconut oil, pure coconut oil like the kind from Whole Foods. Just a little bit rubbed on your hands and then on your ends, eh voila!

  • Kimberly January, 14 2015, 5:36 / Reply

    Thanks for the giggle! I am a constant over packer, wanting to make sure I pack to look like a stylish local. Having grand dreams that anyone really cares in the first place! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  • Hilarious. I think this is my favorite post ever. Can totally relate. I’m a curly girl too.

  • Ta valise me fait penser à la mienne partant quinze jours faire du naturisme . Pleine à craquer . Pourtant je le sais : un grand sac pour les produits de beauté , crèmes solaires de tous types , après soleil en quantité .Une valise avec quelques paréos , de belles serviettes , un short , de grands tee shits . Mais j’ai toujours un doute : et si on sortait le soir ? Si … Bon , je remplis , une robe , des pantalons , un joli petit haut , des chaussures en plus des tongs ….
    Tout cela ne sert à rien . Reste plié dans la valise , et c’est bien…. Les vacances c’est pour se régénérer , oublier les contraintes ! …..
    Tes vacances je les trouve géniales !

  • Fantastic post! I am going to the beach for a holiday next week and in my mind I had my whole saga played out and now I am mentally throwing out all the excess clothes I would have taken with me! I hope I remember this post when I am doing my actual packing next week! At the beach (I live in Australia and I’m going to the Sunshine Coast) you can honestly wear WHATEVER YOU WANT. The only people that will realise you are wearing the same stuff day in and out is you, whoever you’re on holiday with and the people who work at the gelato shop anyway.

  • Do you ever draw men? Would like to see some. Love-love your illustrations!

  • I absolutely adore the illustration. Reminds me of my home in Jamaica…especially remembering the hibiscus hedge that surrounded our home.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing as I ready this. If it makes you feel better I went to Hawaii for 10 days and by day 5 I was looking so gross a guy thought I was homeless and gave me a pineapple! What’s worse, I was so tired of defending my appearance that I took it :)

  • Bonjour Garance, j’adore tes illustration mais celle ci je l’adore +++
    merci pour ces petites histoires à la fois si ridicule et si tendre. merci de partager les films tournés dans ta tête. Ça fait plaisir de voir qu’on est pas toutes seule ;-)

  • Mélissa January, 15 2015, 4:46 / Reply

    Belle description de notre quotidien, nous les filles des îles !

    Ayant vécu à l’île Maurice quasiment toute ma vie, je sais ce que tu ressens, mais c’est un excellent moyen de relativiser et de s’éloigner (un peu) du matériel et des first world problems (ongles, skin etc.). Alors je dis : vive les îles et l’eau salée !


  • Caroline January, 15 2015, 4:51 / Reply

    Very funny and so true, thank you Garance!
    I totally gave up on looking stylish in any kind of way when I’m on holidays… So, I always wear the same clothes (been wearing them for the last 5 years or so) and every now and then, I bring a white shirt along… which ends up being brown.

  • Tu me fais tellement rire Garance, tu ne perds jamais rien, j’ai eu envie d’exploser de rire devant mon écran une bonne dizaine de fois, moyen quand on est au boulot, merci pour ce début de journée plein d’humour :)


  • HAHA.. this post makes me laugh! I’m so glad you’re a ‘normal person’ and don’t look glamorous and immaculate 24/7…. ;)

  • Ahahahah je me suis bien marrée, merci Garance de France ( Brice de Nice, Garance de France … ben quoi ?) pour l’autodérision et le rire.
    J’adore les sessions detox. Pour moi, mes grandes vacances d’été en Corse, ressemblent à ça aussi, maillot, tee shirt, pareo, et le seul truc un peu mode que j’ai ( et tu vas voir le niveau hautement modesque de l’objet ! pfiou !) c’est … un short en jean ! ;)

  • C’est con, parce que si tu avais suivi les tendances de la palette chromatique de cet hiver : caca d’oie, kaki, verdâtre, moutarde, en mode camouflage tu aurais pu rester digne ! ha ha

  • j’avoue que j’ai toujours été sidérée par les photos de blogueuses sur la plage en talons, bijoux et sac griffé …

  • Enjoyed reading this, I also want to know about the visit in the country and how that went….

  • you describe exactly what i am still feeling like after moving from europe to Brazil, for ten years now(living on a surfer island). But theres no coming back, so i still lost….but happy. I am travelling to blogs like yours to dream of a fashionable life, beijo Ilka

  • t’es trop drôle Garance, cette article est génial :)

  • love this post, garance! you are so cute and funny. fashion isn’t everything. sometimes, it’s good to let go of all those materials stuff and enjoy the adventure. =)

  • Alors, là, on peut haïr l’hiver tout ce qu’on voudra, rien ne vaut de beaux manteaux, du beau maquillage, de belles bottes… et oui; n’empêche, le look fille d’action doit t’aller très bien, de toutes façons tu es belle partout!

  • Laurence January, 16 2015, 9:20 / Reply

    Garance, j’adore vos illustartions! Celle ci est magnifique, elle me donne envie d’apprendre a dessiner pouvez vous donner quelques conseils pour commencer? Merci et tres bonne annee!

  • I experienced ALL OF THESE THINGS when I went to a surf/yoga/adventure retreat in Nicaragua.
    When do I take a shower? Never. Salt water works, right?
    My hair began to solidify.
    Definitely stopped caring about what I wore and how I looked about 3 days in.
    By day 6 I cared less about whether it was clean and more about the proximity.

    Next time my surf packing list will be:

  • Super post, bien rigolé.
    Me rappelle un trek dans le nord de la Thaïlande: nous n’avions pris que le minimum d’affaires – il fallait les porter – et laissé le reste à la guest house. Pendant une semaine, pas de douche, toilette de chat approximative dans la rivière, vécu quelques jours avec des éléphants qui éternuent parfois, me suis assise sur des trucs qui ont fait des taches indélébiles.
    Bref, au retour, suis allée directement à l’établissement de massage thaï où, avant de masser, on m’a entièrement décrassée dans un bon bain.
    Le lendemain, j’ai étudié les vêtements et sous-vêtements que j’avais portés pendant le trek et j’ai tout simplement décidé de les jeter; ils étaient irrécupérables. Accessoirement cela a fait de la place dans mon sac pour ramener d’autres vêtements de soie.
    Belle soirée

  • no latin admiraitors ;-) ?
    PS: j’adore le dessin…exist-t-elle en vraie ? t’as tu inspiré en quelqu’un ? elle me fait penser à un autre ancien dessin que tu avais fait

  • You should write a packing guide! I am about to go on a surfing vacation and still debating what to bring…

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