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The results are in. The best of the best natural deodorants. Thanks to all of your great suggestions, we tried out a lot of different deodorants over the last few weeks. Despite our fears of smelling at the office or of sweating through our clothes, we did it. And you know what? Making the switch isn’t as tough as we thought it would be. Here are our favorites…

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: So it took me a while to decide to try on that deodorant. Because this deodorant comes in a pot, and it’s a lotion.
A LOTION? Seriously? What’s could be worse than applying lotion with your hands on your bo…

Wait no, it’s not lotioning my body that I hate – it’s the idea of applying deodorant on my underarms with my hands. It’s just that the gesture’s weird. Aren’t we super used to not really touch our underarms?

Since I’ve been at an age to use deodorant, I’ve sprayed it, stick it, rolled in on. But never applied it with my hands.

But you know what? In my quest of going natural, I’d do anything.

And the result is perfect. It works for a whole busy day – of course it’s not an anti-perspirant, so you do sweat (I’ve always felt weird about anti-perspirant anyway. Stopping the natural process of sweating? Is that very healthy?) but you feel safe, clean, and it doesn’t stain your clothes. Soapwalla was one of the products that a ton of you recommended to us and I’m super lucky I got to try it – I’m keeping it

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant Spray: It took me a few days to get over the feeling that I was basically putting body splash under my arms, but now I’m a definite fan of this deodorant. The wild rose smell isn’t over powering (so you don’t feel like you’ve just left a Bath and Body Works– this is coming from a girl that spent her middle school years covered in Sun Ripened Raspberry body spray…) but it’s enough to keep me feeling fresh throughout the day.

I didn’t feel the need to re-apply, except on days when I added a layer of Heattech to my wardrobe which meant for a hotter than normal body temperature. It also comes in a travel size that you can easily toss into your handbag. Turns out like the smell so much (I’m down for rose everything), I even put it on before bed. I can tell you that I don’t miss all that white residue under my arms.

Lush Aromaco Deodorant: The application of this one is a little odd, it looks like a bar of soap, a soft waxy soap. You rub the block under your arms (it did flake a little bit, which meant I had a little bit of post-application clean up to do) and the instructions recommend also using your fingers to rub it in more. I liked that it felt immediately cooling, and the smell was really clean (patchouli and chamomile). I wore it to the gym and felt that it passed that test, but I was ready to reapply by the time I got home. I think this would be a go to for me in the summer, the cool feeling would defintely keep me happy on humid New York days.

My only minor issue is, I don’t know how to store it! It comes wrapped up in paper (like you got it at the deli) but do I keep wrapping it back up in that paper? My entire drawer started to smell like the deodorant… A plastic bag? Special natural deodorant block carrying case?

Aubrey E Plus High C Natural Roll-On Deodorant: As someone who sweats a lot, I’ve always been skeptical of natural deodorants. I usually go for a strong-smelling antiperspirant and call it a day (I know, so not good for me). So my hopes weren’t high when I tried this one. I gingerly smelled it, then rolled it on. Fast-forward to late afternoon – my thick wool sweater was making me too warm in the studio. Anxiety set in and I began sniffing to see whether the deodorant had held up. So far, so good, but it definitely wasn’t as strong as when I had applied in the morning.

Final conclusion: Definitely better than the natural deodorants I’ve tried in the past, with a surprisingly strong scent and cool, bubblegum-pink color. Fine for the average day, but consider a second application for longer, warmer situations.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Roll-On: I’m not a very sweaty person, but I am totally paranoid about smelling–especially when I have to run between meetings, and in the winter when I’m wearing 24 layers. The Dr. Hauschka is a roll on, which is easy to apply, but if it’s put on while you’re already wearing clothes, I’d worry about the deodorant rubbing off on my shirt right away–so this is best for putting on straight out of the shower. Not a bad thing, considering the rose scent is really nice.

I could feel myself sweating my usual amount, but it didn’t smell–at least for the first few hours. With this stuff, you definitely need to reapply. By 5pm I was worried Erik might abandon our desks due to the stink, so I made a quick trip to the bathroom to roll some more on. (Apparently this was all in my head, he didn’t smell anything.) But that application left me feeling and smelling good for the rest of the day! Overall, success!


Add yours
  • Le déodorant le plus naturel, que j’utilise tous les jours est le bicarbonate de soude. On mouille son doigt, on en étale sous les aisselles (pas trop), et comme le bicarbonate est basique, il supprime l’acidité qui génère la transpiration. Je n’ai rien trouvé de mieux.
    Comme ce n’est pas un produit très glamour, je l’ai mis dans un mini tajine bleu intense dans ma salle de bain, c’est super chic!
    En plus c’est bio et pas cher!

  • I ve heard that there can be downsides to the bicarbonate because it eliminates ALL the bacteries, the smelly ones and the GOOD ones – so then it is easier for e.g. some funghies infections to develop.
    I’ve found out that I can use some normal natural deodorant most of the days and I have the bicarbonate in a little tiny pot with me all the time, so that I can use it in case I wear a new shirt which I do not know how my body is going to react to, or if I get really stressed and sweaty. The bicarbonate can even neutralize an already smelly shirt (first day on new synthetic shirt) in case of emergency!
    Oh, what a lovely stories are we sharing dear ladies, aren’t we? :))

  • De Weleda, j’ai essayé celui à la rose musquée et celui au citrus, pour finalement préférer celui au citrus…
    Je vais peut-être tester les autres proposés! [celui de Lush?!]

  • J’aime le Weleda aussi!
    Love from Ajaccio, Alina

  • Manger mon sandwich en imaginant vos aisselles (poilus?)… et ben c’est fait!
    J’avais trop faim… ;)

  • Une pierre d’alun .. et tout va bien !

  • Le problème avec la pierre d’alun, c’est que cela contient de l’aluminium, et que ce n’est pas terrible du tout comme produit sur la peau…
    Mafalda ?

  • I did the switch just a few weeks ahead of you, and I am happy to see that you are in too. (And well, as a kind of role model for a lot of girls, you will encourage them to put healthy stuff on (and) in their bodies too.

    Chouettes, les changements qui se produisent! ;)


  • I tried to use La Roche-Posay 24hr Physiological deodorant for sensitive skin and it works great! Nice, clean smell as well

  • Perso, je suis une flippée de la transpi et même si je fais de + en + attention à mon alimentation, j’utilise toujours le bon vieux Axe masculin qui est parfait!
    Bon seul truc un peu facheux, c’est lorsque les personnes qui rentrent ds ton bureau s’adressent au seul mec de la pièce en lui disant: “et beh ça cocotte mec!”. (Glooooups) Et le pire c’est que personne ne s’imagine que cette odeur faussement testostéronnée vient de moi!!!
    Passées les premières fois un peu gênantes, on s’y habitue vite!


  • Sticking to the most natural (no chemicals) is key. I’ve done some research on this. If the product contains aluminum chlorohydrate stay away, it clogs pores and releases aluminum into the body. Parabans also are bad: methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, etc. Their proper chemical name is alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoates or para-hydroxybenzoic acids. Shaving and immediately applying deodorant is a no-no. Read the label everyone.


  • Ah! Always wanted to try Soapwalla, and will have to give it a go after this post.
    Note on Weleda: Reapplication of the “body spray” is essentially necessary if you are sweaty – not hard to do since it comes in spray form! Yet, it will never beat Kiehl’s creme antiperspirant! :/
    My boyfriend also thinks the Weleda smells like pickles- but, I caught him using it this morning!

    – Mattea

  • Pour moi rien ne vaut un bon deo genre Dove, ou Rexona sans alcool ou parabens cela dit chimique qd meme! Mais c’est intéressant de lire vos points de vue, le seul que j’essaierai bien est celui qu’Alex a essaye le Weleda a la rose musquée…

  • C’est une super idée de rubrique! C’est bien de pouvoir tester des déo naturels en se disant qu’ils marchent, grâce à vos tests.
    Perso, j’utilise du bicarbonate de sodium en déo. C’est 100% naturel et 100% étrange au premier abord, je le conçois. J’ai testé sur les conseils d’une amie, j’ai mis un peu de temps à me lancer, parce-que c’est pas franchement commun. Depuis, je continue, tout simplement parce-que ça marche mieux que tous les déos que j’ai pu tester, des sprays chimiques, aux roll-ons naturels. Donc, 0 transpiration, 0 traces, 0 produits douteux et c’est presque donné. Il reste le geste et le packaging à travailler…

  • Je me demande qui peut donc peut être cette amie qui t’a conseillé ce produit ma chère Gaëlle :) Bisous ma caille…
    Mafalda ?

  • waltersteph December, 19 2013, 10:53 / Reply

    je viens de recevoir le déo en poudre de LUSH thé vert
    je teste dès demain… en tous les cas il sent bon dans le flacon

  • LAVILIN, LAVILIN, LAVILINNNNNN…. C’est le TOP du TOP dechezmonstretop :-P

    Franchement pour avoir testé la plupart de ceux que vous avez sélectionné au studio, je certifier que la crème déodorant Lavilin c’est la plus efficace au monde dans la gamme naturelle.
    Par contre, c’est une crème..et il ne faut pas en appliquer tout les jours…ouais j’avoue c’est étrange et pas facile…. voici les info sur le site http://www.lavilin.com/products/deodorant/underarm-deodorant-cream.html

    Bref je recommande :-)


  • Great suggestions! After reading Alisa Vitti’s Womancode I’m making the switch to natural products, too, at least as much as reasonably possible, along with making other diet changes. It is resolution season after all!

  • I’ve seen so much about natural deodorants but I’d also like to be less sweaty! Garance noted that hers really just worked as a deodorant and did not change how much one sweats. Did any of the other favourites have anti-perspiratory properties? Is there such thing as a natural anti-perspirant? thanks!

  • I love Weleday spray deodorant also, but I prefer their lemon scent, especially in summer time! It is so uplifting and fresh, and I´m sure the boyfriend who said rose smells like pickles will love lemon more!

  • So good you guys tested all this products for us, great finds. i¿I definitly gonna try the Weleda one, Alex you sold me!


  • Let me know if you like it!!

  • Il faut vraiment que je passe aux déos naturels, j’avais des a priori mais ça n’a pas l’air mal :)


  • I use a pump spray water with baking soda and essential oils my wellness person makes. The results are amazingly positive – no more body odor smell, white built up under arms, stains on clothes etc. One of the best cosmetic changes I’ve ever made.

  • Alex- I work at LUSH and agree with you about the Aromaco, its a mare to store. The store sells little metal tins for storing the Shampoo bars and Massage Bars and these are handy for the deodorant too. A friend is a die-hard fan of this, even when she goes raving, but she sprinkles on some of the powder deodorant, Greech on top to stop any stickiness or clamminess.

    Great article, highlights the backlash against the usual and harmful antiperspirants and deodorants. Love!

  • Thank you for the tip Claire!!

  • But what happens when you use these products for more than one day??

  • Hi Ale! We tried out each of these for about a week, they definitely hold up! xo Alex

  • I use the same type of deodorant since I was a teenager, and for about fifteen years, and I am fine! It’s called Derma Fresh milk deodorant without alcohol!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • La pierre d’alun, union vieux remède de grand-mère!!!!
    Rose Market Vintage

  • I switched all my products to natural about a month ago and I love the results. I have tried a few from Etsy because they have tons of nartural deodorant products and many work well. I was hesitant to try a deodorant lotion, but I think I will try it now that you saw it works well.
    For other natural products like toner, lotion and soap try Caru Skincare Co. They are amazing, all natural and do wonders for your skin.
    Enjoy! xo

  • Thank you for all those precious tips;)


  • I think every person needs to try several natural deoderants before they find the one that works the best with their natural chemistry.

    Here are the ones I tried before I found my favorite:
    Tom’s of Maine (all the smells, some worked, some didn’t!), the clear crystal, the Aubrey High E plus C, Tea Tree deoderant, Trader Joe’s deoderant, Lichen deoderant, and a couple more ones you would find at say, Whole Foods.

    My favorite (and my husband’s favorite) is Kiss My Face Patchouli. It’s a stick deoderant, not roll-on.

    Thanks for this post! I also think it’s weird to keep your body from sweating! Also, I would encourage anyone who is trying natural deoderant to keep it up even when you feel like you stink! It takes a few weeks to find one that works for you the best!

  • Tom’s of Maine is sadly no good! It works well and says aluminum free but there is another ingredient that is as bad, maybe worse!

  • une douche tous les jours, voir deux s’il fait très chaud ou si l’on a beaucoup transpiré, des vêtements tout propre chaque matin et j’ai banni toute forme de deo ou d’anti transpirant la plus part des jours de ma vie, depuis très longtemps.
    La phobie des odeurs corporelles me déplait. Les odeurs ne me déplaisent pas quand elles sont “fraiches”. L’hygiène, la propreté, n’est pas synonyme de désert olfactif … ou de parfums de synthèse.
    j’utilise le talc après la toilette. Un anti transpirant sans parfum quand mon vêtement “à même la peau “est trop fragile pour être lavé fréquemment.
    L’age venant, je fais très attention à rester aussi fraîche qu’avant, au prix de plus de vigilance et de précaution (les “vieux” puent trop souvent … mais beaucoup le savent aussi , et font attention).
    Je me lave consciencieusement, je me parfume légèrement et je change de sous vêtements tous les jours et de vêtements aussi, la plupart du temps.
    En revanche, l’odeur corporelle des gens, quand ils sont propres, ne me gène pas.
    Je trouve très “tordu” de la suspecter, de la traquer, de vouloir la nier ou de vouloir la faire disparaitre.
    L’odorat est un sens enchanteur, connecté à notre mémoire , à notre animalité et à nos émotions.
    A ne respirer que de la molécule de laboratoire, nous perdrons la finesse de nos capteurs sensoriels et de la subtilité dans nos relations humaines !

  • I use Kiss my face sport but find it takes time to dry or its sticky. It smells good though. I also use Lafes natural crystal. I have had it for so long , I don’t know exactly what is in it but its a clear rock that you dip under water and apply. I can wear it with anything and its does not leave any colour , residue , or stain clothes. But I am not a huge sweat person.

  • I eat natural food, love natural fibers and wear natural make-up — Gee I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT NATURAL DEODORANT!

    Ha! I love the idea of you all putting on natural stuff and smelling your armpits all day — just for me!

    Many thanks —


  • I am not sure about this post. My aunt wears a natural deoderant too but I am a bit dubious.
    I use a lot of natural products; shampoo and conditioner, face wash, makeup remover and cleaning products but I think I will just stick to my roll on antiperspirant….

  • I part coconut oil, 1 part shea butter, 1 part baking soda, 1 part corn starch and a sprinkling of lavender oil– it’s a MIRACLE. No sweat, so smell, all day.

  • Alex, the fact that you referenced Sun Ripened Raspberry is out of control funny to me. Total throwback…

  • I was tired of that white sticky texture so gave it a go with lemon, just a few drops of lemon juice. It’s been really hot in Buenos Aires last week and to my surprise lemon worked really well!! And my skin is softer than ever

  • I love Lavanila’s “The Healthy Deodorant” especially the vanilla lavender scent, 100% natural……I have been using it for years, it’s smells so good and their body butters are divine too!!!

  • I didn’t read a mention about Lavanila’s “the Healthy Deodorant” …It’s a solid stick and my favourite is Vanilla Lavender, which smells so fresh …it’s 100% natural and the body lotion with the same scent is devine….


  • Michelle Lee December, 20 2013, 2:16 / Reply

    thanks for these tips and post!


  • I’m a big fan of Weleda Wild Rose deodorant, and the entire brand too! Garance, I think your hair will love Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo – it’s perfect for curly hair! :)

  • I use Lancome Bocage Gentle Smooth Deodorant Cream for more than three years now. It is perfect! It calms irritated skin after shaving, has a nice smell and doesn’t leave white-yellow circles on cloths. I have never thought how natural it is. Frankly speaking, I don’t think it is at all, but the results this deodorant provides are fabulous! So, I’m not ready to change it.

  • Did those products pass the “Think Dirty” app test?

  • Bonne idée ce test, mais vous auriez dû le faire l’été, parce que ce qui me gêne vraiment dans la transpiration, ce sont les auréoles sous les bras, particulièrement sur les tissus légers en soie ou en lin qui sont si agréables à porter quand il fait très chaud, et je ne vois pas comment vous avez pu vérifier que vous n’en aviez pas en plein hiver, avec des pulls ou des vêtements du même style !

  • Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Merci pour cet article! Je pense essayer le weleda à l’occasion et je vais m’informer sur le bicarbonate de soude. Depuis des années, j’utilise un déodorant Obao à la criste marine, j’adore ce déo, son odeur sur ma peau et il est super efficace par contre il n’est pas dispo partout et surtout il n’est pas naturel… J’ai déjà tenté à plusieurs reprises des déo naturels mais laissé tomber direct. Je suis aussi un peu parano à ce niveau là et j’ai l’odorat super développé, et c’était juste pas possible.

  • I really love Citrus Verbena cooling deodorant from L’occitane. I don’t know if it’s a 100% natural but it’s aluminium salts, alcohol and paraben free. It really has a nice fresh citrusy smell, doesn’t leave stains on your clothes and it’s handy. I apply it in the morning and am good for the day.

  • I love natural stuff and Lavanila´s “The Healthy Deodorant” is fantastic for everyday, it smells so well

  • Moi aussi je cherche encore le déo éfficace et 100 % naturel. J’ai la peau très sensible et sous les asselles, si j’utilise un produits trop fort, j’ai des rougeurs qui apparaissent.
    j’ai bien testé la pierre d’alun, mais je ne suis pas fan, du coup je me poudre les aisselles avec du talc. C’est ce que j’ai trouvé de plus doux pour ma peau. Par contre il n’est pas évident de l’appliquer sans en laisser tomber un peu partout ;-)

  • J’ai banni tous les déos qui contenaient de l’alcool et du machin d’aluminium… donc exit les anti transpirant. Et le seul qui m’aille, parce qu’il est agréable, efficace et inodore (oui, parce que j’aime mon parfum et que c’est lui que je veux sentir pas mon déo), j’ai définitivement adopté le Sanex en stick. Pas glamour certes mais efficace. D’autant que certains sprays ont eu la facheuse idée de ma laisser des traces brunatres sur la peau après avoir fait du running avec – sous le soleil et en débardeur certes mais bon je ne cours pas les bras en l’air ;-)

  • Coucou, super sujet, c’est drôle j’ai aussi testé les déo bio ces derniers temps (et plusieurs autres choses d’ailleurs, serait-ce un ras le bol général du chimique ?!). Merci pour ces tests en tout cas, je vais tenter le weleda, je l’avais vu et je trouvais le packaging joli. De mon côté, je suis sur le déo (pas totalement bio mais presque) du couvent des minimes, vendu chez marionnaud. Très très agréable, joli packaging avec des huiles essentielles qui sentent bon! Par contre j’avais testé le sanex, marchait pas du tout!

  • Thrilled you’re a fan of soapwalla! Just remember to stir the pot with your finger and use just a very little bit because it can irritate your skin with too much since the baking soda seams to settle at the top of the jar…


  • C’est fou ! Moi aussi j’utilise le déo Weleda à la rose :) avec le petit format quand on part en vacances, hop ! Je suis devenue très fidèle à ce produit, l’odeur est délicieuse et puis le flacon en verre c’est tellement plus cool, classe, agréable !
    et mon papa il utilise le même mais au citrus ! seul et unique déo/parfum qu’il aime

  • J’ai essayé Soapwalla l’été dernier, j’ai aimé pendant environ une semaine, jusqu’à ce qu’un jour je doive demander à une collègue en course café de faire un crochet à la pharmacie… Je sue beaucoup, ce qui ne me dérange pas trop, mais je dois encore m’en remettre aux antisudorifiques simplement pour sentir bon. Pour moi, c’est un retour à la case départ quant aux déos naturels – fidèle de Ban je demeure donc :(

  • I really like Lavera natural skin are range. Use there sensitive skin deodorant which is fantastic and a roll on. There rose scent is beautiful too

  • Soapwalla simply rocks! not changing it never ever!

  • Francesca December, 23 2013, 4:24 / Reply

    You can purchase a small metal tin for the Lush deodorant in store xx

  • Bonjour, j’utilise l’aromaco de Lush et ma petite astuce c’est de l’appliquer sur peau légèrement humide.
    J’en suis très contente

  • Coucou le studio!!
    Petite astuce pour l’aromaco de lush : le conserver dans une boîte que lush vend ( 2€ ).
    Moi je le furent en peut morceau plus facile à conserver et je renouvelle en boutique ( pour ceux qui ont la chance d’en avoir une tout près).
    A bientôt.

  • I still haven’t found a good “natural” deodorant. While Weleda is one of the best I have tried, it still isn’t perfect. Soapwalla didn’t work for me (actually, I didn’t like it at all, and threw it into the trash).

  • Le Alvera Aloe and Almonds est génialissime ! Je vis depuis quelques mois sous les tropiques et franchement pas une fois je n’ai eu l’impression de sentir la transpiration, ni besoin d’en remettre en cours de journée. En plus j’ai tendance à faire des réactions allergiques aux déos, et là rien à signaler. Un bonheur !

  • Belles fleurs, si elle est en plus de l’odeur, alors vous pouvez mettre certains désodorisants, il ya beaucoup de choix, mais aussi mouche odeur très parfumée

  • Thank you for sharing this! But my only concern is, I live in Rio, Brazil, and its almost all the time super humid and hot, and I sweat a lot in sunny warm days. Since you tried during winter, I’m not sure which one to try! Any suggestions for very very hot and humid weather?

  • Very interesting article. Based on your recommandation, i ordered online the Soapwalla cream deodorant, i loved the smell and it did really work well at least for the first four days. I really thought i had found my new natural deo but unfortunately, i did have an allergy which i think comes from the essentiel oils that you can find in it. Too bad! Very good product but not suited for my sensitive skin! Kind regards from the French Alps.

  • Alessandra February, 15 2014, 9:51 / Reply

    Le déo Eau Dynamisante de Clarins est parfait, je trouve! Un peu cher mais parfait. En plus, il donne une fraicheur style cologne que j’aime beaucoup, coté déos!!

    Merci pour avoir recommandé le déo Dr Haushka – j’adore la marque et son gel douche à la rose mais je n’ai jamais testé le déo… c’est bien le moment de le faire!

  • Love your site, I check-in daily.
    Two more natural deodorants for consideration:

  • I’ve used a bunch of these products before and they’re great. I tried to get my husband to use them but he said “no way, they small way to girly”.. true… I found him a great manly smelling natural deodorant called Uncle Jacks it’s on amazon

  • Awesome Post!
    I love your reccomendations. Anyone who is looking for a manly smelling deodorant for their husband/boyfriend should check out Uncle Jacks. My husband raves about it http://allnaturalmensdeodorant.com

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