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At the studio, there are all different skin types; combination, oily, dry — you name it, someone here has it! And with the weather starting to warm up, we are all becoming a little more aware of the changes we might have to make with our beauty routine.

One of the biggest concerns some of us voiced during one of our creative team meetings was managing oily skin during the summer months. Living and working in the city means a lot of walking around outside, riding subways (it gets very hot down there), bike riding, and picnicking. In an effort to start our beauty routine on the right foot, we reached out to Dr. Shirley for some advice on our most pressing questions, and as you will see we learned it’s not just about the products we use, but focusing on what’s happening inside the body.


What is the best way to keep oiliness under control during the day, especially with make-up on?

Skin condition is highly dependent on one’s health. What you see on the outside gives a clue as to what’s happening on the inside. In general, for oily skin, there are a number of ways to help reduce facial oiliness:

• Avoid over-washing: ironically, skin that is too dry will produce excess oil to help rebalance its moisture level;
• Use skin care products that are appropriate for your skin type.
• Avoid over-stripping the skin with products or DIY techniques that aren’t suitable for you. One woman’s beauty elixir may be another woman’s poison
• Stay hydrated: drink at least 1.5-2 litters of pure water daily.
• Exercise: helps to improve blood circulation and pores “breathing.”
• Eat cleanly: avoid (or significantly reduce) foods that do not agree with your constitution.
• Practice healthy skin hygiene: wash face, no skin picking, remove makeup, etc.

What ingredients should we look for in our products that help stop oil production?

Some commercially available products specifically marketed to stop oil production may, in fact, be too harsh on the skin. It is important to first discuss any skin conditions you have with a dermatologist, aesthetician, or other skin care specialist. Nevertheless, depending on your skin type, some active ingredients that may help manage facial oil include clay, alpha hydroxy acids (such as glycolic acid), hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, retinol, and salicylic acid.

Some DIY home remedies may be applied onto the facial skin (and washed off) and include: tomatoes (have an astringent property), lemon (vitamin C helps remove dead skin cells but also removes excess moisture), and yogurt (acts as a mild exfoliant).

Is there anything specific we should be eating or drinking that can control oil production from the inside?

Feed your face by eating well and eating as cleanly as your circumstances allow. If you’ve been tested for food allergies, this is very helpful as the information will help guide you how to eat to reduce total body inflammation and thus, premature aging, acne, and other skin conditions. Otherwise, do your best to eat a whole foods, non-processed, plant-based diet (even if you’re a meat eater). Also, use alcohol and caffeine in moderation, if at all; listen to your body’s satiety signals; and drink 1.5-2 litters of water daily (to help rid toxins and waste from the body).

Probiotics are very beneficial in helping to re-establish the natural balance of micro-organisms in our digestive system to reduce inflammation and to improve skin health. A nutritionist or holistic health coach may help you to find the best nutrition plan for you.

What is the underlying cause of oily skin?

There are a number of reasons why the skin is triggered to respond by making excess oil. Some of these factors are: genetics, stress, poor diet, improper skin hygiene, hormonal imbalance, environmental factors, lack of sleep, use of products inappropriate for skin type, medications, seasonal changes, over-stripping skin, and too frequent use of oily products.

What is most effective for stoping oil but not completely drying me out, mattifying moisturizers or powders?

This depends on your skin type and many other factors. However, in general, a mattifying cream will at least provide some “moisturizing” and may protect hydration by preventing excess water loss through skin from evaporation.

Should we change our face wash when it get’s hot out to help control oil?

I generally recommend that skin care products should change according to the seasons: lighter textures and formulations for spring/summer, and creamier, more emollient-based products for fall/winter.

For people with bangs, how do we balance the oil our foreheads?

Use the appropriate hair products that are not oily. If you sweat, blot often and carry moisturizing face wipes to gently wipe away excess oil, dirt, and sweat.

Is it true that it’s better to have more oily skin because it doesn’t age as quickly?

It isn’t a matter of skin type per se; rather, it’s better to have healthy skin. Honor your temple, and it will serve you well by giving you good face. “Becky with the good hair” may be getting all the attention these days, but great face is a good thing and is always de rigeur.

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  • Pleins de tips intéressant ! Sauf pour le coup du DIY, vu que c’est ça qui a transformé ma peau pour le mieux !
    J’ai arrêté le savon et les produits nettoyant du commerce. Je me lave et me démaquille le visage avec de l’huile d’argan à la vapeur(oil cleansing method), un peu d’eau de rose et une touche d’huile de rose musquée pour les yeux !
    Le matin, je me nettoie le visage avec une eau floral et pour hydrater une goutte d’huile d’argan ou d’huile de framboise et voilà !
    Ah et je mange vegan, le plus sain possible et j’essaye tant bien que mal de boire le plus d’eau possible !
    Et pour le coup ma peau est nickel !



  • Our skin is like a mirror of our soul…the way we feel and think has an influence on our skin .so that’s why i always believed that the way we eat and live is more important than just the product we put on our skin from outside!!!
    we have to find a balance with the way we live,eat,and the cream and treatment we use on our skin!!!
    with love
    Yael Guetta

  • Thanks for these easy tips to keep a healthy beautiful skin. I have to go and try my beauty mask with yogurt!

  • I have oily skin so thanks for all the tips!

  • I love the idea of this post, but the lemon juice tip made me cringe–a doctor shouldn’t be recommending this. Lemons are highly acidic and therefore imbalance the natural pH of skin’s acid mantle, which is irritating to the skin, and lemons are also phototoxic.

  • Colleen Garrity May, 8 2016, 5:43

    Agreed! Lemon on the skin is terrible advice :( It’s 100000000% better to just get a vitamin C serum (like from Paula’s Choice or Neostrata). An actual lemon would strip the skin and be really, really irritating. It’s really surprising to hear this from her because it’s the exact opposite of what two doctors and a dermatologist have told me.

  • Alors, il faut que je vous parle d’une kérato qui m’a appris à connaître ma peau et ses fonctionnements. C’est une spécialiste de l’épiderme, une expertise à la loupe tout simplement, un diagnostic et un conseil.
    Je sais maintenant que pour avoir une belle peau équilibrée, il faut respecter le ph de la peau de 5,5 et un film hydrolipidique de qualité (sébum + sueur) pour maintenir la flore cutanée, et oui nous avons des petites bêtes utiles sur la peau :) Qui favorise la desquamation naturellement! Et la qualité du sébum défini le terrain de peau, c’est à dire la quantité de glandes sébacées que nous avons(génétique) : 1 glandes par follicule pileux terrain alipidique, point noir: oxydation petit petit, peau terne, sécrétion de sébum insuffisante, deshydratation. A l’inverse 9 glandes par follicule pileux : là c’est un terrain lipidique(gros et grand point noir, brillance à cause du sébum hypersécrété). L’idéal serait un juste milieu.
    Mais surtout une chose primordiale, peut-être du bon sens, néanmoins le stress nous pousse à se “disséquer” la peau…. Ne jouez pas avec la peau, ne percez pas, ne grattez pas! J’ai pris conscience tardivement des gestes à stopper. Je vous assure qu’une peau sans problème n’est pas un calvaire ;)
    Aujourd’hui un simple rdv mensuel chez ma kérato me permet de rééquilibrer ma peau. Je n’utilise que leurs produits qui sont respectueux, bon ce sont des matières et odeurs cosméceutiques, je n’ai rien trouvé de mieux. les produits sont travaillés avec des actifs qui respectent le ph de la peau.
    Merci Docteur Reiner Janka et à ma kérato que je garderai le plus longtemps possible dans ma vie!

  • J’ai oublié d’écrire leur site internet si c’est possible, vous pourrez trouvez votre kérato. La mienne est à Londres, mais elle est pas référencée sur le site.

  • Leslie May, 4 2016, 6:51 / Reply

    Southern suggestion: invest in some beautiful handkerchiefs.

  • Drink coffee in moderation~?! Coffee runs in my veins~ What to do! what to do~!

    Thanks for the amazing tips!

  • Et tu as oublié aussi les problèmes hormonaux… qui jouent beaucoup sur la peau à mon goût..

  • Lilou May, 5 2016, 1:26 / Reply

    Hey! j’ai une peau mixte et honnêtement depuis que je suis passée au layering et au bio je ne brille presque jamais!
    Ma routine: nettoyage le matin avec le gel nettoyant moussant pour peau mixte, puis gel d’aloe vera, huile de jojoba (super pour réguler la production de sébum) et enfin maquillage léger Lily Lolo (maquillage minéral oufissime, plein de teinte et ne donne pas de boutons :) ). Le soir démaquillage avec l’eau micellaire de Bioderma, nettoyage avec clarins, puis re aloe vera et huile de jojoba. Ma peau n’a jamais été aussi belle que depuis que je suis cette routine!

  • Great tips ;)


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