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I’m totally in love with FIG+YARROW products right now. It started with the packaging, then the scent, and the fact that they’re completely organic and natural. And then of course, the texture. I’ll let you know what the long term results are – I won’t pretend it’s miraculous just yet :)

It’s funny, because I’m pretty much the last person who got interested in natural products. A lot of times, I thought they went bad too quickly, or the texture was too gummy, and I didn’t have a lot of faith in how well they worked. I figured nothing could probably beat the big companies with their years of research and their scientists in white lab coats looking super serious. Obviously, I tried to avoid parabens as much as possible, especially in deodorant but for everything else, I had a pretty passive attitude.

It’s rare that a passive attitude leads to anything positive, but this time it worked: the world around me changed before I did :)

The big companies started paying more attention to the ingredients they were putting in their products, and on top of that, lots of new brands that were totally natural started showing up on the market. So to celebrate Earth Day, we asked Brandy, the creator of FIG+YARROW, to take the idea even further by giving us a recipe for making our own beauty products. It’s really great – we’ve tried it out, and again, I’m not going to pretend that “I’ll do it every single day.”

But I think familiarizing yourself with the fact that a good beauty product is kind of like a good dish, and the important thing is having the right ingredients and keeping them as simple as possible, is interesting. Especially for girls who are a little bit passive about this kind of thing, like me ;)


Translated by Andrea Perdue

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

Using fruit, vegetables and some other all-natural ingredients, Brandy showed us how to make this rejuvenating mask, which heals winter damage and prepares skin for summer…



Lemon & Kale Spring Juice Mask


Juice the following:
1 lemon
8 oz. kale (about half a bunch)
4 oz. aloe vera (about one large leaf)

Blend until smooth:
8 oz. white china clay
4 oz. whole milk yoghurt
1 tsp. raw organic honey

Once a smooth consistency is achieved, stir blended base with juice.
Apply liberally to clean skin and leave for 10 – 15 minutes, gently wipe off with a damp cloth.

Leftover mask paste can be frozen into an ice cube tray.
For later use, simply thaw, stir gently and apply.



Look out for another spring face mask recipe from Brandy on Facebook!

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore
fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore
fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

fig+yarrow brad torchia brandy monique garance dore

Photos: Brad Torchia


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  • Love this! I didn’t know about this brand but I’m passionate about organic and natural cosmetics. I need to try them!

  • I’ll try this at home…let’s DIY!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Merci pour cette belle découverte!
    Je suis très pro produits naturels en ce moment, cet article tombe à pic!
    Bonne soirée

    Le monde des petites

  • Jennifer April, 21 2015, 9:22 / Reply

    Beautiful photographs. But can I ask: is this a sponsored post?

  • Hi Jennifer! No, it’s not – Garance really just loves these products and Brandy was kind enough to share a recipe :)

  • Zephyre April, 21 2015, 9:24 / Reply

    Punaise, ça me donne envie de la manger cette crème :)

  • J’adoooooore, que des bonnes idées :)

    Bisous de France

  • Super recette de masque! D’ordinaire, c’est miel-aloès-vinaigre de cidre mais avec du kale et de l’avocat, ça peut être très agréable !


  • Hello G,

    Belles photos mais suis pas emballée de me mettre ça sur le visage… Réticences profondes!!!


  • wow, fantastic! Beautiful pics!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • I love the idea of making your own products…i am not sure about buying them because in order to preserve them you need to add ++which is not so in the food you put in your mouth nothing better than fresh fresh…. and good quality….and i do believe that your skin reflect your inner health and the food you eat…
    Yael Guetta

  • eastvillagesiren April, 21 2015, 10:02 / Reply

    After reading peer-reviewed research, I don’t have a problem with parabens; I use “mainstream” products like CeraVe everyday and I do believe that large companies with the money to do proper research and formulating make safe, effective products. And I adore Nars and Hourglass cosmetics ; )

    That being said, I also prefer simple, natural ingredients like jojoba, almond and rosehip oil for my face; olive oil and shea butter for my body; and a simple olive oil soap in the shower. I can’t use essential oils in my daily care as I have rosacea, but I enjoy lavender oil in my epsom salt bath and on my pillow at night.

    I look for safety and effectiveness couple with ingredients that are more biodegradable than less so. And so, I agree with Garance, And now I want to sample some of the Fig & Yarrow products!

  • rosacean crustacean April, 21 2015, 5:12

    I have rosacea too and would be curious to learn anything more about your routine. Do you simply use jojoba and shea or do you have any other recommendations/magical secrets?? Thanks!!

  • eastvillagesiren April, 21 2015, 6:08

    Hello, Rosacean Crustacean,

    I use jojoba oil both to remove makeup and as a light moisturize for my face and body. It seems to keep the moisture in my skin so I don’t get dehydrated, yet it feels light. For my body, I mix raw shea butter and jojoba oil in my hands and use after a shower. So I just use the oils as is. I also like grapeseed in the summer for my face during the day; coconut oil as a body lotion in the summer, and sometimes almond oil (I buy the food-grade version at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) all over. Sometimes I mix CeraVe baby lotion with the jojoba when I need more hydration. Oh, and rosehip oil at night all over my face, hands, and how do you say, “decollete.” Tinted Josie Maran sunscreen during the day. And FAB toner pads (no alcohol) for an acid toner at night.

    And if I feel very flushed I do like the La Roche Posay Rosaliac serum and then their CC Cream during the summer. I find that they do seem to calm my skin.

    Caroline Hirons has a useful and fun blog; she just ran a “cheat sheet” article on what to use/avoid for various skin conditions, including rosacea.

    Very long on my part, but I hope you find it useful. I have mild rosacea that flares up when it’s hot or I eat spicy food. And lately I find it’s been affecting my eyes, so I’m due for a trip to the dermo ;)


  • Just a little note that might be of help for people with sensitive skin. Before using the Aloe leaf, cut the base of it and place the leaf for a few hours in water to drain the yellowish toxic aloin from it, which may cause irritation to the skin. Specially do so if drinking the Aloe juice in your green smoothie. The aloin can cause severe cramping and purging of the intestines. For any use of the Aloe, always drain it before using it. Have a beautiful day all you beautiful people!

  • Question in regard to eating Aloe Vera: Is the Aloin the cause of the bitter taste? Thanks for the insights! =)

  • mmm, j’ai la peau réactive, et pour avoir déjà testé (et ce depuis des années) les produits naturels…je dis “vive la chimie”!

  • ery nice! It is true that some natural skincare lines really do work as well or better than mass produced ones. Check out “Skin so Divine” – a luxurious 100% natural skincare line available at:

  • Beautiful sentiments! I’m passive for the most part too- and I rarely wear any makeup at all, but am passionate about anti-parabens. I’d love to know more about what we should look out for in ingredients. I’m looking forward to giving this mask a go!

    Warm Regards,

  • Really enjoyed this post! Working on replacing my beauty products with all natural alternatives, and this diy recipe will be great to try out :)

  • Je suis sensible à cette vague naturelle depuis longtemps mais les masques naturels que je faisais quand j’étais ado je ne les ai pas fait depuis un moment!
    Ça me donne envie de m’y remettre.
    Ce qui fait du bien à l’intérieur doit faire logiquement du bien à l’extérieur!

  • Ohohoh … Merry Earth Day !
    Puisque on ne croit plus au Père Noël … mais puisque nous savons que de nous occuper de nous, c’est bon pour le moral et donc pour notre peau … alors je dirais … go for it ;-)))
    Biz Anne

  • Synthetic products are poisons. Glad to see natural ANTI-animal tested products that WORK and HEAL, become the mainstream norm….FINALLY! Hooray for health, nature and beauty!!!! Beautiful post/photography! Kudos to Garance & Studio Dore!! =)

    Beautiful packaging, homemade all natural beauty made with love.
    I’ve been using her products now for almost 2 years and love the way they make me feel!

  • Hi Garance,

    Great article! Fig and yarrow sound (and look) amazing!

    It’s actually funny because parabens are pretty safe. The most dangerous parabens are rarely used in cosmetics, and the safe ones are even used in big ‘natural’ prbrands such as Lush.

    The use of ‘no parabens’ has been created by big groups such as l’Oréal for marketing purposes, so smaller brands have to follow because the world is worried about parabens now… It is sad to see people being influenced. They are so many more harmful chemicals used in the cosmetics industry by big laboratories!!!



  • Hi Garance and Team!

    I loved hearing about this natural brand which looks yummy enough to ingest! I’ve experienced raw kale, lemon, etc. in fresh juices, but never thought to put this on my face for both an internal and external benefit!

    Love the ideas you bring to me and your followers!

    adorn la femme

  • Is Fig+Yarrow vegan and cruelty-free as well? Looks good so far!

  • Tous mes produits de beauté sont bio et naturels… il suffit de trouver les bonnes marques et d’abandonner qqs exigences superflues pour certains (les parfums pr la crème solaire par ex). Sinon ma peau adooore…. Qt aux résultats sur le long terme, ben, je fais de la prévention alors difficile de juger mais j’y crois c’est l’essentiel non?

  • I love Fig and Yarrow too ! the complexion water smells so good and the cleansing tonic is nice on skin. My favorite may be the body oil, softens the skin and works well in the bath. I will need to place another order soon.

  • I’ve never tried their products but always wanted to. I’ve been trying to lean more into natural and organic products for a while, especially for my face. I’ll definitely give them a try.

    The Office Stylist

  • Hmmm looks wonderful :)

  • Yay, to more home made recipes ! enough with buying products. Waste of packaging ! mommy earth needs a break.

  • Christeella April, 21 2015, 9:02 / Reply

    I used to drink juice from one leaf of Aloe vera Every single morning!!!! I will also use it for my skin and to define my curly hair! For the drinking part, the taste was horrible but the benefits were incredible! it is detoxifying, and i also lost fat around my belly, it was awesome, you should try it! ???

  • Theresa April, 21 2015, 9:03 / Reply

    Great looking recipe and I love her style!

  • The natural and organics skincare movement is surely gaining momentum, but you do want to make sure you’re just as informed about the ingredients that go into these products.

    For example, citrus components applied to the skin are highly sensitizing and irritating. When skin is irritated, cell death is happening, and this leads to aging. The terpenes in citrus components can also cause phototoxicity (toxic reactions caused when exposed to UV sunlight) Terpenes can be removed from the ingredient/ component before adding to products, but you have to make sure – it’s not a given. Also, lavender (and linalool) and sandalwood oils are in the same category – irritating (aging), and toxic for skin.

    Just do your research. :)

  • les photos sont magnifiques !! Ca donne envie… de manger ce qu’elle fait.
    J’ai trop le flemme de me faire des produits frais en traitement pour le corps, si je le fais c’est pour manger :)))))

  • I love natural products and Aloe. Thanks!

  • Merci pour cette découverte, je ne me suis pas encore mise au bio non plus concernant mes produits de beauté, donne nous ton feedback dans quelques semaines!


  • Murielle April, 24 2015, 3:25 / Reply

    Attention dans cette recette il parle de mettre une feuille entière d’aloés… quand on coupe une feuille d’aloés, vous voyez deux textures, une blanche qui est le gel d’aloés très bon pour la peau et un gel jaune qui lui est de l’aloïne est qu’il faut éliminer…

  • Really great idea of making your own products! Love Aloe!
    Love from Vienna
    Borislava from ColurClub

  • Bonjour

    Est-il possible d’acheter fig yarrrow en france


  • Just want to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity in your post is just cool and i could assume you are an expert on this subject.

    Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.

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