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There are certain women you see all the time on my blog, and that’s just simply because they inspire me the most.

Take Elisa for example. During the fashion weeks, I can always pick her out in a crowd. She’s the queen of color blocking and has the most feminine tomboy look I’ve ever seen. I just love it. That said, I wondered what she would say if I asked her the same questions Emmanuelle Alt was asked (that interview about Emmanuelle’s staples really stuck with me and I find myself going back to it all the time, and it even dates back to the 90s! Truly a timeless woman…) It was super last minute and she was in the middle of a shoot (Elisa is a stylist) but since she’s just such a dear heart, here’s what she responded…

My Top: a silk shirt buttoned all the way up, in any blue or turquoise shade.

My Bottom: Men’s shaped trousers that are a bit short at the ankles. My favorites are vintage Chloé from the Phoebe Philo period.

My Jeans: I have to say I have just recently started to wear jeans (I discovered them while I was pregnant) but my favorites now are a pair of skinny, but not too tight at the ankles (I hate that-I call it the leggings effect), beige Zara ones! I have worn that so much they are falling into pieces : (

My Evening: I’m always swearing on silk! Whatever it could be…a blouse with a pair of shantung masculine trousers or a Dries Van Noten silk dress (I’m obsessed right now with an emerald green one…)

My Intimates: La Perla for their amazing bras and Intimissimi panties, invisible ones: no stitching, no elastic bands, perfection!

My Coat: Mmmh I have too many and I love to change it all the time… But I would say my essential for this winter, and I’m really wearing it all the time, is a suuuuper light and incredibly soft blue-grey Fendi. It has a pretty classic shape, it’s knee length, with a hidden button.

My Bag: It’s the same as the coats … I don’t really have one in particular but in my wardrobe there are for sure essentials to have:

-One clutch bag or an envelope-shaped one.

-A really big one, like a shopping bag shape, a cabas in French, where you can put your life in it and mine includes a baby, so I always need enough space to put toys, etc…

My Shoes: Well, you know I’m a shoe freak… I don’t even know how many pairs I own…but for essentials I would definitely say:

-A pair of flat derbys, like the Fred from Louboutin.

-A pair of Repetto Zizi.

– A pair of very extravagant, very high heels like Pierre Hardy.

My Accessories: I love and live for accessories so they are definitely an essential for me! What I could not live without are belts, scarves, and necklaces!

My Watch: I don’t wear one, I make them go crazy… But if I would it would be a Chanel one, the small one with the chain bracelet.

My Glasses: Love sunglasses! My essentials are a pair of KBL’s.

My Scent: A very old Sicilian perfume called Zagara, it’s made from oranges and lemon trees flowers, and jasmine flower. I can’t live without it!!!

My Blonde: Platinum blonde always! Very cold tone, almost white! My Hair is always done by Karin Bigler, a wonderful hair stylist with who I work with a lot. She comes to my house or I go to her, since I haaate going to hair salons!

My Lip: Bright matte orange from Mac.

My Skin: Natural, I only use Bare Minerals and Nuxe gold oil.

My Inspiration: My inspirations are sooooo many! Art, photography, movies, vintage, nature !!! I do not really have icons but I do have a great great admiration for Coco Chanel and Wallis Simpson…

And there you have it!!! To close, here’s a quick Elisa tour… Big hugs!

Elisa in the photobooth at the Palais de Tokyo…

Elisa at Claus

Elisa with Giovanna, Italia Poweeeeer ! (In a Lahssan trench, a young designer who makes amazing trenches.)

Elisa before she went all crazy platinum blonde.

A quick look at her shoe collection that I took for Vogue a million and a half years ago…


Translation : Tim Sullivan


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