I love to put make up on my eyes.

A little bit of concealer, a little bit of eye shadow and a lot of mascara, that’s like my daily routine.

Yes. But each time I get depressed when I think of the pain it’s going to be in order to remove all of that.

I am make up removal challenged.

I don’t know exactly what I do wrong, but there must be something:

1/ I apply some lotion with my fingers.

2/ I wait a couple seconds for the lotion to dilute the mascara.

3/ I swipe with a cotton. Yuck. It’s totally black.

4/ I swipe another cotton. Yuuuck, still super black.

5/ Aaaand another one. Still very black.

6/ Ooooooh crap, anther one. And let’s add some more lotion. Looks a little lighter, but I still feel I’ve got a ways to go.

7/ Oh well, I’ll just keep on the thing until my cotton is totally clear.

After literally emptying my cotton box, totally depressed in front of the mountain of disgusting cottons and not super sure that this operation is very good for the super fragile skin around the eyes (AND the environment), I can go to bed, at last…

Asking myself how other girls turn make up removal into such a nice moment, just like in Demakup ads, let’s say.

So, how on Earth do you remove yours ?