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Ever since I stopped using water on my face, my skin is doing much better. My routine is simple: I use nothing but micellar water — I’ve even stocked up on several different kinds to test out!
But most of the girls around me wash their faces with water. It’s usually because they feel like they need water on their skin to feel clean, and I can understand that. It took me months to get used to not feeling that splash on my face. Alex, for example washes her face with water everyday, so we thought it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about cleansing with water. To each her own, right?

– Garance

I love to wash my face (I’m proud to tell you that I’ve been sticking with my 2014 Beauty Resolution of washing my face and taking off my makeup at night! It feels pretty good not having mascara marks all over my pillowcases). I love that clean feeling and when I wash my face, I use water and sometimes I even use one of those cleansing gadgets (I know, it goes against everything Garance does… maybe it’s because I’m American?).

Anyway, I realize that despite loving to wash my face, I’m not a pro. For those of you that might need more of a helping hand in the face washing department, I went to facialist Joanna Vargas. She already gave you some tips for tips for in-flight skincare (which I follow, religiously) and here she breaks down everything you need to know about having a clean face…

Let’s start with the basics: what temperature should the water be for washing your face?

The temperature should really be tepid. You don’t want it to be too hot or too cold. Extreme water temperatures tend to dry out the skin or could cause an eczema type reaction, especially in the winter. You want to keep it mild.

Is there ever a time when washing your face with water should be avoided?

There are a lot of times when people travel and the water might be harder in other countries, that could make your skin breakout. In those situations skipping water on the face it totally appropriate.

Garance doesn’t wash her face with water. Her dermatologist said it would be better for her if she didn’t use water because it was breaking down her natural defenses and she was producing more sebum. What is your opinion of this? Can you get too clean, resulting in stripping your skin too much of oil?

You can definitely overstrip the skin in many ways. You can over wash your face by washing it too many times a day. If you use water that is too hot you can also strip the skin of its natural oils, but very few people have a water sensitivity, so I would first make sure you weren’t doing these things first.

When should you be exfoliating?

Exfoliation is the key to having great skin. Spring, summer and fall, you should be doing it twice a week. In winter, just once a week. Use a circular motion, when you are exfoliation you’re applying more pressure than when you just cleanse. I like it when people use an exfoliant that is both a physical exfoliant, so it has some sort of a scrub, plus something that has enzymes and lactic acid. The dual method of exfoliation is really amazing for skin. You can resurface the skin and also slough off the dead skin cells and really wash them away.

What’s the biggest difference between washing your face with dry skin versus breakout prone skin?

It depends on the type of skin that you have. If your skin breaks out, washing your face twice a day is really important. If your skin is very dry, you’re not really going to want to wash your face in the morning because it is just going to dry out your skin more. Splashing water on your face is perfectly fine for super dry skin. For dry skin, I would wash my face in an upward, circular motion because it will bring more nutrients and circulation to the skin. If you have skin that tends to break out, I would wash my face in a downward motion, with downward circles. It will help your skin take away all of the waste.

Lymphatic drainage is the process that brings nutrients and carries away waste. If you have blocked lymph nodes in the face or the neck, you’re going to have kind of chalky, dry skin or skin that breaks out. The chalky, dry skin means that the part of the system that is bringing nutrients is blocked. If you have skin that breaks out, the part that carries away waste isn’t working properly.

What do you think of cleansing gadgets? [Editor Note: This has been a big debate here on the blog– remember this post?]

It depends on the gadget, but yes they will give a better cleans. It’s really a great way of keeping your pores cleaner, you get a little bit of exfoliation when you use the devices. I like it for everyday because it helps products penetrate better.

How do you know you’ve gotten everything off, that your face is really clean?

I always encourage clients to consider themselves the best judge of products and how they work. If your face doesn’t feel clean to you, it probably isn’t. For me, most clients prefer a foaming face wash because it does make the skin feel squeaky clean, it gets off makeup really easily. My foaming face wash contains an exfoliant in it as well. It doesn’t have granules or beads, but has an exfoliating agent to keep the pores nice and clean and to feel like you’re washing away fine lines.

What’s the best step to take after you are done cleansing, what should you apply first?

I love applying a serum. Serums are great because you can really customize them for your skin type and especially moving into warmer weather, you want something really concentrated that delivers great nutrients to the skin without it feeling like the skin is suffocating. I’m a big fan of serum and then a SPF.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to washing their face?

I think that people don’t really get that it’s a very important step, so people don’t do it for long enough or they have nights when they skip it. Cleansing your skin before bed is absolutely, 100% necessary. If you don’t wash your face before you go to sleep, you’re not giving your body a fair chance to repair itself while you rest. Your skin is your defense system against sun damage, against pollution, you need to cleanse in order for your skin to do it’s job properly.

Spending a few extra seconds working cleanser into your eye area, so you get all your makeup off is important. You only really need to cleanse your skin for two minutes. I think most people average around 10 seconds. If you really spend a good two minutes, really working the cleanser into your skin and taking extra time rinsing at the end, you’d be surprised at how much healthier your skin would be.

What are some key ingredients to look for in a cleanser?

Across the board, I like a cleanser that includes some sort of exfoliating agent in it. I have an ingredient in my cleanser called Galactoarabinan which is a natural ingredient derived from the larch tree. Not only does it cause more cell turnover than a lactic or glycolic acid but is also an anti-inflammatory ingredient. You’re getting a lot of cell turnover without making the skin super red or sensitive, so it’s safe for all skin types. I like things that have anti-inflammatories because it becomes more universal. I think it’s a bit tedious to think of skincare in terms of this is for acne, this for dry. In general, everyone needs good exfoliation and good cell turnover on a daily basis.

How do you wash your face? Do you use water? A gadget?

Ready to wash? I tried (and love) these: Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash, Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse, One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash and ESPA Balancing Foam Cleanser, Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Soap

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  • Une chose est sûre : c’est important de bien le nettoyer ! J’alterne entre les eaux micellaires, et depuis quelques temps j’ai adopté l’huile démaquillante dont je ne peux plus me passer. j’ai toujours l’impression d’être super bien démaquillée après. Et le matin je fais depuis des années le 3 en 1 de clinique. Mon basique qui fait la peau de bébé :-)

  • Je fais partie de personnes qui, comme Alex, se lavent le visage à l’eau, mais en ce moment j’ai un sacré problème pour trouver un bon nettoyant, je ne trouve rien que me satisfasse…

  • Loved reading this! I’m also proud of myself for sticking with my New Year’s resolution to remove every trace of make-up before bed. I find that my skin looks better without using water to wash my face so I’ve been using cleansing liquid from Klorane on a cotton pad and my skin is much less dry.
    xx, Kristi


  • A good facial cleansing is essential in my beauty routine, I use a cleanser Caudalie and I get along very well!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • qu’est ce que j’aime lire ces post.

  • Really interesting post!

    Smack, Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  • When the clarisonic hit France, I read a lot of articles about washing your face with brushes. One was particularly interesting. To summarize t: Japanes women have used brushes to wash their face for ages BUT their skin is thicker than a classic european / caucasian skin. Therefore, it should not be recommended for everybody to use it everyday, it can damage your skin and have your face “collapse” faster. It should rather be used on occasion (for example once a week, as an exfoliant).

    I know what people are going to say : “but since I’m using Clarisonic, my face is better than ever…” But I’m afraid that this glowing skin comes at a price, which is your future skin. I’m trying to be as gentle as possible with my skin : few products, only cleaning and moisturizing everyday, everything else every once in a while (including serum).

    Regarding micellar water, one thing : I know most of them say “no need to rinse” but I have learned that it is actually not true. Actually you should rinse it, not necessarly with tap water, but for example Spray bottle of Eau d’Avène. The fact that it is used by make up artist backstage does prove that it is working and soft, but not that you should use it like that in your own routine. After all, make up artist use it, in the middle of the day, for girls that have make up on, and will be put some more on the face. Not exactly the same purpose

  • I agreed with your comment. We, Asian skin have thicker skin than Westerners. When we have acne, the acne takes forever to fade out. But, my European husband gets no mark when his acne heals. Bummer! His skin turns back to white also, the tan doesn’t last long, lol. Another good point from you is TRUE, miscellar water is not good to be used everyday. I would use it on lazy days or when you are too tipsy to remove your makeup. When I use Bioderma micellar water or Lancome or Clarins micellar water, I put toner afterward and I still can see traces of makeup left behind. It’s used for backstage makeup, because they need to remove/change makeup fast between shows. For removing makeup, I love DHC deep cleansing oil, it’s a staple in Japan and it completely removes makeup 100%, yet it’s made of olive oil. The Japanese takes a good time and care to remove their makeup. After the oil, you use a very gentle cleanser or DHC soap bar to removes residue, then toner, then serum, then moisturizer if you need one. Voila. Lots of steps, but worth it.

  • I use oatmeal – it gently exfoliates, removes mascara, and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or “squeaky”. Plus it’s super cheap :) I use rolled oats (you can also use instant). Before I had both breakouts and dry flaky skin and redness – after washing with oats for a week it was all cleared up. You just have to be careful not to let the oats go down the drain.

  • Wow! I never heard of that, but it’s a really good idea. I think I’ll try it tonight!


  • This is awesome!
    I’m fully aware that I don’t wash my face well enough, but after reading this, I promise to be better :-)

    Love from Germany,



  • Suzy Hoover April, 23 2014, 9:56 / Reply

    When you don’t use the water then do you use cotton pads and wipe with the cleanser? How do you do it? grazie

  • Christianna April, 23 2014, 10:18

    That’s what I wanted to ask too!

    I’m trying so hard to improve my skin condition and I already feel tired though I’m only 21, and I never put on any makeup. I have to travel a lot from a big city to the island I’m studying -where the tap water is absolutely terrible, so my skin has to keep on adapting through changes.
    I’m currently using a cleansing gel by Apivita, and a moisturizer for matte effect by Frezyderm, but I’m now thinking that abandoning water might be the solution. I remember that Garance uses the Senisibio (Créaline) for very dry skin, and I found the Sensibio Sébium for oily skin prone to acne, which seems to suit me, and I’d like to give it a try.

    It would be really helpfull to let us know the (proper) routine.


  • I use water and just Dove soap. Really useful post!

    fIRST iNTERVIEW on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • karacocoa April, 24 2014, 9:26

    I use water and Dove Sensitive Skin soap to cleanse twice a day. Then jojoba oil to moisturize. I have/had super oily skin until I started using jojoba oil. I will use either tea tree oil or tamanu oil (a few drops in my jojoba at night), on the rare chance that I have a breakout. When I need to do some manual exfoliation, I use some honey and sugar or oats. I use my fingers, no brushes. I keep it super simple and my 40 year old skin is in the best condition its every been.

  • I would love some advice on how to manage skin with rosacea. Currently, I have very basic products that do not inflame my skin (after much trial and error!), but as I age, I am starting to need something more. I am afraid to try serums and other more moisturizing products because I don’t want to look like a clown for days afterwards. Apparently there are millions of North Americans with this skin condition, yet there is rarely coverage on the best approaches to skin care. Any suggestions re products or procedures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Love your blog!!!

  • I second this! It is SO HARD to find good advice for rosacea. Would love it if you guys could do a post on super sensitive skin.

  • therese April, 23 2014, 12:45

    Check out the http://www.nomoredirtylooks.com for solutions to rosacea. Many of the commentors have discussed their solutions to it. It is a natural beauty blog and a great resource. I have been using One Love Organics face cleanser at night. It removes my make-up gently. I follow up with argan oil or seabuckthorne oil. Good luck on the rosacea.

  • I would really reccommend Caroline Hirons’ blog Beauty Mouth http://www.carolinehirons.com.
    You’ll find so much great beauty advice including Rosacea.

  • Hi Barb, I have some info on an Arbonne product which an independent Dermatologist who has been using on his Rosacea clients with very pleasing results. Feel free to contact me and I can forward you details of our Genius product. X

  • I had a terrible time with my sensitive skin and redness/flushing that was diagnosed as rosacea, and cholinergic uticaria (a form of hives) by dermatologists. None of the prescriptions helped. I did some reading on the internet and found the suggestion of trying a beta blocker. My regular physician agreed to prescribe it since he felt the other diagnosis were incorrect. He gave me a low dose of atenonol (very inexpensive and safe to use even if you do not have a blood pressure problem) and within a few weeks my flushing had improved dramatically. My face, neck and chest were flushing bright red several times a day and my cheeks seemed to be permanently flushed. I also started using Purpose cleanser to wash my face. It is gentle enough to wash eye make up off, does a better job than Cetaphil and other suggested rosacea cleansers and it relatively inexpensive. I began using mineral makeup (Physicians Formula powder) and stopped using moisturizers (if my skin is dry I put some olive oil on it and wipe it off). All of those things contributed to a big improvement in the overall look of my skin.

  • Cést le plus important pour avoir une belle peau


  • Un vrai sujet, surtout pout les peaux sensibles ! Evidement, pour nous, les gommages ce n’est pas l’ideal…
    J’essaie d’utiliser des produits les moins chimiques possibles, comme le lait a l’amande douce de weleda ou le savon a la bourrache de codina…
    A defaut de gommages, je fais regulierement des masques a l’argile blanche, c’est beaucoup plus doux que l’argile verte mais ca apporte quand meme un approfondissement du nettoyage non negligeable…
    Je me rince toujours le visage a l’eau et apres seulement je termine avec de l ‘eau florale…
    Le fait de limiter au maximum le chimique apporte un mieux reel.

  • To Garance’s introductory note: I adore Avene micellar water (a Duane Reade find!) but lately have been using Koh Gen Do’s cleansing water. The KGD is pricey but divine. Good luck!

  • T K Park April, 23 2014, 11:56

    I totally second that…the Koh Gen Do spa cleansing water is amazing…as are all the KDG products.

  • I read a Korean tip that says you can wash your face with carbonated water (use cotton pad) and do not rinse it. Supposedly it will make your skin glowing. Given that Korean have amazing skin, I tend to believe it

  • Ever since I read Garance’s quiting water habit, I stuck to this beauty routine : http://www.yohannasof.blogspot.gr/2013/10/beauty-routine.html
    My skin never looked better! I suggest to you out there with sensitive yet breaking out skin …give it a try!!


  • I’ve been using an oil to precleanse, then I’ll use a creamy cleanser either manually or with my Clarisonic. Sometimes I’ll use a scrub a few days a week. When my face is clean and dry I apply a few drops of Rosehip Oil to my entire face, followed by eye cream (Benefiance Shiseido), then night moisturizer (currently Cerave PM). In the morning I always wash with Dove soap.

    Best, Lisa

  • Micellar water saved my life. The water that comes out of the taps in British cities is pretty vile (you can smell the chlorine when you flush the toilet, ew!!) and ever since I stopped washing with water, I’ve found my skin to be more predictable, and a fair bit calmer. Avene is a lifesaver!

  • When I moved to London my skin got so bad even though I had never had any problems before and had also kept my same routine. Then I tried Garance’s tips and ever since it’s all fine!

  • Ok, donc je fais tout de travers. C’est bon à savoir.

  • I was recently introduced to Joanna Vargas products by the ladies at Space.NK in New York. I love her products but have recently been struggling with whether or not I was washing my face “correctly”. So, this was a very timely and much appreciated post! Thanks for the tips!


  • Wowowo : ça va pas du tout.

    J’ai vu Joelle Ciccio et…
    Les eaux micellaires ça fait des points noirs. Depuis que j’en utilise plus : plus de points noirs.

    Faut laver la peau le soir, pas le matin, faut la nettoyer autrement, sinon on enlève le film lipidique

    Pour les peaux sensibles, surtout pas d’exfoliation !!!

    Trop général quoi, attention les filles aux conseils donnés !!!

  • Oui tu as raison!
    Pas de nettoyage le matin, si on s’est bien nettoyé la veille ce n’est pas la peine, ça décape la peau.
    L’exfoliation est très déconseillée car ça détruit le film hydrolipidique de la peau et l’eau micellaire assèche la peau.
    Il vaut mieux utiliser un lait pour se démaquiller et une eau thermale le matin pour enlever les impuretés de la nuit ça suffit!

  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • I stopped washing my face with water since I moved in NY from Italy.
    All I have done for the past 3 years is La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution, morning and night. Sometimes I also use Avene Thermal Spring Water as a replacement for tap water.
    For me it works because it’s not drying (Bioderma is great, but too harsh for intensive use) and gives you a great fresh clean feeling.
    I think I’m with Garance here.

  • On a trip to Paris I discovered Avène products and have been using them for 1.5 years. They have worked wonders on my acne prone skin. However, I would like to add that many times it’s not so much what you put on your face but what you put in your body. Nutrition is everything.

  • Yes, esp if people have adult acne, like myself…….it’s hard to deal. Diet and exercise so important to balance those hormones. Some are so lucky with good skin, and yet still eating bad food.

  • Récemment, je suis allée voir ma dermato et elle aussi ma conseillé un eau thermale (de chez Avène), notamment à cause du calcaire de l’eau du robinet. J’avoue qu’au début j’étais plutôt sceptique. Pour moi, si on voulait correctement nettoyer sa peau, il fallait nécessairement de l’eau : question d’hygiène !
    Au début, je détestais l’eau nettoyante car je trouvais que ça laissait la peau légèrement collante et – il ne faut pas se mentir – c’est beaucoup moins frais qu’un bon rinçage. Mais j’ai vite changé d’avis quand j’ai vu que toutes les imperfections sur ma peau avaient soudainement disparues au bout d’une semaine.
    Bref, maintenant, je ne jure que par l’eau thermale : mon “produit miracle” de l’année !

  • Bioderma Crealine H20 for over 10 years! Morning and evening. Simply the B.E.S.T!

  • What an interesting and useful post this is, thanks for sharing.

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  • I first remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover, then I use Dermalogica Precleanse, which is an oil cleanser,rinse off with water, and then I use La Mer Foaming Cleanser with my Clarisonic.
    I really don’t get the hype around micellar water, it didn’t remove my makeup and made my skin feel sticky. I haven’t even finished the bottle i bought (La Roche Posay).
    I guess the water must just be great where I live ;). (The Netherlands).

  • Really helpful post as my skin breaks out so easily.
    What has helped me recently is moisturising (I never used to, as I thought oily skin didn’t need any extra moisture: not true)!


  • J’avoue, c’est le genre de trucs que j’ai tendance à bâcler alors que toutes mes copines m’engueulent qd elles me voient “démaquiller”!!
    Je n’arrive jamais à enlever tout mon crayon noir sur mes yeux, mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi c’est HYPER important…
    Mais depuis 2 jours, j’essaie de me forcer à enlever TOUT le noir autour de mes yeux!!!


  • I now use oils every day. I rinse my face with water, then use oil on a cotton pad to remove eye makeup, and then massage my whole face with a different oil, which I then take off with a washcloth dampened with hot water. Then I use rose water or an aloe based toner and finish off with moisturizing oil. My face doesn’t feel squeaky clean, thank God, but it does look better than when I was using foaming face washes.
    I’ve also used honey and sugar as scrub and avocado and honey for mask. I look good.

  • I use a natural olive oil soap to clean my face each night. I use lukewarm water to rinse the soap from my face. My skin is dry, so I don’t wash my face in the morning. I apply eye cream and moisturizer both morning and evening. I experimented with coconut oil to cleanse my face, but it didn’t seem to remove my make-up as well as soap. I exfoliate and use a masque once a week using Aveda’s Tourmaline line. I moisturize with organic EVOO, which is the only moisturizer I have found that adequately moisturizes my skin. It’s natural and affordable.

  • L’eau micellaire ne me convient pas, mais je n’ai peut être pas encore trouvé la marque qui me correspond.
    Sinon, cette interview est top, merci : )

  • I was taught in my 25 years ago not to use water on my face and face oil [which is all the rage now] I swear the two along with SPF daily has kept me out of the botox realm. I’m hitting 45 next month and I still get carded [although not as regularly].

    I happen to be a Clarins junkie so I use their extra comfort cleanser and night oil religiously.

  • J’ai arrêté le nettoyage du visage à l’eau également et ma peau te remercie! ;)

  • Well, I’m seventeen and I’ve never been one of those girls that always use creams, perfumes and are always moisturizing their lips and feel uncomfortable whenever their skin is not completely clean. But lately I’m going through this stage that I guess is completely normal and would have eventually happen in which I have the need of looking tidy and pretty most of the time.
    And I discovered that having a clean face feels great! However I still refuse buying products for my face because I don’t remember ever having a pleasant experience with any of the ones I tried and I got really lazy and just gave up looking for the right product (besides it was just too much money). So I chose to try out masks and scrubs made with natural products such as avocado, sugar, all sorts of teas.
    And voila! I found the perfect one! It’s an amazing scrub made with green tea and sugar that helps deflating your puffy areas and exfoliates your skin leaving it super soft and gives an amazing feeling of relaxation to your face. So I wash my face with regular (Dove) soap and then use this scrub.
    I never thought I’d actually enjoy washing my face!

  • Je me nettois le visage matin et soir: eau micellaire + eau froide
    Mais je veux changer mon rituel du matin, opter pour un gel moussant blanchissant… je vais tester ça!!
    Sinon depuis l’article sur les huiles j’ai ajouté à mon rituel du soir un soin à l’huile de carotte et j’en suis plut^^ot contente … enfin, cela ne fait que deux soirs!

  • Et faire des peeling! des peeling aux acides de fruits ! Une fois par année, 3 fois espacés d’une semaine… c’est fantastique!

  • Every few days I’ll rub olive oil onto my skin, leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off with cleanser. My skin is always brighter and more even the next day.
    For an exfoliant I use coffee grinds, there’s nothing better in my opinion, but only once a week and it’s important to be gentle with them. Supposedly when you use it on your body it decreases cellulite and makes your skin firmer, as well ;)

  • Cela fait maintenant des années que j’ai complètement arrêté de me nettoyer le visage avec des produits moussants à rincer à l’eau ! Je ne jure que par les eaux micellaires de chez Bioderma. Il y a quelques mois, ma peau s’est brusquement asséchée et je suis donc passée de l’eau micellaire pour peaux mixtes à celle pour peaux très sèches, la “TS”. Et c’est vraiment (mais VRAIMENT) le meilleur des nettoyants et des démaquillants que j’ai testé… Du coup j’ai aussi testé les différents cotons et je reviens toujours au même : le coton pour bébé Lotus original. Je passe un coton sur le visage le matin, et au moins 2 cotons (voire 3 si je suis méga max maquillée…) le soir. Le petit truc que je fais en plus (et qu’on ne pense pas forcément à faire avec un nettoyant moussant) c’est que je passe mon coton jusqu’au décolleté… Franchement, avoir une peau nickel chrome, belle, en bonne santé, (presque) pas ridée qui vous fait gagner dix ans, mais un cou et un décolleté pas au top, c’est dommage nan?


  • Excellent post, Alex, such great information! However concerning the order of products to apply after washing your face, I’m still a bit confused and it would be great if you (or any one else?) had some info. At night I apply a pore treatment from Vichy that is a moisturizer but not completely hydrating. I follow up with a serum…is that the correct order?

    Oh skincare products, so mesmerizing and confusing.


  • Angelina April, 23 2014, 5:12 / Reply

    Love this post. Olive oil and coconut oil are soo good for the skin!



  • I think twice a day is a bit too much, I personally wash it before going to bed. If I wear make up I remove it with oil first, if I don’t I use either ghassoul or honey. I really honey it might seem strange to wash your face with something so sticky but it’s really gentle. I had a rashes not such a long time ago and honey was the only think working for me.
    Usually if my skin is breaking it’s because of the food I eat so I don’t use to harsh product against pimples, I just eat better food or take plants to boost liver and kidney.

  • clarissa April, 23 2014, 6:54 / Reply

    Makeup removal — coconut oil followed by cleansing water
    Water in the morning
    Glycolic wash in the evening twice a week
    Clensing water only on non-makeup days

  • discovered the wonderful benefits of cleaning my face with
    Organic cold pressed coconut oil. Massage it in
    Gently. Especially around your eyes. Wipe excess
    Away with a clean white cotton cloth (flour sack towels)
    I’m 63 – I have no wrinkles or dry skin. The coconut oil
    Also helps to nourish my brows and lashes.
    Clean moisturised with one healthy product!!

  • Comme Garance, j’évite de mettre de l’eau dessus. Je la nettoie avec une eau micellaire, ou en hiver, avec un lait très doux. Sinon, la peau devient ultra sèche avec des rougeurs un peu partout. Le soir également. Le splash d’eau c’est vrai que c’est plus une question d’avoir la sensation de propreté, et parfois je n’y résiste pas, surtout quand il fait chaud.

  • I feel like I’m out of civilization whenever it comes to this subject of beauty and skin care :’)
    I’m in my thirties and have never used anything cleansing, exfoliating, etc. etc. I use just water right from the tap to wash my face although I like the feel of warm water on my skin, too, from time to time. I have the privilege of sparing myself the intricate cleansing rituals because very rarely do I wear make-up. Until now, people still tend to think I lie when I tell them I don’t use anything on my face.
    That being said, I think it’s just a matter of habit. Once you start using something on your skin, it will keep asking for this “something”, and if you don’t, it won’t :’)
    La vie en rose!

  • As Annie above I clean my face with coconut oil. I have dry skin and try to avoid using water. but every few days I use a good glycolic mask and water.
    Simona/OFF DUTY GIVEAWAY: fuller, shinier hair with Phylia deM.

  • En lisant tout cela je me dis qu’il y a autant de types de peaux que de personne sur terre!
    Mon dermato m’a aussi déconseillé l’eau, et je me suis rabattu sans aucun souci sur l’eau micellaire de bioderma…mais malheureusement, encore trop irritant pour moi l’hiver, j’ai dû passer à un savon qui ne se rince pas…et là, ça m’a posé problème (même si je reconnais ne plus avoir eu de problème de rougeur et tiraillement): l’impression de pas être propre… donc de temps en temps, je reprends un peu d’eau micellaire juste pour la sensation de propreté!
    Après, j’ai toujours appliqué un voile d’eau thermale que je laisse poser 30 sec (surtout ne pas laisser sécher à même la peau!!!)…
    Enfin pour résumer: ça va mieux, mais j’ai toujours une peau moyenne…génétique, quand tu nous tiens!

  • Le matin : Eau + nettoyant sans savon pour bébé et eau micellaire Bioderma pour retirer le résidu de calcaire sur la peau.
    Le soir : Juste la Bioderma, parfois de l’eau de rose et une huile pour retirer le mascara waterproof (mais seulement parfois, la sebium H2O le fait déjà bien).
    Depuis ce rituel, plus de problème. J’avais des boutons et des rougeurs, je nettoyais avec des gels moussants et autres mais ma peau ne supportait pas, c’est pour cela que j’opte pour un nettoyant pour bébés quand j’ai besoin d’eau pour sentir le visage plus “propre” et “frais”.
    Comme la crème de jour : une fois qu’on a trouvé sa routine, on la garde, c’est une valeur sûre !

  • Thank you for sharing such great advice and knowledge! I do love a foaming cleanser in the shower every morning and I am dedicated night time cleansing routine. Regular exfoliation is a must for me and I use a combination of physical scrub and our RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque. One lesson that is clear is to treat our skin gently and with respect and to avoid harsh chemicals and treatment. I love using my fingertips and would never imagine a machine being able to be subtle or responsive like human touch!

    J Xx

  • I use water and a foaming mousse (one for very sensitive skin), but I have to say that the water quality in my country is really good. The water is ‘soft’ and doesn’t smell like chlorine as it does in, for example, the UK.

    I’m a big fan of the (Dutch) website about skin care of Dr. Jetske Ultee. She now has an English site (jetskeultee.com – search via ‘tags’ as the site is quite new and the articles don’t seem to be linked to the categories on the top of the page yet). Anyway, what she explains is that for people with sensitive skin, it is best to clean your face with something that you have to take off with water (such as a foaming mousse). The reason for this is that it gives you the best chance of removing the product; with lotions, it is likely that there will be some residue left on your face which may cause your skin to react. Makes sense, right? http://jetskeultee.com/help-with-choosing-your-cleanser/obj7780422

  • Les gens ont cette erreur de se laver le visage avec de l’eau de robinet, il faut savoir qu’il y a beaucoup de saloperies dedans! C’est pour ça que j’utilise toujours un gros Brumisateur d’eau pure, ma peau s’en porte beaucoup mieux. ( https://www.lescosmetiquesdesignparis.fr/essentials/brume-deau-pure )

    Et surtout je me démaquille le visage en mélangeant avec de l’eau du Brumisateur et de la crème Egyptian Magic!
    ( http://blog.birchbox.fr/actus/le-produit-du-jour-egyptian-magic.html )

    C’est une crème 100% naturelle fabriquée à partir de six ingrédients hydratants qui font partie des plus puissants et des plus bienfaisants de la nature: huile d’olive, cire d’abeille, miel, pollen d’abeille, gelée royale, propolis
    Célébrités( victoria beckman etc), maquilleurs et même les médecins l’ont adopté : elle fait tout et soigne tout ! Nettoyant, démaquillant pour les yeux, remède pour l’eczéma et le psoriasis, soin nourrissant pour les peaux sèches, baume pour les lèvres, crème pour calmer les piqûres d’insectes, soin de prévention pour les vergetures, les rides, aide à réduire l’apparence des cicatrices, baume de massage ou même soin pour les pointes abîmées etc

    Un vrai coup de coeur!

  • One Love Organics is one of the most underrated natural skincare brands out there. They might not get a lot of press but they are simply sublime, gentle on the skin, straightforward to use and can really turn the skin around in a short time.
    A must if you live a hectic life in a big polluted city
    We have been loving them for a long time.

  • Cristiana April, 25 2014, 10:27 / Reply

    Suki’s exfoliate foaming cleanser. I use it every day in the morning. My skin has never looked better.

  • Dear Barb – go and see a dermatologist! I wasted years testing trillions of products and gradually getting redder and redder (not to mention more and more distressed), until I finally saw a doctor. After examining my face, she prescribed medicine and gave me beauty advice. Within a week, my skin had improved drastically, and after a month, my skin looked pretty much perfect! Rosacea is a medical condition, so it makes sense to see a medical expert, doesn’t it? (I use Bioderma Créaline micellar lotion for cleansing, and their moisturiser is just as brilliant.) Don’t despair! :-)

  • I recomend La Roche Posay. You can never go wrong with them! I use Lipikar Syndet for washing my face and cleavage in the morning and evening. After that I moisturize with Effaclar H. I have oily skin prone to breakouts so it gets worse if I use any products with paraben or parfume.
    This routine has made my skin normal after years of misery!
    In addition, I have light skin and I’m prone to hyperpigmentation so my dermatologist recommended Bioderma Sebium Global and it’s a miracle worker!

  • I have water sensitivity too! Thanks to Garance and her dermatologist, I’ve stopped using water directly on my face! Water seems removes moisture on my face rather than replenishes it, so I’ve taken to using water mist as well- a lot gentler and better absorption. For cleanser I use physiogel- super gentle but cleanses just fine, doesn’t strip the moisture and cheap too. Take that off using cotton pads. Then I use some mist and avene lotion hydratante- water-based moisturiser so it’s easier for the face to absorb than thicker creams.

  • Super helpful post! I use jojoba oil to wash my face but I must admit I don’t do so as often as I should. Will definitely be looking more into the things mentioned here.


  • I have been washing my face with honey in the morning and using the oil cleansing method at night since I usually use makeup during the day. I honestly can say I am very satisfied with the results. I am all about natural economic friendly beauty products – despite me using all types of makeups. I used to be the person who wore makeup everyday however with this natural cleansing I am glad to say. Makeup is worn less!

  • I use both water and gadgets, but it was hard to find the good routine because my skin changes very often!


  • Bonjour Garance !
    Très intéressant cet article ! D’ailleurs, j’en ai publié un qui donne aussi des astuces pour nettoyer le visage, sur mon blog, destiné aux brésiliens.
    Je pense que les brésiliens et les corses, sont débordés d’imagination… J’aime la Corse.
    Bisous d’une carioca ;)

  • So great that you are mentioned this again here. I thought you had given up. I am somewhat obsessed with my skin and on the day of that initial post about your dermatologist advice I went reading everything that I could find on the web on the subject. The only problem I had with my skin was breakouts so I decided to try her advise. I am proud to say that I am more than 2 years water and soap free!!!!! And no breakouts!!!

    I solved my skin because of you. I just don’t know if we use the same type of stuff to clean tho. I use a water base cleanser that some brands have La Roche Posey and Vichy were the best ones for me.

    So thanks.

  • Thanks for the article, some good tidbits of information! However what are you meant to do if you have dry skin and also get breakouts? Rub downward and upward?

  • Elizabeth Arden (I know super old school) is great! Exfoliate and then cleanser followed by whatever you use for night cream (there are so many).

  • Since my skin is supersensitive and prone to rosacea it was a long way till I found my perfect cleaning ritual. But at 31 I can finally say I know what my skin loves – jojoba oil or coconut oil. Nothing I had tried until I tried them worked in the way they do (separately). I am doing it since over a year now and have never regretted.

  • J’ai 25 ans et j’ai toujours eu une peau tres sensible. Maintenant c’est l’automne et j’ai commencé une nouvelle routine:
    le soir, clarisonic et gel moussant demaquillant, apres l’eau micellaire pour retirer les residus de l’eau et le gel moussant.
    le matin, seulement de l’eau micellaire et spf. depuis 2 semaines mon visage c’est top!

  • I use almond oil and cotton pads for removing makup. For a good scrub: crushed aspirine tablets with organic honey and yoghurt.

  • Bonjour,

    Le rituel du démaquillage est fondamental pour moi et un moment sympa :
    – démaquillage avec de l’huile DHC
    – ensuite rinçage + nettoyage avec la savon DHC ( qui n’assèche pas du tout ma peau sensible)
    – rafraîchissement avec une eau micellaire ( Avene ou La Roche Posay)
    – crème et contour des yeux nuit
    Et le matin, je ne me lave jamais le visage à l’eau. Je passe uniquement un coton d’eau micellaire suivi de mes soins du jour ( contour des yeux, sérum, crème).
    Voilà !
    Bonne journée les filles.

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