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Sick during fashion week? Flu during an important event? Lame at the Saint Laurent show? Runny nose and no kleenex in the first row? It happens to the best of us (like – me).

Not to worry — I’ve tried EVERYTHING out for you during my (unforgettable) loser fashion week.

So here are eight ways to look chic even when you’re sick for the entire fashion week. You can adapt these suggestions for school, work, and your everyday life, or even the next Oscars, if you happen to be a blog reading actress. So here we go…

– Be organized. You’ll need medicine, vitamins, a bottle of water to take the medicine with, tissues (3 packs), powder to cover up your red nose, a mirror to make sure everything’s back in the right place after your last sneeze, and a t-shirt or placard saying “I’m not contagious!!!”

– If you are contagious, seriously, no, no, NO. Don’t go out. You could end up making sworn enemies.

– If you aren’t contagious, but want to be left alone, say: “I’m contagious!”

– As for fashion: You’ll need a big scarf and dark glasses. Red lips to trick the enemy. Heels if you can’t walk in flats (see post script)

– To Hug or Not to Hug: Decide in the morning whether it’s a hug day (you’re not contagious) or a no hug day (you’re contagious and blowing your nose a lot, ugh). There’s nothing worse than turning someone down (“Sorry, I can’t hug you m’y dear, I’m sick!) in front of someone you’ve just taken passionately in your arms and mixed germs with for sure. And yes, in small settings like that, you often run into the same people in the same day. Make sure you can keep your germs to yourself.

– If you’re limping (yes, that can also happen, see post script) keep going to shows, proving your determination, mental strength, and love for fashion. Find a man and use him as a cane. Look dignified.

– If you have something that makes you need to get up and go to the bathroom a lot, make it look like you just have a fascinating secret life. (A double life? A lover you’re sexting? Etc…)

– People will ask you how you’re doing to be polite, and you’ll really want to tell them all about your little body fluid problems (it’s one of the great mysteries of life — people just love going on and on about these things) but don’t be like me. Stay chic, don’t even talk about it.

– Blow your nose before the show. If you really need to blow your nose during the show, wait until the music starts. You should definitely not do it a few seconds before it starts — that’s when everyone is silent, and you risk being singled out. Don’t forget to look to the left, then to the right, to make sure you’re not the background of an unfortunate Instagram. Pray that the live stream camera isn’t fixed on you. If you’re sitting next to Rihanna (slim chance, but isn’t everything slim in fashion?) don’t blow your nose.

– And also, use the being sick thing to your advantage a little. You might as well make the best of all that suffering. Make sure to say: I’m so sick, but I couldn’t not see your collection. Blow your nose, and then go in with watery eyes. You have no idea how many points you’ve just earned.

Conclusion: Yeah, ok. Maybe it’s a little better to stay home in bed :)


Post Script: Just in case you have nothing else to do today. If you’re stuck in bed, this is for you.

Because seriously, my fashion week this year was sick, LITERALLY.

There have been fashion weeks (ok, one maybe) where I’ve felt really on top of my game. I woke up every morning ready to take on the day, I had plenty of cool outfits to wear, I wanted to go out (almost) every night*, and during the day, I wanted to take tons of photos and tell you all about it — basically it was perfect, I had tons of energy, I loved it.

And then there was HORRIBLE FALL 2014 and frankly, from now on, we’ll be able to say there was a before FALL 2014 and an after FALL 2014.

This fashion week was awful, awful, awwwwwful.**

And honestly, I hate complaining so much (On the blog, anyway. Don’t worry, I annoy people in day-to-day life with my problems all the time. Especially Scott, poor guy, and they say you should try to keep the magic alive in relationships, hahaha) that I suffered everything in silence yesterday, through 35 trips to the pharmacy, 75 pitiful messages to my mom, and 156 crying emoticons, when the weirdest thing happened to me.

But before we get to that, let’s back up a little…I had:

The Stomach flu that decided to come during New York fashion week and forced me to watch the Alexander Wang show on live stream. And I didn’t even lose a pound, even though I really need to.***

The first time I went out after my flu, that is — after four days of being stuck in bed in zombie mode, I went straight out into the Polar Vortex **** which got the best of me. It was so cold that I got a back ache so bad I had to go see my healer three times***** so my back could relax and I could walk somewhat normally again.

As soon as I arrived in Paris, I had a car date ****** with my friend Violaine and when I told her my nose was running******, she laughed (yes, Violaine, you laughed!) Maybe because she’s so used to seeing me really healthy? I hope so.

By the next day, I was in bed shivering and sneezing and blowing my nose so much that the center of my face (my nose, basically) was about as red as Anna Dello Russo’s knee. Bad cold.

Ok, up to now, you’d say: that’s too bad, but it happens – it’s just a side effect of having the flu — it totally messes up your immune system, so you catch everything that’s going around. OK.

Obviously, even a nasty cold isn’t as bad as the flu, so I kept doing things, seeing shows, going to appointments, all with my head feeling like it was going to explode, and a bag full of Actifed. I even celebrated the launch of my new line of stationery at Colette (seriously, friends, thank you so much for coming, really <3 <3 <3) and afterward, I was so happy that I decided to celebrate with a mojito (ok, two) and with all the medication I was taking***** I ended up fall down drunk like Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars, but alone in the street.


Yesterday – and listen carefully, because this is actually rare enough to be pretty remarkable – yesterday, I hurt my foot while I was wearing TENNIS SHOES. Yep. I was wearing a pair of white Nikes, the most comfortable shoes possible, and suddenly, aaaaaahrrrrghhh!!!

Extremely horrible sharp pain in my foot.

I limped all the way to my hotel, and wondered if it was time to say game over? Like Olympic athletes with no medal? Go home? And then I discovered that I can’t walk in flats anymore, but with heels, it’s ok.

So, what would you have me do?


*Ok, one night.

** Yep, three awfuls.

*** Oh, come on, you know it’s true.

**** Americans are so good at coming up with names for things.

***** That’s my new LA thing. I’m seeing a healer now.

****** Not glamorous, but with the traffic jams, we had no choice.

****** Sorry.

***** Or maybe because I can NEVER hold my alcohol.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Je suis morte de rire au sujet de ton conseil “Mouchez-vous avant le défilé” :)
    Plus sérieusement, je crois qu’il vaut mieux rester chez soi si on est contagieux, mais la Fashion Week annule toute bonne résolution, non?
    J’espère que tu vas mieux (ainsi que ton pied).

  • WELL LIVING BLOG March, 4 2014, 9:59

    haha I had so much fun reading this !

    XX Luba

    When fashion meets philanthropy and avant-garde and eclectic fuses with the timeless charm of tradicional, today on


  • caro de l'Orangerie March, 4 2014, 9:15 / Reply

    Et l’éventail? T’as essayé l’éventail? Pour se cacher derrière, se moucher discret, cacher son mignon nez rouge et faire tout de même des oeillades?

  • Mariateresa March, 4 2014, 9:18 / Reply

    Valentinooooo! C’est la merveille pure, n’est pax?

  • Mariateresa March, 4 2014, 9:19 / Reply

    Valentinooooo! C’est la merveille pure, n’est pax? n’est pa s ahhag cet correcteur Valentino, t’adore!

  • Nice and funny post! Thanks for the tips! :-)
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

    At least the clothing delivered has been fairy tale gorgeousness (for the most part). Sending you health & happiness.
    xo reversecommuter

  • Virginie March, 4 2014, 9:29 / Reply

    Le rhume de ma vie au mariage de ma soeur où j’étais maîtresse de cérémonie! Alors je compatis..
    Et chez Colette tu étais splendide dans cette combi rouge!

  • Ah, the foot thing happened to me before. Definitely see a podiatrist ASAP. There are several things it could be, like a sprain or a bone moved out of place or something, but basically, whatever is injured hurts when you put pressure on it, but since walking in heels puts pressure on different areas than walking in flats does, you don’t feel the pain in heels. My doctors ignored me, kept telling me I was fine, and now 6 years later I’m still having problems. I don’t mean to be alarmist, just don’t want the same thing to happen to others. Get it checked out, and if it keeps hurting, see more doctors. Hopefully it’s nothing major, but feet carry all our weight, so we have to make sure they’re taken care of.

  • Caroline March, 4 2014, 9:36 / Reply

    Dans ton cas on appelle ca du maraboutage… T’es tu récemment faites des ennemi(e)s? As tu écrasé par inadvertance/malveillance le chat des voisins? Une seule chose à dire: courage, la chkoumoune ne peut pas durer une vie entière!

  • il manque pas des PPPPPPS???? :))

  • Ok, je compatis à 200%, ceci est presque littéralement l’histoire de mes trois dernières semaines, qui coïncidaient avec mes débuts dans une belle agence, sur un super projet, avec plein de gens géniaux que je n’avais évidemment aucune envie de contaminer… Pas sûre d’avoir réussi à rester chic tout le temps, mais je note les astuces au cas où ça recommencerait, merci! Moi ce qui m’a sauvée une paire de fois, c’est la touche “mute” en conf call, pour pouvoir tousser tout mon saoûl et me moucher bruyamment ni vu ni connu :)

  • Hahah I love your posts and your several PS and the *****
    A fashion & DIY blog…

  • roelien March, 4 2014, 9:50 / Reply

    that’s all very, very awful indeed…
    but seriously, apart from trying to get well and not fall over, you might want to see a good oldfashioned podologist (podologue) to counter your foot/backproblem. tennis shoes (way too flexible) and high heels (more often than not way too high) are not exactly wholesome footwear. and yes, it’s a shame, i know.

  • you really need a rest and take things slowly! Your body says : “no no no”

  • Excellent billet ! Au moins tu as déjà tout choppé donc tu es sortie d’affaires (positivons, positivons ….)

  • ocilococcinum et des litres de thym la prochaine fois! ;)

  • Oh, poor you Garance! Hope your foot is getting better! Have you heard of the Goji berries? I eat a lot of them at the moment, cause I was sick too lately, actually it was quite bad, but I spare you with the details…. now I’m into Superfood, trying to boost my immune system ;-) The flue (stomach and influenza) are quite bad this year, I know so many people who suffer from them, people that normally don’t get sick at all…. I find that red lips, a ton of concealer and a pink blush help the most, the sunnies of course too.

    Hope you stay healthy and fit Garance and hope your ankle is not too bad! xxx

  • Tu étais resplendissante chez Colette, on n’y a vu que du feu !!

  • La malédiction de la Fashion Week n’est réservée qu’aux meilleurs, c’est comme quand tu marches dans la m***, ça porte bonheur. Si si.

  • Oh my, sounds really really crazy! I hope you will feel better soon.

    Talking about medicine and parties I had my moment too… and it was like putting both Jennifer Lawrence moments together (luckily no cameras though) but I had to catch early flight next morning! Ouch..

    In addition last year I managed to sprain my ankle during my Paris trip… and… wait for it… I was wearing my converse sneakers (how clumsy I possibly could be?).

    Nevertheless, hope you will feel better soon and send you lots of LOVE <3<3<3


  • My dear,
    even if you don’t know me, now it’s time to call you my dear….
    I laughed so much!
    But you have to get a rest. Your body is telling you…stop!!

    So, give yourself a brake, go to see your family in Corsica.
    Kisses from Bolivia


  • Poor Garance, I feel with you. I am in bed with a terrible cold, too instead of skiing. My family leaves me in the morning for the slopes and I hope to feel better in the afternoon. But guess what, no ….I feel worse. Enough complaining, it is only a cold but timing is bad. And actually, you know what – i have got the same thing with my feet. After taking tennis training for a week in a row I could hardly walk in morning, no way in flats only in heels. In German it is called “fersensporn” and it is an infection of a tendon in the foot. Nasty and very hard to come by….good luck, it is not that bad in your case…

  • C’était marrant de t’apercevoir (ainsi que Carine Roitfled) chez Colette samedi ! Mais moi la Parisienne pure souche depuis 37 ans j’étais étonnée comme cette rue Saint-Honoré, certes magnifique et pleine de stars (j’y ai croisé par la même occasion Rachida Dati et Rihanna !) ne représente en rien le vrai Paris. Alors oui toi et Scott vous pouvez y photographier des gens “normaux” qui s’habillent “normalement” mais nulle part ailleurs dans les rues on ne voit des gens habillés de la sorte ! Donc à vos lecteurs, il ne faut pas croire que les Parisiens sont comme ça, j’ai vraiment halluciné, à croire que tout le monde était là pour se faire photographier !
    PS : ton mari a de très beaux yeux !
    Pss : rétablis toi vite ! Moi aussi je tombe à chaque fois que je porte du plat !

  • Funny the same thing happened to my foot a few days ago. I was running with my tennis shoes and then… I don’t know exactly what happened but now it hurts walking barefoot and wearing flats. Maybe it is fashion god’s statement to make me stop wearing flats, which I love so much…
    I bought a foot massager and it’s helping, you should try it.

  • Oh Garance know how you feel. I am in bed with the stomach flu (day 2) I am not looking chic…. I did walk the dog with a big hat ,glases but only lip balm !
    I hope you are feeling better and thanks for the post.

  • Amazing post! It’s sooooo funny! Ha ha ha. The best part: the conclusion – it’s better to stay at home. Ha ha ha. xo xo Lucía

  • So basically, suck it up and step out? But of course!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • SAMBUCUS. It’s made from elderberry and prevents sicknesses. Don’t you remember in olden times when Jane Austen/ Downton Abbey types were always drinking the elderberry wine? It works.

  • Jennifer Read March, 4 2014, 11:29 / Reply

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face this am. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I love love love your blog. Thanks for being the stylish most fabulous you.


  • Mais il manque une explication pour les 7 astérisques! Si, si, j’ai bien compté, je cite: “[…] je lui ai dit que j’avais le nez qui coulait******* “. Tu vois 7 astérisques! : ) bah quoi, moi j’adore ces explications : )

  • Poor Garance! Hopefully you’re feeling better now. Can’t wait to pick up something fabulous from your Rifle Paper Co. collection!

    Chelsea & The City

  • Oh gee .. I’m laughing so hard here .. I just blew coffee through my nostrils !!
    So chic !
    Cracking up here ; this must be the funniest post I read, ever !

  • Get well soon by God’s grace!!! I’m hardly ever sick myself but have had a bit of a cold for like a week now.

    Make sure you get enough rest or it’ll just drag out. Also Actifed??? I didn’t know they had that in the US – I used to take it when I was younger.

  • Garance this sounds horrible. :( You should take oil of oregano, you drop it under your younger maybe twice a day when your sick, once when you’re not. I used to get sick all the time, but now (*knock on wood *) I never get sick. Even my boyfriend who never gets sick got sick and I didn’t. So seriously, go try it!

  • Samantha March, 4 2014, 12:36 / Reply

    With your many recent maladies, I’d say the “Universe” is trying to get your attention! Here’s some small advice. If it’s your left foot, it’s a sign you’re “giving out” too much, expending yourself beyond your energy. If it’s the right, it’s a sign to “receive in” more support, and to conserve your energy. Whichever, I echo the comments above to have your foot checked out medically asap. They’re a part of the body that requires attention and healing or ends up getting worse over time.

  • Florence March, 4 2014, 12:39 / Reply

    Des vacances ou un week-end prolongé au programme? ( Histoire de remettre les pendules à l’heure)

  • L'épingle March, 4 2014, 12:44 / Reply

    Très utiles, les recommandations au sujet de la survie en premier rang de défilé. Des conseils d’une portée universelle. Je suggère également “comment ranger les antibiotiques dans la boîte à gants d’une Ferrari” et “que faire en cas de torticolis au Prix de Diane”.
    Bon rétablissement, néanmoins !

  • Tu étais déjà malade chez Colette??? Bah ça s’est pas vu du tout, tu étais superbe! (Ta tenue rouge! wow!)
    Vrai de vrai! (non ma timidité ne m’a pas rendu aveugle!) …Bon ben, vivement la fin de la fashion week pour que tu te reposes un peu! Kiss

  • Funny post! Great tips :D

    Outfits and trends on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Very good tips, i’m currently sick and although i’m not going to fashion week, I can still follow your advice! ;)

  • Elizabeth March, 4 2014, 1:00 / Reply

    Sorry to be oh-so-clinical but it sounds like you might have Plantar Fasciitis. Shoe inserts help when wearing flats.

  • J’ai beaucoup ri en lisant “trouvez un home et utilisez-le comme bequille” Tout ce texte est tres drole et me fait vous demander, chere Garance, a quand la publication de votre livre ?

  • Awesome insight! I was laughing out loud at some of your ***’s <3

  • Ahah, l’astuce de la bouche rouge, c’est mon joker dès que j’ai mauvaise mine !!

  • Pimastreet March, 4 2014, 1:54 / Reply

    Bin mince alors, tu caches très bien ton jeu car rien calculé chez Colette, je t’ai trouvé magnifique ! En tout cas merci pour ce post, je viens de me payer une bonne tranche de rire :-D

  • Maybe that is your body asking for a little rest…You should go to Corsica to visit your mum. Enjoy the weather, the landscape and the food. Sleep and eat well!!!

  • ainhoa March, 4 2014, 2:35 / Reply

    fait de vahos de eucaliptus et reste au lit … :)))

  • Clotilde March, 4 2014, 2:40 / Reply

    Holala c’est quoi cette histoire de pied? Tu n’as pas pris d’antibios destructeurs de tendons au moins? (genre ciflox)

  • Garance! Des tisanes de thym pour lutter contre les microbes, de l’HE de ravintsare sur le torse trois fois par jour, une bouillotte et au lit !!

  • Me too. Cept I got a bug that combines literally everything. I was making buying appointments all weekend from my sick bed and had to sit on the floor of the office as couldnt sit upright with 104 degree temperature. It was the most fun I’ve had during fashion week in my 15 + years of working in fashion (in either PR or wholesale). In fact my head feels like its going to explode just writing this (and one has to be in fashion to appreciate that giving up? Not an option)

  • Mireille March, 4 2014, 4:25 / Reply

    ohlala Garance….je suis vraiment désolée et je compatis …et je te trouve très courageuse….car au même moment que toi,
    je viens d’enquiller la grippe intestinale et ensuite la vraie grippe qui tue….et ensuite un peu de rhino allergique que je viens d’endiguer avec des huiles essentielles…et je ne vais pas voir de guérisseuses mais un super ostéo qui me remet d’aplomb
    redevenue humaine, je suis contente de lire tes posts….
    j’admire ton humour en toutes situations, quand tu as parlé des fluides corporels, j’ai hurlé de rire!!!!ROFL
    Remets-toi bien, de tout coeur avec toi!
    xo Mireille

  • Cecilija March, 4 2014, 7:29 / Reply

    Oh, Garance! It really seems that your intuition/ soul/ higher conciousness/ (insert any term your healer uses)…/ is using your body to tell you…no, to actually shout “can we skip a fashion week, pleeease?!”. I know, you have a blog to run, a fashion blog at it, but it would still be a great blog and the world would not end if you commit the blasphemy and listen to your heart’s desire to take a short brake from fashion week. Get well soon and do what makes you happy:)

  • Oonagh March, 4 2014, 9:20 / Reply

    I’m laughing and sympathizing at once – and BTW you looked lovely at your launch.

  • if nothing else – this post proves that the misery of one is the amusement of the other :) Hope you are back to 100% soon, Garance!

  • Patricia March, 4 2014, 10:05 / Reply

    hope you have not been taken over by the American work ethic : work while sick thing…. for sure a French would not work when she is sick ? jajaja…. we appreciate your great work but would like you to be in good health too, to sacrifice our well being for fashion week is too much. Get well soon !!!

  • From the look of things, influenza and snow wellies are “trending”right now. Start an exclusive (online) club, with some unidentifiable herbal tonic that tastes awful “but you simply MUST try it!” because the interaction with Dimetapp is not to be missed. ;) Spicy takeout food is probably also trending this week -enjoy.

  • Bonjour Garance et bonjour à toute l’équipe!

    J’espère que tu vas mieux ! Est-ce-que tu sais si l’eshop de Colette sera réassorti notamment du bloc note léopard weekly ? Ou sinon ou je pourrais me le procurer ? Je te remercie, belle journée à vous !

  • EmilyN March, 5 2014, 9:18

    Hi Lulue,
    For colette, the best thing would be to sign up for the alert on their site for if they restock them. We will have the products available in our store in a couple of weeks as well and can ship internationally!

  • Thank you Emily ! Already done :)
    Thanks !

  • Merci pour tous ces conseils pour survire à la Fashion week

  • I laughed… though it’s pretty sad to read :D So sorry for you!
    A lot of people seemed sick these fashion weeks. It almost seems like a major trend that spread over all the bloggers and stylist, though it’s one I’m not going to follow :)
    Last year it was the Kenzo green sweater, this year it was the flue… or something like that.

    The White Studio

  • flanellerouge March, 5 2014, 7:48 / Reply

    Quelle classe, Garance, pour nous faire rire avec ta fashion week de la loose !!!!!!!! L’humour et l’autodérision sont des fabuleux médicaments ;))

  • En cas de rhume , fièvre etc tu prends des comprimès de cyprés plus echinacée 2 matin 2 midi 2 le soir
    Ça booste le système immunitanire , à avaler avec du thym en infusion , résultat assuré .
    Paracétamol eventuellement et une nuit au lit à 20h c’est bon le lendemain .
    De rien

  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • As soon as your mind, hand and your mouth are not sick you don’t have to worry of anything.
    To me you look like the same, despite all the misfortunes…beside isn’t it called KARMA or just YIN & YANG?
    Where did you find the time to draw?!!!The illustration is very pretty.

  • Les fashion weeks imposent une vie en conditions extrêmes aux guerrière de la mode! ;-)
    Bon rétablissement
    PS: et bravo pour ce magnifique dessin!

  • Un post qui fait un bien fou… quand on a un rhume qui s’éternise depuis 15 jours avec embellie/rechute ! Bon pas de fashion week à assurer pour moi, juste pile les vacances aux Caraîbes avec mes petits fils… et pour finir, je ne peux marcher qu’avec des talons ! Donc ton post me comble, je me sens moins seule, car dire que marcher à plat est impossible… les regards sont plutôt “compatissants”… Mais, pas de guérisseuse en vue mais un podologue pour moi ;-) .

  • Oh Garance, c’est ce genre de posts qui m’ont fait suivre ton blog il y a des années ! J’adore ! et moi aussi ca fait bientot 2 semaines que je suis malade, alors je me reconnais. Merci, bise !

  • No worries.. LIFE happens …:)-Wish you get well soon :)-

  • Hi Garance I am sick too in Paris

    try coconut oil pulling …..
    you basically wish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes
    it works !

    stay warm , heal soon

  • I’m really sorry for your flu excursion, but I can’t say this post didn’t make me laugh. It’s really awesome that you went through all of that. I feel awful for ditching classes when I’m sick now, but I guess they’re not as much as important as the fashion week :) stay awesome! :D

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