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Just because this week is all me me me, we’ll continue on with this article about my beauty routine that appeared in August’s Harper’s Bazaar.
Okay, I copied it onto here! You’re going to really know EVERYTHING (all the parenthesis are my running commentary. I couldn’t resist!)
A big thank you to Harper’s Bazaar and to Jessica Prince.

The easygoing Corsica native who now calls New York home follows a simple hair and makeup routine, enjoys indulging in spa treatments, and isn’t afraid to snack on sweets (even though she should be).

DIET: “I grew up in the South of France eating vegetables, whole wheat pasta, fish, and fruit, but when I moved to New York a year and a half ago, I gained 10 pounds. There are a lot of temptations here, and the portions are much larger. I’m an emotional eater, and in your 30s, your metabolism slows down, so I’m always trying to lose a little bit of weight. I cut out milk and meat because they are both more fattening here than in France; I think it has to do with the hormones.”

BREAKFAST: “Oatmeal with almonds, raisins, and coffee.” (so good and so healthy.)(But I’ve actually switched now. I eat organic soft boiled eggs. Yum!)

LUNCH: “Grilled salmon and vegetables from Whole Foods with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or quinoa to fill me up and give me energy.”

DINNER: “Steamed or broiled vegetables and grilled tuna or salmon. (It’s not like that every day, I actually don’t eat this much fish. Most of my meals are vegetarian.) I also make really good ratatouille with zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onion, garlic and peppers.”

BEVERAGES: “I only drink water, coffee, and wine—I like red and white. I hate soda, and I don’t believe in juicing. It’s not me; I need real food.”

SNACKS: “I love to snack on brioche and cake (And we’ve found the problem!) Unfortunately, my first reaction isn’t to grab an apple (what a surprise), but I do make my own applesauce. It’s very light and delicious.”

SPLURGES: “My father’s lemon meringue pie. He’s a chef and I die for everything he makes. I am also crazy about Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate (Aha! Problem number 2!) from Whole Foods, and I love all of the creamy, sweet ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s (And this here is a total catastrophe. We’re talking 1,000 calories a pop). I’m not the girl who says, ‘I’ll have sorbet and fruit.’” (But that’s starting to change. THERE’S HOPE!)

VITAMINS: “I take the Bion3 multivitamin with ginseng, magnesium, and zinc that I buy in France.” (Advice from my Pharmacist: Take the one for seniors. It’s even better.)

FITNESS: “I do yoga twice a week and run three days a week outdoors for about 30 minutes to clear my head. I do yoga at Crunch, (my neighborhood gym in New York where my favorite yoga teacher is.) Yogaworks (not bad, but I’ve gotta stop Yogaworks because it’s just too far away and I’ve yet to find a teacher there I really like.) and Equinox (a real super chic New York gym that all the models go to. The rooms there are amazing and the pools are incredible and the teachers, well I guess they are good, I didn’t really try their classes, and everyone there, they just have some guns, which is definitely motivating.)(I still can’t get over how gyms are soooo much cheaper in New York than in Paris.) I also love snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, white-water rafting and river boarding, and I really want to take surf lessons.” (And I just got back from a weekend where I went mountain biking and paddle boarding. SO COOL. I love outdoor sports.)

SKIN CARE: “I’m not against Botox, (It’s a little more complicated than that but we’ve talked about this already. If you’re interested, I could do another post.) but I don’t do it because my dermatologist doesn’t think I need it. I’m addicted to the Vinosculpt Instant Lift Facial at the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa at the Plaza because it makes my skin rosy and my pores disappear. I try to go four times a year. I have a dermatologist in France who I see once a year for checkups and occasional laser treatments. I wash my face with Caudalie Gentle Cleanser [$26] and Bioderma Hydrabio Lait moisturizing cleanser and makeup remover, and use Avène Thermal Spring Water [$11.50], and Ducray Ictyane H.D. cream for dry skin.” (Even though I have mixed skin, which we already talked about.)

MAKEUP: “I don’t go crazy with makeup. My skin tends to get shiny, so I wear Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 [$64], Estée Lauder loose powder, and Bobbi Brown Blush in Nude Pink [$24] or Nars Blush in Amour [$28] because the color gives my face structure (I love blush. It’s my favorite). On my eyes I use M.A.C., Maybelline (I’m crazy about their mascaras), and L’Oréal’s Telescopic [$9.48]. I also love Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat [$40]. I use it as my concealer and on my cheeks and nose. When I do a red lip, I use Clinique, Armani, or Lancôme lipsticks. I get manicures in the spring and summer with neutral shades, reds, or corals from Essie. For pedicures, I go with deep red.”

HAIR: “I have curly hair that I wash every other day (This has changed too! I had a hair revolution this summer! I’m starting a post on it for you right now.) with L’Oréal Paris Ever-Sleek Sulfate-Free Intense Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner [$6.99 each] and leave very natural. I tried a keratin treatment, but stick-straight hair isn’t for me. I don’t have a regular stylist, but I’ll visit New York’s Three Squares Studio for a cut once or twice a year. I have a few grey hairs, so I use L’Oréal at-home hair color for coverage, and Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk [$18]; just like Karl Lagerfeld. My go-to style is a bun because it flatters my face.” (Even though I think we can all agree that I’m getting pretty tired of this go-to.)

BODY: “My goal (in life) is to get a massage once a week at the spa near my apartment. I’ve tried a lot of body products, and my favorites (I just love it. It leaves my skin so silky smooth) are Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter [$36] and Neutrogena oil (it smells so good!). My grandmother is Moroccan, and she taught me to do a version of the hammam exfoliating ritual. I soak in a warm bath (Don’t use soap! It kills the effects. You gotta get one of those scrubber gloves) until my skin is soft, then use a special cloth glove to scrub my skin. The results are amazing; my skin feels as soft as a baby’s. My favorite scent is Acqua di Cuba. It’s a men’s cologne, and it smells like my island, Corsica.”


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  • Merci pour ces bons plans beauté Garance !

  • I love that you don’t juice! And soft boiled eggs are my favorite for breakfast by a long shot.

    x Peter @ http://low–

  • Oh ! Que c’est beau ! J’aime beaucoup ton maquillage. Tu parais fraîche et naturelle dans tes vidéos alors que tu te maquilles ? Bien joué !

  • C’est très plaisant de lire cet article sur toi, et non sur une autre. Cela accentue la proximité (virtuelle) qu’on a à travers le blog.
    Très jolie photo.

  • Quelle révélation le gant de gommage sans savon!!! Logique quand on y pense! A moi la peau de bébé alors!

  • Thanks for posting this here, you know we all love to hear the gory details of other people’s beauty and diet routines. It’s like being a modern-day peeping tom, but it’s socially acceptable! By the way, your jacket in that photo is absolutely perfect! What is it?

  • Your skin is gorgeous and you are doing everything right to keep it looking fabulous!!
    p.s. I just bought your illustration phone case from Kate Spade…LOVE IT!!!

  • I love reading these kind of interview.

    The picture is beautiful.

    I will try to apply some of your good advice to myself…

    By the way didn’t picture you as a beer drinker but I did imagined you drinking a lot of lemonade and bio juice… ;-)

    + The adventures of a fashion designer…

  • So interesting how the gyms here in NYC are cheaper than in Paris. That’s crazy! Gyms here in NYC are so expensive vs. the rest of the US!

    Anyway, great post!

  • J’aime bien les articles comme ça , je trouve que ça donne plein de conseils , et je languis avec impatience celui sur ta routine capillaire et le botox :) .

  • just keep doing what your doing- you look great!

  • Great tips!

    Please do the botox posting! I am 32 and will not do it for few more years, but am curious what you got to say. Thank you!

  • On drague au Whole Foods?! J’ai bien lu?? Il faut que tu nous expliques ça. Ou, quand, comment…c’est tellement dingue comme concept! Est-ce qu’il y a un code à suivre genre…j’ai une bouteille de vin dans ma charrette donc je suis dispo…Est-ce qu’il y a un rayon qui a plus de succès qu’un autre comme le fruits et légumes ou est-ce qu’on s’abstient de faire tout ça à la caisse vite vite dès que les ‘groceries’ sont emballés. Mon dieu…NY finira jamais par m’épater.

  • Bonjour Garance,
    Est-ce que par hasard ton dermato se trouve sur Paris (j’en cherche un, alors une bonne adresse ne fait jamais de mal) ? Si bien sur tu acceptes de diffuser l’info :)

  • CultureShockArt August, 7 2012, 10:13 / Reply

    Thanks for sharing. My dream is to get a massage once a week. What a great way to decompress!

  • love love love this article Garance!! thank you for sharing your beauty tips on here, and I am definitely going to buy the magazine! i think you’re very down-to-earth yet you are not afraid to indulge in beauty treatments! you look amazing, your skin is beautiful.

    xo dina

  • J’avais lu l’article dans le Harper’s Bazaar, et j’avoue que je ne parvenais pas à retrouver la Garance que je connais en travers le blog. MAIS avec les parenthèses, j’adore…
    Très jolie photo!

  • and i really can’t wait to hear about your latest hair revelation…i have very curly and coarse hair (im Egyptian), and have done the keratin treatment in spring 2011…then did a root retouch in fall 2011 and since then nothing…my hair is now in the middle of its transformation and it’s driving me crazy! :) i am dying to do it again, but i just wouldn’t know when to stop, and when to go back to my natural, wild curls. i know its a matter of a personal choice but…it seems like im always torn between silky, effortless smooth hair a la Gisele (it never goes pin straight for me) and my natural, thick curls that apparently “every girl would kill to have and spends lots of cash to get them” (this is something my mom always tells me, but i just don’t believe it anymore!)

    xo dina

  • on aimerait toute reussir à suivre tes rituels, mais trop gourmande, trop fenéante, pas trop disciplinée, et tout et tout!!
    super itw!

  • hello Garance,

    you are a busy bee and you still get the time to do so much ! you are my girl, I only discover your blog 4 months ago, ( I know crazy) at the time i was leaving Paris for good , you are like my daily boost, can’t start a day at work without checking your blog , keep on ,

  • Love the photo – very classic! I particularly like the section on makeup. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat has to be the best concealer around. Have you tried Batiste Dry shampoo? Cost’s around £3.00, comes in a range of gorgeous fragrances and you can buy it for Brunettes and blonde’s – so none of the white powder look!

  • That was really fab advice. Thanks!

    …especially the diet bit. So hard to know. I guess meat and milk are more fattening in the States.

  • Gotta love a beauty plan!

  • Super cet article ! c’est vrai qu’on en sait plus ;) et puis sur les craquages, ma foi tu as bien raison, car tu sembles par ailleurs manger super équilibré, tu fais du sport, et tu es toute mince. Alors !

  • Harper’s bazaar, AH ! bravo.

    Et sinon, Gemey Maybelline, et toi tu mets quoi?

    (en fait, c’est un jeu de mot, j’ai honte, mais quand même).

  • Beautiful and cute…brings a smile to my face. Hilarious side comments.

  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and summer accessories:

  • I love this type of articles! i can’t wait to know about your new hair routine! One thing I would say though, is that although you look great with a bun, I think your face reallt works with your hair down, I would say you even look a little more mysterious and bohemian chic (in a good way).

    Wandering Minds fashion

  • I love Bazaar magazine. Great blazer by the way!

    For MicaBella 100% mineral makeup/skincare please visit

  • Cette photo de toi est aussi une de mes préférées :) …c’était lors d’un de tes voyages en Australie non? Vraiment t’es superbe là-dessus.
    L’interview est hyper intéressante. Je comprends que tes idées sur le botox soient plus nuancés qu’à tes débuts, le milieu que tu fréquentes y est certainement pour beaucoup, ce serait intéressant de lire un post à ce sujet.

    Tu dois certainement le savoir, mais je le dis quand même au cas où … histoire d’étoffer un peu plus ta revue de presse, tu as un petit article dans le dernier Glamour français sorti la semaine dernière ;)


  • Garance, peut on te demander ton âge ou c’est déjà secret ? Merci pour ton travail.

  • Please…..le nom de cette veste marron chataigne ? Parpitiéjet’ensupplie
    c’est tout



  • i feel as though everyone has this problem when moving to new york. it is definitely tempting and difficult not to feed into the amazing and fattening food around you!

  • Enfin, une deuxième photo de toi, tu nous gates. J’aime ta fraicheur naturelle

  • Ton papa est chef!!!!! …ça explique beaucoup de chose sur ta relation avec la nourriture;)

  • Thank’s :)
    Danke sehr ^^
    MERCI !!!!!!
    Grâce à toi je m’évade un peu, je riz (tout cuit), bouge pas, je me fais un thé et je relis.

  • read the magazine and saved it. Thanks for the post .

  • Génial, ce petit article traduit… et j’adore tes parenthèses, qui y ajoutent du piment.
    Ce qui est terrible, c’est que j’ai envie de tout tester, à commencer par la tarte au citron de ton Papa. Et puis, le soin Caudalie, qui est à certains moments de l’année accessible pour moi quand je ne suis pas à Paris… rah… il me tend les bras, celui-là.
    Tu cours plusieurs fois par semaine ? Ad-mi-ra-tion ! Le jour où j’en serai là, je t’appelle ;) . N’empêche, à terme, d’ici le Printemps 2013, c’est mon but. Pour l’instant, c’est encore le tourbillon.
    Le trouve le ‘paddle board’ très sympa à voir, même si je n’en ai jamais fait.
    Et avant de partir, juste un petit mot sur la, photo. très sympa, tu es jolie comme un cœur. Elle a été prise récemment ?

  • Great article!
    I have to ask though, the blazer you are wearing on the photo, who is it by? it is absolutely stunning!

  • Joli portrait tout doux et puis j’aime beaucoup, beaucoup la veste (coupe, couleur.)
    Merci pour cet article super sympa qui donne des idees.
    A suivre……

  • Interesting tips!
    I think we share a lot of the same “problems”, haha. In my case, having a veggie boyfriend just turned my eating habits upside down (and for the best!) so my 25 years of “meat meat meat” are slowly changing into “meat + vegetables + othernaturalandhealthystuff”.

    My boyfriend’s mother told me the other day that a dermatologist told her that 25 is the ideal age to start using facial creams and get you your later years with a great skin. Do you know if that is true? Ask your superb dermatologist pleeeeease!

    Kisses from Argentina!


  • I loved reading this. I am going to try taking the warm bath. My question is will a body buff work just as well as the scrubber gloves? Please do a column like this more often!

  • Thanks for sharing all you beauty tips…will try out several!

  • My husband was standing behind me when your blog popped up. I said, “Isn’t Garance beautiful?” After a moment he said, “She looks happy. She looks content.”

  • Love the article! I can’t believe the gym in Paris are more expensive than NYC!
    Would love to get your Ratatouille recipe.

  • Finally we see you on your blog!!
    I loved reading this:)

  • That’s so cool ! Thanks for the good advice…:)

  • Merci pour cet article plein de conseils =) c’est génial !

  • C’est toi le raisin!

  • Cette photo de toi est juste magnifique!

    Virginie / Style Reload

  • LOL!! I received my issue in the mail two weeks ago, and I was thrilled to read your beauty diary! I tore out the article to keep in my scrapbook of favorite reads, but this post is so much better!

  • Hi Garance! As this is a week where you write just about you, you could answer some qustions readers might have about YOU! Can you tell us how you and Scott got to know each other? How comes you started dating? Are you two planning on getting married (are you married, maybe I missed out on this)? Is your real name Garance Doré or is this just a pseudonym? Would you say with your job you earn much more than if you had a normal job? Thanks for answering, have a nice day!

  • Sympas ces conseils :)

  • Your blazer is super-amazing!!! Please make a post about it! It worths it!!!

  • au fait : moi aussi je suis adepte du chignon ! je trouve que ça va bien à mon visage également, et je trouve que c’est une coiffure qui te va bien aussi ! :)

  • There are some wonderful tips in this interview! Love it!

  • Oh, I’m I’m Paris right now for another week…gotta hit up the pharmacy AGAIN! (it’s an obession when I’m in Paris–my personal Louvre!)

  • si un chignon te vas… ça te vas :) point finale ;)

  • Puss in boots:
    Just one word: LOL…….

  • top of the top cette photo de toi en tous les cas ! le beige de va parfaitement ! très FéMiNiNE !
    merci pour les tips ;)
    j’ai 33 ans et suis aussi pas mal gourmande (vin, viennoiseries & co) j’équilibre par 3 grosses tasses de thé vert/jour et le sport qui me garde tonique de partout c’est la piscine (1heure complète par semaine automne/hiver) et dans la mer au printemps/été avec surf.
    bizettes !

  • Congratulations on Harper’s!!!

    And yes, please share the blazer info- so beautiful.

  • You look amazing!!! You would look amazing even dressed in the potatoe bag.
    Anyway I see that somebody has similar type of food order as me + genuine interest in yoga.

  • This post is really personal and great! I also love eating oatmeal for breakfast! And I also like your simple hairdo at the photo, similar to mine at today’s post! ;)

    Keep with this kind of posts, I love them!


  • Charming article.

    Derek Henderson was the photographer yesterday – from New Zealand!
    You could do all of your favourite sports – snow, hiking, lake, surf all in the same day if you wished in a stunningly beautiful landscape – settings both natural (even wild) and sophisticated in good ways,
    meet friendly enthusiastic easy-going people,
    eat fantastic locally grown food (including some of the best freshly caught fish and farmed salmon in the world) and drink wonderful wines at sophisticated vineyards where they are produced,
    and find lots of inspiring individualistic style too when you know where to look
    – all in New Zealand!

  • Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets! I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photography, but what I look forward to are some of your more personal posts.


  • Hi Garance,
    I have a (very much non judgemental) sort of beauty question for you.
    Do you still smoke? Or has the move to NYC with all the yoga/ the US beauty and health scene/ random stranger’s inconvenient side glances that say ‘you are killing yourself! (and your skin)’ push you to quit?

  • J’adore ton style, ta façon de commenter tes propres propos; tu me fais toujours sourire! Ta routine beauté est top, je l’ai testée et approuvée !

  • Merci bcp de partager!
    Et cette photo est sublime.

  • Merci de partager avec nous tes petits secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garance…your breakfast puts me into shame when I am eating a HUGE breakfast (sticky rice with pork, chicken, ham…. I am from Hong Kong) right now while reading your post!!!

  • Garance,

    Thanks for shining a light on all that going into a shoot on the previous post. I loved the pic and it was great to know that to look that stylish and fab your require a team! A nice little reminder to try and look fab yourself but not to beat yourself up for not looking like models when we leave the house.

    Love the blog as always!

  • I love this post, and you look so beautiful and peaceful in that picture. Your outfit and styling are exactly how I wish I could dress/look. The blazer is perfect! Will you please please tell us who it’s by?

  • I loved this post! I am going to try the warm bath. I would like to know if you can use a body buffer or something else instead of the scrubbing glove? I look forward to reading your post about your hair.

  • le Body Oil de Neutrogena n’existe plus!!!!! la compagnie ne le produit plus! c’est le drame de ma vie comestique puisque je l’utilisais aussi comme parfum!!!

  • le Body Oil de Neutrogena n’existe plus!!!!! la compagnie ne le produit plus! c’est le drame de ma vie cosmestique puisque je l’utilisais aussi comme parfum!!!

  • Now that is a great picture and great styling!
    I love it that it is a “me,me,me” week! Can’t wait to read more!!!

  • Bon post et très belle photo.

  • Great post and great picture!
    The comments within the brackets make the article so real and fun!

  • OMG! Love, love, love SMN Acqua di Cuba. Tom Ford’s White Suede is lovely, too.

  • Un post super instructif!

    Théa Unknown

  • The person who took this photo of you, clearly loves you (and vice versa?). It is beyond too personal to ever say: LOVE IS MY COSMETIC! There, I said it for you.

  • Such an amazing article,i absolutely love it,garance,thank you!

  • Merci de partager tes secrets beauté! Quand à ta photo: tu es superbe! J’adore…


  • j’ai le même blush : Amour de Nars!
    j’attends avec impatience l’article sur ton nouveau rituel de cheveux (même si je ne serai pas concernée, ayant les cheveux raides mais rêvant d’avoir des boucles depuis toujours!!!)

  • tres belle photo, et jolie veste !
    et donc ton pere est chef ? a girolata? dans un resto ? ou a la maison ?
    on m’a parlé du “Bon Espoir” à Girolata … cerait-ce ton pere ?

    ps : superbes photos de vacances, je viens de passe 10 jours entre bonifacio et POrto vecchio, et on a habité a Cala Lunga … magnifique ile de beauté !!!!!

  • très sympa toutes ces astuces ;)
    tu es magnifique sur cette photo ;)

  • Garance, merci pour ce post et l’ajout des petites parenthèses qui est juste à mourir de rire! j’attends avec impatience les posts botox et cheveux!
    bonne continuation.

  • Super ce post !!

    J’adore quand tu nous parle de toi :)


  • Merci pour tout ces petits secrets
    Pour le botox, franchement toutes les filles qui l’utilisent ca se voit…. elles finissent toutes par avoir le même visage comme des clones

  • merci pour ces secrets beauté. peux tu stp Garance nous en dire plus sur ton oatmeal ?


  • Je veux un article sur le Botox, ça m’intérésse! Perso, j’ai un souci avec le botox, parce que je pense que la technique n’est pas encore assez avancée. Au bout d’un certains nombres d’injection l’effet “figé” est inévitable.

    Et ta dermatologue à l’air d’être pleine de bon sens. Tu n’as pas l’air d’en avoir besoin pour le moment.

    Sinon, à ton âge (j’ai 20 ans je précise) j’aimerais être aussi élégante que toi. Vraiment. Et je te trouve aussi belle et bourrée de charme que les filles que tu prends en photos.

    Après, l’interview est sympa, et tes commentaires la rende géniale. J’ai copié le passage qui parle de Whole Foods à une amie qui a maintenant la mission de se trouver un mec à Whole Foods. Merci de m’avoir inspiré ce défi.

  • Me encanta esta foto, eres un mujer que desprendes personalidad.
    Besos desde España.

  • Good to know so much about you, though for quite sometime I just adore your illustration. Work must be your leisure, is not that how artists work?

  • Thanks for allowing a little Peeping Tom. I’m an every day reader who needs food too, so tried Joulebody cleanse-a detox thing WITH FOOD! and it’s yummy.
    Seriously,if you ever crave a true reboot (after Fashion Week?) check out the Joulebody thing.They deliver in NYC-via bicycle,very green,or will send anywhere.
    Yvette,the owner is a yoga teacher pistol.Check it out.
    And thanks too for your little pleasures every day–

  • Je me retrouve bien dans la partie “cheveux”…

  • Génial! Merci de partager tous ces secrets de filles avec nous!

  • Garance, I am so glad and so happy to find you and your blog! OMG! You are such an inspiration! Your life is such an inspiration! I read and read and read… Love your illustrations a lot as well! Paris… New York… Such a dream! You have so much talent and style! You made my day Today! : ) Thank you!

  • Ah finally somebody who eats pasta. I am Italian and a lot of American friends are scared of pasta. They are convinced they will immediately balloon up if they take one bite. I never seem to notice all these balloon-up people in Italy, but hey…
    Love this article, keep up the good and easy going work!

  • very interesting ! I love how you are so down to earth about your beauthy/health lifestyle.

    When I was on a trip to NY I also went to whole foods for lunch very often, really like the variety of food !
    new outfit post

  • La veste est SUBLIME!

  • Next time you’re in Australia come to Queensland and you can come surfing with me and my friends :)

  • I loved reading your contribution to Harper’s beauty stories, Garance!! Your comments stood out as elegant, down-to-earth, and honest… and your beauty tips are some I could actually try!

  • Such enjoyable reading! I wonder what neutral Essie shades you love?

  • bonsoir,

    je lis regulierement ton blog depuis quelques annees , mais c est mon premier comm.
    contrairement a beaucoup d autres blogs , il est de plus en plus interressant et la pub n a pas pris le dessus . L authenticite reste palpable!
    Chaque post , surtout ceux sur la corse , me fait rever :-)
    c est une ouverture vers un monde joyeux et leger toutes ces photos
    Merci pour tes conseils beaute , d ailleurs demain je tente le lissage bresilien..

  • I am DYING to know what laser treatment you use! I have a very laid-back skincare regimen–not so far from yours in fact–but have some discoloration I would like to take care of. Please share your secrets, choupinette!

  • i love how down to earth you are… so honest and straight forward, and you look ah-mazing!

  • Ah! You are so chic.

  • I love this article ?


  • I love this article <3


  • Hello Garance, I would really love to know where you get your brown jacket from???
    the cut is great! or is it because the jacket is on you that makes it look so great??!

    greetings from hangzhou, China!

  • This is a beautiful photograph. LOVE the jacket in all its clean simplicity, your hair is perfect, and that Cafe au lait (?) makes me want to get in the car and go to Starbucks right now.

  • Garance, tous vos commentaires sont judicieux… J’aime l’idée que vous avez de la mode, de la bouffe, du maquillage, moi aussi j ai les cheveux frisés et longs et ingérables, eh bien j’ai tout coupé il y a deux semaines, comme pour dire zut à mes frisottis indisciplinés. quel changement ;) Franck, mon coiffeur dans le 5eme, a l’oeil, je le remercie chaque jour que dieu fait depuis

  • Garance,
    Love reading this in Harper’s and agin here. Will you please consider doing a post on the hammam exfoliating ritual? I know it is your mother’s secret, but I really want to know, it sounds incredible!
    Thank you! Xo

  • Christina September, 7 2012, 8:00 / Reply

    Love love your jacket. Where is it from?

  • Bonjour Garance,

    Lovely blog and love that you keep the tradition of having hammam rituals. My late grandmother taught me too to have our beauty rituals on a regular basis. So much so that when I moved to Australia I missed the hammam! I have now created my own range of authentic Moroccan Hammam products named after my grandmother and teach and train therapists how to perform the rituals. A colleague of yours of Harper’s Bazaar Australia had a treatment a couple of weeks ago and loved it.
    Thank you for your beauty tips!


  • bonjour Garance,
    j’adore cet article, étant moi-même tuniso marocaine, je me suis retrouvée dans votre rituel soins du corps, que je pratique moi-même au hammam avec un gant un peu granuleux (qu’on appelle kessa) après avoir passé qq minutes dans la salle la plus chaude ( le but étant de bien transpirer avant de se frotter avec le gant: sa maximise la qualité de ce “gommage” et de faire ressortir le max de “ftoul” (ces saletés qu’on retire en frottant bien), ensuite je me badigeonne de la tête aux pieds de ghassoul (aussi appelé tfal en Tunisie) .
    je fais ça une fois par semaine l’hiver et ça me donne une peau de bébé radieuse et propre :)

  • Coucou Garance !
    Merci de partager tout ces secrets de filles avec nous, j’ai pris du plaisir à lire.
    Mais tu pourrais nous en dire plus sur ton oatmeal au raisins et au amandes please ? Je veux ta recette !!
    Bonne soirée !!

  • It is not my first time to visit this site, i am visiting this web site dailly and obtain fastidious information from here everyday.|

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