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I am the worst packer ever, no doubt about it. I’m one of those who packs basically everything I own “just in case.” I’m the kind who brings a check in sized suitcase for a weekend. My motto: you never know, right? Right. And I’m THE worst when it comes to products, so it’s imperative that I keep them small!

(If they’re small I can pack more, after all…yes, yes I can…)

So, with the holiday season coming up and a trip home to Sydney on my mind (I am super crazy insanely over-the-moon excited to visit my family and friends!), I’ve been curating a selection of my favorite travel sized products that I’ll be taking with me. But, even more perfect, I love how all of these are just the right size to fit into any handbag, no matter how small — and even a parka pocket for winter…


carry on travel beauty products garance dore photos

You might not know it, but anything rose makes you feel a little safe, so it’s perfect for travel. I love this rose water from Lake & Skye*, which I’ve been spritzing (?) everywhere! Everywhere.

My trusty foundation from Laura Mercier* is liquid based, so great when skin dries out – and it’s basically like living with a photoshopped face, makes it look flawless. Yep, I went there.

Aesop’s ginger flight therapy* is great when you can’t spritz everywhere. And it gives you a sensory lift, so it’s alos amazing if you’re trying to beat the jet lag.

Mun’s rose toner** is great for sensitive skin, and you know how I feel about rose when I travel…

MAKE Primer and SPF** is lightweight and, let’s face it, you can’t go past a dual action product when you’re on the road. Also, SPF is essential.

This NARS facial moisturizer** is great because it’s hydrating AND oil free. Less of the shiny face.

Fig+Yarrow make this adorable travel-sized mouthwash** that I can’t resist and keep buying. It’s all natural and great for a quick rinse when you need a mouth refresh.

Context eye cream** is made for men and women, all skin types – and will be there for you when you’re about to disembark all puffy- and bleary-eyed.

Rodin powder face cleanser** is milky and soft, and I always find powders easier to carry than liquids (I’m always freaked out about liquids exploding in my bag, so I have thousands of little ziplock sandwich bags – you know the ones!).

Eve Lom’s rescue mask** does just that: rescue. For long haul flights, I always do a quick mask a couple of hours before my final destination. It always lifts me up and helps skin in the long run.

Hourglass Primer Serum** is another dual action option, which I opt for if I’m wearing makeup that day.

Skin Inc’s serum** works, no doubt about it. My option if I don’t need the primer for makeup.

Byredo perfume travel holders* are so chic, and prevent anything from happening to the little glass fragrance holder. I’m a huge fan of Byredo scents, but I also just love this pretty case!

I don’t go anywhere without concealer*, especially when dark circles under the eyes are inevitable cough 26 hour flight cough. Pens are easy on the go, like this from Beauty Counter.

NARS Mascara* works miracles to make your eyes go from looking like you might have a sty to being really awake.

You know how I feel about solid perfume!* The best option for those who might want to reapply throughout the day. This fig-scented classic from Diptyque smells divine.

Chanel Les Beiges* is great for contouring and is also basically my BFF. I take this one with me everywhere, and I use it as an eyeshadow and bronzer.

This Tata Harper cleanser*** is a little extra exfoliating when I feel like my skin’s flaring up a little. All natural, too.

VERB hydrating shampoo and conditioner*** because, when you fly, everything dries out a little and I find it smoothes everything out when I’m a hundred miles away from a hairdryer / salon / help.

MAKE makes (haha) the best little lip savers*. Mine dry out and chap like crazy when I travel because of the constant change of weather, so these two pots are an exfoliating / nourishing and smoothing combo to be used when things aren’t so supple.

I always try to take an extra brush with me, to save on having to bring a brush cleaner (super important). A small one like this is easy to add in any bag.


What products do you take with you when you travel? And are you an “everything packer” like me, or are you at the other end of the spectrum, someone who has minimal packing down to an art form?!


carry on travel beauty products garance dore photos

I marked how long each product should last:
*Long-lasting, enough to last you at least a month.
**Enough for at least a week, up to a month!
***Just for the weekend. A full week, max.

Rose water, Lake & Skye; Liquid Foundation, Laura Mercier; Flight Therapy oil, Aesop; Rose Toner, Mun; Primer & SPF, MAKE; Face Moisturizer, NARS; Mouthwash, Fig+Yarrow; Eye Cream, Context; Powder Cleanser, Rodin; Rescue Mask, EVE LOM; Primer Serum, Hourglass; Serum, Skin Inc; Perfume Case, Byredo; Concealer, BeautyCounter; Mascara, NARS; Solid Perfume, Diptyque; Les Beiges Powder, Chanel; Exfoliating Cleanser, Tata Harper; Shampoo and Conditioner, VERB; Marine Lip Exfoliate and Repair, MAKE; Brush, Dior.

Words: Neada Jane | Photos: Erik Melvin


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