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I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a few facials from Taylor Worden in her SoHo space and I swear she has magic hands. Every time I leave my skin is decongested, glowing and happy. The last time I was so relaxed I almost feel asleep — which is unheard of for me in a facial! Thrilled to introduce you to Taylor and her in depth knowledge of all things skin!

What is your morning beauty routine? 

First thing I do is oil pulling with Cocowhite. It helps whiten your teeth naturally as well as draws out the toxins in your body.

It’s different everyday and changes with every season, but typically I wash with a Sensitive Cleansing Milk from Joelle Ciocco and will tone my face with Moisturizing Toner from Environ. I love to tone with the Shiseido Facial Cotton. I always use vitamin c (I love CE Thione from Medik8) and I use Deep Repair Eye Serum from True Botanicals. I also put a little Physical Eye UV Defense from SkinCeuticals on my eyelids. I use Intensive Serum 4 and and Defense Crème Plus from Environ. I usually add Marie Veronique’s Protective Day Oil and then add some Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF. ( I love this SPF and it comes in a tinted version.)

I’ve been using the perfume #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk from Trish McEvoy. I don’t really wear makeup but before wearing masks I used to add some lipstick from Bobbi Brown.

What products do you use throughout the day?

I’m obsessed with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir Spray. I spritz that on my face a few times throughout the day. If my skin feels a little dry I will apply a hydrating oil capsule and add a little more SPF. My lips get dry so I’m constantly applying Lip Whip from Kari Gran. If I know I’m going to be outside a lot running errands I will apply Supergoop!’s Lipscreen SPF 40.

What is your evening beauty routine? 

I usually like to take a bath with epsom salt and drink some sleepy tea with honey.

I always do a double or triple cleanse at night to make sure all the dirty NYC pollution is off my face. Also every night is different — I sometimes will do 3 steps that will take 5 minutes and other nights I will have 8 steps that takes me an hour to do before bed.

I love to start with the the Rare Indigo Balm from Mahalo. I then use Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser (I massage that in) and apply a clay masque over it (from Environ) and massage that in.

I usually exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week and I do that with Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel. I love it. You apply it on your face and leave it on for ten minutes and it’s like little Pac Man eating all the dead skin. Sometimes I will use the P50 Lotion from Biologique Recherche. I like the p50 because you can use it in the ears and behind the ears. Which a lot of people forget to cleanse those areas.

I roll my skin with the gold roller from Environ 2-4 times a week and I like to use the Beauty Stamp from Nurse Jamie to get the eye and lip area. I then apply Focus Frown and a little retinol from Environ. I continue with my Vitamin A program from Environ. (I don’t know if you can tell but I’m an Environ girl) I wait 20 minutes and then apply the Revival Masque and that is like a facelift in a bottle.

For lips I love the Berry Lip Sleeping Mask from LANEIGE. And I try to slather on tons of hand cream and put on cotton gloves over the cream to make my hands soft.

I also try to massage my face before bed or use a skincare gadget. Some of my favorites are Sarah Chapman Facialift, Lure Glam Facial Cupping Set, and I have been playing around with the Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool.

I always sleep with my hair up and I love Slip silk pillowcases. Its amazing for your hair and skin.

What do you suggest to your clients to combat the dreaded “mask-ne”?

Don’t wear makeup under your mask.

Apply a moisturizer before applying mask.

Wear silk masks or cotton masks. Cotton if you have acne or oily skin.

Wash your mask in fragrance-free detergent.

Wash your mask after every use and change it frequently. I like to change mine every couple of hours because I find it disgusting. If that’s too much and you have to wear makeup there are these paper liners called “Cheek Sheets” that you put on first and then your mask over it. Cheek Sheets liners protect your mask from getting covered in, makeup, oil, and sweat. I try to hand them out to my clients after a facial so their precious clean skin will be protected from their dirty mask.

In your opinion, what makes a great facial? 

The consultation is huge because it shows you are taking the time to invest and learn about your client and how to help their skin. It’s best when a facialist listens to the concerns and the goals of the client and helps educate them about skin (the polite way). It’s the setting as well that makes it great — like the comfort of the bed, lightening, etc. A balance of hands and tools. Also when the facial starts on time.

When do you feel most beautiful? 

When my skin is glowing, feeling happy and healthy. My hair blown out, and I’m around people that truly love me for me.

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  • She has beautiful skin, to be sure, but so many products! I am exhausted! I am old (69), and blessed with pretty good skin, but I find I get better results using fewer products and changing them up occasionally. I know that won’t work for many, but it does work for me!

  • Mary Scott October, 14 2020, 12:23 / Reply

    I agree with Sharon. So many products, how does she even make it out of the house!?

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