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In Partnership With Augustinus Bader

When a new skin care cream comes on the market, I’m always dubious. What makes this cream different than (what seems like) the million of other creams that one can buy? My first question is always, what differentiates this cream from the others?

Well, Augustinus Bader is probably one of the most unique (and scientifically backed) creams on the market. Professor Augustinus Bader of Leipzig University developed the cream after he discovered a breakthrough medical treatment that initiates the body’s innate regenerate processes. It uses technology that works with the body’s own stem cells, stimulating them to regenerate to the correct, healed tissue that is intended for them.

There are so many parts of my skin I would love to regenerate, starting with my face and it’s discoloration and scars. Read on to hear more from Professor Augustinus Bader, the science behind their two products, The Cream and The Rich Cream, and their commitment to giving back.

In the meantime, you can find me bathing in The Cream for the next 27 days, that’s the magic number, the number of days it takes to complete the cycle of regeneration. The countdown is on!


You are one of the world leaders in stem cell research and biomedical science. Can you explain the breakthrough you had in your stem cell research that led to the development of the Augustinus Bader brand?
Many years of my research have been dedicated to understanding a human limitation that medicine has previously not been able to answer: Why do some small wounds heal more perfectly without any trace, and others do not heal at all?

I figured there may be a physiological way to assist in navigating the cells during a regenerative response without external manipulations of cells done in cell culture at all. My research yielded an improved understanding of some fundamental mechanisms that finally lead to the development of a new platform technology resorting to means of cell communication. A small part of my early work was a topical treatment for wounds, which uses the body’s intrinsic capacity to repair traumatic wounds without the need for skin grafting. At the time it was a completely new approach, working with the body’s own physiological communication systems to recruit quiescent stem cells involved in triggering the natural healing process. I received promising results from early pilot studies, but full development comes at a considerable cost and clinical trials are hugely costly. This method however could help many people with severe burns, so I looked for new ideas on how to continue the development.

In 2011, I met Charles who had the vision–applying the technology to consumer skincare products to fund more trials. He thought if the technology can turn burned skin into perfect skin, then a variant can probably help with wrinkles too. It took me another two years to be convinced. During that time I began prototyping a skincare product with certain patients with problematic skin. The creams were well received and made a real difference to the people, they kept coming back asking for more cream. I realized that the cream was a game changer in some people’s lives, giving confidence and happiness. I agreed to adapt the technology to create a skincare product for everyday as opposed to just wounds. The non-medical skincare product is actually the most scientifically advanced as it has to navigate the body’s natural healing code in a different way as there isn’t any open wound and no possibility, but also no need for direct stimulation. We found a solution to provide the right nutrients for the skin intrinsic stem cells.




What is the ABC method you have developed?
Healing is a result of innate communication processes. The trillions of cells in the body know what they have to do, it is innate to them. The ABC Method is a completely new approach that works with the body’s own physiological communication systems to trigger healing. It is based on my initial hypothesis that there are at least three interacting but distinct signaling functions that must happen simultaneously for the body’s natural healing to take place.

To explain:

All organs and tissue in the body contain local stem or progenitor cells. These cells act as an orchestrating centre for the bodies repair system through multiple communicative tools face, each being responsive to specific activation, boosting and commitment signals, respectively.

In the case of functional healing:

A/Activation signals: activates stem cells in response to trauma.

B/Boosting signals: boosting signals for new cell development.

C/Commitment signals: tissue-specific signals that commit the cells to their correct destination according to the specific trauma.




What are the main differences between your two products, The Cream and The Rich Cream? How do you suggest your customers use the creams for optimal results?
The products are ideal for all skin types. People with dry skin tend to prefer The Rich Cream (also ideal as a night cream) and those with normal to oily skin generally favour the lighter version (The Cream). The results are the same – the choice of formula is really a matter of personal preference and skin type.

The Rich Cream – suitable for normal to dry skin, has an intensely rich formulation with oils of argan, avocado and evening primrose, bringing ultimate replenishment and hydration.

The Cream – has a lighter formulation for combination to oily skin, offering a perfectly weightless layer, which hydrates and smooths to restore skin’s youthful appearance.

For optimum usage, apply to dry, cleansed skin, morning and evening in upwards sweeping motions.

I find it so fascinating that you are purposefully limiting your product line to only The Cream and The Rich Cream at the moment. Why is that? Are there any additional areas in skin care you’d eventually like to expand into?
The reason is that with these 2 products we started to target 2 basic skin conditions, normal-oily and dry skin. The endogenous repair mechanisms are universal of course. The future need will be to further adapt this technology to further texture and application properties. For example, a lip balm which is positioned well on a lip and a body oil or body lotion has different spreading purposes than what a face cream would be best at. We have plans of such developments for the next years.




What do you hope is on the horizon of stem cell research and how can that be used in the science of skin rejuvenation?
Biologically, it is assumed that every cell of our body contains the same quality and quantity of DNA. Using the natural regenerative process of endogenous stem cells for a cell, tissue and organ regeneration is emerging as an exciting therapeutic avenue for both current medical practice as well as preventive medicine and well being with potential safe, long-lasting, and substantial improvements in the quality of life.

10% of the profit of every sale of Augustinus Bader goes to the Augustinus Bader Foundation. Can you talk a bit about the work (specifically the global burns epidemic) your foundation is spearheading and why it is so important to you to have a strong philanthropic aspect to your brand and company?
Our humanitarian mission is central to everything we do. We decided to position 10% of the profits to our Foundation, which brings medical treatment to those who need it most.

The Foundation’s first mission is to aid children’s burns, providing treatment kits and support to doctors and clinics, helping less privileged victims in developing countries.

Our Pledge:
To reduce physical and psychological trauma suffered by these injuries through the provision of treatment, facilities, support services and equipment.

To advance research and development of biotechnology to improve current burn care systems.



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  • il y a beaucoup de fautes dans la version française…

  • Linne Halpern October, 17 2018, 12:57

    Hello! The French has been corrected now! Thank you! xx, Linne

  • The photos are beautiful and I am excited to learn about this cream– that said, the article would be more compelling with a testimonial of how the cream worked for you after 27 days coupled with the advertorial. Even if it doesn’t work for everyone, knowing you’re spotlighting a product you love, that works, and is worth the investment for _you_ makes me feel more confident that it might be worth trying. (And what makes it different/better than La Mer or SK-II?)

  • Hi Sara! Totally, and I plan on writing a follow up mini after using The Cream and will keep you posted on how I’m liking it! x V

  • These images are so beautiful! x

  • We all worked hard on creating them <3 Thank you!

  • Sunny Side October, 17 2018, 12:57 / Reply

    Bogdana fait de si merveilleuses photos ! Always ! Ces mannequins ont une beauté si naturelle, rare !

  • Merci beaucoup! Cela compte tellement pour moi!

  • photography and styling is <3

  • Are these photos or women who have already used the cream? If so, how long has each tried it?

  • The photos are beautiful, but I agree with others that the advertorial would be more tasteful and interesting if there was more of a link between images and product–for example, if the women featured used the product. And/or if the writer wrote the article after testing it out.

  • Marcia Scully October, 17 2018, 9:20 / Reply

    I’m reading a lot about this cream and I’m excited to know your opinion after the trial. Please keep us informed.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira October, 18 2018, 12:48 / Reply

    I mean…Amazing Photos, Bog !!! Amazing Make up, Sam !!! And How Beautiful are these Girls???
    MUITO LINDAS !!! *_*

  • I’ll pipe in here because I have been using this for over 30 days. I have aging skin (over 50) and the rich cream is really doing a fabulous job on my neck-dramatic to me anyway. Initially I did feel like my face had made a big change as well but A. I change foundations (probably a misstep) B. I naturally want to look 30, haha! Overall, this cream is not greasy, it is rich and I like that it doesn’t have a bunch of steps or a bunch of product to work with the line. I am interested to see if it can hold moisture in my skin during cold New England winters. In the meantime, I am the old chick with a great neck :)

  • Erin Donnellan November, 12 2018, 1:53 / Reply

    I have purchased the cream. I am just wondering do I still need to use a retinol and my Vitamin C?
    Thanks, Erin

  • Bravo ! good photos and very informative post :) nous seront honorés de promouvoir le catalogue de vos produits sur notre plateforme !

  • Also wondering if it is ok to layer other products with the cream, such as C and Retin A

  • Faire attention à sa peau et à son corps

  • ou et comment acheter la crème riche d’Augustinus Bader

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