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Let’s talk about wearing makeup at the beach…

I try to keep it minimal. On an ideal beach day, I swipe on some waterproof mascara, a little bit of lip balm and of course, my SPF. I look at my beach day as a time to let my skin breathe a little bit and I like that my freckles start to show.

When it comes to lipstick in my daily life, I’m a big advocate; but at the beach, I’ve always left it behind. Now that I’m seeing it here, on Neelia, I’m starting to reconsider. It has this super glamorous feeling that I think is pretty cool…

What about you? Are you wearing full makeup at the beach?

Sunglasses, The Row.


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  • Louise BE August, 14 2014, 3:35 / Reply

    I only have some mascara on and of course SPF. I find it really nice not wearing makeup at the beach, it is liberating.. The nearest I would come to lipstick at the beach would be a balm with some colour in..

    /Louise from Denmark

  • is this selena gomez. it sure looks like her! :)

  • Bare face all the way with tons of sunblock.

  • I like to just go completely natural at the beach. The sun, the sand, the ocean breeze- that’s enough make-up for anybody… still this red lipstick is stunning!

  • Pas de maquillage mais beaucoup de crème solaire SPF50 !
    La photo me fait penser aux actrices des annees 40-50 : yacht et glamour.

  • no makeup at the beach just 50 spf on!

    (I’ve been dreaming of these sunnies for a while now…)

  • Beautiful…eyebrows. Is it my imagination or are they extraordinary?

  • du make up pourquoi pas, si on y va pour bronzer simplement et pas se baigner!


  • I love the sunglasses! :-)
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Make-up on the beach is not for me…. but does lip balm and a little mascara count as ‘make-up’… surely not… that is fine…. any more is a no no for me.x

  • For me it is just 50 spf,a big hat and my red lipstick…a nice sarong
    no need for more..
    Yael Guetta

  • I actually think that part of what I love about the beach is that I don’t feel any pressure to wear make-up. Women are expected to be so perfect and polished all the time (especially in the office), so I love the gym and the beach as two places where I don’t feel like I’m “supposed” to be made up. I would be kind of devastated if lipstick caught on at the beach, but that’s probably because it’s already hard enough for me to keep up with you ladies who have perfected a red lip at the office ;)

  • I never wear makeup at the beach, but then again, my beach is super casual! If I had somewhere glamorous to vacation I might give it a go…

  • Alexandra August, 14 2014, 5:38 / Reply

    absolutely NO MAKEUP at the beach!!! I am a Jersey Girl and this is a big no-no. MAYBE some waterproof mascara, but I love being wild and free, diving in the waves, napping in the sun…who wants to think about makeup?? The beach is for being a free little spirit. Save the makeup for cocktails at night!

  • This makes me think of recent post on The Sartorialist about some girls in Rimini with full makeup and jewelry on at the pool. To each their own, but this struck me as a bit fussy seeming, sort of like makeup at the gym.

  • I never wear makeup at the beach, only my SPF. I also make sure to take some thermal water or facial spray to cool down and fresh my face up a bit. Thanks for sharing, Garance! x


  • On the beach SPF is my only essencial.

  • Oh mon Dieu! Ces lunettes sont à tomber!! Merci pour la référence, je cours me les acheter.

    Pour info, no make up on the beach, seulement crème solaire et baume hydradant protection fps.

  • She’s very beautiful. I like the fact that red lipstick made the photo unreal.

  • Super stunning.
    I have a new blog G, would you take a look?:)

  • No one beats than natural beauty. Better don’t use make-up on the beach.

  • i have blondeish hair and my eyebrows go so blonde in the summer they disappear with out brow pencil!
    i don’t wear makeup to beach, i live in tel aviv a very casual beachy place, but, i miss my eyebrow pencil a lot!

  • WTH?? Are we supposed to be made-up AT THE FRIGGIN’ BEACH? Ugghhhhh I can’t take it. It’s no use – I’ll just sweat and swim it off. I really don’t wanna be worrying about mascara smudges etc at a place made for fun and relaxing.
    Yeah, I’d go for bronzer and lipstick and mascara at a superglam stick-up-your-butt lux beach where everyone looks amazing, but it would certainly not be my regular go-to beach.

  • No make-up, only sunblock! I think it depends where and with whom you go though…
    In “trendy” beaches/places, girls do wear make-up but in more relaxed/family places, you just look weird if you do…
    And for guys, it can also be a no-go…they think you are a barbie if you wear make-up on the beach.(some guy friends told me)
    I would say you have to go with the environment :)

  • Caroline August, 15 2014, 4:00 / Reply

    Make-up on the beach is actually a pet peeve of mine

  • That photo is so cool!

  • Son rouge est très chic!

  • Toujours du lipstick et rien que du lipstick à la plage
    bien rouge
    bien vif
    XXXX de Corse

  • Ah, this look is absolutely beautiful! Suits her perfectly and she looks amazing.
    And for me, well I often go to desert beaches on Croatian Island of Susak, and definitely no need for make up there. But I never leave the lip balm behind.

  • Ideally, no make up at the beach!
    However not everybody is blessed with flawless blemish/ hyper-pigmentation free skin (the latter if you have darker skin) which can make you incredibly self conscious in the harsh sunlight.
    Best is to plan ahead if you go on holidays and get into a skin care routine that works and clears up your face so you don’t have to resort to heavy make up on the beach…. unless you want to of course

  • Jennifer August, 15 2014, 7:29 / Reply

    I have a skin care routine that works for me but I still have some uneven tones or imperfections so I wear a little tinted moisturizer or cc cream to the beach. Supergoop’s cc cream has a higher SPF then most so I feel a little more protected. I also use their mineral sunscreen SPF 40. It doesn’t upset my skin and is light feeling but protective. I put on a bit of liner and some mascara which I cannot go without and if I’m feeling very pale a quick brush of bronzer. It’s enough to feel put together but no where near a full make up face. I’m trying to wear even less these days at the beach and more SPF!

    But this red lipstick and lovely sunglasses are stunning. Maybe for vacations but not at the beach club chasing my kids.

  • Love her glasses!! ;-)

  • Clotilde August, 15 2014, 8:46 / Reply

    Autant je ne me vois pas aller à la plage sans maquillage (waterproof) aux yeux, autant je ne me vois pas porter de rouge à lèvres! D’ailleurs je n’aime pas du tout le RAL waterproof.

    Je suis amusée par un des commentaires précédents qui dit que le make up n’est pas fait pour la gym non plus. Mais pourquoi???? Je crois en fait qu’on ne parle pas du même maquillage. Je ne mets jamais de fond de teint par exemple, c’est peut-être pour ça. Mais le maquillage des yeux, à condition de ne pas se faire un smoky, je ne vois pas pourquoi on ne pourrait pas lorsqu’on fait du sport, quelle drôle d’idée. Et même le rouge à lèvres dans ce cas!

  • I also like to go minimal, and I’ve found that Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is the perfect beach beauty accessory. You get spf coverage but you also get to even out your skin tone in a very natural looking away. See my site for my beach picks!

  • I love a colored lip. It can give even a makeup-free face a refreshing pop. Great beach-ready inspiration.


  • Pas vraiment non, je trouve que cela fait déplacé… Après, tout dépend du type de plage, dans les Hamptons, ça doit sûrement être obligatoire :) Très très chic cette photo en tout cas !

  • i love the lip color, what is that?

  • Hi! Neelia is wearing Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Scarlet Vinyl :)

  • I have two beautiful friends from Hawaii who always look like they are coming off the set of a film at the beach! They (and now I) wear coola sunscreen (spray, face, and lip balm), xen tan gradual self tanner, Kai perrfume oil, Nuxe shimmer body oil (also to be used on hair) and if you want too look a little sexier Kevyn Aucoin eye brow pencil, chanel waterproof mascara and eyeko waterproof pen eyeliner. You must remember that in bright light anyone can see your make up so apply it by the window too make sure you look chic, not scary.
    While I adore this picture I have red undertones and red lipstick would make me look like I have a sunburn. Little kitten eyes and brows work best for me. You might have beautiful mermaid hair but I must braid mine or use a headscarf or headband least I have a tangled mess.
    This beautiful photo above, I imagine the woman at the beach on the off season, when it’s cool and deserted. She lives in her beach house, writing her novel. Every afternoon she has visitors for tea or cards or wine so she puts on her lipstick.

  • I do not go to the beach but we have a boat that we live on half the week from June – November…Even when we are out fishing I always have on a rid or coral lipstick (and maybe mascara) …you never know when you’ll need it!

  • I wore a red lip to the beach for the first time last week and felt totally glamorous. I think it will become a new routine – lots of sunscreen and red lips! c’est fantastique!

  • Niveau maquillage… C’est très léger mascara marron et crayon waterproof pour affiner mes mes énormes paupières. Une crème teintée solaire de chez Avène et un baume à lèvre que j’applique très régulièrement. Voilà. Ce look est magnifique. J’aimerais pouvoir juste trouver le rouge à lèvres idéal et l’assumais.
    Merci pour tous tes conseils beauté, ça m’aide bien.

  • Alana Veira August, 15 2014, 7:50 / Reply

    No make up at the beach not even gloss. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Ai-Ch'ng August, 16 2014, 12:31 / Reply

    Only SPF- nothing else for me on the beach.

    This girl looks so finished and pretty in her outfit, but it’s not for me.

    Off the beach at lunch or an evening out- a red lip, curled lashes and a touch of warm blush for me- nothing else. I’m inspired by Ryann’s easy look!

  • Love love love the one earring in the second hole. Looks amazing. My new earring inspiration.

  • Just mineral foundation – like British brand Lily Lolo. And lip balm! I love Dr Bronners, or this homemade one I made on my blog:

  • I think the beach should be a totally makeup-free zone!

  • Yes, love look of a beautiful face, especially when you have amazing swimmers sometimes you just want some extra confidence. I love a red lip on the beach, I’ve recently been wearing a plum colour with black swimmers!!

  • It also looks like she has gorg eyebrows hidden under there!

  • No makeup at the beach, please! Sunscreen with a bit of color maybe yes and of course lip balm!

  • Funny enough, at the beach this past weekend I saw a girl wearing heavy blush and she looked so out of place. Lipstick is a nice way to go but leave the pink cheeks behind.

  • Ahhhh noooo makeup! Surely not!? What happens to all this makeup when you SWIM…? All that’s needed is sunscreen & lip balm. Nothing else – just natural beauty. I would hate to feel pressured to wear makeup to the beach.

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