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Erika Bloom is our favorite pilates instructor. But, more than that, she happens to be a true gem of a human. Her fitness mantra exudes openness, mindfulness, and a thoughtful approach to meeting her students where they are. Her life mantra resembles the same–her love of nature and dedication to her family provide anchors to her daily routines that build her life’s meaning. We couldn’t be more excited to have caught up with her in NYC, and to share her wellness practices with you!


What do you do daily for your wellness?

I keep my daily practices simple through five tenets: Connection, mindfulness, movement, nourishment and sleep.

My morning begins by checking in with self. What do I need to be healthy today? How is my mind? How is my body feeling and how should I move? What do I need to eat and drink to nourish myself? How can I best rest and recharge?

I ask and answer these questions with self-compassion, which prepares me to move externally.

I take time each day to connect emotionally, physically and intellectually with my children (especially snuggle time), my partner, and the world. This calls for focused, present listening and sharing, really seeing one another, and experiencing moments together.

Presence is about being in your body and in the moment. My daily Vipassana meditation practice involves deeply tuning in through mindfulness, where I spend time observing my true feelings to foster a deeper understanding and knowledge of self. I carry this through my day, in to my work and my interactions, even in to my workouts.

I’m grateful to have Pilates as my daily mindful moving ritual. I practice private Pilates at my studios and have a home practice mixed with yoga. Living in New York City, I also have the opportunity to walk everywhere.

Mornings I drink lemon water, followed by more pure water, and hydrate consistently throughout the day, incorporating some of my favorite elixirs, turmeric, algae, chlorophyll, chlorella, chai spices, ginger, healing teas. I eat a simple plant-based diet, focusing on greens, an array of organic vegetables and healing foods.

At night, I prepare for deep sleep using aromatherapy, hot tea and calming stretches.

What do you do weekly for your wellness?

Each week, I look to make sure that my schedule is balanced to give my whole self everything it needs to be well.

Do I have the right formula in my work days of exertion, focus, creativity, and hard thinking? Do I have enough time for myself and the right amount for my children, my friends, my partner? Do I have time for nothingness — just to process?

Weekly, I take at least half a day, if not much more, outside in nature. Often, it’s a hike north of the city. Sometimes, it’s just a long bike ride along the river and through the park. In warmer months or when I’m traveling to our L.A. or our Turks studios, it’s a swim in the ocean. Connecting to nature is essential to my wellness.

I also do a clutter cleanse once a week. I find that minimal surroundings help my mind stay calm and my focus stay present. I am more mindful when my home is beautiful, but arranged for purpose. Maintaining minimalism takes weekly upkeep. I find it very healing.

While my daily movement practice is Pilates, about once a week I’ll join a group yoga practice, usually a very slow, alignment focused Iyengar class.

My garden needs love each week as well and I find this very healing. I take joy in harvesting my garden and bringing in the fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables in to my food and my home, nourishing myself with something fresh, and sharing it with my family.

What do you monthly for your wellness?

Monthly, I connect to my holistic healer and my acupuncturist. I check in on my body to see if any shifts need made in my diet. I read articles on wellness to review studies and research and see what holds true. I make time to visit the ocean. From my garden, I pause to make my own fermented vegetables.

What do you do yearly for your wellness?

Over the course of a year, there are a lot of shifts happening around us. I see my children grow and my parents age. I see my clients evolve. I see my studio’s practitioners hone their skills. I see my trees get taller and change shape while the city changes around me.

I am present for the small moments that lead to these larger changes. I have a yearly practice of perspective and gratitude to support this. It includes a series of meditations, as well as journaling. I often reread past journals to put the present into perspective. It’s a practice that sparks happiness and future growth.

Once a year, I commit to a week-long technology fast. It usually means going out into nature, hiking and camping, and just being free from my phone and my computer and artificial light. I reset my circadian rhythm, allow empty space in my mind, and find true calm and connection to myself. Often, I bring my kids, and we all cleanse from screens and the frenetic pace of the world.


Erika Bloom, veteran Pilates expert, fitness aficionado and founder of luxury wellness brand Erika Bloom Pilates, has her namesake studios in New York City, the Hamptons, Greenwich, CT, Los Angeles, CA, and Turks and Caicos. Erika’s long-standing and unique method couples the principles of contemporary Pilates with alternative mind and body therapies for a balanced, holistic approach to well-being.

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