A Beauty Minute with Shelby and Olivia

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Sometimes friends influence your beauty routine more than you’ll ever know. That’s especially true when two friends also run a beauty company together. Olivia Austin and Shelby Wild head up one of our favorite hair care lines, Playa.

And we thought, why not get a two beauty minutes for the price of one :)

Shelby (blonde):

Morning: I wash my face with Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, apply True Botanicals Radiance Oil, apply RMS Uncoverup in 22, Fat & the Moon lip and cheek stain, and Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I then mist Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist on top, as well as on my chest and exposed areas of my shoulders. I absolutely love this SPF – it goes with me everywhere!

Hair: When I wake up my hair is always sticking up in a million directions, so I use an Evian face mist to remove the dents without having to get my hair saturated. I also use our Pure Dry Shampoo every morning for a bit of extra volume as my hair is very fine. If my hair is a bit dry or frizzy, I will apply our Ritual Oil mid length to ends and use the bit remaining on my hands to apply to the roots. I then spray our Pure Dry Shampoo all over for texture and volume. When needed, I love applying our Ritual Oil from Mid-Length to ends and then spraying dry shampoo on top for immediate, piece-y texture.

Day: I have a mini backpack where I keep my wallet, Tom Ford Black Orchid rollerball perfume, RMS Beauty Signature Set compact, Coola SPF 15 Original Chapstick, a mini Supergoop Defense Setting Mist, and a hair clip.

Night: I take an Epsom salt bath every night with essential oils before bed. In the bath I apply Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay to my face for 15 minutes, wash my hair with Playa Every Day Shampoo. A few times a week I use our Supernatural Conditioner as a treatment by applying all over and putting my hair in a bun for 15 minutes. It acts as a mask and the steam from the bath really allows the product to work its magic.

Prior to Playa, Olivia worked as a beauty buyer and is always recommending under the radar products to me. Honestly, my skin has never looked better thanks to her :)

Olivia (brunette):

Morning: I wash my face with cold water and Biologique Recherche Lait U cleansing milk. I had a facialist tell me a month back that at my age, it was better for me to wash my face with cold water vs. warm. After I gently towel dry my skin, mist my face with True Botanicals Nutrient Mist and moisturize with Tata Harpers Reparative Moisturizer. Most importantly, before applying any makeup, I slather my face in some iteration of Supergoop sunscreen. 50+ SPF preferred. For makeup, I love the RMS pop collection. The colors blend so seamlessly, and the duo of the pink and red lip/cheek colors look like an easy, natural flush vs. caked on glittery blush.

Hair: Washing with our Every Day Shampoo and Supernatural Conditioner have made it really easy for me to wake up and go without much primping to my hair. The combination of the two cleansing and repairing products are the foundation for our line for a reason; they help enhance your natural wavy texture while repairing your hair over time. For me, all I need is a quick few pumps of our Ritual Hair Oil in the mornings on my ends for a nice piece-y texture and to tame some bed-head fly-aways.

Day: In my bag you’ll always find, Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50. I’m an SPF obsessive. A scrunchie/Invisibobble. I always need a solid hair tie option that I know won’t break or pull my hair. Herbivore Botanicals Cocorose Lip Conditioner. A solid vegan lip balm that smells divine. Totally cop to the fact that I use this as a highlighter on the fly. Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses.

Night: I cleanse with Lait U again to take off the day. Then I like to follow with a special little treatment. Depending on how my skin is that day, I’ll either mask with True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask or do a quick Alpha Beta peel from Dr. Dennis Gross. The end goal is always to increase the glow! Afterward, I apply the True Botanicals Radiance Oil and Cellular Repair serum.

If I’m washing my hair that night, I’m always sure to give my locks an ample dose of the Ritual Hair Oil. I sleep on it wet and wake up to the healthiest shine. But more often than not, I’m just cleansing with our Pure Dry Shampoo. To reset my texture easily overnight, I mist our Endless Summer Spray on dry hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. After my hair is slightly damp, I either tie it up into a bun or go for two fishtail braids. I let the product work overnight and then in the morning; I can let my hair down to refreshed wavy texture.

Shelby is truly my beauty and wellness guru. She bought me my first bottle of chlorophyll and always makes sure I’m drinking enough water.

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  • J’adore toujours le site mais il y a de plus en plus de fautes dans la version française.
    Je crois qu’il y a un switch entre Olivia et Shelby. l’interview d’Olivia fini par un commentaire sur Shelby et inversement.

  • Veronica June, 13 2018, 1:05

    Hi KTorz! We are working with new translator and working to diminish those mistakes. Olivia and Shelby were commenting on the other’s impact on their own beauty routine, that’s why the other one was mentioned at the end of each of their interviews.

  • , This is a great article. It gave me a lot of useful information. thank you very much.

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