A Beauty Minute with Lexie

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Erik Melvin

Morning: Water, water, water. I drink lots of it. It makes everything better. I don’t use anything to wash my face besides what comes out of my tap. I usually moisturize twice before I leave the house, once with something like CeraVe, or a similar product meant for really dry skin like mine. I also have a salve I made of cocoa butter, olive oil and coconut oil, which smells like chocolate. I put that on my face, and anywhere else.

Makeup is barely there- usually just a light cover up for these funny pink patches under my nose that have been there for over a decade. I’m not loyal to any one brand, as long as it’s not too dry or chalky. I have the world’s most “subtle” eyelashes, they might as well not exist at all, so I leave mascara off entirely. I find little point to it. I’ve stopped washing my hair, which is also naturally pretty dry, like my skin. Maybe once a week I’ll condition with something not too terribly processed. My hair is very thick and wavy and I sometimes find it tiresome, like a pet living on the top of my head. These days it’s usually fussily french braided or tied back in a low bun.

Day: I always have an oil based salve of some kind in my bag, along with enough hair things to make my head look like loaf of challah bread, should I so please. And again, water. Truly the only thing I do consistently for my beauty regimen is hydrate, inside and out. I find that everything else is secondary. I also eat things that make me feel good- for me that means avoiding sugar and dairy as much as possible, which I notice helps my skin immensely. I’m much more keen on what I put into my body than on my body.

Night: I clean my face with coconut oil, wipe off the residue, and moisturize again after that. And duh, chug!


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  • Most refreshing beauty minute ever. Love it. Pretty much my skin care routine, except i find it very hard to move to the no-poo routine.

  • Elle a un regard incroyable Lexie! J’aime bien cette passion pour le plus simple des produits de beauté : l’eau ! :)
    Des bisous,


  • So I realized that egg yolks are FAR more effective at washing and moisturizing my hair than any hair product I’ve ever bought, no matter how expensive. AND seriously simplify my hair routine. Google it!

  • I have not yet become friends with the coconut oil. Maybe I don’t buy the right kind…


  • Favorite. Done. No need to read any more beauty minutes!

  • Okay, those eyes, and the way her eye brows frame them, intoxicating. Simply intoxicating. What a beauty.

  • Lexie is my hair twin! It’s so refreshing to read about other women who have thick curly and difficult hair. I only started being able to manage my hair once I stopped shampooing it – that and increased water consumption are the very best advice. Thank you for sharing!

  • del Prado September, 4 2016, 4:18 / Reply

    Me encanta. El perfecto consejo de un minuto para una piel sana y estupenda, por experiencia. Yo añadiría siempre agua fría para la cara y el cuello. El aceite de coco es una gloria para la piel, una salvación también después de depilarse y un poquitín de vez en cuando en las puntas suaviza el pelo. Pero… -sorprendentemente- este año mi médico me ha advertido que beber más de dos litros al día en condiciones normales de temperatura y actividad física no es aconsejable (en verano o haciendo depeorte es otro tema) ¡Y él incluye las sopas, frutas y verduras!.

  • Love this, great beauty min, I am always focused on drinking enough water too!



  • its wonderful. i like it.

  • Best Beauty Minute – how refreshing. Thanks!

  • love this/her! so simple, so good

  • Great post! Love it!

  • Excellent ” Beauty Minute “, belle personnalité ! J’aimerais tellement faire comme Lexie et ne plus me laver les cheveux…

  • C’est ça le vrai secret :: très peu de produits, un max d’eau et bien dormir. Lexie a raison.

  • basically my daily routine as well
    on a good day I can manage an entire gallon of water, this has made all the difference in the world for my skin

  • En même temps, elle n’a besoin de rien non? Juste magnifique.

  • A real natural makeup free beauty! Wow, refreshing/

  • Ah et bien il serait peut-être bon que Lexie Jolie sache que sa peau super sèche l’est peut-être justement à cause de la crème Cerave (compo assez cracra qui en plus contient de l’alcool)…

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 6 2016, 8:59 / Reply

    Took me a minute to read her tips and …like, ten minutes to admire her Beautiful Face and shoulders!True Story!

  • Great tips (if you have dry hair/skin). Not if your skin is like an oil slick and hair super oily too.

  • Modle ressemble bcp FRIDA KAHLO. J’adore

  • If only us women would simplify our lives,loves,beauty routines! and minds and go in this lady’s direction.
    She is more beautiful for revealing her true self and not trying to cover herself in products and makeup that we are told will make us “better”.We should care and listen to ourselves and not be swayed by people and a market that doesn’t know or care about us at all.

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