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Morning: First thing I do every morning after brushing my teeth is drink a HUGE glass of water. More like two. This has been the game changer in my skin care routine— I’m embarrassed it took me until I was in my thirties to discover the not-so-mysterious and magical benefits of adequate hydration. One of my best friends, Michele Ouellet, will be VERY proud of this statement. I used to stay with her at her apartment and she’d give me a glass of water before bedtime, and yell at me in the morning when it was still full on the bedside table.

Next, I use cotton wool and slather my face in P50 1970 V.

After that, I use JOELLE CIOCCO Sensitive skin cream. It’s magic.

That’s pretty much it…

Not necessarily a part of my morning routine, but I use Melanie Simon’s ZIIP and vitamin C religiously. The ZIIP actually changed the shape of my face and made my skin firmer. Seeing these results motivated me to become much more particular with my skin routine, and in truth, actually pared down the amount of products/makeup I use.


I use Dr. Jardt tiger grass correcting cream. Also game changing. Never wear foundation or concealer anymore (that might also be attributed to proper hydration/ sweating every day/ ZIIPing). I have very, very red skin— the green neutralizes and soothes without adding a color on top that’s not my own.

Smashbox brow pencil in ash. My brows grow peppered with blonde and it really makes a big difference.

Pericone MD no lipstick lipstick. I put it on my lips, lids and cheeks.

That’s it!

Occasionally I’ll do a cat eye with Dior liquid eyeliner in black. And Makeup Forever lip pencil #3 for a naturally defined lip.

Day: Just looked in my bag. I’ve got my Pericone MD no lipstick lipstick. Jillian Dempsey lid tint in dew, from Violet Grey. And a stubby old Makeup Forever #3. If the tiger grass was in there, it would be a well-rounded make-up day for me…

Night: I take an epsom salt bath pretty much every day. My night routine is the same as my morning. I don’t wash my face (sorry!) I just use the p50 and Joelle Ciocco sensitive skin cream. And, another glass of water. And it’s the best my skin has ever looked.

On a day where I need a little something extra, I’ll use Biologique recherche masks. I love VIP O2 or the BioMagic mask. These were both recommended to me by my friend Camille. Between Michele’s hydration advocacy and Camille’s masks… I’m a transformed woman.

What have you changed about your beauty routine in the past year and what prompted these changes?
As cliche as it might sound, quitting my full-time job changed my life, my skin, and my body. I work just as many hours now, but the time is my own— and my schedule is built on my own terms. Having a little more time to devote to a healthy exercise routine made me realize how much being physically fit affects my sense of self. And now, feeling the way I do is as essential as drinking water.

Moreover, I’ve spent the last two years being much kinder to myself… and a lot more forgiving. I used to quietly spin out over an impulse to eat the wrong thing, or if I didn’t have time to work out— like it was the end of the world. How exhausting to spend so much time worrying about food, or what your body isn’t.

And along with all of that change— I think a more grounded, natural version of myself has emerged. I stopped dying my hair— turns out my natural color was one that I really like, lol. I remember bringing my hairstylist, Elleri, at Goodform in LA, a photo and asking her to give me that color. She said “I’m firing you as a client. If you stop dying your hair… it will be exactly that color!”

And she was right.

So really, the more accepting I’ve become of myself, the more I’ve been able to acknowledge that own crazy inner monologue is just a constant work in progress— and the more I just really like who I am. And through my own writing and conversations with friends I’ve realized we’ve ALL got these invisible, internal hangups we grapple with—even the women you can’t possibly imagine having a worry in the world. And I think the more you talk about all if it, just let it out, the more the secretive self-loathing dissolves. Like, the proverbial skeleton dusts herself off, walks out of the closet, and goes on her merry way. And it’s a real relief.

These sentiments have also been built into the brand I’ve co-founded, called CUUP. Bras that are made to fit support you and make you feel good in your body. In fact, we’ve started a newsletter at CUUP called BODYTALK which launches this month to support conversations just like this one. Just get women talking— it’s a fantastic opportunity to show other women that they’re not alone in whatever they’re feeling.

What is your biggest beauty indulgence?
I go see Posetta at Tonic Wellness in Beverly Hills for a CryoSkin facial more often than I probably should. And pop into Violet Grey often to see what new gadgets they’re excited about— they’re an incredible resource for the newest latest greatest.

What is your best beauty secret?
I can’t say it enough— if you want to be less swollen, clear-eyed, and poreless…. DRINK WATER!


Lauren Caris Cohan is a writer, filmmaker, commercial director, and co-founder of CUUP.

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  • Whether or not drinking more/enough water daily helps with better skin, it has so many other health benefits like better digestion and increased metabolism. So, it’s great to keep drinking more water in general. Thanks for the authentic beauty minute!

  • Fabulous Beauty Minute and interview. So inspiring. I love your Beauty Minute series in general. But this one definitely makes a difference! So honest, deep and thought through! Please can you take this one as an example and proceed with detailed Beauty Minutes further, including not only the beauty products/rituals but the whole phylosophy behind it! Many thanks! ?

  • Jessica Alsberg February, 12 2019, 7:51 / Reply

    Sending this note into the void: I miss the community that used to exist in the comments. I’m sad to see them so heavily edited these days. It feels fake – only glowing kudos allowed!
    We used to debate. We used to feel like we knew each other as a community.
    Honestly, I’ve started to gravitate to Cup of Jo (despite it having much less interesting style) simply because the community is stronger.

  • I loved this interview but I must say I’m very disappointed with Ziip device… I bought it a couple of months ago (after reading this and some other articles about it) and have been using it often dince then but I haven’t noticed any changes at all on my skin :( I wasn’t expecting miracles but at least an improvent on dilatated pores and fine lines…nothing at all has changed!
    I think I’ll keep it simple ( and cheaper) and follow the ‘drinking more water’ advice!

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