A Beauty Minute with Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton

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Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton of Brooklyn Face & Eye is an oculofacial plastic surgeon based in Park Slope, and takes a super holistic approach to her work. Last fall she launched her skincare line, epi.logic. The beauty junkies we are, we wanted to know more about her personal skincare routine…

What is your morning beauty routine?

Most mornings, I am clamoring for a bit more sleep so I need a pretty minimalistic routine. I start by gently cleansing my face with products from my own signature skincare line (perks of the job!): epi.logic True Calm and then I follow with Even Balance toner. I like to splash the toner on like a hydrating essence since it’s full of hyaluronic acid and aloe. I have melasma and hyperpigmentation that I keep at bay with my Daily Dose antioxidant serum for brightening and tinted Elta MD UV Clear sunscreen for sun protection. I have also heard wonderful things about Black Girl Sunscreen though and can’t wait to try for myself this summer! I started my own brand, epi.logic last fall because I really saw a void in my own clients’ beauty routines and I decided to go into the lab myself to develop answers to some of our biggest skincare issues.

I’ve never been good at applying makeup which is why I think I became obsessed with taking care of my skin. I do rely on a few products though to keep my complexion looking fresh if I look a bit sallow from not getting enough sleep. I’ll sweep Olio E Osso No. 10 onto my cheeks and I’ll also use it for a little lip tint.

I got lash line enhancement with Josh at Shen Beauty a few months ago and it has been such a revelation. I love waking up to a defined lash line without any intervention on my part. I never go without mascara and Eyeko Black Magic has been my go-to lately.

My hair is curly and craves moisture like crazy. In the morning, I refresh my curls with Briogeo Frizz Farewell and give my thinning hair oomph with DevaCurl Volumizing Foam. If my ends look thirsty, I apply Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil.

What do you keep in your bag to use throughout the day?

I keep my lips hydrated with Love + Sage lip balm. The Beach Rose tint has just the right hint of pink. I touch up my sun protection every few hours with Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist. I recently started decanting a bit of Sun Potion’s Solar Rose Water into a small spray bottle for a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

What is your evening beauty routine?

I like to relish in my evening self-care routine. It’s my time to feel self-indulgent and put my day away. I shower at night and love the aromatics of Esker Beauty Restorative Body Wash. I keep epi.logic Clean Reveal in the shower and use it a few nights a week for some extra facial exfoliation.

For my hair, I find that I get the best results from cycling between different shampoos and conditioners from time to time. Love Curl Shampoo and Love Curl Conditioner from Davines and No Poo and One Condition from DevaCurl are often in the rotation. I’ve recently started adding a few drops of rosemary oil to my shampoo to help with hair growth. It’s too soon to know whether it’s working or not but I do love the fragrance. I detangle my hair with a wide-tooth comb while conditioning.

Once I step out of the shower, I immediately apply epi.logic Master Plan while my face is still damp to amplify its hydrating ability. I follow with my retinol serum Double Feature and eye cream Eye Contact. I have combination skin so I don’t always need moisturizing, but when I do The Total Package has got me covered because it is super hydrating. I moisturize my body with a drugstore staple, Cerave SA lotion, because its blend of exfoliating acids keeps my skin extra smooth.

My hairstylist Sara June taught me to dry my hair with a paper towel to cut down on frizz. I apply my styling products while my curls are still damp in an attempt to seal in as much moisture as possible. I’ll start by spraying Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, followed by DevaCurl Styling Cream and Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. I let my hair air-dry while I watch whatever guilty pleasure on television that currently has my attention before going to sleep.

How do you define beauty?

For me, beauty is about character and confidence spilling over onto someone’s features. As an oculofacial plastic surgeon, I’m always trying to find ways to highlight those elements in my patients’ faces. Women often come into my office for their consultations with laundry lists of imperfections they’d like addressed. I love flipping that conversation on its head by inquiring what they love most about their face. It’s funny how I’ve noticed that when you ask someone that question, they never answer with a one-word reply but rather with a story about why that feature makes them special. The privilege of having women share how their life stories become imprinted onto their faces is one of the greatest facets of my work.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I love looking at my face right after my evening cleanse. I think my ritual of slowing down and taking a moment to care for myself as I close out the day engenders a fondness for my own reflection.

I also feel beautiful when I’m operating. There is something about the sense of confidence and empowerment I have in those moments using my skill and my hands to care for my patients that makes me feel like my best self.

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