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Worth It!

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Worth It!

« Achète la meilleure crème hydratante possible, les autres produits peuvent attendre. »

On dirait un vieux proverbe, mais je crois que c’est ma mère qui l’a dit.
En gros : dépensez jusqu’au dernier centime pour bien hydrater votre peau; et ensuite vous pouvez appliquer de l’eau du robinet, un masque fait maison (= de la boue) et un exfoliant bon marché sur votre peau. En gros. Comme toute fille qui se respecte, je n’ai pas pris ma mère au mot, et j’ai continué à utiliser toutes les crèmes hydratantes qui se trouvaient sur mon passage.
Quelques petits problèmes de peau m’ont obligée à chercher des solutions. Et j’ai décidé de revoir mes standards à la hausse question crème. Dans sa Minute Beauté,  Ashley Math parle des bienfaits du Gel équilibrant B Triple C pour le visage (environ 100 euros pour 60 ml, aïe). J’adore Aesop, j’ai toujours aimé cette marque, j’ai donc investi. Et vous savez quoi ? Je ne regrette absolument pas la dépense. Je pourrais me laver le visage à l’eau de pluie et ne jamais faire de gommage parce que ce gel, appliqué comme il faut, fait des miracles. Pendant deux jours, je n’arrivais plus à mettre la main dessus, et vous savez ce qui s’est passé ? Deux boutons. Un pour chaque jour passé sans mon gel-magique.
Oui, c’est vrai, c’est un investissement, mais ça a payé. Et on est encore loin de ces crèmes complètement extravagantes qui affichent un prix à trois zéros !
Ça vous est déjà arrivé de dépenser un peu plus pour un produit de beauté sans regretter la dépense ? Lequel/Lesquels ?


Ajouter le votre
  • I absolutely have to agree — rather spend more on skincare than regret it later. I also only use organic and natural products so don’t mind paying more. My current favorites I can’t live without is youth serum from Brad Biophotonic and luxury face oil from LR Alchemy.

  • Je suis d’accord sur le principe, si je pouvais me l’offrir! Pour l’instant, être étudiante signifie plutôt des prix accessibles ^^ mais je suis d’accord, mieux vaut y mettre le prix et ne pas se tartiner n’importe quoi dessus!


  • My Mom told me you can have 50 shirts but only one face.

    I use Carita products mostly, their Lagoon crème, its light enough for my skin but seriously hydrates and that seems to be my common issue. Its $120 a jar but so worth it. I use the Carita Lagoon serum and go between their eye gel or the youth eye by Carita. Carita’s sister line by Decleor has great products for a lesser price tag, they have this amazing prolenge gel that is use on my face, legs, arms, on my kids after sunburns. its a must have. Spending so much on facials and products use to worry me, but I would rather have the best skin I can and cut corners elsewhere.

  • I’ve been using the same products since high school – Pond’s cream and St Ives Apricot Scrub. I cannot live without both!! One thing I will say is not to believe that the more expensive the products are, the better they are.

  • I totally agree, I use one from Dior and it’s absolutely unique!

  • Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that is the best product for your skin though.

  • Totally! I use Simple’s micellar water every night and that’s about as economical as you can get (it’s amazing) BUT sometimes making an investment is worth it — but it always depends on works best on your skin I think. It’s taken me forever to work that one out, and then my skin is always changing with the seasons and as my skin ages…

    An endless pursuit!!

  • the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment comes in at $69 for a little tub and is pretty outside of my budget as a 26 year old trying to make my way in the world, but it is AMAZING and makes my skin instantly 300% better. it means I can use less makeup and spend less time hiding imperfections, which I think makes it 100% worth the price tag.

  • I’ll have to try this one out! I try to minimize how often I wear makeup, so sounds right up my alley!

  • I’ve been using Filorga Time Filler for the last few months and my skin looks much better now, though it`s not so expensive. I`m 32 and fine lines are my main concern now. Also, I really see good result of massaging my face daily with a Shisedo brush. Going to try sleeping on a silk pillowcase as a method of preventing wrinkles))

  • Je viens d’investir dans les produits Dr Hauschka, apres avor utilise le mini kit pour la peau mixte (j’ai lu ici, dans une beauty minute, que ce sont fantastiques). J’ai tout de suite vu la diiference, donc j’ai achete la cleansing creme, la creme a la melisse et la lotion tonique. C’est assez cher en Roumanie, mais je suis tranquille pour environ trois mois. Je suis d’accord qu’on doit tout d’abord prioritser le visage, ou, mieux dit, la sante de notre visage. Donc, oui, ca va la peine de visiter l’estecienne chaque mois. Ca c’est, a present, ma plus grande depense.

  • I agree that taking care of your skin is important. Aesops has too many chemicals in it for me. If you are going to blow your money on something go for May Lindstroms line or Odacite. Both are pure and wonderful. I also am a big fan of essential oils for my skin. My skin has never looked better. What you put on your face absorbs into your skin so look out for chemicals. Also hydration from the inside is the most important way to take care of your skin.

  • Therese — you are so right! Water is probably the number one best investment when it comes to skin (says the woman currently chugging a water bottle)…x

  • Hate to say it but as a dermatologist- moisturiser is not where you should be spending your money! Second cleanser (After you’ve used cheapish balm to get your makeup and spf off) is the KEY, this is the stuff that really gets into your skin. Also important is serum. Moisturiser is really just the barrier you put between your expensive products and the world. This link (and this lady in general) has completely got it sorted!

  • Yup – this. Moisturizer isn’t the most important thing by a long shot. Any good dermatologist will tell you this. Serums, a good retinol-based treatment and other things like AHAs and Vitamin C creams are far more important.

  • This is bad advice. Moisturizers are not the most important, serums are. And moisturizers can be modestly priced and great. Invest in a superb serum as your priority.

    (Also, there is no need to pay Glamglow prices for a clay mask. Clay and the other ingredients in Glamglow are very cheap. You can get the same results with a $20 Cattier green clay mask.)

    And yes, Elena above is spot-on to link to Caroline Hirons. I would love to see a beauty expert giving advice here, as bad beauty advice is really expensive to your readers.

  • Hi Jackie!
    I suppose the truth is that different skin begs for different high quality products! We’re all different, and I can only speak from personal experience as to what’s been the best investment for me. Oils and serums tend to cause havoc on my skin, but I have an oily complexion with a crazy T-zone that never lets up.
    Like Elena said, moisturizer is the barrier and I obviously need that kind of protection! But I’m definitely going to try some more lightweight serums now :)

  • I am loving this discussion.

    My worth its : sk2, may lindstorm oil, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

    Not worth it : luxurious cleansers, anything beyond a basic toner, expensive moisturizers, expensive mud ( huh )

    Not worth it, is not to be confused with not necessary. Exfoliants for example, needn’t be outrageously expensive or complicated but are necessary.

  • I do think that moisturizers can make a difference and while I don’t think the super high end stuff are necessarily the best, I think it’s all about buying the best that you can afford. I really like the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream, though I would like to try Aesop sometime in the future!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  • Using DHC Deep Cleansing Oil has become an absolute necessity to me. Its smell is delicate and its efficient softness is remarkable! Try it, really!

    L’huile démaquillante/nettoyante DHC est devenu l’incontournable de ma routine beauté ! C’est une merveille de douceur et d’efficacité ! A essayer sans attendre !


  • Après avoir dépensé une petite fortune (325€ les 100 ml) pour le fluide hydratant Sisleyouth de Sisley (comme son nom l’indique), j’ai découvert Ma crème hydratante ! La crème précieuse de l’Occitanne (90€ les 100ml), et ça me tient 5 mois. Ma peau n’a jamais été aussi douce, veloutée et apaisée. Du coup je ne pense pas que le prix soit vraiment un critère déterminant dans la qualité d’un soin, surtout qu’on paye souvent la marque plus que le produit en lui même.

  • I have to agree with some of the other posts above. I spent lots and lots (and lots!) of time and money on very expensive products, including moisturiser, in the hope that more money equals better results. In the end, after I kept breaking out on my chin and found my skin feeling tight after moisturising, I changed back to the first cleanser and moisturiser I’d ever used- Cetaphil. The difference was immediate and a year on my skin is still better than ever! I’m not saying that this is going to work for everyone, I guess the thing is not to think that more money equals better results, and to know that what works for others might not work for you.

  • lavinia 8 juillet 2015, 9:48

    The point is not the cost of the cream, you just have to listen to your skin, it gives you the right advice. :)

  • I agree 100% I started using a moisturizer when I was 16 and never regret it (now I’m 51 and no one single wrinkle is on my face). I have olive skin which is easy to become grey if you don’t care enough. I now use in winter an jaluronic acid as a base (rougj and Avene cream Hydrance optimal riche; now in summer only the Avene cream. For me the point is: clean and moisturize. That’s all, always clean your face at night even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, always moisturize. It’s not important to put on your face a very expensive cream if you do it sometimes, better to use a cheaper one but on a daily base (for me up 20s also at night). I never listen to what people said « you are so young and beautiful you do not need cream » and started very soon.

  • for cleaning my face I only use Sensibio Bioderma micellar water: the best ever and as a tonic rosewater, my exfoliant is indian oil by Kaloderma.

  • I am addicted to Avène, I love their anti-redness products. Coola SPF moisturizer has been my favorite for last few years and I am so glad they scored so high on EWG’s Safe SPF products list. Earth tu Face Wash is heaven for the face.

  • I’ve used Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve cream for 4 years (I’m 22). It has a mix of skincare benefits and is a great moisturizer at $42. That said, moisturizer is not where you need to be spending your money. Serums and treatments to increase things like elasticity and radiance are far more important money-wise. In the end, keeping a steady routine is what is going to help your skin stay consistent and healthy in the future.

  • Tatcha’s cleansing system was a painful hit to the wallet, but I don’t regret it for a moment. The moisturizing silk cream is nice, but I swear by the gentle cleansing powder and serum.

  • Aesop for the win! I’m not a fan of their cleansers, but I swear by their moisturisers! They also last a long time. I kind of think that if you have good skin, you can spend less on makeup :)

  • Cute illustration, Garance! Glad you found a moisturizer that works for you. I have really dry skin so I use oil. Specifically coconut oil.

  • Jennifer Lauria 17 juillet 2015, 8:35 / Répondre

    I’m surprised your face hasn’t reacted to the irritants. See the review for it on Paula Begoun’s website, Beautypedia

  • I agree that you must use the best quality of skin care. I use medical grade from ZO Skin health and all are worth every cent! The suncare is over priced because I can use one bottle in one or two days.
    The retinol is worth the investment.

  • Santaverde is a fabulous organic Natrue certified brand. They have an unusual « no water » formulation. They have replaced water which is main ingredient of most of skin care products by pure aloe vera juice coming from their own crops in Andalusia. That means their products contain only active ingredients and have outstanding effectiveness. Aloe vera is famous for its moisturizing, regenerating and soothing capacities so your skin is immediately relieved.

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