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Si vous avez l’odorat sensible, ça vous parlera peut-être.

Moi, je crois que je dois avoir le flair d’un limier, donc je perçois toutes les odeurs de façon hyper précise, et je distingue l’odeur de tout le monde comme si j’étais juste en face de la personne. Du coup, les bonnes odeurs me filent la pêche et sont agréables (café, eucalyptus, menthe, air iodé…) MAIS ne serait-ce que l’ombre d’une odeur nauséabonde et je fronce le nez, je me couvre le nez et la bouche l’air dégoûté. C’est peut-être un peu extrême, mais croyez-moi, cette poubelle bizarre à trois mètres, je la sens, et c’est vraiment pas ragoûtant.

Il y a aussi ceux qui s’aspergent de parfums assez irrespirables en public, et être assis juste à côté dans le métro, c’est presque aussi abominable. Mais bon, d’un autre côté, je suis de celles qui trouvent qu’un parfum personnel, qu’on s’est choisi, c’est important…

Une amie à moi proposait carrément d’interdire les parfums dans les lieux publics (oui, c’est un peu extrême) et je comprends son point de vue, mais c’est aussi notre droit à tous de pouvoir sentir ce qu’on veut. Vous en pensez quoi ? Est-ce qu’il existe un juste milieu, un terrain d’entente qu’on pourrait trouver ?


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  • i am very sensitive to chemical fragrances, to the point that i’m borderline allergic. i wish people were more conscientious about their fragrances in places that you can’t leave as you wish – workplaces, doctor’s offices, and the like. i don’t mind moving away from someone on the subway or in a store, but i once had a headache for a full day just after being in a work meeting with someone!

  • I think firstly most people simply put too much on! You get « nose blind » if its a fragrance you wear a lot, and don’t realize how strong it is to other people.
    But also most mass-produced perfumes (even designer ones) have a lot of alcohol and other chemicals so it stays the same strength all day. I personally prefer more natural perfumes that fade after a few hours and don’t have that cheap alcohol smell to them.

  • Miss Neada, I can relate! I can smell what kind of lunch people from hours before, sometimes health conditions before prediagnosis. This sensibility can be a gift and a nuisance. However, organicsm is filtering (most) societies and I do think applied scents have improved. Can’t stand anything Victoria Secret, BBB, or anything of the sort (hurl worthy.)Because I am sensitive, I may be more susceptible to aromatherapy. And in the end, being aware is a gift, but I do find it rather interesting for data gathering at times. I wonder if you have similar ideas. For example, living in Italy taking the bus everyday I grew quite tolerant of people’s armpits in my face and bo doesn’t bother much at all. On the other hand, meat casing and the smell of anything American pepporoni makes me sick! Also, recently I am thinking of body fragrance. The French high end ones are rather enjoyable, but in the end my husbands opinions of which ones won out and I nixed the idea since we couldn’t agree. Happy Summer, Smell ya later!

  • We should probably start some kind of club! I swear there are many of us out there with sensitive noses, and sometimes you just need to talk to someone who can relate!!

  • J’ai aussi l’odorat très développé mais ce serait vraiment bizarre d’interdire le parfum, d’ailleurs c’est préférable de sentir ceux qui forcent un peu sur la dose que ceux qui n’ont pas encore découvert le déo ;). Sinon je ne connais qu’un seul exemple de produit interdit dans les lieux publics pour cause d’odeur désagréable: c’est le durian à Singapour!

  • YES! I am the same way; my boyfriend teases me that I am part dog, b/c I have such a sensitive nose. It is a blessing and a curse, because I am bothered by smells no one else notices (« Erm, don’t you think it’s time to take out the garbage? No? You sure? »). I have a personal vendetta against perfume, especially on public transportation. While I wouldn’t go as far as your friend to ban it in all public spaces (although I’m pretty close), I would definitely like a ban on fragrances in a restaurant setting. I want to smell and taste food, not your cheap cologne. The worst part is when a good friend wears perfume/cologne that I really can’t stand. What to do??

  • « A blessing and a curse » – I couldn’t have put it better myself! I love being able to smell the beautiful fragrances out there, but oftentimes it’s just the strange smells of the New York streets!!!

  • Recently I’ve been wondering if there’s such a thing as smell pollution. I’ve become more and more sensitive to the smell of frangrances and I think twice before walking into a Sephora or passing through the perfume counters of a department store. Most fragrances are now made from chemicals mixed in labs instead of essential oils derived from plants and I have a feeling that my body is starting to rebel against them. Anyways, I feel that fragrance is nice when you notice it as you lean in to hug someone, not when you’re standing in an elevator and can smell that they had been there! You wouldn’t blast your music loudly in a public space… so why would you treat the nose differently from the ear?

  • The problem may not be the scent itself but rather the application. There are some women who douse themselves in perfume versus focusing on their pulse points. I believe a little on the neck, wrists and the back of the knees goes a long way! Another issue, is people who feel the need to use the « popular scents » without taking into consideration whether it complements their natural musk. They fail to realize that what may work well for someone might not work well for them. Hence, the reason it is important to try various perfumes to find your signature scent.

  • Aline 4 août 2015, 6:58

    I agree that pulse points are the key. Also the older scents tend to be better — the really old scents such as Guerlain scents before they were reformulated (Vol de Nuit, Jicky, Apres L’Ondee before about 2005 or so — apologies, my keyboard isn’t accent friendly) are the most subtle and generally less likely to cause allergic reactions.

  • I know exactly what you mean!


  • I like the scent of skin without any perfume. I’ve owned only a few perfumes and they’ve gotten bad before I used even half of the bottle. I like my scent to be subtle and close to the skin, so only me and my partner can smell it. I’m perfectly fine with wearing just EDT and not perfume. Or, like most of the time, wearing nothing but deodorant and body lotion with a natural scent.
    I hate it when an elevator smells of someone for a whole day after they’ve used it, even if the scent is pleasant

  • It’s true – there’s something about someone’s unique scent that is so nice (especially if it’s someone you have a special connection or relationship with!)…

  • Selon moi, je crois qu’il est important de ne pas s’asperger de parfum dans un lieu public que se soit dans le métro ou encore dans un autre genre d’endroit public. J’imagine mal une femme s’asperger du Chanel No. 5. Pour moi, c’est mal de tête instantaté. Je ne le fais pas en public ou simplement je m’assure qu’il n’est personne autour de moi. D’autre part, je trouve essentiel de sentir bon. Mes parfums favoris sont Dolce & Gabbana L’impératrice, toujours de la même marque mais Light blue, Lancôme La vie est belle, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle et finalement comme body mist j’utilise Pink Chiffon de Bath and Body Works, pour les journées où je n’ai pas envie de mettre de parfum mais juste avoir une légère odeur. En somme, avoir une bonne odeur c’est hyper important pour moi qu’importe les évènements je dois me parfumer.

  • Sometimes there will be someone in the swimming pool wearing perfume – why? Why? I need to breathe!! Leave it at home please :)

  • Hahah! So true!!

  • ninotschka 5 août 2015, 11:18 / Répondre

    « Smell pollution » – yes, that’s a great description of what is going on in the last couple of years!!! Really hard for me is the smell of fabric softener. I even use unscented detergent, because I cant’t it, but softener is even worse and – at least in Germany – it is used much more often nowadays than a few years ago. Plus, I have the feeling, that a lot of people get used to the smell and use more and more of it. That’s at least what my nose tells me. Interesting point: In Switzerland, where I go quite often, I neither (!!!) smelled softener nor tacky perfume or other heavy chemical fragrances. There must be cultural codes not only regarding what we think is smell or fragrance or what kind of instensity we think is bearable, but also how we handle smell in public…

  • My mother is like you, very sensitive to scents and she’s pretty assertive bordering on rude about it. I loathe other people’s perfume smells because they are too strong and so often the artificial based scents (white musk anyone? ugh). It is especially maddening when my baby reeks like someone else (forget banning scents in public, how about just the courtesy of not dousing yourself and then mauling a baby).
    I do however love scents from cbihateperfume.com, totally different approach to scent. I went there when I was in Brooklyn last year and bought 2 perfumes which are divine together and I know I’m never going to come across someone else with the same combination and even if I do, we won’t know because its subtle and personal and you need to be close to smell it.

  • I never wear any perfume or fragance when I travel. In planes or cars people tend to get dizzy and what might be the best aroma for me, might nor be for someone else. So I skip perfume when I travel, I think the clean scent of the shower is the best companion. I guess that living with a super special nose does that to you. You start getting concious about things like that!

  • i think i have a sense of smell well developed just like you, and it can indeed sometimes be not so nice !


  • Oh, I feel your pain. To me festive family dinners, indoor weddings & eating out in tiny restaurants where everyone sits back to back are the worst. « So how was the food? » It smelt like N*5 and hairspray… terrible experience!

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