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J’ai toujours eu une vision parfaite, jamais eu besoin de lunettes, toujours ouvert mes yeux sous l’eau, à la piscine, dans la mer, je ne me suis jamais vraiment inquiétée du fait qu’ils deviennent très rouges au sortir de la douche…

Mais aujourd’hui, j’ai l’impression qu’ils sont en train de devenir hyper sensibles. L’hiver, quand il fait très froid, je ne peux pas sortir sans lunettes ou je pleure des torrents et mon make up est foutu. Pareil s’il y a du vent. Une mauvaise nuit, un peu trop d’alcool et le blanc n’est plus blanc du tout, et c’est de plus en plus fréquent.

Je me demandais si vous avez déjà eu ce genre de problème, oeil sensible, oeil rouge…
Et si vous avez trouvé des remèdes ?


Ajouter le votre
  • C’est l’age ma pauvre Garance!!…..sad but true. Just like you I had the perfect sight until I reached 40 and then it all went weird. Like you my eyes cry easily, I struggle to read small prints and menus in dimly light restaurant are unreadable etc…. It was very hard to accept in the beginning as as an artist my eyes are pretty crucial. I now wear glasses for reading and increasingly for other stuff. I have a lovely pair of Linda Farrow though that everyone compliment me on which helps a bit with the sad realisation that age caught up with me….. I am sure you will find a fab pair too and embrace the situation with your usual optimism!….

  • This winter my eyes were a lot more sensitive than any other. One of my eyelids in particular kept twitching, so I did a lot of experimenting and figured out that it was a hydration problem – when I drank more the issue would almost completely disappear, when the house was feeling particularly dry, it’d act up again. So more water, more eye drops, and a little more rest cured up all my issues.

  • Mariateresa 4 février 2016, 12:25 / Répondre

    Oh oui, mes yeux sont très sensible pour la degeneration du corp vitreo. Vous ne savez quelque chose?

  • NYC air is very dry – especially in offices and apartments. You need humidifiers/vaporizers in every room. I even have a mini one (powered by my laptop via USB) on my desk. Life changer.

    You might also have dry eye syndrome, which is potentially sight-threatening. Go to the eye doc! x

  • J’ai exactement le même problème, une vision quasi-parfaite, je faisais la maligne à la piscine, etc. Et maintenant que je vis au Canada, des larmes constantes!
    Ma seule solution a été le port des lunettes de soleil! Mon amie quant à elle a opté pour du Clear Eyes, je ne sais pas si le produit exitse en France, ce sont des gouttes. Elle les met avant de se maquiller, ses yeux coulent un coup, puis elle est partie pour sa journée!

    Bon courage ;)

  • As a person who is wearing glasses since second grade I can give you two options – you may need glasses or you may have an allergy. For both ways I think you should check with a doctor. Astigmatism is also an option – it makes sometimes my eyes pretty sensitive. I hope that will help.

  • I have been noticing this too. It started this year. Yay 2016. For me it’s allergies and my doctor prescribed antihistamine eye drops called Zaditor. I got them at Target. They seem to be working. Plus I use regular Clear Eyes Red Eye eye drops. My eyes are really red when I first wake up but only when I use my night eye cream. The cream actually works so I’m not giving it up. I just use the drops and I’m good. Hopefully that will work for you.

  • I put (cosmetic-grade) castor oil on my eyelids and eye lashes before going to bed. I make sure it’s enough so that some actual gets into my eyes as I sleep. It makes my eyes much whiter!

    I’ve tried it for my husband, who has chronically red/itchy eyes. It helps heal them if we go to Florida or someplace else where the grasses he is allergic to can’t grow. But it can’t really prevent the redness from allergies – that’s a different issue altogether.

    I understand you only moved to the United States in the last few years – it is possible that you are allergic to a plant here that is not found in Europe. That plant could easily be found in both California and New York (hubby’s nemesis-plants are found in both San Diego and Washionton DC, for example).

    Good luck!

  • jennymarie 4 février 2016, 1:19 / Répondre

    YES! and my optometrist told me its called dry eye and to find a good eye wash, and rinse your eyes, just a drop, in the morning and before you go to bed. Thats it! I thought I had allergies, but thats not it at all.

  • Jaunemoutarde 4 février 2016, 1:21 / Répondre

    C’est d’une consultation avec ophtalmologiste dont tu as besoin, pas de commentaires hasardeux sur un blogue. Ce sont des docteurs spécialistes tout de même et tes yeux sont précieux.

  • First I think it’s important to have yearly eye exams. My vision is excellent and I’m fortunate to only wear glasses when I’m drawing or doing very detailed work. And for distance if I’m at the theatre. My eyes tend to be dry and tear easily as you mention , so I use tear drops as needed. I also found that a humidifier helps with dry air in winter.

  • The only thing I’ve found that helps is to eat a really clean diet — eliminate all food that irritates you in any way, whether wheat, dairy, gluten and so on. Get a good multi-vitamin and take good Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Check with a naturopath if you need help.

    I had horrendously sensitive eyes about 15 years ago and they were irritated at the drop of a hat. Now they are not as easily irritated although eye make-up is still a big risk.

    I’d love to hear about eye make-up remover that is both hypoallergenic and non-irritating. I’ve used Cetaphil, which is okay, and doesn’t cause irritation directly, however, it is not the best at removing eyeliner and mascara — far too much rubbing is involved. I’ve also used Clinique’s Take the Day Off, and it is very effective, however, also oily and causes irritation especially if used a couple of days in a row. A lot of other products just aren’t effective or cause irritation.

  • Finally someone is talking about a clean diet! Great!
    With good food, detox, fresh air, less computer and stress, plus a good sleeping routine you’ll come a long way.

  • I totally agree on the Omega oil…this is what my eye surgeon told me after I had to have an operation last year. But some people have to be careful with Omega supplements if they are prone to certain macular eye diseases. Best to see a doctor.

    I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes and I just discovered the best micellar cleanser I’ve yet come across, from Caudalie. Very gentle, but very effective.

  • Même problème. L’ophtalmo m’a dit que c’est l’ordinateur, l’air ambiant, la clim, le chauffage, l’âge ou que sais-je et m’a conseillé des gouttes « over the counter » Refresh eye drops, plusieurs fois par jour. Si ça ne marche pas, il va m’en prescrire d’autres

  • Glasses since about 9, contacts since 11, so I know « the struggle ». My eyes also get super sensitive and I have had people laugh at the fact that I need sunglasses in the winter. My advice is: carry eye drops and sunglasses at all times. Remember to blink and not stare at your phone/screen/book for prolonged periods of time. That really tires the eyes. All the other stuff is common sense, such as getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. Hope it gets better!

  • Our eyes are red because they’re too dry (yes, when they water it also means they’re dry). You have to put drops three times a day and you feel better soon. Artificial tears or a kind of hydrating gel.

  • I have the same problem. My eyes get so dry and itchy in the winter—it feels like I have something in them when I don’t. I recently started using eyedrops for « red eyes », and not only has it majorly helped by moisturizing my eyes, but I love how it makes my eyes look whiter, brighter and healthier. Definitely a part of my health/beauty regimen.

  • Sometimes I find that drops help, but most of the time I just wear sunglasses, even on a cloudy day. x

  • En plus d’aller consulter, tu peux aussi facilement faire quelques tests
    – portes-tu un manteau fétiche? une écharpe? un bonnet? peut-être es-tu irritée par une matière bien spécifique (souvent les trucs super fluffy qui envoient des particules partout peuvent s’avérer problématiques).
    – As-tu un animal arrivé récemment chez toi?
    – Portes-tu un mascara nouvellement acquis? Un crayon acheté cet hiver/pour noël? Le maquillage c’est la raison number one qui me fait les yeux rouges! j’ai déjà jeté illico des produits juste pour ça (surtout des crayons, particulièrement certains contenant des paillettes).

  • Perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order ? I don’t think you should crowd source this problem.

    Although I am sure all those hours in front of the screen isn’t helping. My eyes have gotten weaker after years of writing and debugging code. My buddhist labmate has a 50 minute alarm at his desk. He gets up and spends 10 minutes away from every screen for ever 50 minutes he spends on the computer.

  • Take fish oil capsules. Be sure to take with food. I take Ultimate Omega by Norwegian Natural – Whole Foods carries them. Totally cleared up my dry eyes. Sunglasses according to my MD are a must in general.

  • J espère que tu a déjà pris rdv chez l ophtalmo Garance!!!????????

  • Emetisse Yazdanmehr 4 février 2016, 3:59 / Répondre

    I’m an optometrist so I examine eyeballs everyday. Many patients have your same concern. The eyes tend to be more dry during the winter season. Environmental causes during the season and possibly body’s hormonal changes can cause insufficiency to the tear film. When the tear film is inadequate, the ocular surface is not as uniform and you do become more sensitive to the light. Also, the eyes get watery because they produce a reflex crying tear in response to being dry. To replenish the basic tear film and keep your eyes from feeling and looking irritated and red, you can use Artificial Tears 4x/day. My favorite is Systane Balance but any brand should work. If you don’t have any improvement in a week, do visit your optometrist for further work-up :)
    Lots of love, Em

  • I’m thinking she should visit a doctor of opthomology, not a glass dispenser place.

  • Anne-Laure 4 février 2016, 4:04 / Répondre

    J’ai le même âge et le même souci. J’utilise les gouttes bleues Innoxa, au moins pour retrouver le blanc de mes yeux.

  • I have « dry eye syndrome » and take the following: fish oil and flaxseed oil supplements, dry eye drops and dry eye gel during the day, dry eye ointment at night, and Restasis prescription every day. A cocktail. Et, voila…

  • Definitely my dilemma as well. Sometimes I find that drops work, though! I hope you find a solution, love.

  • Go to the ophthalmologist! Could be dry eye syndrome as a Dr. Let me know is really common and most of people use red eye drops » which is really a bad idea! Get well soon!

  • Québécoise ici, et tous les hivers, mes yeux pleurent. Ici, personne ne cille si on pleure dehors sans avoir un visage de tristesse, ça arrive, c’est tout. C’est normal!!!

  • Une visite chez l’ophtalmo s’impose pour un check up.
    La cause des yeux rouges est multiple. Dans mon cas, j’habite en Floride ou la clim’ marche 8 mois sur 12, je passe sans arret du froid (interieur) au chaud et humide (exterieur), + le vent, la poussiere, la vegetation et tant d’autres choses.
    Je porte toujours des lunettes de soleil meme par temps couvert et je mets quelquefois des gouttes de Systane pour rafraichir mes yeux rougis. C’est aussi la raison pour laquelle j’ai arrete de me maquiller les yeux dans la journee !

  • Well i have this problem in the swimming pool even when i were googles. But I love glasses!! I have been dreaming since i was a kid to wear glasses there is something like a fetich in the situation. They are capable of giving so much charm!! J ‘ adore! !!

  • Sorry doll, but that’s called age. Moisturizing eye drops may help.

  • Aline, FYI I remove my makeup with a mix of olive/ vegetable oil, followed by witch hazel. I wouldn’t usually have that oil on hand, but someone bought me avant as a mistake when I asked for pure olive oil for cooking. I also recently ran out of body moisturizer, so I m using the oil as an after body moisturizer and I love it. Its cheap, effective, less packaging , simplifies my life – I’ll never go back!

  • It’s your age, plus dry building air and dry winter air. Hormone levels and dehydration, too. Yes, have your eyes checked, but maybe a pair of glasses with « plano » lenses and an anti-glare coating will help as you stare at the computer (I wear them). Warby Parker is a great place to buy anti-glare planos AND anti-glare reading glasses (start with a +1.00) Neither choice requires a prescription, and they will send out 5 frames with fake lenses to try for free at home. No, I do not work for them, but I’ve purchased several pairs from the website. They offer polarized lenses, too, in ALL their sunglasses. Helps incredibly because your eyes can relax in the sun. I think they have brick and mortar stores in LA.

  • Maybe it’s allergy?

  • I’ve had the same problem for years (it’s the reason I only use waterproof eye make-up). It got worse over the years. Any change in temperature would make my eyes water, the slightest bit of wind etc. When people started asking me – almost everyday – why I was crying and even eyedrops and my biggest sunglasses didn’t stop my eyes watering all the time, I went to a optometrist. He recommended an eye gel (no eye drops) and it makes all the difference! I use it twice a day and it has almost solved the problem. Wish I started using them years ago. I hope you find a solution that works for you, because it’s really annoying, as I know from experience. Greetings from The Netherlands :-)

  • J’ai pas encore lu les autres commentaires, mais moi j’ai toujours eu des yeux a lunettes! Depuis l’age de 16 ans je porte des lentilles, sauf que la des annees j’en ai 31, et j’ai les yeux super mega secs, tres tres souvent!
    Un seul truc marche pour moi, je me le suis commande le mois dernier et jme suis dit: pourquoi je ne l’ai pas commande plus tot! (et jme suis repondu: bah parce que ca se vend pas au UK). De l’eau de bleuet. Tout simplement. Pssshiiit sur un coton matin et soir et hop sur les yeux pendant 1 a 2 minutes, ca fait un bien fou! Et ensuite tu peux trouver un gel creme special yeux sensibles en pharmacie, ca aide! Et de la beta-carotene aussi pour nourrir de l’interieur. + NE PAS REGARDER SON TEL DANS LE NOIR, ca, ca tue. Voila :)

  • asianfreak 5 février 2016, 4:58 / Répondre

    Les gouttes bleues d’INNOXA, un vrai miracle pour moi!
    Ca hydrate et le blanc de l’oeil plus blanc!

    bises et bon courage

  • Ça n’a rien à voir avec l’âge!!! J’ai 34 ans et j’ai toujours eu les yeux sensibles (on dit aussi que les yeux clairs sont plus enclins à être sensibles, ce qui est mon cas). Je dois porter des lunettes de soleil dès qu’il y a un peu trop de soleil, même en hiver, et puis le vent me tire toujours des larmes. Pour la sensibilité à la lumière mon ophtalmo m’a dit qu’il n’y avait rien à faire, je suis franchement gênée pour conduire de nuit sur une route pas éclairée, éblouie par les phares des voitures d’en face, donc du coup ben j’évite les longues distances toute seule… Pour les larmes quand il vente ou fait froid c’est parfaitement normal, en gros ton oeil réagit à l’agression et produit des larmes pour hydrater donc c’est plutôt positif. Ce qui ne serait pas normal c’est qu’ils pleurent tout le temps mais visiblement ce n’est pas ton cas. Quant aux yeux rouges, là ben à part les gouttes bleues de chez Innoxa (qui marchent très bien) je n’ai trouvé aucun autre remède pour ne pas ressembler à un lapin qui a la myxomatose un lendemain de fête…

  • Both my sister and my sister-in-law have ocular rosacea. I know, who ever heard of that?! Their symptoms were what you describe. (Don’t panic, though, you probably have the more common dry eye.) I agree with everyone above — it’s important to see an ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam every few years even if you don’t need prescription lenses.

  • Solution: Drink a Turmeric shot every morning. It will change your life and eye health. I have very sensitive eyes and am as nearsighted as a bat (don’t laugh). Yet after starting on Turmeric shots (which seriously, every one should be drinking), my eyes, skin and entire system are great!

    Turmeric shot recipe: 1 whole freshly squeezed lemon or lime, fresh ginger, 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper. Good luck!


  • Be careful with turmeric.

    When it comes from a really reliable source, it’s a wonderful healing and anti-cancer spice as long as you don’t have an allergy to it. (I do). And, you need to be careful regardless, because when sold in powdered form, there can be impurities like cadmium in it, which is very dangerous when it accumulates in the body at toxic levels. Don’t take this lightly — cadmium poisoning in spices is a real problem.

    It’s best to buy fresh turmeric, which is a pain to work with because it stains.

  • Bonjour Garance
    Comme toi j’avais la chance étant plus jeune de ne pas du tout être sensible des yeux, je pouvais mettre n’importe quel mascara, crayon etc…
    Puis petit à petit mes yeux ont commencé à m’embêter : sensation de brûlures, de démangeaisons parfois, yeux secs. J’ai mis du temps à me rendre compte que les produits parfumants provoquaient chez moi un grand inconfort. Je n’utilise plus aucun parfum pour la maison genre diffuseur avec baguettes en bois, même les marques très chères m’irritent les yeux, j’ai tout jeté. Et ça va MIEUX. Pour parfumer un peu mon intérieur quelques gouttes d’essence naturelle de lavande ou d’agrumes et encore, je limite ! Et je jette scrupuleusement mon mascara tous les mois et les crayons et fards trop pailletés j’évite.
    Depuis cette découverte mes yeux vont beaucoup mieux, parfois je mets un collyre ré-hydratant pour soulager. Avec l’âge on produit moins de lubrifiant naturel et protecteur :-( bises d’une française à Bruxelles.

  • I have chronic dry eye – it’s terrible! I keep preservative-free eye drops with me. I also have a problem with my eyelids. When I get extremely stressed, and also when the air is exceptionally dry and cold, my eyelids turn bright red. It looks like I have brick-red eye shadow up to my brows. The Only thing I’ve found that helps (short of seeking out a prescription) is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. I put it on my eyelids nearly every night. It has cleared the redness along with the rough, scaly patch that comes along with it. My eye doctor has also told me that fish oil supplements help with dry eye. I haven’t really noticed a difference, but I figure it can’t hurt!

  • I feel your pain. I had much the same thing as you with my eyelids — sometimes they would also puff up for weeks at a time like balloons — say, if I just walked through the perfume section of a department store. It was very depressing and frustrating. They are now much, much better although still pretty sensitive to direct contact with certain things.

    I find the fish oil does help, however, quality is critical and there are a lot of bad fish oil supplements around. Check with a naturopath. It’s also important to take it with a vitamin D3 supplement as well as a multi-vitamin that has vitamin K2 and magnesium in it. They work synergistically. Thorne makes and excellent multi-vitamin called Thorne Basic Nutrients III that does the job well. It’s one of the best multis, if not the best generally available, on the market. You don’t want to have a huge number of pills to take, but a good fish oil and a multi isn’t over the top at all.

    It’s also worth getting your B12 levels tested as well as vitamin K, K2 and D3 to see where you are. You want to be at the high end of normal ranges. It sounds like something in the fat conversion process may not working as efficiently as possible. The biochemistry around these conversions is very complex and if you’re at all deficient or out of balance, inflammation can result and the eyelids are a typical place it surfaces externally.

  • My eyes dry up really fast. At one point in my life, there were so many scratches on my retina from related damage. My eyes are so dry that I’ve abandoned wearing my contacts at work because it would bother me staring at my computer all day with dry contacts-in-eyes eyes.

    To remedy this my dry eye problem, I wear glasses during my work days and contacts when I go out go out (I prefer my glasses-less look). And I always carry eye drops haha.


  • garance

    two things:
    1. fish oils!
    2. eye drops that are called « eye gels » and are SUPER lubricating. they look just like regular eye drops but are thicker really coat the eye ball.

    good luck! i feel your pain…;0

    xo madge

  • I want to add my voice to those who urged you to go to an Ophthomologist. Please don’t put anything into your precious eyes before getting proper medical advice. We are all unique and what works for some may not be right for you.

    Wishing you the best!

  • For dry eyelids the only thing that has worked for me is Rosebud salve. It’s fantastic and so inexpensive. My ophthalmologist and and allergist now recommend it to their patients.

  • Go see an opthalmologist. I had this issue and never thought much of it until my general practitioner MD told me I had dry eyes, which the opthalmologist subsequently diagnosed as meibomian gland dysfunction.

  • For dry eyes I use Euphrasia eye drops by Wala. I find them really helpful and a big relief for my eyes.
    Wala is a German company for anthroposophical medicine (they developed Dr. Hauschka, too) and they have three different kinds of eye drops, but I only know the Euphrasia ones. http://www.walaarzneimittel.de/english/good_health_guide/eyes/treating.php

  • Sunny Side 6 février 2016, 5:06 / Répondre

    Est-ce que tu n’as pas une allergie aux micelles de bioderma ou pour moi ce fut caudalie. j’ai changé pour Avène. Au bout de quelques années je crois que les yeux n’en peuvent plus. C’est quand tellement mystérieux et à la fois génial de se démaquiller les yeux aussi vite et facile ? Ces micelles sont peut être à la longue un peu dangereuses pour les yeux ?

  • It is just life and age and living–the INEVITABILITY of getting older and it is no big deal. Vanity is not a cure for old age. I am so amused by this conversation. Fixating on our outer selves over very normal issues of getting older is, to me, a sort of weird notion that the harder I try, I can ignore biology and that the logical cure for the inevitable human condition simply must not include anything that interferes with my vain self.
    What room does all of this leave for really important matters of the soul?
    And honestly, who cares?

  • Dry eye syndrome. You should get good acupuncture treatments, dear Garance. It works wonders. Btw all problems concerning your eyes have to do with your liver. Here in Germany we have a very good spray. Its called Tears again by optima. https://www.europa-apotheek.com/tears-again-3043582.html You just spray it onto your closed eyes. It even works with makeup on your eyelids. No side effects.

  • First of all, since I got glasses in the first grade, your perfect vision is something you should appreciate and take care of. Go to an eye doctor right away and see if anything is wrong.

  • Les gouttes Inoxa bleues, à l’eau de bleuet sont idéales pour ce que tu as, à te faire rapporter donc de France.

  • Get anti-reflex glasses and wear them while in front of the screen…

  • Même problème que toi Garance !
    Et oui l’âge nous apporte peut être la sagesse mais aussi son lot de petits tracas, mais on ne va tout de même pas arrêter de vivre pour garder le blanc de l’œil plus blanc, non ?


  • It’s due to your eyes being dry. I have exactly the same issues and like you, they have come on gradually. I am also the same age as you. I mentioned this to my optician and she advised to get eye drops. Be religious about them – first thing in the morning, last at night, and anytime during the day if at all possible. It really makes a difference!

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