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Itty Bitty

J’ai l’impression qu’on parle tout le temps de la difficulté à trouver un bon soutien-gorge quand on a une grosse poitrine. Pas assez de soutien, armatures vs. sans armatures, élasticité, etc., etc.

Mais ce n’est pas non plus facile quand on est à l’opposé, et ça, personne n’en parle vraiment. Oui, moi, je suis du Comité petits-riquiquis-minus, membre fondatrice d’ailleurs, mais je lis rarement des articles destinés aux petites poitrines ! Pour vous donner un aperçu de la situation : je nage dans un bonnet A de chez Victoria’s Secret. Et c’est vraiment pas marrant !

Après pas mal de frustrations dans d’innombrables cabines d’essayages, voici ce que j’ai trouvé de mieux, pour la team bonnet A !

Si êtes adepte du rembourrage et des armatures, allez voir la collection Elle Macpherson Intimates. Ses AA sont minis et la coupe idéale à porter sous un t-shirt.


Pour des soutifs tout doux à peine visibles, essayez Valentine. Féminins juste ce qu’il faut sans être trop fragiles, donc faciles à porter au quotidien.


Pour un soutien-gorge sans chichis, choisissez Only Hearts. Souvent, ce type de soutien-gorge a des bretelles trop larges qui ont tendance à remonter très haut sur la poitrine. Celui-ci reste parfaitement bien en place.


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  • you have to check out the French lingerie brand, Yse, which is designed for flat-chested women. adore it, they have the most beautiful pieces!

  • OMG…hilarious… « itty bitty titty committee » « A team » ROFL… Brie, I almost fell off my chair. But, yes, you’re so right…especially if you tighten up and lose a few pounds…you can’t find them at all… but that’s when we become like the French girls. It’s kind of, effortless.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Hey, you missed the best one; Calvin Klein! Their underwear are perfect for petite people, so comfy, and stylish, and the quality is great.

  • Thank you for this post! I also cannot fill an A cup… Or AA at times. Love the last two un-padded versions, for the times when you must wear a bra (under some sheer silk, very thin cotton shirts).

    I’ve been wearing very thin racer back singlets and wife-beaters in white, grey, black, navy, or olive under my sheee clothes for a while now (much like when Dries had his girls in white singlets under that gorgeous burgundy, super-sheer plaid shirt)… But sometimes it’s nice to wear a little bra, as it’s not as hot as my singlets.

  • omg I have this shirt and never knew how to wear it.. Thank you:)

  • Il y a aussi la marque française Ysé pour les petites poitrines: https://www.yse-lingerie.com/fr/

  • This brand is great for small breasts: https://lonelylabel.com/t/categories/lonely/all

  • Okay, so, I’m tall and slim with broad shoulders and small, wide-set breasts. My big problem is that when I find a cup size that fits, the cups are too close together. I would love to find a bra that provides lift without too much padding and lets me create space between my breasts for a more natural look. I’m thinking this could be achieved with a removable centre strap and a choice of replacement straps of different lengths—like swim goggles have! If anyone knows if a bra like this exists, I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

  • Blythe, I have a similar issue. Check out True & Co. They have a great fit quiz that includes wide-set breasts. They create a fit profile for you and filter the bras accordingly. It’s so helpful! I’m loving their wire-free Maya bra. Super comfortable.

  • Natori!
    just a little padding, not too much but just enough to give « shape »
    no push up, which is nice when there is nothing much to push up
    comfortable and pretty, not too lacy but not too plane either!

  • Well, at least being flat chested is very in fashion, I guess.
    Most of the models seem to be very flat so maybe that is a kind of consolation… :)
    It’s the worst shopping assignment ever to look for bras. I really do not like it. I find it so hard to get a bra that fits.

    Or is it too much to expect if I pick five and hope that two of them will fit? Even 2 in ten don’t. :)


  • Quelle bonne idée cette article !
    Je parle en connaissance de cause, ma soeur est une membre du clan. Je passe les détails en cabine d’essayage durant les séances shopping lingerie.
    Et toujours autant une fan des illustrations du site !

  • #freethenipple !

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