The Balenciaga Shopper

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Erik Melvin

Même si j’adore faire des trouvailles à Chinatown, je mentirais si je vous disais que le cabas Balenciaga Bazar, dans toute sa généreuse opulence n’était pas dans mon top des sacs pour cet automne !

Surtout dans ces nuances rouge-lie de vin… je me vois tout à fait acheter un t-shirt I <3 NY sur Canal St avant de sauter dans un jet !

Oui, il faut voir les choses en grand, et avec ce sac, en TRES grand !
Plus c’est grand, mieux c’est, non ?

Cabas rouge et bordeaux, Balenciaga

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  • $1600.00. Uh huh.

  • C’mon, Brie, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but this fun item costs $1,645,00 on the linked shipping site!!!

  • This one may be insired by the big (striped) plastic supermarket shopper…and than for this price…Hm, don’t know realy…

  • So sorry but no I don’t care how popular it becomes it will always look like a bag from Chinatown. If you’re going to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on bag it shouldn’t remind you of something you can get in Chinatown. Love the colour but no thanks

  • I agree. And it’s not even good looking. I can sew a bunch of much prettier shopping totes for a fraction of the price. Possibly from recycled materials, too. And they are unique!

  • As someone who grew up in Russia in the ’90s, I just love how thanks to Gvasalia fashionistas around the world are spending hundreds of euros on THESE bags, hehe.

  • J’avoue, je ne suis pas du tout fan… Ni le cuir, ni la couleur. Mais sa taille est cool !

  • Trop cher pour un cabas !

  • Zaza von Geneva 19 août 2016, 10:31 / Répondre

    J’aime bien la couleur et la taille, mais le prix… $1645 ??!!????!!! Faut quand même pas exagérer !!!! C’est cher payé le « Balenciaga »

  • I love the stripes, the colors, the size, the shape…. Beautiful. The price? Yeah… No way. :)
    But I enjoy looking at it in the photo. :)

  • Pamela Mirrow 20 août 2016, 6:47 / Répondre

    Where can you find this bag????
    In this color combo?

  • It’s a funny thing, how some of us are absolutely repelled by the idea of a bag – albeit in leather – that reminds us of a plastic Chinatown bag… wasn’t that the same inspiration for an entire clothing one season, for Mui Mui?)

    For me, I love those Chinatown bags and have no trouble with carrying a bag that looks like the Chinatown bags. If I like something, I will wear, or carry it, regardless of what it reminds others of.

    Only, these leather versions also make me feel a little sad, because I used to wish the original plastic woven giant versions that I saw the destitute elderly, Asian folk carry their entire life’s belongings in) was made in a smaller version for me to use daily. And then, I remembered the bowed backs of the old people dragging the bags behind them…

    I also have no problem with the fact that Balenciaga has made them in a long-wearing leather versions, is pretty cool, and would be more than happy to used one simply because – like Brie, I really love the colours and vertical stripes. However, I would never pay that much for them (the only size I like is the small 10″ x 11″: I never carry anything larger now, unless I am using it as a travel bag for two weeks), as I know strips of leather like that are so, so, so cheap – literally off-cuts from leather used for their other bags. No crime in that (use everything you have – don’t waste), but since I have actually made a cloth version of these Balenciaga bags out of fabric off-cuts, I know how easy and fast it is for a huge company like Bal to do this… and for me, it feels odd to pay thousands for a bag that takes them a fraction of the time they need for, say, their (still for me) iconic City, or First bags. It’s the same principle I maintain for buying only cheap white and marle grey T’s every few seasons from cheap labels, as I have discovered personally that the linen Ts from crazily expensive brand honestly are no different from the cut – or texture and quality – of my inexpensive Sportsgirl linen white Ts… and mine have lasted about four years so far.

    Fashion has become such play on the mind these days… I mean, it used to be, « Ooh – I like it – can afford it – buy it – love-it – wear it ». Now, it’s, « like it – why? – is it subversive, or referencing something the I like/hate – if so, is that why I want it? okay, I like it – can I afford it? – okay – buy it ». Having said that, I guess the fact that I feel a tinge of sadness thinking of the old people dragging their life’s belongings in the original plastic striped bags means that I’m also attaching my own psychological baggage – pun truly and respectfully unintended – to these new Balenciaga leather striped Chinatown bags.

    I love that Garance Studio just posts that things that they really love – things that they view as lovely and uplifting… and there are no political, or psychological undercurrents… and if there are, I must be too vague to hone in on it!

  • Mon gros coup de coeur !! mais cette couleur ?? elle est introuvable, en tout cas en France

  • This color seems inexistent in Italy, and also in France and… I totally love it!

    Please let me know the style number ! :)

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