When I started my blog in June of 2006, I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead for me. I wanted another way to communicate with my community, to share my illustrations in a new medium, and above all, I was looking for a way to have fun.

How should I introduce myself… How should I introduce my blog ? Well, maybe the best thing to do is to take you for a tour of Garance Doré. Do you have a couple minutes ? Okay, here we go! Let me show you around…

Start with the five part story that explains how I came to find my calling, from my summer jobs to my first real job, and how I left everything to pursue an artistic career and climb (that’s pretty much the only way to put it) to Paris and then finally, start the blog that you’re reading right now.

Ok, now, if you’re dying to know more about my background, you can find a nicely eloquent portrait of my mother here (with a “vintage” illustration! Ha! You can see just HOW MUCH my drawing style has changed), a photo of my sister here, and a little snapshot of my relationship with her and Sacha, my other sister that I lovehere. We truly are a family of ladies.

You can also find some photos from Corsica, the island I grew up on, and a post that still makes me very emotional , the text that I wrote when my beloved grandmother passed away.

Okay, enough with the trip down nostalgia lane… Let’s go back to now, to my observations on the city I live in now, New York, and its impossible inhabitants, my ongoing “I have 6 pounds to lose!!!” topic.

And my now is also fashion, of course. Ah, fashion! Street fashion, runway fashion, questions about fashion, celebrations of fashion, exclamation points of fashion… I’ll take them all!
I love fashion because it’s one of the best ways to communicate and that its nature is the passing of time – which I find incredibly romantic. No need to give you a link here, fashion is ever-present everywhere on my blog.

And finally, if you really want to understand what I do with my days (even I am not sure), you can go and browse the posts where I talk about the projects that have touched me deeply, most notably, the collaborations that I chose as carefully as I can.

Oh, and don’t miss out on some of my trips that have altered me to the core, the encounters that have changed me (there are so many it’s impossible to choose), and the incredible CDFA Award that Scott and I got in June of 2012… And then I think you’ll have a little better idea what we’re up to here on the blog.

From there, you’ll be ready for the post where I write about one of the crazier moments of my life, when I suddenly became Cindy Crawford and started writing for my favorite magazine, Paris Vogue. Yeah, I think that, more than anything explains just how much I had no idea how big of an adventure I was in for when I started the blog in 2006.

There you have it. If you still want to see me up close and personal (literally), you can watch my dear beloved web-series (pardon my bias, it’s kinda my baby). Pardon My French, one of the projects that I hold closest to my heart as it’s the way I found to keep myself dreaming, and gives me the opportunity to bring you even closer into the whirlwind of fashion, into the conversations, the laughter, and the intimacy that makes this blog what it is.


Translation : Tim Sullivan
Photo: Taea Thale