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The White Sneaker Debate

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The White Sneaker Debate

Ce n’est plus un secret, vous savez qu’au Studio, on adore les sneakers blanches.

Mais on a tous une approche un peu différente : il y en a qui sont prêts à tout pour qu’elles gardent un blanc immaculé (hum, Erik), aussi nickel que le jour de leur achat. D’autres n’ont rien contre un peu d’usure, avec un aspect plus gris et des lacets fatigués.

Garance, elle, aime les deux. A chaque fois sur un look complètement différent, donc ça dépend vraiment de la tenue et du contexte… avec une paire un peu plus vieille (vintage ?), on se sent plus décontracté et pointu, alors que des sneakers d’un blanc pétant font tout de suite plus habillé. Et ici, chacun a ses préférences : Emily, comme Amanda, penchent pour des sneakers immaculées. Brie et Neada sont pour une très légère usure, et Elle a une paire de Converse blanches ultra-usées qu’elle adore (elles sont presque grises !).

Et vous, vous les aimez comment ?


Ajouter le votre
  • I like it best if they look ‘loved’ which means worn, but clean and cared for! The best thing about white canvas is that you can wash them in the machine which gives a great look.

  • If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with ;)
    Easier choice to just still love them when they’ve lived a bit.

  • Je les préfère travailler dans le temps!
    ? ? http://www.bonnie-bandie.com ? ?

  • sales super sales! je me marche sur les pieds pour les salir le plus vite possible. plus vite elles sont usées , moins elles sont immaculées mieux c’est.

    dirty super dirty ! I walk on my own feet for soiling them the fastest as possible . the faster they are worn, the less they are pristine the better.

  • Personally, I like white sneakers, however, the only concern that I have is that white sneakers are really easy to get dirty.

  • I love my to stay as white as possible


  • I like mine worn and if they are new I always make them a bit dirty before I wear them for the first time.

  • Le blanc, ça va avec tout, encore plus si c’est des chaussures, en encore encore plus si c’est des sneakers blancs :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • shark Mombassa 19 novembre 2015, 9:09 / Répondre

    hate white sneakers

  • Well, this is my kind of debate. White Converse are beautiful crispy white or dusty grey. Always a win-win. But the rest of the White sneakers in the world should be extremely White! Do I practice what I preach? Of course not. My white sneakers are always a little bit dirty. I blame this awful German rain that never stops!

  • I like what those in the kicks-world call, fresh-box white– like Jan Brady, and love it when they are worn and torn and take on a new life…. And love wearing with all black, or all tan, or all gray!

  • I really liked white sneakers when I was young but these days I don’t feel comfortable wearing them (it doesn’t feel like me, you know?) as well as jeans (which is so weird because they’re a staple).

    PS: Garance – your book is the first fashion-related book I have ever purchased. Also first one by a blogger as well as a photographer. Both of which I am doing as a hobby :) In other words, I love your book.


  • I love white items, including sneakers, but I need them to stay as white as possible. I have had items that got a little dirty that I ended up dyeing another color because they weren’t pristine anymore.

  • I love when they are fresh and clean but unfortunately I seem to be totally unable to keep them that way for more than a couple of days :( But then I also appreciate the worn-look as it makes me feel cool and ‘I don’t care’ haha

    Like you said it also depends on the outfit. For everyday outfits I don’t mind them a little dirty, or it has the (look at my new shoes-effect) but then wearing it with something more sophisticated I think they must be white and clean :)

  • Depends on the shoe! Nike Dunks or anything like that should be kept clean, but a clean pair of converse looks like you’re trying to be punk and you’ll never be punk. You should honestly go out and rub your converses in the dirt as soon as you buy them to avoid looking like a total poser/square. Stan Smiths can go either way.

  • White sneakers were so good so 5 years ago when you were rocking them loud and proud. Now they’re a little to basic b-tech, no?

  • Dirty all the wayyyy

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