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La semaine dernière, on a appris que H&M allait présenter une collection automne pendant les défilés parisiens et on doit dire qu’on est assez excitées à l’idée de découvrir les looks qui vont illustrer ces débuts.

C’est bien qu’une autre enseigne de masse soit présente à la fashion week (H&M rejoint Topshop et J.Crew), surtout à Paris.

H&M organisant un défilé, vous en pensez quoi ? Quel impact cela va-t-il avoir sur la fashion week dans le futur ?


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  • Great ‘design’ does not have to cost a fortune, as COS proves. However complex workmanship and high value materials will always be cost factors.

  • COS is a part of the H&M group, FYI.

  • pictures or it never happened! :)


  • I can’t wait! H&M is a major fashion brand, it is only normal that they participate in the Fashion week. It’s so exciting!

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    Cheers! Cory

  • Well, why not? :)
    I do wonder if this will have an effect on the clothes they put out. I have to admit I’d like to see a little better quality from them.


  • Hi Alex,

    That’s interesting because I never though H&M would make the ranks of Paris Fashion Week.
    Maybe a hint of things to come and getting ready to mix high & low at the shows. And if Top Shop can do it why not them? They opened up a Top Shop recently in Vancouver and I was not impressed at all – I’m sure London is a lot better. The fashion shows are trying to appeal to a wider market now so it’s probably a smart idea. Please post back and let us know how it turned out – curious.

    In the meantime let me know if you’re interested in trying/testing a new luxe facial oil at

  • Ce qui est intéressant si H&M défilé c’est qu’il vont créer plutôt que faire « à la manière de  »
    Et je pense que leurs stylistes doivent être heureux de montrer ce qu’ils savent faire .
    Il pourrait y avoir un style H&M . Et il pourrait être lui aussi copié !!!!
    Voila Alex ce que je pense ,mais bon je ne suis pas une spécialiste .

  • C’est très bien, ça va les pousser à plus de créativité, parce que je trouve que depuis quelques saisons ce n’est plus trop ça (à part la collection plus haut de gamme que l’on ne trouve que dans certains magasins) le reste est vraiment cheapouille. Ils ont du se faire bouffer un max de parts de marché par Zara (qui est de mieux en mieux). Mais il y ont Cos plus minimaliste mais qui correspond mieux à l’air du temps et bientôt le lancement de leur nouvelle marque. Bref, on dit oui à une mode pas chère, bien désignée avec de beaux tissus (bon là j’en veux trop je crois !)

  • Even though I like mass retailers to organize fashion shows, I’m not sure if I like them being added to the big fashion weeks. Because of the fact that these brands are so amazingly commercial, I’m just afraid fashion week will looses it’s artistic feeling in the future.. But we’ll see, it might be the next thing!


  • I think it’ll be cool…why not right?




  • I agree with you, Eugenia! I think that H&M is a big fast fashion brand that it will become even more bigger, but I can easily say (’cause I work there) that everything is copied from big brands and many different designers work together… For that reason I don’t think that H&M really worth a fashion show in Paris… there’s a lot of young designers all over the world…


  • I don’t know about it. H&M is a mass-market fashion retailer and its profits are based on copying the trends and pieces from the season. Are they ready to produce a collection that is « their own » and unique? It would surprise me.

  • c’est quand? cool! ca democratise la mode

  • I think it’s awesome!! Fashion is for everyone and so is the runway! xx


  • My-floordrobe.blogspot.com

    I feel like i’ve been waiting for this my whole life! Thanks for sharing the news :)

  • I thing H&M has always great inspiration. why not? HAve a great day.


  • Great for H&M to be showing at Paris Fashion week, but I also think they should improve their quality to show at such a prestigious event.

  • Oh, j’adorerais qu’H&M défile, comme Zara, on aurait toutes l’impression de faire partie de la grande sphère du luxe!

  • J’ai hâte de voir ce défilé :)


  • Wow this is huge! Well the world is fashion is changing! I must say I really enjoyed the Topshop unique SS ’13 collection, just hope that H&M can do a great job! It’s Paris Fashion Week. Can’t wait.

  • It’s pure marketing. The RTW shows used to be for commercial buyers to select the looks for the stores. Now that sites like Style.com and bloggers post the pictures the same day, the shows have become direct-to-consumer marketing. Of course H&M want to be there – it’s one massive advert, cascaded by the media and fashion fans. Does it impact Fashion Week? Only if H&M starts to encroach on the target market of the existing lines that show. I’m not sure that’s happening – I think the market is fairly stratified by price point, quality and brand preferences, so if H&M is growing they are likely taking market share from other low-price retailers, most of whom don’t show at any fashion week (with the exception of Topshop). This might motivate their high-street competitors to start showing (e.g. Zara) and then I would predict either there will be a split into different events, or certain days start to be assigned to lower-end brands. What would be much more interesting as far as a signal of change in the business would be to see major brands moving away from the shows, investing the cost of the show in film, virtual shows, smaller shows in more countries, etc. We already see brands like Burberry flirting with this. If high end brands perceive that H&M, Zara, etc are starting to cheapen the image of the shows, maybe they will migrate to more intimate experiences for a more select audience, to maintain cachet and desirability among their targets.

    I’m not a fashion professional so I’d be interested to read comments from someone who is!

  • I pretty much thought that this was a joke when I saw the news…I understand that the industry seems to be very big on the ‘democratization of fashion’ – but is nothing sacred?
    Who’s next? Is Tati thinking of putting on presentations?

    I think that there’s a certain amount of prestige associated with Fashion Weeks (whether in Paris, London, New York or Milan) and that is part of what helps drive the higher price points, and level of demand for the labels showing there.
    It may make sense for H&M or another mass retailer to want to position themselves alongside other designers as a way to strengthen their brand in the market…but if that dilutes the overall value of the channel, everyone loses.


  • Although I am rather fond of H & M, and support the idea of mixing bargain priced items with more extravagant accessories and high end classics, I do not think that fashion week is a platform to showcase run of the mill stuff, unless they make a profound impact with designs and trends that are authentic and original. I would not like to see a show which merely mimes other designers, they should remain true to themselves and produce something that is unique and unusual, defining it as H & M, and not just use it as a forum for advertising. Otherwise it defeats the object of fashion weeks.

  • I think it’s a great idea, it makes fashion more accessible to people who are more aware of mass retailers rather than specific designers. This way, it means more people will become accustomed to watching the fashion show too if they shop at H&M (and will notice other designers/brands), and what’s wrong with that? Nothing wrong with a person’s fashion eye broadened :) Plus, I’m sure H&M will do a great job, and if quality is a consideration, I’m sure they’ll step it up for the runway, which might influence what they are selling in stores too. So, I reckon it’s awesome!


  • I don’t see where a company that makes its money by copying things right off the runways and re-apply them in their clothes and accessories will present their own collection….they will have to create something like BOUTIQUE by Topshop, where there is really a design background behind the clothes…
    H&M usually is a pure ripp-off concept so i think it is rather very strange that they will appear at a fashion week (especially Paris!).
    But that shows me how fashion is changing so much. It is sad, but it’s never going to be the same again. Real craftsmanship and design are on decline and giants like H&M want to show what their ‘copiers’ have ‘designed’. I’m not sure …..

  • If it’s H&M Trend, which is super cool, then I like it. H&M Trend has better cuts and fabrics than the usual H&M stuff. I’m excited about it.

  • I think it’s a strange idea because H&M clothes are always knock offs of designer collections.. so how are they making their own? I guess it will be interesting to see if the designers there can actually create rather than just copy.

  • Due to the fact, that H&M is a fast fashion retailer, this news is very intriguing.

    If we think about the traditional view on the fast fashion concept – FF companies get inspired by trends presented during a fashion week and for the new season deliver new designs, following the trends which have already been set by someone else. Afterwards, they keep following the demand among their customers, so that they know how to adjust their range in favour of clientele within few weeks. Which is also the reason, why so many people are accusing them of almost an copyright infringement.

    In this case, H&M is supposed to act as an actual trendsetter, not only follower. Well, what does it mean for the fashion concepts in general? Are even the greatest retailers gonna turn away from the FF model? Or is this just a small part of the collection, which will together with COS and & Other Stories build H&M’s public image as an original brand and fashion leader.

  • Marianne De Windt 31 janvier 2013, 12:53 / Répondre

    Pour moi la fashion week, c’est un événement que j’attends avec impatience pour m’émerveiller devant les créations. Les prouesses techniques des modélistes, le travail d’ennoblissement des matières, les broderies… la haute couture, tout simplement.

  • C’est drôle que H&M veuille présenter à la fashion week étant donné que la compagnie s’inspire grandement de ses  »co-fashionshoweurs » (?!) … Ce sera intéressant de voir ce qu’il fera défiler !

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