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Hangover Helper

Vous vous rappelez quand vous n’aviez jamais la gueule de bois ?

Oui, moi non plus. En ce moment, après deux tequilas et demie, le lendemain, je me réveille complètement vasouillarde, dans la tête comme dans mon corps. Jusqu’à ce que l’autre jour, je tente de faire du yoga.

J’ai laissé pendre ma tête vers le bas en position du chien tête en bas, jusqu’à ce que l’afflux sanguin contribue à un rétablissement plus rapide. C’est vrai, on a tendance à écarter le sport comme guérison post-cuite… mais finalement, quoi de mieux pour regagner un peu d’énergie et remettre son corps d’aplomb ?

Vous avez d’autres trucs, méthodes ou astuces pour survivre à une gueule de bois ?


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  • Hydrate and something with eggs and cheese usually helps me. Love the yoga idea! Great tip!

  • I’m keeping this idea in mind! x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • Boire de l’eau comme une maniaque et bien MANGER avant et après la beuverie !



  • Please, please, please, fix your rss-feed!! Nowadays I get French posts :(

  • Natalie 27 juillet 2016, 4:36

    Hi Emma,

    We are working to fix this! We made the domain switch to garancedore.com which has caused issues with the RSS feed. In the meantime, if you visit the site through the URL in your browser the language should be ok! Thanks for your patience! x Natalie

  • I concur!! It takes soooo much willpower to get to yoga in that state, but it helps enormously. You may even come to peace with the shannanigans that probably went on the night prior :)

    Don’t forget to drink liters of water before bed regardless!

  • It’s all about coconut water first thing in the morning after drinking! Or an Emergen-c right before going to sleep if you can remember :)

  • I love the idea of yoga!

    I must try this next time I wind up hungover haha (never want to feel this way!).

    Great post :)

  • Charcoal pills before the party. Get your tummy ready for the poison.

  • If you drink half of litre of water before you go to bed (and after the drinking, of course) you should be fine in the morning. You can add aspirin too, in « serious cases » ;)
    Tested and approved!

  • Queen of Stone Age 28 juillet 2016, 7:56 / Répondre

    Before sleep, a couple of aspirin and large glass of water. At lunch the day after, if that doesn’t work, line up a glasss of water, a cup of strong black coffee and a jigger of whatever you had the night before and drink a little of each of them down the line and back. A plate of french fries with that doesn’t hurt either. It is a biological proces–the liver needs to detoxify the blood through which the alcohol is running–and you just have to wait it out.

    The room spinning part when you try to sleep is the one thing I haven’t figured out how to cope with other than to stay awake. That is the single reason I try to avoid overdoing it.

  • Stop Tequila and drink Gin tonic

  • If it really works I will name all my future children after you! :))))

  • Cardio! My friends call me crazy, but I can go from feeling like death to feeling pretty normal if I do an hour of steady but not super intense cardio- a leisurely run, brisk walking, using the elliptical. And fresh air definitely does wonders too!

  • Go swimming! Preferably in the sea. It really helps, I promise.

  • Take a milk thistle before bed after a night of drinking–it’s a supplement for your liver, and it helps so much.

    In the morning, if you’re hungover-but-semi-functional, do hot yoga–I went once so hungover I thought I’d throw up in the car on the way there, and walked out feeling like I’d never taken a drink. I think you sweat out all the alcohol–I seriously smelled like whiskey–but I felt so much better. (You just have to really, really re-hydrate after!)

    If you’re hungover-and-not-functional-at-all, lie in bed until you can stomach something with fat + carbs (diner eggs with hash brows and toast is a winner), and then eat that. Greasy breakfast food helps so much.

    And if all else fails, stay in bed until you’ve slept it off haha.

  • Vitamin B is a miracle!! Pick up a bottle of Vitamin B Complex (B12 is key) and take a tablet before your night on the town. Water is still key, but vitamins have saved many nights that could have been worse mornings. :) It also works to up your energy and cut coffee reliance.

  • Go to the pool, stand in the shower for 5 min. and sit in the hot pot for 10, then do 10-15 laps of swimming – you will feel like a new person, your hangover and insecurities all washed away…

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown 29 juillet 2016, 8:05 / Répondre

    I woke up with a mother of all hangovers today and after 30 minutes of supoer intense circut trainig, I went to work like I’ve never had a drink :)

  • The image you have used for this post – I am trying to find the Original Post. Could you send me the link pls

  • Natalie 3 août 2016, 12:32

    Hi Vanessa,

    You can find the original post of this photo here! x Natalie

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