How Do You Denim?

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Brie Welch

Les tendances vont et viennent, tout comme les styles de jean. Et vous, vous le portez comment, votre jean ?

Long et évasé, slim, raccourci ?

Jean évasé, Demylee ; Jean slim, Re/Done ; Chemisier blanc, H&M ; Sac seau, Truss ; Chaussures, AGL

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  • Skinny!
    Lived through the other shapes,nothing flatters like a skinny jean & sandal, loafer or ballet flat!

  • I am lost jeans wise!I need to rethink my basics. ;)
    So it’s great to see different options! Thank you Brie!

  • Moi plutôt slim et skinny parce que je suis toute petite (je ne mesure qu’un mètre 52) et je peux porter ce type de jeans quelque soit le type de chaussures que je mets!
    Oui au boyfriend ou mum jeans mais avec des talons!

    Julie, petite and so What?

  • I am too short to pull off wide jeans. Can’t wear heels because of foot problems. Wide looks awful on me.

  • Slim & Skinny, un point c’est tout !

  • Over the years I have gone through several trend cycles – Bootcut, Boyfriend, Flare, Skinny. I am fortunate enough that I kept most styles AND still fit into them (even a couple old A&F jeans from high school). This year I branched out into the cropped bootcut / culotte style and have become a fan! I just love to alternate between shapes and washes!
    My only regret is, that many companies make the cropped pants almost too cropped for my height (« 5’11), so they sometimes look like capri pants…

  • Skinny
    Skinny jeans are amazing they can flatter a girl in any way, shape or form. They look good with anything such as flats, boots,sandals,flip flops, and heels. You can either dress them down or dress them up, they are perfect either way.

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  • Long and skinny, ankle-length skinny, or long and wide, but never short and wide. (I will just have to wait out this year’s short-and-wide trend.)

  • Agreed. Not seeing any short and wide styles that look flattering yet. Everlane just came out with theirs and I think they are very un-flattering!

  • Classic straight leg jeans, with a dark wash, no distressing or whiskering to the wash, cuffed usually with ballet flats or dress them up with heels. Back in my day your guy’s Levis became distressed because you wore them THAT MUCH! (hahaha!) Went through the low rise phase, and now prefer a mid rise; just don’t like the look of high rise, too retro. Have also gone through the super flare phase, when I was a kid around 10 or so, so I doubt I’ll revisit that. I do love my bootcut as well, have held on to a few pair from Gap (before they became so scattered about fit, wash, sizing) and Lucky Jeans back when the were a privately owned brand and the fly had the ribbon sewn in that said ‘lucky you’ – in fact, those are my favorite – 100% cotton with a perfect fade and fit, and a super sexy low rise.

  • I love so many of the denim trends, but my go to is always a little higher waisted and skinny or boot cut. HOWEVER, I really love a high waisted, flared trouser pant. They’re just so flattering.

  • Skinny skinny skinny skinny and re-skinny

  • Pour moi, c’est définitivement hyper slim et un peu court. Mais comme je ne suis vraiment pas grande (1m62), j’ai beaucoup de mal à trouver. Alors j’ai décider maintenant de les faire retoucher. Depuis le temps que je lisais à gauche et à droite que ça chantait la vie, j’ai tenté le truc et je confirme, c’est trop bien d’avoir un truc qui sent le sur-mesure…

  • Long and skinny (you can always roll them up) or long and wide (preferably made by me, I finally designed a perfect cut for my body and love these jeans to death, even if they don’t look like jeans, but elegant trousers – you’d never guess). Wide and short always look unflattering, even on models. And those with raw hem are almost as terrible as the ripped jeans Kim K wears.

  • wide and cropped! I like a wider, loose fit, still fitted in the waist and short enough to see your ankles. Real cute.

  • Jenny Marita 20 février 2017, 6:33 / Répondre

    Skinny of course!!

  • Etroit mais pas skinny, longueur chevilles, dans un denim fonce. Apres avoir essaye tant de styles differents, c’est celui qui me va le mieux. :-)

  • High-waisted, more or less skinny (never baggy or wide) and 80% of the time cropped…. Because I love to wear them with my birkenstock….

  • At 5’1″ and weighing 51kg, my only jeans/pants option is dark and narrow/skinny.
    More help for those who are not so tall please…?

  • I know this may sound crazy, but have you tried boys jeans? If you aren’t super curvy, more slim in the hips and thighs, could definitely be a way to go. Heavier denim, much cheaper, too! (most of mine are Old Navy boys, love them! yeah, I’m that slim, sigh, and not much of a booty since I’ve grown a little older)

  • Victoria Regia 20 février 2017, 11:11 / Répondre

    Skinnies are cute, but too uncomfortable.

  • Long, wide and most important ORGANIC+FAIR <3

  • Skinny and cropped are still a firm favourite. My favourite ones are actually from H&M and come with a very small price tag! I did, however, recently buy a pair of slightly higher rise and straight cut pair which I’m planning on wearing with coloured heels and sandals come spring/summer. And I just got a pair of skinny Levi’s 501. The high rise took some getting used to, but I love the buttons and the sturdy fabric.

  • Skinny and cropped!! The problem is that I’m 155cm high and there is not such thing as cropped for me…Everything, always, is too long. Sigh!

  • Après avoir porté le slim pendant des années, je ne peux plus le voir! Le pire combo que je déteste c’est le slim la veste cintrée et les escarpins à talons aiguilles! Je les porte taille normale et droits et je me sens beaucoup mieux.

  • Je les aime tous ! J’ai pas loin de 15 jeans et pas deux fois la meme coupe :-) Je porte le plus souvent mon skinny et mon flare a taille haute (acheté il y a 10 ans chez Mango et qui est encore parfaitement actuel). Je n’hésite jamais a les recouper / retailler pour suivre les tendances et les actualiser.
    Mon truc : acheter un jean GAP coupe droite pendant les soldes ( les droits sont toujours très soldés) et le resserrer sur soi pour un skinny parfait … a moindre cout ;-)

  • Straight cropped jeans. Sometimes hard to find but will always be my favourite!

  • Slim, hitting just above the ankle. This is the most versatile and flattering silhouette for those of us with short inseams and broader hips.

  • Both!! Why limit yourself, after all fashion is all about transformation so you could be a different person every da.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • Skinny 9 times out of 10. Medium to high rise, slight stretch, occasional (slight) tear in the knee and nearly always with a raw hem as I’m 5’3″ and usually chop them myself … And only ever with flats or trainers!

  • Ah, the genius of jeans!

    For me: never skinny, or stretch. Always comfortable, always blue: dark; mid; never black; never grey; never white, or with fancy finishes); mid to high rise, wide, flared, relaxed and boyfriend (this last cut always vintage from the men’s, or boys’ department), with the exception of one tie-dye, red pair of skinny Isabel Marant jeans from a few years ago that I bought in the larger size to fit like boyfriend jeans. To the ankle (purchased that way or cuffed), or self-chopped with raw, or finished hem, always with Ts, jumpers, sweatshirts, silk shirts, and sneakers, loafers, neat flat ankle boots, or leather slip- on sneakers, and yes – sometimes Birkenstocks. My current favourite cut is a relaxed, cropped, high-rise flare – makes my long, skinny torso appear shorter, and my short legs look proportionately longer :-)

    So happy and grateful that they were ever invented at all!

  • Je préfère de loin porter le jeans Skinny. J’aime aussi porte de temps en temps mon Levi’s 501 que j’ai fait transformé par ma courturière en «slim». Le skinny reste très confortable, sexy et timeless. Mon skinny préféré c’est Levi’s 710. J’ai trois modèles.

  • Le style évasé revient !!! Ce n’est pas pour me déplaire ; ça va me changer un peu du slim :) et se marier avec notre collection PEACE & LOVE.
    Bravo pour votre blog, le succès n’arrive pas par hasard ;)

  • Stretchwithsteph 16 mars 2017, 4:25 / Répondre

    I am short and very curvy so theoretically a low rise bootcut looks best on me. However i can’t find nice ones that fit! I have two pairs of skinny ankle length jeans from rag and bone (I like the smaller pockets and how they are placed). One pair is a faded dark blue and the other is faded black. Both are very plain but I am heavily tattooed so my clothes have to be sedate or I’ll look like a wallpaper panel. I like the current trend of embroidered jeans but would not personally wear them. Zippers, studs and beading may look novel but they remind me of Elvis. The best way to wear jeans is to wear something flattering to your figure, regardless of the trends.

  • Black denim skinnies are my new uniform. They’re comfortable, great with boots (because I choose to live in the coldest places! What is wrong with me?), and transition from workday to date night fabulously. I have some fabulous seventies style wide legs for spring and fall as well.

  • Well styled feature. My favorite for the season is skinny. But, some type of jeans will always be there in the wardrobe. Can’t live without one.

  • For me, it’s still bootcut I’m afraid. Why am I afraid? Because all the style guides seem to be condemning bootcut as passé now. Why do I not care? Because I am tall and large-busted and I need that element of balance at the feet. Straight-legged jeans just make me look as totally top-heavy. So my style is bootcut – and that’s exactly what it is: mine!
    It’s a while since I’ve visited and everything has changed. J’adore l’Atelier Doré!! More for curvaceous and buxom women, s’il vous plait.

  • Danielle Korneliussen 29 mai 2017, 5:39 / Répondre

    I will wear every kind of cut (with the exception of those referred to as « mom jeans »), but the key color must be the rich, dark indigo. Nothing but that for me.??

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