krewe du optic new orleans garance dore sunglasses

The Big Easy

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Erik et moi, on adore avoir cette chance complètement dingue de voyager pour le boulot, donc on était hyperrrrrr enthousiasmés par la perspective d’aller à La Nouvelle Orléans, en Louisiane ! Pour pouvoir dévorer des beignets toute la journée, bien sûr, mais aussi parce qu’en ce moment, à the « Big Easy » comme on l’appelle, il se passe plein de trucs.

Barbara Nguyen-Willeford krewe du optic new orleans garance dore photos

On a donc eu envie de vous faire découvrir une des dernières adresses de la ville : la première boutique Krewe du Optic en plein cœur du Vieux carré français ! Le nom de la marque fait référence à l’esprit de ses origines, Krewe (Kru), un équipage qui se rassemblait pour parader lors des carnavals. La nouvelle boutique ne propose pas que des lunettes de soleil… c’est un peu le premier concept store du quartier : on y trouve des bougies, de la poterie artisanale, et bien sûr, un petit recoin où un charmant barista vous préparera un expresso !

C’est très agréable de pouvoir visiter une ville où on est si bien accueilli, c’est sûr on reviendra… pas simplement pour la gentillesse des gens, mais pour tous les bons restaurants et spots de musique qu’il nous reste encore à découvrir !

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore plants photos

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore photos

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore sunglasses photos
krewe du optic new orleans garance dore photos

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore photos

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore photos

krewe du optic new orleans garance dore plants photos

Texte : Brie Welch | Photos : Erik Melvin


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  • The New Orleans is a very special place with a special feeling …..
    i love your pictures but it can be everywhere in the world..they should have thought of putting some local feeling in their decor… ..that’s what difference one place from another…
    Yael Guetta

  • Yale, you’re right. This city is my home, but these photos could have been from anywhere–no local flavor. That being said, Krewe’s shop in the FQ is a beautiful spot worth a visit. Hope you guys enjoyed your stay! And hopefully there will be other features that show more color in the future.

  • Martina 25 octobre 2015, 5:03

    Yes, I have to agree with the comment above.
    The pictures are lovely, but ultimately it’s just another hipster spot. All white, snake plant, espresso sign…. I know it’s the global formula, but we could as well be in Copenhagen.

  • The place looks lovely and stylish! Looks like they provide something more than service and spectacle. Love it!

  • such a cool place — I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans

  • That man in the pictures knows how to dress himself.

  • The spot seems so nice and the pictures make me feel the mood of the place. So nice that I wanted to feel the mood of the city too.
    I agree that New Orleans is a really special place. I have been there many times (have real great friends living there) and I live in Brazil. Love to go there to…rest. Forget about the time wandering around those beautiful places…Rest my mind, my soul and my eyes through the beauty and the sound of New Orleans (yes, it seems to me that New Orleans has an specific sound like music and voices and nice-smiling « how are you, today? » sounds). I believe it is style. And I would love to see more of the city through Erick’s great pictures. Just because I am sure it would be so so beautiful. Like the « Weekend Inspiration ».
    But you know better than me. It’s just that sometimes we don’t want to consume or buy anything. All we want is to get inspired.

  • So nice and original to buy sunglasses here! I want the same in Lyon :-)

  • You’re so lucky Garance, this place looks amazing! Plus the pictures are beautiful, really inspiring.

    Take care!


  • Weird, I don’t get the Nolo feel at all.

  • C’est vraiment sympa comme boutique et les lunettes sont carrément géniales! Merci du partage Brie ????

    Bizous, Christelle

  • Cet endroit à l’air tellement cool ! En tout cas les photos donnent envies d’y aller faire un tour !


  • j’adore la boutique, tellement différente des boutiques de lunettes que nous avons ici.
    Thanks for sharing, very inspirational post.
    xo xo from Paris

  • Amazing pictures ! Great post !

  • Love the idea that you will be covering different cities (beyond the standard: NY, Paris, LA, which are always covered on the blog, not taking into account the travel guides of course) to bring us some insights of what’s happening in terms of lifestyle in all these new places! I can discover new places through you:)


  • Peter Martin 27 octobre 2015, 12:15 / Répondre

    I can see where the comments about the photos seeming like they can be from anywhere, yet as a native New Orleanian that has lived in other major cities, it’s refreshing to see a store and company like Krewe. New Orleans has a great culture and spirit to it that at times can be too dogmatic. Almost as if it isn’t « authentic » New Orleans, then it’s not New Orleans at all. That’s a shame. For a long time, all the creatives left New Orleans -myself included- and went to NYC, SF, LA, Paris, etc. Now it’s great to see a company like Krewe buck that trend and try to compete with similar national and international brands while staying true to their roots. If you visit their site or store, which I’ve been to a few times, you’ll see that the New Orleans spirit is ingrained into everything about them.

  • Peter, I get the dogmatic tendencies that a lot of locals exhibit about « what is New Orleans ». I was just saying a photo of the French Quarter (not necessarily the voodoo shop next door to Krewe) would have enhanced the imagery, giving others a better idea of what it’s like here.

  • I was disappointed that you only highlighted this one store. I am going to NOLA in a week and was hoping to find more suggestions than what you posted.

  • It’s great to see local New Orleans folks do well and stay true to their roots! I’m so glad that more brands like Krewe, Tasc, and more are feeling like they can stay local and reference our historic city and influences without feeling bound to them.

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