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J’adore me maquiller les yeux !!!

J’ai eu la chance de prendre en photo Joan Smalls pour Estée Lauder l’autre jour – c’était un sujet sur les ombres à paupières, ce qui est ma nouvelle obsession (comme vous avez pu le voir ici) depuis que j’ai laissé tomber un par un mes tubes de rouge rouge.

C’est marrant comme ça a changé du tout au tout ma façon de percevoir mon visage – ma personnalité, presque !
Ce focus sur les yeux me fait me sentir bien plus mystérieuse et sexy que le rouge, qui me faisait me sentir forte et féminine. Complètement différent, quoi !!!


Du coup, en voyant la beauté du résultat sur Joan, même sur un look de jour, je me suis demandé si il fallait pas que je me lâche un peu plus niveau ombres à paupières. Jusqu’à présent je m’en tiens à un micro smoky taupe hyper sage, et je me dis qu’il serait peut-être temps de se lâcher un peu et d’y aller pleins fards (ohohoh le jeu de mots de la mort !!!). Je crois que je vais m’inspirer de Joan, qui ne sort jamais sans fard à paupières (elle en dit plus sur le site The Estée Edit et Sir John, son super make-up artist, y donne des astuces de pro)…


Mon look préféré est le kaki (photo n°2, l’ombre s’appelle Fiery Saffron), mais vu que (paraît-il) j’ai des reflets verts dans les yeux, apparemment la couleur qui m’irait le mieux ce serait un violet foncé. Tout un monde de couleurs à explorer, quoi.

Vous vous lâchez, niveau ombres à paupières vous ?




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  • wow what a stunning beauty! Congrats for the photos! Maybe these portraits of Joan will make me dare wear a little more eye shadow. I personally love Ombres Lumières by Chanel.

  • She is so so beautiful!!! <3

    Le monde des petites

  • This makeup is so elegant, classy, sexy at the same time.
    XOX, Gap.

  • I have experienced the same revelation recently! Eye shadow is so fun. Also, it stays all day (with a good base, I recommend Urban Decay), while lipstick has to be applied all day (even with quality bases). I have brown/hazel eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. I wear the same eye shadow everyday, it’s called « Seashell » by ULTA. It’s the most lovely shimmery rose color. I pair it with olive suede eyeliner by Sonia Kashuk, from Target. For evening, I add a deep rose/plum color by Revlon in a much darker shade (I can’t remember the specific shade). I find that the pink tones go well with my fair skin.

  • This sounds so pretty!

  • Ma Garance the pictures are wonderful,and she is a great beauty,i have to say that i love the way her eyes are makeup
    i try to do it and it’s not so easy so i go for the easy way with red but not mysterious…smoky eyes are real mystery to my eyes too…but anyway we have to choose eyes or lips…
    bisous bisous
    Yael Guetta

  • Joan Smalls is FLAWLESS! Love all of these looks on her.

  • I really like to experiment with eye shadow. Even if I like myself with just a touch of eye pencil and a bit of mascara I have a thing for smoky eyes (the make-up at Tom Ford S/S 2015, gorgeous!), eyeshadows and colored pencils (silver, bronze, copper, blue, pink…).
    I definitely prefer eye make-up to lipstick.

  • so gorgeous! i love the pink dress

  • I love these pictures! I do experiment with eye shadow, but I’m weary of wearing it during the day. I’ve always associated eyeshadow with a night look.

  • I totally saw you guys shooting this on Astor Place this summer! The photos are beautiful!

  • Hello Garance!
    Ben c’est drôle je suis moi aussi en train de revoir ma make up routine et focaliser sur les yeux!!
    Trop jolies photos!!


  • Salut Garance,
    Trop belles photos … enfin une marque qui ose des shoppings nature et non figés en studio … avec toi, c’es très très réussi.
    Moi, j’aime le smoky eye le soir … de chez EL tiens !!!

  • Gorgeous photos!! I love this return to eyeshadows after many years of lipstick. (although I love it all as I am a makeup artist) I think a swipe of a shadow with a slight sheen or shimmer to the lid can really bring the light to your eyes. It can still look natural in the day time if you use a color that enhances your eyes. Look at how natural Joan looks in the second photo. Rose gold seems to work on everyone.

  • She’s stunning! And the pictures are beautiful x

  • Jane with the noisy terrier 23 septembre 2014, 11:59 / Répondre

    I love makeup, period. But eyeshadows especially. I love the Charlotte Tilbury eye color enhancing pencils – they are so quick and easy for every day and they really make your eye color pop. Try’em! And the new Chanel shadows are so creamy and long-wearing. I also like to tightline my upper waterline. It takes some practice not to poke yourself in the eyeball but wow — what a difference it makes in defining your eye shape and adding the illusion of thick lashes. While you’re in Paris, pop into Monoprix and pick up the Bourjois Intuitive Liner — it’s a black felt tip with three tiny points that you dot along your lash line. Super natural but super effective, plus you don’t have to worry about having a steady hand. I love it!

  • Les photos sont magnifiques, j’adore son maquillage!


  • Waw I love her glitter smoky blue eye make-up. She looks wonderful on these photos. It’s always hard to choose between red lips and smoky eye so I do both. I have large eyes so smoky make-up intensifies everything. So thank you, Make-up…! XX, Jenna.

  • Si j’ai encore du mal à me lâcher au quotidien, j’avoue que le soir, je force un peu sur le fard. Et j’adore ! Plus je vieillis, plus j’adore. Ca intensifie le regard et sans doute, ça estompe les rides. Enfin, ça me rassure de me dire ça :-)

  • Well, this week was one of the times I wish I could just text you Garance, because I kept thinking… I wonder if Garance saw this!

    First: did you see Oct Elle Decor page 93 & 96 (I think)? Something of yours is there and looks amazing….

    Second: the shot of your legs on Sartorialist’s feed last week was ridiculous… are those even real?

    Third: Have you been watching the ‘In the Studio’ series on the NYT Fashion & Style section? Very interesting.

    Fourth: Did you see the Lanvin Alber Elbaz video this week on his office space? It’s really about his emotions, not his space. So so good. Seriously. (also on NYT, not part of the In the Studio series. I think it is called ‘Alber Elbaz of Lanvin: The Eye, the Mirror, the Screen’)

    Fifth: Whatever you are doing, eyeshadow, cleansing, chants, magic… whatever (!) it is, you look amazing, so young and healthy in every shot!

    That’s it I think! Whew! We should chat like this more often ;)

  • G, if you have started chanting, I expect details!

  • Does anyone know where here ear cuff is from? I love how it wraps around the middle of the ear its so cool

  • These photos are so striking. Great shots.
    I love eye shadow. I favor cream shadows as of late. I feel they are so easy and add a more polished look even with one little swipe. Most stay on all day. I love browns, easy with blue eyes. Plums are fun and great for a different smokey eye. Ballet pink cream shadow from Bobbi brown is a staple. I’m dying to try the Nars intense shadows.

  • Absolutely gorgeous.
    the photos are splendid.

  • Beautiful photos! I love Joan Smalls. She is beyond beautiful and graceful.

  • Yeah Joan Smalls, such a stunning beauty and how she changed the perception of it to start with a few seasons ago!
    Go Joans

    Eye make up is divine and should be used everyday even if just a simple natural nude. Kevyn Aucoin does super pigmented once that actually also flatter olive, medium and darker complexions

  • Her make up is really beautiful!

  • Superbe le kaki, j’adore, c’est vrai, je confirme on m’a toujours conseillé les teintes pourpres violet pour les yeux marron vert. je file voir sur le site Estee Edit les conseils de pro, merci

  • J’adore son regard charbonneux!

  • Lovely! My current favorites are both from Bare Escentuals – Sundance Primer (warm peach) for everyday and Velvet Strawberry eyeshadow (deep rosé wine) for fun.

  • I started with different shades of taupish grey. Because I thought it was enough for definition, just playing with shadow and light. But then I realized, that you can add a little more color, without making it SEEM like color but with all the benefits of enhancing the color of your eyes and making them really pop. There’s a new shade of the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow range for example, which is almost burgundy red. I would have NEVER touched it, turns out it looks totally natural with my greenish-grey-blueish eyes!
    I once read, that all colors that look like the skin tones that you get when you have bruises are right for enhancing what you’ve got, without seeming artificial at all (and that can be quite colorful). Works for me.

  • I definitely want to experiment with eyeshadow more as well. Recently picked up the Kat Von D Monarch palette, which has a lot of rusty, autumnal tones and great texture, and I really like how easy the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand palette is to work with, the colors are kind of sheer, but in that uniform, sophisticated way that makes them basically foolproof.

    I finally picked up some MAC shadows to play with, too, in the name of autumn, and loving Coppering (wearing here: ) and basically all of the shades that look like Coppering (which, there are quite a few…)

    It’s a little trickier, though, eyeshadow (than lipstick, I mean). I need to use it more so I understand its behavior better, know when I can trust it and when I need to keep an eye on it. I have oily lids, too, so it becomes quite a commitment, even with a primer (or, possibly, I am thinking about it all wrong, and need to embrace a little creasing or bleeding the way I have embraced leaving lipstick marks on mugs). It takes longer too, for me, but again I think this is a matter of practice, practice, practice.

    Good luck!

  • I love eye shadow. Since I have slightly hooded eyes, I find it necessary to always wear eye shadow, even if it’s just a swipe of brown in the crease to define it. Do you have any advice on good purples for everyday wear? I have a slightly purplish brown one called Shale by MAC that I like to use on my lid, but looking for a good purple-brown that’ll work for my crease…I too have green in my hazel eyes so I enjoy using that color family! :)

  • Joan Smalls is THE perfect model to use as an example with anything relating to beautifying the eye, because her gaze on the runway and in print is always so strong and confident, her eyes are definitely her signature.

  • « Vous vous lâchez, niveau ombres à paupières vous ? »
    Hé bien ma foi, non, et je pense que par respect pour le maquillage qui coule dégueulassement en fin de journée, tout le monde devrait faire pareil. Vous croyez qu’Ivonne De Gaulle se lâchait au niveau ombre à paupières? (il est toujours utile de se réferrer à Yvonne quand on se pose une question)

  • Wow, Joan looks amazing! I would love to get in on the eye shadow act but unfortunately I have zero make-up application skills. There should be some kind of home help for people like me. I fear the best I could manage would be to dip my eye socket in the the eye shadow pot and hope for the best… sad n’est pas?

  • I never expiriment with eyeshadow. Black, brown, cranberry and neon pink are my go to colours. On my lips I will put every colour I can find.

  • Gorgeous photo’s! Great job Garance!

  • Une évolution absolument contraire : je suis devenue une lipstick girl depuis qu’existent des crayons à bouche etc…

  • Wonderful smoke eyes indeed!

  • Mamavalveeta03 27 septembre 2014, 4:57 / Répondre

    The shots are SO beautiful…of course, it IS Joan Smalls we’re talking about here! And I clicked the link to look at the shadows…WOW! This « ain’t your grandma’s » Estée Lauder anymore! Chic palettes.

  • Smokey eye goes on at 7 am. As the day progresses, the smudgy smokey only gets better. Love these photos — how ’bout a tutorial for a smokey just like Smalls’?

  • I like to play with my eyeshadow palette very much! You’re amazing!

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